HJC Vol 13 Chapter 108.1 Release

First regular release of the week!


HJC Chapter 108 Part 1

Apologies for the slow two weeks. These two weeks (last week and this week) I’ll be at In Camp Training for army reservist. I’m using my phone to translate when I can, but it’s a lot slower and also much less time for me to do so. I’ll still try my best to get out all the regular chapters for the week (almost made it last week!)

Will be releasing more next week to make up as I took a few off days then!

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    1. Yeah it is mandatory (2 years, used to be 2.5 for me back then, when 18/19 years old). Reservist training for the next 10+ years depending on how often we’re called back for about 1-2 weeks a year.

  1. More of a general question than specifically HJC related.

    Did the “recently updated” column on the right side stop appearing for others? I suddenly don’t see it anymore.
    I know that you can just go to the main page and check for updates there, but I found that “recently updated” column to be nicer.

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