HJC – Book 11, Chapter 90.3

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Chapter 90 We’re Rich! (3)

Zhou Weiqing said pitifully: “Everybody… Heroes… Beloved Teammates… you wouldn’t….”

Little Four waggled a brow at him: “Well… that depends on your performance…”

Zhou Weiqing looked pleadingly at Crow: “Sis Crow, you were saying earlier that you wanted to be with me… will you be so hard hearted to see them bully poor, weak little me?”

Crow looked at him vacantly: “Weak? You?”

Drunken Bao said savagely: “Enough, do not let this rascal speak anymore… let’s go!”

“AHHHHH…. NOOOOO…..!” Soon, screams of agony rang throughout the hotel.

After the preliminary heats of the Heavenly Jewel Tournament, it was as good as over for the ordinary citizens. After all, the quarterfinals were usually without any suspense; though the four seeded teams might meet some resistance, they usually won without any problems.

Of course, this year’s Heavenly Jewel Tournament was extremely different; with the Fei Li Battle Team beating the Dan Dun Battle Team, causing their overall strength to drop drastically, it would definitely mean a very dynamically different quarterfinals. It had been years, even decades, before there had been a different team in the top four of the Heavenly Jewel Tournament, and it seemed like this year would bring a change indeed.

No matter if it were the Fei Li Battle Team or their quarterfinal opponent who entered the top four, it was still a major change for the tournament.

The quarterfinal lots were held as scheduled, a day before the actual fights. Perhaps the Fei Li Battle Teams luck had been used up in the preliminary heats, and after their draw, all of them had an ugly expression on their faces. Naturally, they had drawn the very team they had been worried about, the strongest team besides the seeded teams, the Kalise Battle Team.

According to their guess, the Kalise Battle Team was being supported secretly by the Heavenly Demon Sect. Although their absolute power might perhaps be weaker than the Dan Dun Battle Team, especially with the restrictions on their secret arts, they could not be underestimated at all, especially since they still had powerhouses like Little Witch!

In truth, there was an easy solution – to report them to the ZhongTian Empire that the Heavenly Demon Sect was behind the Kalise Empire. Doing so would probably give them a win through disqualifying their opponent. Alas, if they were to do that, it would also truly offend the Heavenly Demon Sect, perhaps even making mortal enemies out of them.

They had already offended the Blood Red Hell, and if they also offended the Heavenly Demon Sect, how could the Fei Li Empire possibly have any good days ahead? Besides Zhou Weiqing, who was a citizen of the Heavenly Bow Empire, all the other members of the Fei Li Battle Team loved their home country deeply, and would not take such a risk.

“Weiqing, arrange the strategy then. How will we take the fight tomorrow?”

After resting a few days, Zhou Weiqing had nearly fully recovered, and it showed as his face was back to a healthy norm. The next day was the actual fight of the quarterfinals, and the entire team had gathered once again in Lin TianAo’s room for a strategy meeting.

Zhou Weiqing sat at the corner of the couch, a ‘sullen’ look on his face as he gave a humph, saying: “No plan, you guys go ahead!”

Looking at his sad look, the entire team burst out laughing.

That day, Zhou Weiqing had been surrounded and attacked by his group of friends, and in the end, he had been forced to agree to buy every one of them a Zong Stage Consolidating Equipment Scroll Set when they entered the Heavenly Jewel Island, giving him a heartache.

After all, each Zong Stage Consolidating Equipment Scroll Set was worth an astronomical amount, even the most ordinary amongst them was at least worth a million gold coins, and the higher quality ones costing about five to six million gold coins! Some of pieces of a Consolidated Equipment Sets could even cost more than ten million gold coins each! Although they were definitely much less valuable than a God Tier Consolidating Equipment Scroll, they were still considered a rare treasure out of the Heavenly Jewel Island.

Although Zhou Weiqing’s hundred million gold coins seemed like a lot, just gifting the six Zong Stage Consolidating Equipment Scroll Sets alone would at least cost him around twenty to thirty million gold coins!

Lin TianAo laughed heartily, saying: “Alright, Weiqing, stop acting now. Let’s start strategizing.

Zhou Weiqing gave a depressed, wronged look as he said: “You… you guys are just too savage! That’s tens of millions of gold coins! If it were any ordinary Physical or Elemental Jewel Masters, I could give an entire Company of them Consolidated Equipment or Stored Skills!”

The team burst out in laughter once more.

In truth, if Zhou Weiqing had not been willing, no one would have really forced him. Yet, this little rascal had agreed so readily, and then acted in such a vexed fashion; it was no wonder they were all so amused.

Little Four grinned and said: “Weiqing, stop showing off, hurry up and arrange our strategy, isn’t it just a Kalise Empire? We have even beaten the Dan Dun Battle Team, how can we be afraid of them? If we do our best, we can definitely win; we have already gotten to this point, we definitely must not end our run prematurely!”

Drunken Bao nodded in agreement, saying: “Indeed, Weiqing. This time, you must definitely let me and Xiao Yan fight. We haven’t even been able to display our abilities since we entered this ZhongTian City… since you are so generous to us, you can have a good rest this fight! We have a lot of pent up energy to expend!”

Zhou Weiqing stopped acting, grinning widely as he said: “Too much pent up energy? That’s easy! Just look for two chicks, that’s all. Mmm, but you guys better not drag me along! Even if you do, I will not go, I am unbelievably loyal and steadfast.”

Drunken Bao gave a derisive ‘bah’, saying: “You’re loyal and steadfast? Don’t insult those two words okay? Who was the one who was touching Shen Little Demon all over, with that intoxicated face… almost causing the entire Dan Dun Battle Team to fight with us to the death? The way I seeit, as long as its female, you won’t let them off. In your dictionary, there are only two requirements for women. Alive, and female!”

Hearing Drunken Bao’s words, Crow quickly drew forward, grinning as she said: “In that case, Weiqing, our Gold Crow Tribe can definitely satisfy you. After the tournament, you can return with me, how about that?”

Zhou Weiqing’s face changed, and he quickly said with a serious face: “Time to strategize indeed. Drunken Bao, I do not think it is necessary for you to fight this round, you are our hidden trump, we will save your power until the semi finals. Crow, what about you?”

Crow quickly said readily: “En, it is your decision to come to the Gold Crow Tribe, of course I will not force you.” As she said that, she giggled, then clapped Zhou Weiqing’s shoulder in a brotherly fashion. “Weiqing, I’m wrong.”

It was now Drunken Bao’s turn to stare pitifully.

Just as the team was laughing and joking with each other, all of a sudden, they were interrupted by a sudden knock on the door.

Hearing the noise, all their faces changed. Although they had been joking around with each other, out of habit they had kept their senses peeled, and yet even the highest cultivation level amongst them, Lin TianAo, had not sensed anyone approaching. It was clear that whoever was outside the door was of a higher cultivation level.

Lin TianAo signalled to the rest, and the room immediately quieted down. He then turned and opened the door.

Little Witch was standing outside, clad in a black dress, and as she saw the door open to reveal the team, she smiled shyly in a radiant fashion, saying: “Hello, everyone.”

Seeing it was her, the Fei Li Battle Team members’ faces turned cold, especially Drunken Bao and Xiao Yan. If not for her, they would not have been so injured that they could not even fight a single fight in the preliminary heats.

Zhou Weiqing furrowed his brow and said: “Why are you here? Are you here to spy on us?”

Wu Yuehan (Little Witch) said aggrievedly: “In your eyes, am I that terrible?” Both had been acting pitiful, but accompanied with her touching beauty, she was definitely much better at it than Crow, causing even their angry hearts to waver a little.

Wu Yuehan continued: “Previously, if not for my reminders, you might not have recovered so easily. I am truly here not to spy on you, but to discuss a deal with you all. May I come in?” As she said that, she bit her right index finger gently, looking the very picture cuteness.

Lin TianAo made an inviting gesture, letting her enter. All of the Fei Li Battle Team members were here, and were at tip top condition. Even if this Little Witch were to try something, it would not be so easy to succeed. After all, they were all on maximum guard against her.

Wu Yuehan entered room, sitting boldly beside Zhou Weiqing. Pointing at the cup in front of them, she asked Zhou Weiqing sweetly: “Is this your cup?”

Subconsciously, Zhou Weiqing nodded in agreement. As if she could not sense the others’ gazes, Wu Yuehan picked up his cup, drinking it from it naturally before placing it back down. Out of the corner of her eye, she glanced towards Fat Cat, who was lounging at the other side of Zhou Weiqing, a subtle provocation in her eyes.

When they saw her lick her red lips, the male members of the Fei Li Battle Team, including Zhou Weiqing, suddenly felt their mouths parched. This girl was just too seductive.

Zhou Weiqing glanced at her, but because he was still standing, at his angle he just happened to see an assuming… seemingly not deep… but perfect looking… … *Gulp* Trying his best to control his expression, he said: “Uhh, Little Witch, so why are you here? Speak directly then.”

Little Witch glanced at him ruefully, saying; “You all do not need to look at me like that, I will be embarrassed. Really, I have no ill intentions in coming here.”

Zhou Weiqing grinned and said: “Heh… You should already know about the result of the drawing lots, and the two of our teams will be meeting in the quarterfinals. Even if you hadn’t ambushed and injured my companions previously, we are currently already considered opponents, not friends. At such a time, for you to come to look for us, how can we not be wary? I know your Heavenly Demon Sect really wants to enter the Heavenly Jewel Island right, so it’s not like you will just get that Kalise Empire to surrender right? So, let’s just get straight to the point and not mince matters, I do not really belief that you are here to bring us any good news.”

Wu Yuehan twisted her mouth wryly, before bursting out in a fit of giggles. She said: “You little rascal, you actually guessed correctly. What if I said that I am actually here to tell you that I am willing to let the Kalise Empire surrender, and let your team enter the top four without a fight?”

As soon as she said that, the entire Fei Li Battle Team was taken aback. However, they quickly calmed down, and Lin TianAo said passively: “There is no free lunch in this world… Miss Wu, are you trying to test us for something?”

Wu Yuehan smiled faintly, shaking her head as she continued: “Do I really need to make all that effort to come here to test you for something? Indeed, you have indeed displayed an impressive power during the fight with the Dan Dun Battle Team. However, the more important thing is still strategy. If we were to take things seriously, I believe that the final victory between our two teams is very equal, and anything can happen. I wouldn’t need to test you out!”

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