HJC Mini Hiatus

Apologies for disappearing for the last few days. My desktop died, and I haven’t had the time to go repair it. I’ll be heading down to maybe buy a new one or get a laptop (haven’t decided) this evening, and will resume translating tonight!


24 thoughts on “HJC Mini Hiatus” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

    1. Depends on the brand and model but generally they do run hot if you keep them plugged.

      If you don’t HAVE to be mobile you get way more bang for your buck if you build a desktop yourself. It’s super easy. Like legos.

      1. I reckon laptops are more useful than desktops for translating tho.
        E.g; If you’re travelling/moving places, a laptop is much more convenient than a desktop.

      2. Seconding this all the way. Laptops are crap-tier computers, basically. They’re about 5 years behind desktops in quality, and cost 3x more than a desktop of equal quality when it was new.

    2. Recommending Desktop. You can do pretty much everything but mobility with it.

      Of course if you’re a mobile person you’ll have to have a laptop, but it’s only a temporary replacement for desktop while you’re away and when you’re home it’s desktop all the way.

  1. I don’t know how the pricing is where you are, but where I live, you can buy the components to make a custom PC which greatly outperforms high performance laptops in both affordability and performance.
    Ex: ~$200 for low end custom desktop with acceptable performance or ~$200 for a Chrome Book . . . big difference.
    Also, if you plan on doing any gaming at all or plan on getting a good deal for your money, avoid Macintosh computers. Spec wise, they are not up to par.

    tl;dr Make a Desktop PC. It’s cheap, fairly easy (especially with the internet), and gives you good performance.

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