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Chapter 90 We’re Rich! (2)

Naturally, the Fei Li Battle Team members did not know that they had given the ZhongTian Emperor a sore heart. When Zhou Weiqing got the shining gold card with thirty two gold various coloured gems inset on it, a huge grin appeared on his face.

This was the most famous gold storage card in the entire mainland, formed by the ZhongTian Bank, and could be used almost everywhere. There were branches even in the WanShou Empire, and could be said to be the ‘safest’ form of currency.

Furthermore, this was the highest class of storage cards, which had a normal contracting and a blood binding function, which had soulbound the card to Zhou Weiqing. Only Zhou Weiqing could make use of both bloodline and spirit energy to gain access to the card. In it was exactly a hundred and one million gold coins.

“I’m rich, I’m really rich now!” There were gold coins dancing in Zhou Weiqing’s eyes as they glowed in glee, as he stood at a side grinning foolishly to himself for almost ten minutes. He almost forgot the pain in his body, and had to be dragged back by the rest of the Fei Li Battle Team members to their hotel.

It wasn’t just Zhou Weiqing who lost his cool; every single member of the Fei Li Battle Team felt as if they were in a dream.

To be able to actually defeat one of the seeded teams, not just by strategy, but actually defeating their top two powerhouses, such a brilliant victory was something they had not even dreamt of.

Today’s victory meant that they would actually ascend to the top eight quarterfinals as the First Position in Group 3. That also meant that their next opponent would be the second position of another group, which would definitely not be another team, while the Dan Dun Battle Team would have to fight against another seeded team!

Even though they had not drawn lots on their opponents yet, the results were almost a certainty. Without their top two powerhouses, the Dan Dun Battle Team was almost certainly unable to defeat another seeded team, and would lose their top four spot for the first time in a long time. As for the Fei Li Battle Team, they would certainly have a large chance in making the top four.

This was also the main reason why Zhou Weiqing had suggested that they challenge the Dan Dun Battle Team in the preliminary heats. After all, they would have to face a seeded team no matter what, and facing an unprepared Dan Dun Battle Team was much better than possibly drawing the ZhongTian Battle Team or the WanShou Battle Team.

As soon as they returned to their hotel, Zhou Weiqing collapsed onto his bed. It wasn’t that he did not want to celebrate with his companions, but he was just too exhausted, and not fully recovered from his injuries yet. He needed all the rest he could get. Still, even though he fell asleep almost instantly, he still placed the VIP Storage Card of the ZhongTian Bank on his forehead, the foolish grin still on his face as he snored away.

Having displayed all his considerable talents in the previous fight, he was certain that Shangguan Longyin would relay that to Shangguan Tianyue, and this was indeed Zhou Weiqing’s goal. As such, he could finally get a good rest. What was more comfortable than a good sleep after accomplishing one’s goal? Especially since the past few days he had been under much strain and tension.

It was time to relax for a while.

Nobody came to disturb Zhou Weiqing, and he slept for more than twelve hours, through the night and into the day before he awoke, refreshed and satisfied.

However, as soon as he crawled out of bed, he did not go for a bath or even to look for his companions, instead rushing to the dining hall, polishing off a huge meal like the wind blowing the clouds away.

Zhou Weiqing’s awakening had alerted the other members of the Fei Li Battle Team, and they soon followed him into the dining hall. However, when they entered, they did not sit together with Zhou Weiqing, instead sitting at another corner.

There weren’t that many people in the dining hall, it was barely thirty percent filled, and most of them were staring with their jaws agape at this young fellow sitting without nary a care for his image, one foot on another chair as he gorged away at an insane speed. Naturally, that was Zhou Weiqing.

It was as if he was a hungry ghost who had been reincarnated for his first meal in ages.

The other members of the Fei Li Battle Team gave a look as if they did not recognize him, sitting quietly at their corner.

From Zhou Weiqing’s appetite, the other members could tell that he was probably recovered, or at least well on his way to recovery. Since Xiao Yan and Drunken Bao had not taken any action in the entire preliminary heats, and their injuries were now fully recovered, the entire team was actually at their maximum after defeating the Dan Dun Battle Team, instead of being lowered as they had expected. They were indeed fully ready for their next fight.

Finally, Zhou Weiqing threw his spoon on the table after finishing a last bowl of fresh seafood soup, exclaiming: “Ahhh, that was good–!”

He was rather loud, startling a nearby customer who spat out a mouthful of soup onto his friend. However, neither of them dared to flare out at him.

Zhou Weiqing was getting stronger and more robust, and it showed in his impressive physique. After his second evolving, his stature and built had almost caught up to Lin TianAo. No ordinary person would easily cause trouble with him.

Hearing Zhou Weiqing’s cry, the other members of the Fei Li Battle Team sweatdropped. Little Four said with a disdainful look: “Ahh, such a disgrace… such a disgrace!”

Crow glanced at him and said: “What so disgraceful? That’s called forthright, spontaneous! If it were in our Gold Crow Tribe, many maidens would fall for him!”

Drunken Bao burst out laughing, saying: “Alas, even Weiqing’s physique will not be able to endure the six hundred jin weight!”

Crow blushed and lowered her head, saying abashedly: “If we haven’t tried it, how do you know he will not be able to endure it? In my opinion, Weiqing will have no problems. Alas, I already have a fiance, if not I will definitely chase him!”

The usually quiet Xiao Yan said passively: “If you had said that to him a few moments ago, I’m sure he wouldn’t have been gorging away so happily.”

At that point, Zhou Weiqing walked over with a satisfied look on his face, saying: “It is never wrong to love someone. How could I be offended by that? Sis Crow is so beautiful, you all just do not know how to appreciate her.”

On hearing that, Crow’s eyes widened, and she said: “Weiqing, how about I retract my marriage and follow you instead? Do not worry, I know you already have Bing’er, she can be the main wife, and I can be the second. How about that?”

Looking at her, Zhou Weiqing’s pupils contracted, and he thought to himself: Sis, how are you small in any way? 1 Of course, he would never say that out loud, instead saying sternly and righteously: “Crow, that is very wrong of you. Since you already have a fiance, how can you have such a notion? That will badly affect the good impression I have of you!”

Crow blushed, then sighed heavily with a helpless look on her face: “Ahh, I regret meeting you before marriage!” 2

Lin TianAo stood up, an exasperated look on his face as he said: “You guys go ahead, I’m heading back first. Weiqing, when you’re done here, come over with the rest to discuss our strategy for the next fight.”

Zhou Weiqing did not dare tease Crow any longer; if she really decided to chase him, it would backfire on him instead!

“Come on, let’s head back with Leader to discuss the fight.” As he said that, he placed an arm around Lin TianAo’s shoulder and quickly walked off with him.

Ye Paopao laughed, saying; “Weiqing, that rascal, sometimes I feel like punching him indeed.”

Xiao Yan said passively: “Agreed.”

Drunken Bao said: “+1”

Little Four continued: “+1 too!”

Crow paused, then said happily: “If you all beat him up, can I watch?”

Back in Lin TianAo’s room.

The seven members of the Fei Li Battle Team sat in a circle, and sensing the hostile looks of his teammates, Zhou Weiqing sat quietly at a corner, like a punching bag.

Lin TianAo glanced at him, then said: “I’ll summarise our fight with the Dan Dun Battle Team before we discuss the next fight. Indeed, we did win this fight, and with that, we have a good chance of entering the top four of the Heavenly Jewel Tournament. However, I have to say that luck was truly on our side.”

“If not for a large amount of luck, Little Four would definitely have not been able to kill that Han Bing. In truth, whether it was to save their true power, or because they underestimated us, the Dan Dun Battle Team did not send out a proper formation or their full power. It can be said that his death was truly for nothing. Now… although Senior Shangguan Longyin has made us the promise, we cannot guarantee that the Blood Red Hell will take revenge on our Empire instead.”

“As for the fight between Weiqing and Shen Little Demon…” As he said that, everyone turned to look at Zhou Weiqing.

Lin TianAo said solemnly: “As a Heavenly Jewel Master, Weiqing, I can totally understand, and will not blame you, for hiding your true power. If it were any of us, with so many Attributes, especially the Evil Attribute, we would also choose to hide it. However, what I cannot forgive is you pitting your life against Shen Little Demon, especially without informing us, and almost dying there and then. Have you thought about what it would do to us as a team? If you fought and died there on the stage, who would plan and strategize for us? If you fought and died there on the stage, perhaps we would have been enraged and fought to the death with the Dan Dun Battle Team, how many of us would have survived then? I repeat the words I said previously; since I brought all of you here, my goal is to bring all of you back unharmed. If there is a second time, I will remove you from the team. Do you understand?”

Looking at the grave look on Lin TianAo’s serious face, Zhou Weiqing nodded, not speaking a word.

Lin TianAo continued: “Alright, enough about that. Now, the actual drawing lots will be held one day before the quarter finals. Weiqing, do you have any plan going forward?”

Zhou Weiqing shook his head, saying: “Without knowing our opponent, I’m unable to come up with anything concrete. At least we do know that we will not be facing another seeded team for the next fight. When the water rises we use earth to keep it back, when the soldiers arrive we use a general to hold them at bay. 3 I have confidence that we will be able to face any of the second teams and enter the top four; the only one we need to be careful of will be the Kalise Empire. After all, they have the Heavenly Demon Sect supporting them. Even if they do not dare to use the secret techniques of the Heavenly Demon Sect and reveal themselves, they are still not to be underestimated.”

Lin TianAo nodded, saying: “There are four groups, so there is only a quarter chance of us drawing them. We shall discuss our strategy in greater detail the day after tomorrow after drawing lots then.”

After saying that, he swept his gaze around the entire team, before finally saying softly: “I know that everyone is extremely excited after defeating the Dan Dun Battle Team. However, I must remind everyone not to get ahead of ourselves. We still have not reached our goal, the top four, and are still currently at the top eight. Indeed, we have taken a huge step towards it, but I need all of you to hold yourselves back. There is time for excitement and celebration after we have met our goals. If any of you are overly excited, causing your form to deteriorate, I will not hesitate to stop you from entering the next fight. Understood?”

“Understood!” The rest of the team chorused.

Upon hearing their agreement, only then did Lin TianAo’s face relax, and he smiled. Turning to Zhou Weiqing, he said: “There are still a few days for us to rest, and everyone should get sufficient rest. Of course… defeating the Dan Dun Battle Team is a great team effort… and somebody won a hundred million gold coins! You all decide what you want to do, I’m heading out first. I didn’t see anything….”

As he said that, he turned out and walked out the door, with Zhou Weiqing staring at him with jaw agape.

The other members also turned their gazes to Zhou Weiqing, green in their eyes as they looked at him wickedly…

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  1. Second wife is literally 小老婆 Small Wife, he is playing on words again
  2. 恨不相逢未嫁时, it is an idiom denoting regret of meeting a true love only after one’s marriage
  3. Direct translation of chinese idiom. Basically, meaning ‘Que sera, sera’, or ‘whatever will be, will be’. Face whatever obstacles as they come along.


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