HJC – Book 12, Chapter 93.3

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Chapter 93 Heavenly Jewel Island! (3)

Little Four grinned, saying: “Heh heh, Weiqing, you aren’t going to be so stingy right? During the tournament period, it’ll be at most a few tens of thousands of gold coins only, nothing much for you!”

Zhou Weiqing gave a humph, saying: “Keep dreaming, if you want me to feed you guys, that is no problem at all. I have loads of food in my Spatial Necklace to feed all of you for a month at least. I’m well prepared indeed. Heh heh.” As he said that, he quickly dug out a bunch of dry rations and fruits and placed them on the table.

“Ughh…. Weiqing, you are too sly!”

Zhou Weiqing laughed, saying: “Alright, everyone eat up quickly. After eating, we can head to the Consolidating Equipment Pavilion. I’ll settle all your gifts first, lest some people keep complaining that I’m stingy!”

Hearing that they were about to purchase the Consolidating Equipment Scrolls, everyone perked up, energized. They took barely half the time they usually took to eat, gorging everything down as they settled their lunch. After which, they rushed out of the inn and headed straight towards the Heavenly Jewel Island Consolidating Equipment Pavilion.

To any Heavenly Jewel Master, the Heavenly Jewel Island’s Consolidating Equipment Pavilion and Skill Storing Palace was considered a long cherished dream, perhaps even a place of legend. Here was where the true items of quality could be found.

From the outside, the Consolidating Equipment Pavilion in front of them looked so much smaller than the one in the ZhongTian City. Although it had four levels, they estimated that its total surface area was about a third of that of the ZhongTian City Consolidating Equipment Pavilion.

Surprisingly, there were no guards at the entrance, and the members of the Fei Li Battle Team walked in directly.

Within, the interior decorations of both Consolidating Equipment Pavilions were rather similarly, an old-school look that was simple but beautiful. As they entered the Pavilion, two white-clad employees came forward to greet them.

The two employees looked to be about twenty odd years of age, though they gave a vibe of a deep, steady, grounded feel, clearly no simple or ordinary people.

“Welcome guests, may I know what you require?” The white clad youth on the left said with a respectful smile.

Lin TianAo replied respectfully: “Thank you, we are here to look for Consolidating Equipment Scrolls. May I know if there are works by Zong Stage Consolidating Equipment Masters?”

Hearing his question, a smile crossed the two white clad employees faces involuntarily, and the one on the left said: “Honoured guests, this must be your first time here at our Consolidating Equipment Pavilion. Let me give a simple introduction of our Pavilion over here, each level is separated into two zones. The left zone are all completed Consolidating Equipment Scrolls, while the right zone are all the various materials for creating Consolidating Equipment Scrolls. This is the same for every level.”

“Amongst that, the first level is mostly Grandmaster and Zong Stage Consolidating Equipment Scrolls and their corresponding materials. At that level, we will not sell any Scrolls without Sockets. As for the second level, they are also still Grandmaster and Zong Stage Consolidating Equipment Scrolls, but the difference is that only Set Equipment are sold there, and not individual pieces. The third level would be God Level Consolidating Equipment Scrolls and their corresponding materials.”

Hearing his simple introduction, the members of the entire Battle Team were shocked. Although they already had a high evaluation of the Heavenly Jewel Consolidating Equipment Pavilion, they had still somewhat underestimated its sheer power.

Even their lowest quality Scrolls were Socketed Grandmaster Consolidating Equipment Master Scrolls, followed by Zong Stage ones, populating two entire levels… even more so was the fact that they had entire Consolidating Equipment Sets for sale! After all, an entire Set could mean making an ordinary Heavenly Jewel Master into a powerhouse! Furthermore, this wasn’t even counting the higher quality ones that the Heaven’s Expanse Palace would likely keep for themselves… what kind of unbelievable foundation and wealth they had to be able to do something like that.

The most surprising thing was that just the third level alone of the Consolidating Equipment Scroll was already selling God Tier Consolidating Equipment Scrolls. Such news caused them all to suck in deep cold breaths on shock.

Zhou Weiqing couldn’t help but ask: “What about the fourth level? Does that mean… the fourth level is selling God Tier… Legendary Consolidating Equipment Sets?!

The guide shook his head, saying: “Not exactly; after all, those Legendary Consolidating Equipment Sets are considered priceless. Our Consolidating Equipment Pavilion has seven different type of Legendary Set designs, of which only the completed Scrolls of four of those can be sold. However, we only do equivalent barter trade for these, and will not sell them for gold coins, as they are much too valuable. As such, the fourth level is actually for custom made Consolidating Equipment Scrolls, and is open for all levels of Consolidating Equipment Masters from Zong Stage and above to customize any particular Equipment for you. Of course, the price for custom Scrolls are much more expensive, at least three times that of any ordinary Consolidating Equipment Scrolls of the same level.”

Without even caring about the price, as soon as the Fei Li Battle Team members heard that Legendary Sets could actually be traded for, all of them were totally stunned speechless. No matter whether or not someone could afford it, at least they now knew that it was available for trade!

Little Witch stood at the side muttering to herself: “No wonder the Heavenly Jewel Island is called the richest place on the entire mainland…”

Little Four’s eyes lit up with glee as he exclaimed: “If only I had the money to buy an entire Legendary Set… ahhh… I’d be a super powerhouse in the future as well!”

Drunken Bao glared at him exasperatedly, saying: “Alright, stop daydreaming. That’s not even close to being realistic, do you think they are worth nothing? Those aren’t things that we can buy. Come on, let’s go look at the Zong Stage Consolidating Equipment Scrolls. If we can manage to get a good Zong Stage Consolidating Equipment Scroll, it will be truly worth the trip here indeed.”

In truth, the others were all somewhat daydreaming longingly, however silently, but they were all pulled back to reality by Drunken Bao’s words. An entire Legendary Set was so expensive that even a small or medium Empire would not be able to afford it no matter how hard they tried, let alone lone Heavenly Jewel Masters like themselves without any powerful backgrounds.

Without any further delay, they decided to head quickly to the first level and choose their Zong Stage Consolidating Equipment Scrolls.

Zhou Weiqing grabbed hold of Lin TianAo before he could follow the rest. Turning to Drunken Bao and the others, he said: “All of you go ahead and take your time choosing, and I will settle the bill when I come back down. Leader, let’s head up to the fourth floor to choose. After all, your situation is very different from them. In order to continue with your Assembly Set Shield, it definitely has to be a custom made Consolidating Equipment Scroll.”

Lin TianAo started, furrowing his brow as he said: “But… the price…”

Zhou Weiqing laughed heartily, saying: “From what I see, you are very close to reaching the six-Jeweled Cultivation level right? I know that it will be quite a long time before I can reach the Zong Stage Consolidating Equipment Master level, and there is no point wasting time waiting. Come, let’s go.” As he said that, he dragged Lin TianAo along with him.

Lin TianAo was an Ultimate Defense Heavenly Jewel Master, and one of outstanding talent and skill. More importantly, he was Zhou Weiqing’s Follower, and towards his own people, Zhou Weiqing had always been extremely generous. Increasing Lin TianAo’s power was in a way increasing his own power, and he would not skimp on spending on him. Lin TianAo had already started on this path of the Assembly Set Shield, the extreme method, and if he did not continue on the path, it would perhaps limit his growth and waste his talents. Zhou Weiqing definitely did not want that to happen, to waste such potential by saving some money and causing his Assembly Shield Set to ‘break’ from now on.

Lin TianAo did not continue protesting, following Zhou Weiqing’s lead. In his eyes, a warm smile could be faintly seen.

When he had first lost to Zhou Weiqing and became his Follower, it was undoubtedly with an unwilling heart. Being vexed, disappointed and resigned … those emotions barely scratched the surface of the turmoil in his heart. However, he was a man of his word, and he stuck to it no matter how he felt about it. Yet… as time went by, and the more time he spent together with Zhou Weiqing, that feeling slowly dissipated. It wasn’t just the unbelievable talent that Zhou Weiqing had displayed, his quick wit, character, all of which showed he would be a good leader to follow. But more importantly, it was the respect that Zhou Weiqing showed him.

In this Heavenly Jewel Tournament, he had been the leader in name, yet he had been Zhou Weiqing’s Follower. Naturally, one could imagine how conflicted he felt at the start. However, Zhou Weiqing had not tried to use that against him or displayed any sign of it, instead calling him Leader respectfully like a little brother. That, and more, had slowly caused any unpleasant feelings in his heart to slowly dissolve away in the sands of time.

They still had quite a lot of time, thus Zhou Weiqing did not rush to the fourth floor, instead bringing Lin TianAo to the right zone. Naturally, he was not there to buy any completed Consolidating Equipment Scrolls. As a Consolidating Equipment Master himself, he would not waste the money on buying completed Scrolls unless absolutely necessary. After all, his target was to become a Grandmaster, Zong Stage Master, and even God Tier Master in the future! As such, he needed to purchase some rarer materials required for those future stages in advance, in preparation for his future needs. Anyway, he had the money to spend currently, and he might as well use this opportunity the purchase what he needed now; those materials would not drop in value in any case, and could only go higher. From the ever-increasing prices of the Consolidating Equipment Scrolls in the market, he clearly realised that point.

Walking to the right zone of the first level, what entered Zhou Weiqing and Lin TianAo’s eyes was a dazzling array of goods, from Consolidating Equipment Paper, Ink, to the many varied materials required. From just a quick glance, Zhou Weiqing could tell they were all rare treasures indeed.

“What?! Damn! That Black Voodoo Grass is at least 500 years old! Wait, what? Heavens! Is that a Green Jade Agave?! Ahhh… to use that to create a Zong Stage Consolidating Equipment Scroll would be rather a waste…”

Muttering crazily to himself, Zhou Weiqing looked around the entire zone, examining the amazing rare treasures and plants before his eyes. However, he also saw the prices listed under the items. The price was directly proportional to the rarity and quality of the items, and looking at all the various zeroes behind the prices, Zhou Weiqing couldn’t help but flinch with a bitter smile.

Up until this point, he had not even seen any item less than five thousand gold coins, and these were just merely single materials. From those prices, one could imagine how high the completed Scrolls would be. To describe the Heavenly Jewel Island Consolidating Equipment Pavilion’s prices as daylight robbery would not be an exaggeration.

At the same time, you could not complain a whit about those prices, and you could only pay those prices obediently. After all, they were not forcing anyone to buy the goods, yet these materials were so rare in the outside world, that the only possible place you might even have a chance of coming across them would be in an auction house. And in an auction, the prices might even be higher than the prices stated here!

After looking for a while, Zhou Weiqing couldn’t help but heave a huge sigh inwardly. So… a hundred million gold coins was really nothing! Luckily, this time, I’m able to trade the Immortal Deity Technique for God Tier Consolidating Equipment Scrolls.

After a quick look of all the various materials, Zhou Weiqing decided not to rush into purchasing the materials he wanted. After all, they still had a lot of time, and these materials were all so expensive. His mind was full of information that he had memorised from Huyan Aobo’s teachings, and he decided to process everything first before deciding. After all, he wanted to make full efficient use of these expensive materials, and by mixing them with some cheaper auxiliary materials when creating Consolidating Ink, he could save a rather drastic amount. However, in order to do that, he would need to take time and plan things out carefully. At the same time, he would have to think of what he needed to buy for Yun Li. Money was there to be spent, but he would definitely spend every cent of it wisely.

As such, Zhou Weiqing decided to put off his decision til later, and head upwards to see the higher levels first. When he got back, he could slowly plan what he wanted to buy, especially since he might want some materials from the higher levels as well. Of course, he would also have to plan his finances on how much he had left after buying the Zong Stage Consolidating Equipment Scrolls for his friends.

Leaving the first level, they entered the second one. Similarly, Zhou Weiqing led Lin TianAo to the right zone where the materials were being sold. When he entered the hall, he was surprised to see someone standing in front of a small shoot of grass, muttering softly to herself.

It was an old lady dressed in a long grey robe. She was not particularly tall, slightly plump, with a head of wild white hair cascading onto her shoulders messily. Not only was she muttering under her breath, she was also pointing at the shoot of grass, giving a rather strange and unusual.

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