HJC Officially Paused (TGS note)

Readers, as many of you have noticed (and vocalized), the translation of HJC has become increasingly sporadic over the past few months.  After repeated failed attempts to reach out to Zen, and a discussion about this with the other translators, I’m forced to announce that HJC is going on an official (but hopefully brief) pause as we cut Zen off from posting on Wuxiaworld and look for a new translator to take his place.  Any donors to HJC’s unfinished queue who provide proof that they donated to the current HJC queue can send us an email, and I’ll refund you out of my own account.  Alternately, if you so choose we will roll over the queue once we find a new translator.  We invite interested, responsible translators with a solid track record to reach out to us regarding this project.

Your complaints have been noticed from the very start, and the reason I have been silent and haven’t had much to say is primarily because I know as much as you regarding the status of Zen… which is to say nothing. Over the past two to three months, we have repeatedly tried and failed to get in touch with Zen, including multiple emails to multiple accounts he has used, Skype messages, and more.  Unfortunately, Zen has been completely unresponsive; the only reason I even know that he’s okay is that he’s still posting two or three chapters a month.

To be honest, I’m extremely uncomfortable with this decision, which is why I delayed it for so long despite the many (MANY) complaints that I’ve read and winced at.  Putting aside the fact that Zen’s been with us for over two years, many of the actions that I have taken over the years such as negotiating and paying for authorizations for Wuxiaworld were meant to help and protect the translators who worked on these projects.  I am pretty much as pro-translator as it gets, and it really sticks in my craw that I now have to forcefully intervene.  Unfortunately, I’ve completely exhausted all tools available to me, and we are at (and probably past) the point where responsibility to readers and to the project itself outweighs my responsibility to the translator.

Since we began, every single translator who joined Wuxiaworld knows that Wuxiaworld stands for both speed and quality; we started off with a quasi-official standard of at least three regular chapters a week (which is what I was doing for Coiling Dragon at the time) before even considering donations, and as time has gone up we’ve upped that to 5-7 chapters per week for new people (the old-timers are ‘grandfathered in’).  While everyone takes breaks from time to time, communication is an absolute must, and unfortunately there’s been zero communication with the readers or us for months.  As a result… I wish Zen nothing but the best, thank him for his two years of translation, and genuinely hope he’s doing well, but we’re going to have to move on.

On a related note; I also realized that the translation for The Grandmaster Strategist by Tannheuser has also been on hiatus for quite some time now.  Tann actually has been in intermittent contact with us, and several times has told me that he actually has a few chapters ready to go that needs editing.  Unfortunately, getting back into the translating groove has been a bit difficult for him, but I’ll keep nudging him and hopefully we’ll see this novel be brought to completion.

Thanks as always for being readers and supporters, and hopefully we’ll have HJC back up sooner rather than later!

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  1. Just glad a corrective action is being implemented.

    If RWX not taking any, I’m pretty sure someone from the other side would replace zen sooner or later. And I’d rather RWX is the one doing it since he would know how to select a good translator better than the dark side.

      1. I’m fine even with it being dropped rather than 1 chapter per week. If it’s dropped, I’d get enough motivation for reading it in chinese. Fortunately it’s not that hard. Even with zero knowledge I’m able to understand about 70-80% of text using parser.

        1. -.- Well you could do that anyway. I have no interest in reading a horrible version. At least with 1 chapter per week I would be able to continue reading the story. It would at some point be done. Now its stuck. I mean for crying out, you have something or nothing. I rather take something.

          Its not like I am not used to waiting a week per episode or chapter. Thats how most things work. To me it seems anything past that is just adding layers to the cake.

          1. I’m not sure that that “something” still worth it. After 10 years when it suppusedly could be complete by Zen you won’t remember most of the former chapters.
            And well, I doubt that Zen would be able to complete it anyway. He only lasted for two year then he started gradually slack off. Sooner or later he would give up completely.

  2. This is a sad, sad note specially for rwx I bet, but yeah I feel most of the complaints where not about the speed or the reliability but about the lack of communication, what I like the most about wuxiaworld is not only the speed and quality but the community that has been formed everyone here feels very comprehensive be it from the translators or the readers side and are normally very supportive but I feel the worst thing a translator can do is not related to his speed but his communication of his status, I mean several of the best translators I have seen have taken a day off for x or y reasons several times in the past but as long as they make it a point to inform everyone I have always read encouraging and supportive messages so you should not feel that badly rwx you did everything you could to help and I feel no one in this community will feel you acted badly or didn’t try to help Zen as much as you could

    1. With this you can relax. This is a really good novel, sure enough there will be no lack of translators. It may take a little longer because there is a specific site to be posted (which in this case is this), and the searched translator has to be good (in the post this was specified), but it should not be too long.

  3. Wow, this must have been a tough decision. As a long time reader of HJC (one of my top novels) I’ve always enjoyed Zen’s translations… but damn that boi sporadic.

    I think you did the right thing here. Here’s hoping a new translator will take the reins of this beast and bring it to completion. I love this novel.

  4. Hi there, I’ve sent an email to Wuxiaworld. I’m interested in picking up this project. Working alone; I can deliver 4-6 chapters on a busy week and up to double that on non-busy weeks.

      1. Zioxy is translating hjc on wuxiaworld hjc forum he says he needs help translating currently he has done 3 chapters and intends to do 2 chapters a week please if any one can help please do

  5. Sad news that broke my heart. Aside from the fact that HJC is one of my favorite novel here, Zen’s translation (a litho ugh does not belong to the fastest ones), you can sense and feel his dedication when it comes to the quality of his work (he also adds up detailed footnotes that sometimes longer than the chap itself haha).
    I now regret my decision not supporting him up when he was being flamed due to the slow translation.
    Master Zen if you’re reading this notice me ZENpai! and please continue HJC you left us in a cliff hanging you know xD

  6. This happened to another chinese novel. The translator sporadic appears less and less and in the end disappears. Cuts all connections to the community and group.

    1. It happens typically in web fiction sites. They release it regularly, and then the rate starts to go down until they finally Vanish.
      *still waiting for the Don’t fear the reaper’s chapter*

  7. Hey Ren, I appreciate you taking corrective measures on a series that I personally have not been reading, Could you maybe look into doing the same thing with Yang Wen-Li? Everybody on patreon is extremely pissed off over his constant excuses and no posts. The only thing us patrons can depend on, is his unpredictability. I’ve read many stories through wuxiaworld and have pledged to many different translators on patreon including you, deathblade, and Yang Wen Li. He is over a week and a chapter(22 now that he dropped his chapter count down to 21 from 24) behind and there is literally nothing we can do to replace him. He is doing a great disservice to Bee, the author of Martial God Asura, and all of his patrons. I really want to support him, but it’s ridiculous, he will go days without posting and he has literally come out with the most BS excuses i’ve ever seen. When he took over this series, with all the support he received on patreon he said that this was going to become his full time job, and that he would devote himself to translating. However he doesn’t treat it like a full time job at all. All of us supporters would be fired from our jobs if we called in telling our boss we couldn’t do our job because we were too busy binge reading a new story, or watching a new television show as Yang Wen Li has done before. I’d love to post screenshots of these excuses, but he always deletes these updates from his patreon page the next day after everybody reams him for being lazy. I get that he puts out more chapters than most translators, but MGA chapters are significantly shorter than say CD, or DE for example. Please, Please look into either correcting his lazy attitude, or replacing him so that we readers can support a proper translator. He is doing a disservice to hardworking, ethical translators such as yourself and Deathblade. I came to love wuxiaworld because of how consistent you were unless something important truly came up. You were always quick to catch up, or atleast give us the decency of an update. I love that about you and deathblade both and I wish all of your translators can learn from you how to take a “full-time job” seriously. I put it in quotes as that was Yang Wen Li’s words.

    1. mga is rinse and repeat garbage. if you waste money by donating on patreon, then thats your loss. also by the looks of it, the translator releases quite a number of chapters in a week. i stopped reading the novel cus its trash but how can you complain when the novel is already above 2k chapters. you sound pretty ungrateful tbh

      1. MGA? I dropped somewhere before 1000 after getting bored. That one MC rape scene was also a deal-breaker for me. Still though, I often see MGA chapters on the new releases list, so please don’t bother complaining about the translator. He/she definitely has bad taste from my POV, but they seem to be impressively diligent.

      2. “Rinse and repeat garbage”? I’m sorry, but the backbone of every story is a rinse and repeat, but it’s the authors skill that doesn’t make it boring.
        And even if it has 2k chapters… So what? It isn’t like he paid for the first 2k and then stopped it. For a person who’s donating for the chapters since he enjoys the story, I don’t think he’s being ungrateful by complaining for not getting what he’s paying for on schedule. I would love to see you being being “grateful” when you buy something and they give it to you centuries later.

        1. The Backbone of every story is not and should never be rinse and repeat, if an author has the ability and experience he should absolutely be able to come up with new and varied situations without having to simply ‘rinse and repeat’ which is just repeating a plot point from earlier and doing nothing to improve the quality of progress the story in any way, if your okay with it that it’s fine but you should read some other series besides DE and MGA, and CD a good deal of them don’t take rince and repeat as their backbone.

          1. I know what you mean, however, you also need to see that with online novels, rinse and repeat is the way to go, else the authors (who need to release each chaper bi-monthly, monthly or even daily) would only get short lived novel. Short-lived novels = less income and additional time needed to think up of a subject for a new novel.

            What make a great web novelist is one who can do rinse and repeat while making the readers not see it as rinse and repeat.

            Ps. Im pro-rinse and repeat faction though, hehe, 🙂

    2. First off Yang wen li is still putting out a lot of chapters a week he has posted 28 chapters in the 9 days since October started so to say he is getting lazy is kind of ridiculous. Secondly most of the reason why he is behind right now was as he posted on September 26th and started posting again October 3rd which he stated that he got sick from his kids which if you call your boss and tell him you are sick you are allowed sick days as well as paid vacation days unless you work somewhere which you don’t have an actual career in. Thirdly he has kept track of what he owed out to patrons which shows he plans to make them up if you want him to rush them out he has 2 choices 1 overworking which could easily make him get sick again, or 2 lower the quality of translation. Neither of these seem worth it to me. Instead of complaining about others. Finally it does not say anywhere on his patreon that he will definitely post that many chapters a week. It is stated as a goal not a promise life happens. Pledging on patreon only guarantees you early releases not a number of chapters a week. So you dont need to be so condescending about him. His full time job has 1100 people watching him looking for mistakes. how about you? 1 maybe 2? not the same and just because you support him doesn’t make you his boss. Quit complaining and enjoy the novel and be happy he puts out as many chapters as he does since its so many more than most.

  8. Haiz…
    As much as I enjoyed the quality of the translation, the content was not very enjoyable. Sure it was fun to read at the start, but things just became repetitive and a chore to read. I could not relate to the mc’s actions and finally chose to drop it at chapter 126.
    With Zen gone, it is highly unlikely that I will continue to read this novel.

    Farewell Zen, much well wishes to you, would have been nicer if you could response to us 🙂 Thank you for all the hard work spent in translating those chapters (which I read)!

    1. Not all stories and caracters can fit everyone. I am not a huge fan of how the caracter have turned out myself, kinda wish he would be a bit colder or something. More greedy. But I like it better then a most caracter I see.

      1. idk if it includes reincarnation or rebirth as it gives the MC an edge above others but also met many cannon fodders, but I will recommend:

        – Emperor’s Domination, (MC regained human body, search own hidden treasures, recruit famed female geniuses in their own specialty, travel between realms, slaughter lots of ‘good, righteous’ sects, pro in concocting pills like frying, blurred past memories)

        – Legend of Ling Tian (MC rebirth, sort-of like a kingdom format, secretly raise own private forces since his family’s very wealthy next to royalty but in danger, focuses more on schemes, no proper cultivation Lvls intro, harem later, translation speed quite fast 1/day currently at 101/734 chapters),

        – My Wife Is A Beautiful CEO( MC very pro but ‘lazy’, lots of women, origins/experiences of MC revealed at later parts or middle of story, lots of hand killings so bloody, ruffian-type in modern-cities type of setting, gods will come in later, translation very, very slow, divided in parts almost 200/1,500+ chapters, )

        – Tales of Demons and Gods (sort of like time leap to the past like millions of yrs since MC reading books for THAT LONG back to teenage- self with knowledge super well, change destiny/future, help friends so can re-duel OP guy that killed him, although weak but never loses, smart, some luck chances, romance chasing, sect in bigger world) <>,

        – Womanizing Mage ( yup focuses mostly on the first part of the title, reincarnated into another’s body no.1 pervert in the empire, strong but got lucky chances and wars later, translation speed normal 5-6/week, currently translated: 230+/700+ )

        1. I read 1, and 4, and im sure as other people like me that read those novels too, i wont be wrong to say that those two, (emperor’s domination and tales of demons and gods) are bpth repetitive too, but of course im not saying that they are not good to read, in fact i love li qiye and nie li,

          tDG is the first novel i’ve read here at wuxia, though i started the story on the comics and learned that it has light novel, hehhe,

          1. haha have you watch the chinese 3D animation? It’s a bit weird and ended at Ep 40 right after Nie Li answered the alchemy questions. 3) may be repetitive too about scums in working society and colluding with bribery, underworld gangs, etc.

  9. Good to see some news on TGS! With all that complicated ancient china stuff I can definetly see why it would take some time to get back into translating, hope he stays/gets motivated enough 🙂

  10. I can think about 2 translators saying they would like to take the project if they could…

    The first one is Wu Jizun from “Lord Obsidian” (translating “martial king’s retired life” and another novel)

    As for the second one, I don’t remember his name, sry…

  11. Any donors to HJC’s unfinished queue who provide proof that they donated to the current HJC queue can send us an email, and I’ll refund you out of my own account.

    damn …RWX this is so cool man.

  12. I can’t understand why Guan Zhong has closed the post where Zioxy was releasing a translation to us readers but I wish that means that Heavenly Jewel Change will be continued soon. (Less than a week)

    If not, please, let Zioxy continue to translate it to us readers who are willing to know how the story continues.

  13. I hope this gets picked up soon, one of my favorites on the site. I also of wish a nee translator would be designated for Spirit Vessel because of its really slow release. Unless it’s the writer fault it is understandable. Which makes me think of mad snail whom I wish would pull his head out of his ass and focus more on TDG.

  14. Hi guys:p what’s going on? this should be a brief pause? i was assuming that there will be plenty of translators wanting to take this, are the any problems with picking one? What is the reason for increasing delay?

    1. They may not be able to just keep whats here and keep translating without some problems with some sort of laws? I dono. If I was you… And I kinda am in the whole “I want my chapters” thing. I would get ready to wait maybe half a year.

  15. Just out of curiosity, has anyone seen any news from Zen since this happened? Just curious if he had any sort of reply to this whole thing…

    Parroting what others have said, I hope this series resumes soon… It was one of my favourites here as well and hope to see it continued soon…

    Not sure why RWX didn’t let Zen keep pushing out his slow but good releases to tide us over while he looks for someone else.. I mean I can see how that could tilt Zen but if he completely ignored all comms maybe he woud:

    A) not notice till a new translator is found which would have probably been the worst case scenario
    B) noticed and decided to get in contact and potentially speed stuff up again which would have been the best case scenario (although would have sucked for other applicants that may have been in the application process by then)
    C) he noticed and kept going as is until new guy picks up
    D) collaborates with whoever new guys is
    E) other really bad worst case scenario that I just could not think of?

    while some of these outcomes have some potential down sides to either Zen or potential new translator it would be a much better situation for the readers than just going full hiatus wouldn’t it?

    1. Dude, RWX had tried to contact Zen multiple times but he got nada. The only reason we even know Zen is still alive was the sporadic uploads. Since this is a professional translation site, some communication is expected from the translators yet if a translator doesn’t communicate with the site owner despite being online to be able to upload translations then that’s a problem. There’s also the problem of when there is a patreon that people pay to get extra sponsored chapters but they never come out and the translator doesn’t give an explanation.

      1. I never said there wasn’t a problem. I just said that letting him continue to do the sporadic releases while looking for a new translator would have been nice and outlined what I saw as the possible outcomes of RWX announcing that rather then putting it on hold directly (and when I say dirrectly I don’t mean “without trying to contact the translator”, I read RWX’s announcement too and I know that Zen has not communicated at all).

        And just so it’s clear, this wasn’t me complaining, more expressing a curiosity and wondering what other people’s thoughts were on it (maybe even RWX’s if he read all these comments 😀 ). Purpose was to help get some feedback from the community to help deal with such issues in the future, in the unlikely case that such a niche circumstance ever occurs again.

        I am making an assumption here and that is that RWX locked Zen out of his posting rights when he made this announcement. If that’s not the case and Zen just stopped posting as a result of seeing this post then that’s actually one outcome I hadn’t thought of when I wrote my previous post and I guess it’s also a likely one.

        1. Probably an issue with the translation contracts…if RWX wants to terminate Zen as a translator and ‘hire’ a new one it’s unlikely a messy grey period is a good idea.

      1. Plus 10000000 if possible, hehe, pipipingu is great, 🙂

        I was waiting to binge read that novel, but it suddenly dissappeared, T.T

        Zhan long too, though i’m guessing some people dont like that novel much(assumption due to forum reviews and comments to zhan long) still love xyzz, nomatter what other think, lol

    1. Didn’t that get moved to Qidian a long time ago? Transferred from GGP’s site then not long after, got licensed or something but it left from here. I don’t exactly remember but I used to read it too.

  16. Anyone know if there’s someone willing to send translations personally for the snow mountain chapters. I just want to read those and I can wait till official release.

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