HJC Vol 12 Chapter 100.3 Release

First regular release of the week!


HJC Chapter 100 Part 3

Apologies for the long wait, had a really shitty week.

Dropped a drink on my laptop, destroying it 🙁 Lucky I do my translations online, but I lost a lot of other work as well that I hadn’t fully backed up yet.

Client used that opportunity to force me to do some other additions so ugh.. more work for no extra $.

And to top it, its my own fault, so the warranty doesn’t cover repair of this relatively new laptop.

All in all, didn’t have much time to t/l in the last few days. Will likely not have much spare time this week as I attempt to redo alot of previously-done work. Will still get out all the regular releases by the weekend though.

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  1. There’s something to be said for using a desktop as your primary computer. Clean and dry the keyboard (or haul out the $10 backup keyboard) and you’re ready to go again. Doesn’t work so well if you need to be able to move your equipment around, of course.

    RIP Zen’s laptop. 🙁

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