HJC Vol 11 Chapter 87 Part 1 Release

First sponsored release of the week!


Many thanks to Ruben Rusten and Steven Jaco  from the US, and Dan D’Angelo from Luxembourg. <3

HJC Chapter 87 Part 1

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  1. Senior Apprentice Zen… Since you have taken an unscheduled break for the long-weekend be ready to face the consequences — you will be in secluded translation till you dish out the Queue.. Patriarch Ren you have to give us Justice if Senior Apprentice Zen doesn’t comply .

    1. This message is as I hope most can guess is = pun intended 🙂 .. i am not angry but… if you think greedy for more … oh yeah.. Thanks for your hard work Senior apprentice Zen and Patriarch Ren for starting the Wuxiaworld Sect

      Your’s Sincerely,
      Outer sect disciple

  2. zen is probably the lamest translator here in ww.. takes hiatus whenever he wants then will come up with the crappiest excuses and doesn’t even make up for it..

    1. Are you guys seriously saying that?? Wow and since when a translator is your slave, yeah he’s got donations, but you know as well as I do that he’ll put up those chapters soon enough …

    2. Bad fat cat!!!!! Translators may not be gods, but they should be treated like they are. We give them offerings and they may or may not grant what we desire. But we do not have any say in the mattter and must flaatter and revere them.

  3. It is only after long breaks like this that I realize how much I need another fix of HJC… so now, technically, HJC is my drug of choice, master Zen is my dealer and I am currently jonesing >.>’

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