HJC – Book 12, Chapter 97.2

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Chapter 97 Fat Cat, Tian’er! (2)

Zhou Weiqing quickly ran around the tree again, barely avoiding her. “Stop stop, I surrender! We are in the Lustre Spatial Realm, it wouldn’t be good if we attracted any unwanted attention!”

Tian’er gave a cold smirk, saying: “Don’t think I do not know the reason you revealed my identity at this moment. Your goal is for me to help you win this Heavenly Jewel Tournament right? Hmph, stop dreaming, I won’t let your wishful thinking come to fruition so easily.”

Zhou Weiqing lamented in a loud bemoan: “Fat Cat… don’t be so heartless. Although what you said is indeed true, but this is a win-win situation.”

Tian’er gave a loud hmph, saying: “Don’t give me that. Who is in a win-win situation with you?!”

Zhou Weiqing peeked his head out from behind the tree, asking: “If you do not want to help me, then what is your plan?”

Hearing that question, Tian’er was the one at a loss instead. Just now, Zhou Weiqing had caught her by surprise in unmasking her identity, and she had returned to human form to beat up that fellow. Although that had indeed made her feel better, now that she was asked about her plans, Tian’er was instead blank. She herself did not know what her next step was.

All of a sudden, a great sense of loss enveloped her heart. She suddenly realised that since Zhou Weiqing now knew who she truly was, then they could no longer have the same relationship as before. She could no longer be just Fat Cat, staying by his side, settled in his arms, feeling his warmth and heartbeat as she cultivated in her sleep.

Looking at her dazed look, Zhou Weiqing thought to himself: There’s hope!

“Fat Cat, how about this? Since you are not willing to help me, nor are you willing to tell me why exactly you were following all this time… why don’t we just pretend nothing happened, that I did not say anything. You can still become Fat Cat and follow by my side. I promise that I will not do anything untoward to you any longer… Alright?”

“En?” Tian’er was startled out of her reverie by his words. She found herself highly tempted by Zhou Weiqing’s suggestion, but after some thought, she quickly dispelled the notion, saying angrily: “Since you already know my true identity and my human form, how could we possibly return to our original state? Are you daydreaming?”

Zhou Weiqing said bitterly: “But… I cannot bear to leave you. Even if I do not get your help, I still hope to stay with you forever. In our entire lifetimes, if we do not have any unique favourable turns or experiences, we would only live several dozen years, and we have already been together for three years of that. Three years… I have already grown used to waking up and seeing you as the first thing, used to that furry little body of yours nestled in my arms. Tian’er, I cannot leave you!”

“Indeed, when I revealed I know who you were, it was to borrow your power for this Heavenly Jewel Tournament. At the same time, I did not lie to you, I truly hope to remove that invisible divide between us. Because, I hope that you can always stay by my side, and never leave me. I feel that uncovering your identity now is better than having you leave quietly and abruptly some day. At least, this way, I have the situation in my own control, with a little hope of striving to get you to stay.”

“I know that in your heart, I am just a vulgar, perverted scoundrel. However, even scoundrels have human rights, scoundrels also have feelings! Amongst your powers, I guess that you have the Saint Attribute, the Spirit Attribute right? That means you should have the power to manipulate another person’s memories. Come then, use it on me, let me forget that Fat Cat is Tian’er. This way, we can still continue as we have… right? I’m sorry, I did not think that you would mind being uncovered this much. However, even if you manipulate my memories, you must make sure that you leave the memories of the time we spent together. I … I … I do not want to totally forget you.”

As he finished his long, impassioned speech, Zhou Weiqing closed his eyes slowly, a peaceful look on his face. His body was totally relaxed, with nary a sign that he would resist at all.

Most Heavenly Beasts’ instincts and senses were usually much keener than humans, let alone a Divine Heavenly Spirit Tiger, the absolute top of the pyramid of Heavenly Beasts.

Tian’er stared blankly at Zhou Weiqing, totally nonplussed. She could clearly sense that when he spoke those words, he was being totally sincere, his true sentiments heartfelt. The current him was totally defenseless, his guard totally down, awaiting for her to modify his memories.

Bastard, this bastard! Didn’t he know that totally dropping his guard, especially of his mind and spirit, if his mind was attacked, he could become a total retard?

He… he really cares for me so much? Trusts me so much?

Without knowing why, Tian’er felt as if something was stuck in her throat, that Zhou Weiqing in front of her suddenly not so hateful after all.

Right at that moment, Tian’er abruptly whipped her head towards the sky. At the same time, she shouted out: “Be careful!”

A thick gold light burst forth suddenly from her body, enveloping Zhou Weiqing’s body instantly. At the same time, her entire body flew towards him at breakneck speed.

Two purple glows shot out from her eyes, striking perfectly at a blood-red panther Heavenly Beast that had just pounced down from the tree canopy above.

Zhou Weiqing’s defenseless body was sent flying by Tian’er’s charge, and the blood red panther was also struck by the purple light from her eyes, and it cried out instantly in pain. Even so, its two paws left two deep marks where Zhou Weiqing was standing a moment ago, the two marks giving forth an intense heat, as if molten lava was flowing through them.

*Peng* a loud crash as both Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er crashed into the ground, with Tian’er landing on top of him. Zhou Weiqing’s closed eyes snapped open, to see Tian’er’s beautiful purple orbs in front of him.

“Fat Cat! Ahh, no, Tian’er! I…”

Before Zhou Weiqing could finish his sentence, Tian’er’s cheeks were stained with a blush. She could naturally sense her chest pressed against Zhou Weiqing as well.

With a flash, she quickly leaped away. In mid air, a strong gold light burst forth from her once more, descending like a gold pillar from the heavens, landing directly on the blood red panther which had just recovered from its momentarily stunned state.

Instantly, another pained cry emitted from the panther’s mouth, as it was enveloped by a thick gold mist. The next instant, Tian’er landed right beside it.

Struck by the gold light, the blood red panther seemed to be greatly weakened. Tian’er’s right palm struck its waist area, and it was unable to dodge at all.

A soft sound of impact, followed by another burst of gold light, enveloping the blood red panther once more as it flew back in the air.

This time, the powerful gold light surrounding it proved more powerful. It did not even have time to cry out, and its entire body seemed to dissolve into the gold light, with only a blood-red nucleus core falling to the ground.

Zhou Weiqing stared, jaw agape, at the scene in front of him. Although he knew that Tian’er was extremely powerful, he had not expected her to be THIS powerful.

That blood red panther was at least a Zong Stage Heavenly Beast, but in Tian’er’s hands, it did not even have a chance to react before being slain by her, and so overwhelmingly that it didn’t even have remains left! What kind of power was that?!

“Why don’t you get up already!” Tian’er said to Zhou Weiqing exasperatedly. However, the gaze from her purple eyes was gentle.

Zhou Weiqing started a little, before quickly jumping up. Looking at Tian’er in front of him, turned around as she refused to look at him, he felt his emotions befuddled.

Without question, in his heart, the one he loved most was Shangguan Bing’er. However, no matter Fat Cat or Tian’er, he had an undeniable link to her… and indescribable emotion.

If Mu’En was here, he would definitely tell Zhou Weiqing that this was fraternity of man, the base depravity that almost all men suffered from.

Due to the difference in physiological structure and setup, men’s interest and thirst for sexual relations was a lot stronger than women’s. In general, as long as they saw someone beautiful from the opposite opposite gender, it would spark interest in them. This was not a shift in love or emotions, just their base nature. Just like most men would wish they could have several wives or concubines, when they saw a beautiful lady, thoughts or dreams would be sparked in their minds… it was inevitable.

Yet, as for most women, this was not the same, as they were usually loyal and faithful for life. That was because their own requirement for sex was lower than men, with a greater need for emotional dependence. Of course, there were always some exceptions, but usually once a woman truly loved a man, it was for good. This was also the same reason why many women could not understand why a man would be so philandering, and they would call this physiologically induced phenomenon ‘being perverted’.

Without question, if one were to appraise or judge him, Zhou Weiqing was definitely a perverted man. Facing any beautiful woman, his immunity dropped drastically. At the same time, Shangguan Bing’er was a woman who understood this clearly, as she had told Zhou Weiqing long ago. Although she did take it to heart, but she did not directly oppose it, as long as she was the most important in his heart.

This was a smart woman’s choice in their society, allowing her man to be together with her without any pressure, to be able to love her wholeheartedly. As such, in Zhou Weiqing’s heart, no one could ever displace Shangguan Bing’er’s position as number one in his heart, and perhaps her leniency had something to do with it.

“Why are you staring at me? You better be careful, this is a dangerous place after all! Who wants to remove your memories!?” Just like Zhou Weiqing was befuddled, Tian’er was just as much so. She did not look at Zhou Weiqing, because she did not know how to face him.

It could be said that Tian’er had witnessed the growth of Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Bing’er’s relationship and feelings from almost the start to present. She did not know how she herself felt about Zhou Weiqing. At first, it was purely just to make use of him, but as time went by… could she really just be using him only? The answer was clearly no.

Today, Zhou Weiqing had unmasked her, and not only was Tian’er surprised, but also a little afraid… and helpless. Subconsciously, she was actually more afraid than Zhou Weiqing about leaving him, and what Zhou Weiqing had said earlier had struck her right in her heart, moving her deeply. At least, she could clearly sense that Zhou Weiqing did have some feelings for her… though what exactly those feelings were she wasn’t willing to face. As long as there were some feelings… that made her feel less anxious… more assured…

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