HJC – Mini Hiatus, Sick

Hi everyone, apologies for the absence as I’ve been down with a terrible stomach flu / diarrhea the last few days. Ugh.

Slightly better today, but don’t think I’ll be in any shape to concentrate on anything, anytime soon.

Promise to make it back to you guys when I’m back up and alive!

51 thoughts on “HJC – Mini Hiatus, Sick” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. But, but, but, its common knowledge that cultivators just take a few hours to recover!! Have you been slacking on your jewel training??

    Jokes aside! Proper rest is nº1 medicine for most ailments/illness! So take your time and get better! We’ll still be here!

  2. Don’t forget to
    – hydrate your self well, even though you are not thirsty please drink more water.
    – if you have fever, don’t forget to take your antipyretic.

    it depend how severe your condition but it’s usually take 3 days before you are full recover.

    always eat well cook and clean food and water in future so you didn’t easily get stomach flu.

    get well soon

  3. NOOOOOoooooo *taking my obligation as a fanling seriously*

    Puff. Hm. So there are a lot of options. “Healing earth” german term.. it’s a specific earth good for various reasons..
    Fennel and caraway/kümmel ..
    a hottie / hot water bottle..

    First off – no sugar .. no fatt .. adn certainly no vegetables or fruits… so no acids as well.
    Eat dry bread — best ultra white or rusk/zwieback – it takes the fluid out of the well… you know what.
    Just as much as you can.. nibble on it..

    And the best at last.. a hot broth. It has a lot of minerals and the salt you loose.

    Get better soon.

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