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Glossary of terms

Warning: Spoilers may be ahead if you have not read up to most recent translated chapters.

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Heavenly Energy Hierarchy (low to high):

  • 天精力 – Heavenly Jing Energy
  • 天神力 – Heavenly God (Shen) Energy
  • 天虚力 – Heavenly Xu Energy
  • 天道力 – Heavenly Dao Energy

(Each hierarchy is further divided into 12 levels)

Power Jewel Stages:

Ordinary Jewel Masters have a maximum of 9 power jewels.

Heavenly Jewel Masters have a maximum of 12 pairs of power jewels.

  • 1-3 Jewels        Shi Stage (师)
  • 4-6 Jewels        Zun Stage (尊)
  • 7-9 Jewels        Zong Stage (宗)
  • 10-12 Jewels        Di Huang (Temporary Name)

(The three levels of each stage are referred to as lower, middle or upper stage corresponding to number of jewels)

Ordinary Jewel Masters require only 3 levels of Heavenly Energy per Jewel.

Heavenly Jewel Masters require 4 levels of Heavenly Energy per Jewel.

HJC Energy Stages / Jewel Stages

Heavenly Beasts (天兽) have a corresponding name for the power levels (Shi, Zun, Zong etc), but are usually more powerful than a Jewel Master of the corresponding level.

Physical Jewels (around right wrist):

There are six different types of jades and enhancements.

  • Ice Jade (冰翡翠) – Boosts strength (力量)
  • Waxy Jade (糯翡翠) – Boosts flexibility (柔韧)
  • Yellow Jade (黄翡翠) – Boosts toughness (坚硬)
  • Dragonstone Jade (龙石翡翠) – Boosts agility (敏捷)
  • Red Jade (红翡翠) – Boosts coordination (协调)
  • Black Jade (墨翡翠) – Boosts stamina (耐力)

The jewels of Physical Jewel Master are a mixture of at least 2 of the 6 jades.

The jewels of Heavenly Jewel Master are pure but they give 150% boost.

Elemental Jewels (around left wrist):

These are formed by different types of coloured gems for different types of elemental affinity.

  • Red rubies (红宝石) – Fire affinity (火属性)
  • Sapphires (蓝宝石) – Water affinity (水属性)
  • Diamonds (钻石) – Earth affinity (土属性)
  • Tourmaline (碧玺) – Wind affinity (风属性)
  • Emerald Jade (玻璃翠) – Light affinity (光属性)
  • Black Pearls (黑珍珠) – Darkness affinity (暗属性)
  • Cat’s Eye Gems (猫眼) – Spatial affinity (空间属性)(OJM – dark yellow colour, HJM – Chrysoberyl Cat’s Eye) (Chapter 6)
  • Green Jade (阳绿翡翠) – Life affinity (生命属性)

Some other Elemental Attributes are Evil, Divine, Saint, Time, Lightning.

Three Saint Attributes – Divine Attribute, Spirit Attribute and Time Attribute. These attributes are exclusive to Alexandrite Cat’s-Eye Elemental Jewel. Initially, Evil Attribute was one of them, but it was excluded as it has too many negative effects and is not exclusive to Alexandrite Cat’s-Eye Elemental Jewel. Also its total power is a little less than the other three Saint Attributes (Chapter 27.2).

Armies in Boundless Continent

  • 10 men to a Squad (小队)
  • 10 Squads (100 men) to a Company (中队)
  • 10 Companies (1000 men) to a Battalion (营)
  • 10 Battalions (10k men) to a Regiment (联/师团)
  • 10 Regiments (100k men) to a Field Army Group (军团)

Nobility (low to high)

  • Lord (勋爵)
  • Baron (男爵)
  • Viscount (子爵)
  • Count (伯爵)
  • Marquis (侯爵)
  • Duke (公爵)

Acupuncture Points (穴)

These are the Death Acupuncture Points broken through for his 不死神功(Immortal Deity Technique) thus far.


Zhou Weiqing (aka Zhou Little Fatty) – Protagonist of the story. Has the noble title of Viscount. 13 years old (Chapter 15) | 14 years old (Chapter 26.1) | 16 years old (Chapter 33.3). Son of Admiral Zhou. Personal Aide of 5th Regiment, 3rd Battalion Commander, Shangguan Bing’er (Chapter 9). Just after his 10th birthday, for two years, he studied under the tutelage of Mu En. He had not learned any fighting or killing techniques, but rather how to survive in the society, how to conduct himself in the world and deal with people (Chapter 29.3).

  • Lower Shi Stage (1 Jewel) (Chapter 6) | Middle Shi Stage (2 Jewels) (Chapter 33.3) Heavenly Jewel Master. Heavenly Jing Energy 4th level (Chapter 6) | 5th Level (Chapter 23.5) | 11th Level (Chapter 33.3).
  • Physical Jewel – Ice Jade.
  • Elemental Jewel – Alexandrite Cat’s Eye.
  • Elemental Attributes: green – wind, blue – lightning, silver – spatial, black – darkness, grey – evil, transparent – time (Chapter 8, 27.2).
  • Physical Jewel Consolidated Equipment
  1. Overlord Bow (Chapter 12)
  • Elemental Jewel Stored Sills
  1. First Set
    1. Darkness – Touch of Darkness
      At his current level, it could send forth 12 dark tentacles around his body in a 25-meter radius; enhances his senses by 3 times. Once a selected target is touched by any of the tentacles, the tentacles latch onto the target at a 1000 jin pulling force under his control, constraining them and pulling them towards him in a stunned state (Chapter 17.1).
    2. Evil – Devour
      This skill was inherited from the black pearl (Chapter 23.2).
    3. Lightning – Lightning Explosive Palm
    4. Spatial – Blink
      At his current level, allows him to instantaneously teleport within a 3-meter diameter (Chapter 17.3).
    5. Time – Absolute Delay
      At his current level, it has a range of 5 yards (Chapter 27.2).
    6. Wind – Fetters of Wind
      At his current level, it locks onto a target within 50 meters. As long as the target’s Heavenly Energy did not surpass him by more than five levels, the target would be bound for three seconds. If the target’s cultivation was even lower than his, he would be bound for an additional second for every level of Heavenly Energy he was lower than Zhou Weiqing (Chapter 17.3).
  • Fusion Skills
  1. Overlord Binding Arrow – Overlord Bow + Touch of Darkness
  2. Overlord Lightning Explosive Arrow – Overlord Bow + Lightning Explosive Palm
  3. Overlord Spatial Arrow – Overlord Bow + Blink

Shangguan Bing’er – Battalion Commander of 5th Regiment, 3rd Battalion. Has the noble title of Viscount. Came from a commoner family. 15 years old (Chapter 3) | 18 years old (Chapter 33.3). She becomes a Sacrificial Offering for the Heavenly Jewel Awakening of Zhou Weiqing (Chapter 6).

  • Middle Shi Stage (2 Jewels) (Chapter 4) | Upper Shi Stage (3 Jewels) (Chapter 33.3)  Heavenly Jewel Master. Heavenly Jing Energy 8th level (Chapter 4) | 10th Level (Chapter 28.2) | 12th Level (Chapter 33.3).
  • Physical Jewel – Dragonstone Jade.
  • Elemental Jewel – King Tourmaline (rarest tourmaline – a red tourmaline) – Wind Attribute
  • Physical Jewel Consolidated Equipment
  1. Silent Tracking Arrow (Chapter 10)
  2. Wind Wielding Boots (Chapter 12)
  • Elemental Jewel Stored Skills
  1. Wind Blades
    At her current level, she can send forth three wind blades (Chapter 10).

Bai Jiu – Ninth Prince of the Kalise Empire. 25 years old. He is in charge of governing the Jewel Masters of the Kalise Empire. Lower Zun Stage (4 Jewels) Physical Jewel Master. Physical Jewel composition – Agility Dragonstone Jade and Flexibility Waxy Jade (Chapter 20).

Di Difuya – Daughter of the Emperor of the Heavenly Bow Empire and fiancée of Admiral Zhou’s son, Zhou Weiqing. Heavenly Jing Energy 7th level. Middle Shi Stage (2 Jewels) Elemental Jewel Master. Elemental Jewel – red rubies (fire) (Chapter 1).

Di Feng Ling – The current Emperor of the Heavenly Bow Empire. He was once saved by Admiral Zhou at the borders with the Kelise Empire. So, he betrothed his daughter, Di Difuya to Admiral Zhou’s son, Zhou Weiqing (Chapter 3).

Fat Cat – She escapes from the Heavenly Snow Mountain as she does not like the marriage arranged by her father (Chapter 24.3). It seems she has the ability to control her size / command other Heavenly Beasts (33.1)

Feng Yu – Upper Zong Stage (9 Jewels) Physical Jewel Master. All the nine Jewels have Consolidated Equipment. Physical Jewel composition – one-third Ice Jade, two-thirds Red Jade. Of the nine Jewels, 5 Jewels form a Consolidated Equipment Set (Chapter 13, 14).

Gao Shen – Commander of the Fifth Regiment of the Heavenly Bow Empire. Has the noble title of Viscount (Chapter 20.4).

Gao Shen (高生) – Cannon (炮台) – A member of Heavenly Bow Unit. For further information, refer to ‘Heavenly Bow Unit’.

Han Mo (韩陌) – Arrow Tower (箭塔) – A member of Heavenly Bow Unit. For further information, refer to ‘Heavenly Bow Unit’.

Hua Feng (划风) – Ultimate Assassin (绝杀) – Leader of the Heavenly Bow Unit. For further information, refer to ‘Heavenly Bow Unit’.

Huyan Aobo – A Grandmaster Consolidating Equipment Master in Flying Hall City, Fei Li Empire (Chapter 12). Lower Zong Stage (7 Jewels) Elemental Jewel Master. Elemental Jewel – Cat’s eye gem (Chapter 14).

Ling Zihan (凌紫涵)Zhou Weiqing’s mother (26.3). When she was younger, she was saved by Tang Xian and Shangguan Yue at the Dragonpit Riverside (27.1). She was a childhood friend of Admiral Zhou and married him when they grew up (Chapter 27.1).

Luo Ke Di (罗克敌) A member of Heavenly Bow Unit. For further information, refer to ‘Heavenly Bow Unit’.

Luo Xiaoye (aka Xiao Yeye) – The personal servant and bodyguard following Bai Jiu since his childhood. A Fire Attribute, Upper Shi Stage (3 Jewels) Elemental Jewel Master (Chapter 20).

Mao Li – Company Leader of 5th Regiment, 3rd Battalion, 4th Company (Chapter 4).

Mu En (木恩) – God Eye Scoundrel – A member of Heavenly Bow Unit. For further information, refer to ‘Heavenly Bow Unit’.

Niya – Personal Royal Guard of Princess Difuya. Heavenly Jing Energy 9th level. Upper Shi Stage (3 Jewels) Physical Jewel Master. Physical Jewel composition – 30% Waxy Jade, 30% Ice Jade and 40% Dragonstone Jade (Chapter 1).

Qian Zhantian – Heavenly Bow Empire’s Fifth Regiment’s Vice-Regimental Commander and also the Commander of the First Battalion of the Fifth Regiment (Chapter 20.4).

Shangguan Yue (上官月)Father of Shangguan Bing’er (Chapter 26.3). Twenty years ago, he was at the level of Lower Zong Stage (7 Jewels) Heavenly Jewel Master. Elemental Jewel – Alexandrite Cat’s-Eye. His Elemental Jewel has four attributes (Chapter 27.1, 27.2).

Shui Cao (水草) / Little Grass (小草) – Volcano (火山) – A member of Heavenly Bow Unit. For further information, refer to ‘Heavenly Bow Unit’.

Tang Xian (唐仙)Mother of Shangguan Bing’er. She married Shangguan Yue. Seems to have some marital issues, and left home with Shangguan Bing’er and brought her up in the Heavenly Bow City. Is a powerful Jewel Master (of seemingly equal strength to Admiral Zhou), but it is currently unknown what her strength is.

Xiao Ru Se (aka Xiao Se) – Company Leader of 5th Regiment, 3rd Battalion, 3rd Company. She is the daughter of Finance Minister, Marquis Xiao Yunchen. A childhood friend of the MC. She failed to awaken her Power Jewels so she disguised herself as a man and entered the army. 18 years old (Chapter 15).

Xiao Yunchen – Finance Minister of the Heavenly Bow Empire. Father of Xiao Ru Se. Has the title of Marquis (Chapter 15).

Yi Shi (衣诗) – Snake Lady Transvestite – A member of Heavenly Bow Unit. For further information, refer to ‘Heavenly Bow Unit’.

Zhou Shui Niu – Admiral of the Army of Heavenly Bow Empire.

  • Middle Zong Stage (8 Jewels) Heavenly Jewel Master. Heavenly Shen Energy 8th level (Chapter 5).
  • Physical Jewel – Strength
  • Elemental Jewel – Black – Darkness Attribute
  • Elemental Jewel Stored Skills
  1. Touch of Darkness (15.4)

Heavenly Bow Unit (天弓营) / Paradise Strange (变态天堂):

Its hideout is located within the Stars Forest with three Battalion worth of troops, which are outside of the five Regiments, acting as external guards. They only report to the Royal Family (Chapter 29.3). They do not actually lie in the direct jurisdiction of the Empire. Even the Royal Family cannot command them to do anything normally, and they usually only take action if the Empire is on the verge of destruction (Chapter 30.2).

Heavenly Bow Unit is a secret unit that has been set up for around 130 years, and it has acted 3 times previously when the Heavenly Bow Empire was on the verge of extinction, and turning the tides. As such, 86 years ago, the Heavenly Bow Empire changed name to honour the Heavenly Bow Unit, and from then on Heavenly Bow Unit was considered the crack unit, known as the God Bow of the Empire, and the hideout is considered as sacred land in the Empire. The first generation of the Heavenly Bow Unit had 7 people, and from then on, it has always been maintained at 7 people. The current generation is considered as the second generation and it has 7 members (Chapter 30.1).

Hua Feng (划风) – Ultimate Assassin (绝杀) – He is the leader of the Heavenly Bow Unit. He is in charge of strategy and direction, as well as assassinations. Lower Zong Stage (7 Jewels) Wind Attribute Elemental Jewel Master (Chapter 30.1). He is homosexual and loves Zhou Shui Niu (Chapter 30.2).

Gao Shen (高生) – Cannon (炮台) – Upper Zun Stage (6 Jewels) Fire Attribute Elemental Jewel Master. He is a master of destruction and attacking. He is paired up with Han Mo (Chapter 30.1). He is a homicidal maniac and the death tally of other six members added up cannot match up to his (Chapter 29.3).

Han Mo (韩陌) – Arrow Tower (箭塔) – Upper Zun Stage (6 Jewels) Physical Jewel Master. Physical Jewel Composition – Toughness Yellow Jade and Stamina Black Jade. He is extremely skilled in keeping up a constant barrage of strong attacks. In the unit, he is in charge of continuous attack and suppressing fire. His nickname is Arrow Tower, with the meaning that he is just like an arrow tower, firing unceasingly. He is paired up with Gao Shen (Chapter 30.1). Amongst the members, he is the one with coldest attitude (Chapter 29.3).

Luo Ke Di (罗克敌) – Drunken Rogue (醉流氓) – Middle Zun Stage (5 Jewels) Physical Jewel Master. Physical Jewel composition – 50% Coordination Red Jade and 50% Flexibility Waxy Jade. He is mainly in charge of scouting, survey, tricking enemies, and is the only scout of the unit. He is partnered with Mu En (Chapter 30.1).

Mu En (木恩) – God Eye Scoundrel – Upper Zun Stage (6 Jewels) Physical Jewel Master. Physical Jewel composition – 50% Strength Ice Jade and 50% Agility Dragonstone Jade. He is acknowledged as unbeatable in archery skills within a 100 yards distance. He is mainly in charge of destruction and sneak attacks, able to kill and snipe enemies in any condition or environment. He is also in charge of disguises and hiding identities. He has the best vision in the entire unit. After Zhou Weiqing’s 10th birthday, he teaches him survivability skills for two years. After Zhou Weiqing joins the Heavenly Bow Unit, he accepts him as his disciple. He is partnered with Luo Ke Di (Chapter 30.1).

Shui Cao (水草) / Little Grass (小草) – Volcano (火山) – She is the only female in the Heavenly Bow Unit. She has been in love with Hua Feng for over twenty years. Her temper is extremely violent and fiery. Besides Hua Feng, she is fierce to everyone else. She is an Earth Attribute Elemental Jewel Master (Chapter 30.2).

Yi Shi (衣诗) – Snake Lady Transvestite – He is the vice leader of Heavenly Bow Unit. His speciality is sneak attacks, as well as supporting arrows, and is the best support in the battlefield. In terms of treacherous and sinister plans, nobody can beat him. He is a transvestite (Chapter 30.2).

Heavenly Bow Unit also acts as an assassin organization know as Paradise Strange. Only a few people know that Heavenly Bow Unit and Paradise Strange are the same unit. In the entire Boundless Mainland’s assassination world, Paradise Strange is ranked the 7th of all the assassin organisations. Being set up for over a hundred years, the completion rate of their missions is about 79% and those organisations which rank above it are all at least ten times its numbers (Chapter 30.2).

The strongest person they have assassinated was a 9-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master. Over the years, they have racked up a death tally of 11 9-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Masters, 43 8-Jeweled Jewel Masters, 114 7-Jeweled Jewel Masters (Chapter 30.2).

Physical Jewel Consolidated Equipment:

Overlord Bow – A longbow limited to strength attribute Heavenly Jewel Masters. Able to socket Elemental Jewels (Chapter 12). Has an attack range of 1.5 kilometers. Also adds an explosive effect (Chapter 17.2). Its rating is 7 Stars (Chapter 31.3).

Silent Tracking Arrow – An arrow that can be controlled within a radius of 500 metres of the user. Its speed is three times that of a normal arrow (Chapter 10). Its rating is 3 Stars (Chapter 31.3).

Wind Wielding Boots – Limited to agility attribute Heavenly Jewel Masters. Able to socket Elemental Jewels (Chapter 12). Its rating is 6 Stars (Chapter 31.3).

Xuan Wu Shield – A shield which is limited to strength, endurance or toughness attribute Heavenly Jewel Masters. Able to socket Elemental Jewels (Chapter 12).

Elemental Jewel Stored Skills:

Absolute Delay (绝对迟缓) – Time Attribute. The 3 Eyed Dragon Cat’s unique skill. It can be easily manipulated around and can be used with perfect compatibility with any Consolidated Equipment or Skill. It will definitely succeed and have the same effect irrespective of the opponent’s strength and cultivation level difference (Chapter 27.2).

Blink – Spatial Attribute Support Skill. Allows the user to teleport instantaneously within a certain radius around the user (Chapter 17.3). Its rating is 9 Stars (Chapter 31.3).

Devour – Evil Attribute. It devours the Heavenly Energy of Heavenly Beasts and can be used as their own. It can also devour their life force and provides rapid healing effect (Chapter 23.2).

Fetters of Wind – Wind Attribute Control Skill. Locks onto a target within a certain distance from the user and binds them for a certain amount of time depending on the Heavenly Energy of the user and the target (Chapter 17.3). Its rating is 8 Stars (Chapter 31.3).

Lightning Explosive Palm – A strong melee attack skill. It has a strong explosive effect coupled with the lightning attribute (Chapter 22.1). Its rating is 7 Stars (Chapter 31.3).

Mother Earth’s Roar – Its rating is 9 Stars. It is one of the most tyrannical area of effect attack skill as well as a strong area of effect control skill. It produces seismic waves and creates havoc within a certain distance (Chapter 32.3).

Shattering Heavens Wolf Clone – Wind Attribute Skill. It creates a clone of the Direwolf King. It has a strong cutting force and is very quick. It locks onto a target within 50 yards and continues attacking the target until death (Chapter 23.2).

Touch of Darkness – Darkness Attribute Control Skill. It sends forth dark tentacles which disperse around the body of the user in a certain radius. Once a target selected by the user is touched by any of the tentacles, the tentacles would latch onto the target with a certain amount of force. If the target’s strength is less than the applied force, the tentacles constrain them and pull them towards the user in a stunned state. It also enhances the senses of the user (Chapter 17.1). Its rating is 8 Stars (Chapter 31.3).

Wind Blades – Wind Attribute. A close combat skill with an attack range of 30 metres. It produces green wind blades in the shape of crescent moon and having a diameter of about one yard (Chapter 10). Its rating is 2 Stars (Chapter 31.3).


Bai Da Empire – One of the larger empires and the only empire in western region of Boundless Mainland which is as strong as Fei Li Empire. It is separated from Heavenly Bow Empire by the Kalise Empire. Bai Da Empire and Kalise Empire are on rather good terms (Chapter 11).

Boundless Mainland (Hao Miao Da Lu) – The continent in which the story takes place (Chapter 1).

Di Hao Inn – A rather well known landmark in the Heavenly Bow City. It is six stories tall and is one of the largest, well knows inns in the city. It caters to all walks of life. The higher the level of the inn, the higher the ranking and the price (Chapter 26.3).

Dragonpit Riverside (龙潭河畔)The place where Ling Zihan was saved from a Heavenly Beast by Shangguan Yue and Tang Xian (Chapter 27.1).

Fei Li Empire – A large empire to the northeast of Heavenly Bow Empire and shares a border with it. Fei Li Empire and Heavenly Bow Empire are on rather good terms (Chapter 11). To the north of the Fei Li Empire lies the formidable Wan Shou Empire. Majority of Fei Li Empire’s military and national strength is at the northern border to guard against Wan Shou Empire (Chapter 18.4).

Flying Hall City – One of the top 5 cities of the Fei Li Empire and one of the most important cities at the southern border of the Fei Li Empire (Chapter 11).

Heavenly Bow City – The capital city of Heavenly Bow Empire. It is surrounded by Stars Forest (Chapter 1).

Heavenly Bow Empire – A small, independent country in the western region of the continent, Boundless Mainland (Chapter 1).

Heavenly Snow Mountain – TBD (Chapter 24.3).

Ice Spring Lake – A small lake in Stars Forest where Zhou Weiqing was almost killed by his fiancée, Di Difuya (Chapter 1).

Kalise Empire – A neighbouring Empire south of the Heavenly Bow Empire (Chapter 2). It has 3 Heavenly Jewel Masters (Chapter 5).

Stars Forest – The forest surrounding the Heavenly Bow City. The only place in the whole continent where Stars Trees grow (Chapter 1).

Wan Shou City – Capital city of Wan Shou Empire (Chapter 19.1).

Wan Shou Empire – It occupies most of the vast northern land and lies to the north of the Fei Li Empire. Their entire land area is almost the sum of Bai Dai Empire and Fei Li Empire. The Empire is comprised of many big tribes and they are not of one mind (Chapter 18.4).



Alexandrite Cat’s Eye Jewel – A very special gemstone belonging to the Chrysoberyl family of gems. Under daylight, it shows as a blue-green colour, the most beautiful of which would be emerald-jade. At night, under lamp light, it appears to be rose red or purplish red. It has 4 or more elemental attributes (Chapter 6).

Attribute Wheel – A silhouette of wheel with different parts, with each part corresponding to a particular elemental attribute, that appears within the vision of a Jewel Master when he operates his Elemental Jewel. The current attribute in operation is determined by the part of the wheel that is at the top (Chapter 9).

Black Dawn Bow – It is a 2 meter long bow. It weighs almost 80 jin, four times that of the Purple Dawn Bow. It is made from thousand year Stars Wood. It has the greatest shooting range amongst all bows except those Consolidated Equipment (Chapter 31.1).

Black Pearl – A black ball-shaped object with swirls of green, blue and silver colours around it that flies out of a spatial opening and enters the body of Zhou Weiqing (Chapter 1). It sometimes gives Zhou Weiqing the visions of a strange black tiger with 2 wings on its back and a scorpion tail.

Consolidating Equipment Master – A Jewel Master who can create Consolidating Equipment Scrolls. Their rank depends on the success rate and quality of their Consolidating Equipment Scrolls. The scrolls of a Grandmaster have a success rate of 1%. A Heavenly Jewel Master with both Spatial and Wind Attributes has the most potential to become a powerful Consolidating Equipment Master (Chapter 13, 14).

Consolidating Equipment Scrolls – Scrolls used to consolidate Physical Jewel into an equipment.

Demonic Change – When the spirit of a Heavenly Jewel Master who has the Evil Attribute receives a provocation or his body reaches some sort of limit, he enters a special state called the Demonic Change. In the Demonic Change State, these Heavenly Jewel Masters enter a berserk state, receiving a massive short term increase of strength and power at the cost of sanity and presence of mind, going around in mindless slaughter until nothing around is left alive. This is a temporary state and after this bout of slaughter, the Heavenly Jewel Master would actually regain control of his mind, although he would be weakened for a period of time.

Another type of Demonic Change is the Irreversible Demonic Change. Under this state, the Heavenly Jewel Master’s entire body would be completely turned into a demon, until he was no longer human. The process of going berserk and kill hungry would last forever, indulging in slaughter until he died, and such a change would also bring an even greater increase in strength and destructive power, almost up to several times that of the other Demonic Change.

Because their existence was deemed too dangerous, the Skill-Storing Palaces’ of the various large Empires in the world united a collective manhunt to exterminate these Heavenly Jewel Masters, massacring most of them but at a huge loss to themselves as well. From then on, there has never been any news of Heavenly Jewel Masters who have the ability to enter the Demonic Change State (Chapter 18.3, 23.1).

Dragonhide – It is light, flexible and also has strong defence. It also gives off an aura which deters ordinary Heavenly Beasts. It is obtained from Heavenly Beasts of dragon bloodline. These beasts are only found in Wan Shou Empire (Chapter 32.1).

Elemental Jewel Stored Skills – Skills that can be stored into Elemental Jewels from Heavenly Beasts (Chapter 10). The skills will improve and evolve automatically as the number of Elemental Jewels increases. The evolution rate of skills for Heavenly Jewel Masters is one-and-a-half times that of an ordinary Elemental Jewel Master (Chapter 17.1).

Elemental Jewels – Using these, one can control various elements depending on the type of Elemental Jewel and can also execute various skills after Elemental Jewel Skill Storing. An Elemental Jewel can only store one skill per each attribute of the Jewel and cannot be changed once stored (Chapter 1, 10).

Four Great Attributes – Darkness, Light, Spatial and Life (Chapter 5). Special Capabilities: Spatial – Consolidating Equipment Master, Darkness and Light – Sealing, Life – Resurrection (Chapter 15).

Gold Coins Storage Card – A card used to represent up to a certain value of gold coins. A Red one can represent a maximum of 50,000 gold coins (Chapter 15).

Green Spirit Bow – The bow is light and has an extremely high firing rate. It is one of the best bows for a Wind Attribute Jewel Master, a lot better than the large and heavy Purple Dawn Bow (Chapter 30.3).

Immortal Deity Shield – After completion of the first portion of the Immortal Deity Technique, the five Acupuncture Points will be linked to the world and the practitioner can communicate with the essence of heaven and earth, evolving their body. The five energy whirlpools will spread throughout their body and form a natural shield hidden under their skin, protecting them from external injuries. This shield is called Immortal Deity Shield. The stronger the attack it blocks, the greater the drain of the Heavenly Energy of the user. It can block attacks containing the energy up to one-third of the user’s entire Heavenly Energy. It stops activating if the Heavenly Energy of the user drops below half of their total energy (Chapter 24.3, 24.4).

Immortal Deity Technique – A training art to cultivate Heavenly Energy. Its principle is to break through the 36 Death Acupuncture Points. Every time one breaks through a Death Acupuncture Point, his internal Heavenly Energy raises a level. Failure would result to death. The broken through Acupuncture Points will continuously absorb the Heavenly Energy from the environment (Chapter 5).

First Part – Upper, Lower Limbs Training Arts. 5 Points on the limbs.

Second Part – 8 Points on the back.

Third Part – 14 Points on the abdomen.

Fourth Part – 9 Points on the head.

The body of the practitioner evolves once after the completion of each portion of the technique (Chapter 24.4). After completing the first part, the user obtains Immortal Deity Shield (Chapter 24.3).

Mind Shackles – It is a high level skill of Darkness Attribute Heavenly Jewel Masters. Under the cooperation of the other party, they place a seal in their minds on a vow that the party has pledged. Once the vow is violated, the mind shackles will erupt and the person who broke the vow will perish (Chapter 11).

Nobility Titles – From low to high – Lord, Baron, Viscount, Count, Marquis, Duke (Chapter 3).

Nucleus Core (天核) – It appears only in Zong Stage Heavenly Beasts and above. Once Heavenly Beasts reach Zong Stage, they are able to form a Neidan, which is called as the nucleus core. The nucleus core can be used by a Jewel Master of the same attribute, which can assist in speeding up cultivation, and also aiding in the success of breaking through and forming of new Jewels. They can also be used with Consolidated Equipment having sockets. The nucleus cores are able to absorb energy from the atmosphere to replenish themselves, they are not easily destroyed, and when not needed, they can be removed from the socket of Consolidated Equipment (Chapter 31.3).

Physical Jewel Consolidated Equipment Set – When a full set of Consolidating Equipment Scrolls is used by the same Jewel Master, they will be able to resonate and communicate with each other, allowing an improved overall superimposed protection range (Chapter 14).

Physical Jewel Consolidated Equipment – Equipment formed from Physical Jewels after using Consolidating Equipment Scrolls. Depending on the scrolls, the equipment can take various shapes and has the same attributes as that of the Physical Jewel (Chapter 10). Physical Jewel Consolidated Equipment can have sockets to put Elemental Jewels in order to use fusion skills (Chapter 12).

Physical Jewels – They boost various physical attributes of the Jewel Master depending on the Physical Jewel. They can also be consolidated into equipment after using Consolidating Equipment Scrolls (Chapter 1, 10).

Power Jewels – Physical Jewels and Elemental Jewels are together called as Power Jewels (Chapter 1). For Ordinary Physical and Elemental Jewel Masters, the first Jewel is Awakened when one reaches 3rd level of Heavenly Energy. The next 2 Jewels only require 2 levels of Heavenly Energy each in order to Awaken. From then on, each Jewel will require 3 levels of Heavenly Energy. For Heavenly Jewel Masters, 4 levels of Heavenly Energy is required to Awaken the first pair of Jewels. From then on, each Heavenly Jewel requires another 4 levels of Heavenly Energy to Awaken (Chapter 7).

Purple Dawn Bow – A bow made from the wood of Stars Tree that is over 100 years old. It has Stars Wood characteristic of Ox Hair Venus (Chapter 9).

Receiving – Act of retracting the Power Jewels back into the body (Chapter 8).

Releasing – Act of causing the Power Jewels to appear around the wrists (Chapter 8).

Roll Call – Terminology used only amongst archers (usually those that received proper training from a master); it means killing/sniping a target (Chapter 16).

Skill-Storing Palace – It is a place where Heavenly Beasts, that have been sealed by the Light or Darkness Attribute Jewel Masters, are reared in enclosures to be used for Skill Storing (Chapter 15). Every large empire has a Skill-Storing Palace which belongs to the Imperial Family. Only Heavenly Jewel Masters can join it. Once joined, mind shackles will be placed on them with the vow of loyalty to the empire and the empire provides full support for their Physical Jewel Consolidating Equipment and Elemental Jewel Skill Storing (Chapter 11).

Snow Silk Cover – It is light, tight fitting and is able to maintain body temperature. It can also be used as protective inner armour (Chapter 32.1).

Stars Rating (星级评定) – It is a rating system developed by Skill-Storing Palaces and is used to determine the worth of Consolidated Equipment and Stored Skills. The range of rating is 1-12 Stars. Their growth rate is also taken into consideration when rating. In general, the rating of Heavenly Beast’s Skills of Shi Stage are 1-3 Stars, Zun Stage are 4-6 Stars and Zun Stage are 7-9 Stars. Only Heavenly Jewel Masters will be able to obtain Skills above 9 Stars rating. Control Skills and Consolidated Equipment with socket are generally considered 1 Star higher than the Skills and Consolidated Equipment of the same rank (Chapter 31.2).

Stars Tree – A type of plant which grows only in Stars Forest. Its heart is an extremely valuable material used in making top end bows (Chapter 1).

Three Saint Attributes – Divine Attribute, Spirit Attribute and Time Attribute. These attributes are exclusive to Alexandrite Cat’s-Eye Elemental Jewel. Initially, Evil Attribute was one of them, but it was excluded as it has too many negative effects and is not exclusive to Alexandrite Cat’s-Eye Elemental Jewel. Also its total power is a little less than the other three Saint Attributes (Chapter 27.2).

Titanium – An alloy which is durable, strong yet light, used for forging equipment. Needs to be refined by Fire Elemental Jewel Master. But it cannot conduct Heavenly Energy and cannot be enchanted with any further attributes (Chapter 3).

Tribute – This is an ability of strong Heavenly Beasts. Unable to withstand their intense pressure, the weaker Heavenly Beasts offer their Heavenly Energy as tribute and as a result, they perish(Chapter 23.3).

Archery Skills:

Dual Salvo Shot – Using a bow to shoot two arrows at the same time (Chapter 17.1).

Dual Shot (两连射)Shooting two arrows back-to-back with the first arrow being shot at a relatively slower speed. This caused the second arrow to reach first. It is usually used against strong enemies to surprise them (Chapter 28.2).

Kiting – A type of hit-and-run technique that archers used very effectively. But generally speaking, it was used to deal with melee units, making use of the firing distance of arrows and not allowing the enemies to attack them (Chapter 16.2).

Rapid Fire – Shooting arrows one after the other at extremely high speed (Chapter 17.1).

Heavenly Beasts:

Direwolf King – Wind Aligned Zun Stage Heavenly Beast. Its Wind Blades Skill can shoot up to twelve Wind Blades, each about one meter long (22.4). Its strongest skill is Shattering Heavens Wolf Clone (Chapter 23.2).

Forest Direwolf – Wind Aligned Shi Stage Heavenly Beast. They usually move in packs. If any one of them is injured, they will never give up hunting the attackers to death. They have the basic Wind Blades Skill (Chapter 22.3).

Icy Soul Heavenly Bear (冰魄天熊) – Strength Type Zong Stage Heavenly Beast. It also has two Elemental Attributes – Ice and Wind. It has an astounding defence (Chapter 32.1).

Icy Soul Heavenly Bear King – Zong Stage Heavenly Beast. It has three Elemental Attributes – Ice, Wind and Earth. It has an Earth Attribute Skill called Mother Earth’s Roar (Chapter 32.3).

The 3 Eyed Dragon Cat – Tyrannical Killer (虐杀者三眼龙猫) – Di Huang Stage Heavenly Beast. Its unique skill is Absolute Delay of Time Attribute (Chapter 27.2).


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  1. looks good, however you forgot

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  2. The three Saint Attributes refer to the Divine Attribute, Spirit Attribute, and Time Attribute and Evil could be Noted.

    By MCs their stored skills could also be noted:
    6 Elements of Fatty:
    1th Jewel: The ‘Fetters of Wind’
    1th Jewel: ‘Lightning Explosive Palm’
    1th Jewel: ‘Blink’
    1th Jewel: ‘Touch of Darkness’ (Zong stage Darkness Heavenly Beast skill)
    1th Jewel: ‘Devour’ (Inherited from Black Jewel)
    1th Jewel: ‘???’ (Zong Stage Heavenly Beast (young/yellow colored) “3 Eyed Dragon Cat”)

    Bing’er: 1th Jewel: Wind Blades
    8th Jewel: ‘Touch of Darkness’ (Zong stage Darkness Heavenly Beast skill)

    There are also their Consolidated Equipment:
    Fatty: Overlord’s Bow
    1th : Silent Tracking Arrow
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    1. Tang Xian – mother, at least a physical jewel master
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