HJC – Book 11, Chapter 89.3

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Chapter 89 Three Toxic Venoms (3)

That was not the only thing. Along with the three Attribute Heavenly Energy came Shen Little Demon’s own personal, pure Heavenly Energy. The energy coursed through his own drained body, reinvigorating it and surging through his meridians, hastening his recovery.

Shen Little Demon’s complexion gradually improved, and the violent shivering was also improving. Shangguan Longyin, standing at the side, nodded his head approvingly. He was an extremely experienced Heavenly Jewel Master, and had seen many things in his time, and was thus the only one who could easily tell that Zhou Weiqing was doing so because the Dark Demon God Lightning was originally struck at her chest.

After about fifteen minutes, Zhou Weiqing finally lifted his hands. Shen Little Demon was no longer shivering, but her face was still pale. This was actually due to Zhou Weiqing’s Devour Skill, though he had let her off; if not, he could have totally drained her dry since she was unable to resist.

Of course, he would never do such a thing. He had ‘touched’ her after all, and it wouldn’t do to just kill her off like that. Especially since Shangguan Longyin and her teammates were just right there.

Withdrawing his hands and leg, Zhou Weiqing stepped back. Reaching into his Spatial Necklace, he took out a set of fresh clothing, and quickly donned them; as he was still almost naked after his clothes had burst apart in the previous fight. “Senior Shangguan, it’s done.”

Shangguan Longyin nodded, and the members of the Dan Dun Battle Team quickly supported Shen Little Demon up again. They glared at Zhou Weiqing with hostile gazes.

Lan Feng said coldly: “The mountains may not move, but the waters will flow. We will meet again. If not for the weather today, you would have been killed today. Thank you Senior Shangguan. Let’s go.”

The members of the Dan Dun Battle Team turned and walked out, and Zhou Weiqing turned towards Shangguan Longyin with a rather wronged look upon his face. “Senior Shangguan… look at them…”

Shangguan Longyin said solemnly: “You all do not need to worry, since this old fellow has already spoken out, I will definitely ensure it. If the Blood Red Hell gives you trouble, I will not sit by and watch. I trust that they will also not forget my words.”

Zhou Weiqing said curiously: “Senior Shangguan, what did Lan Feng mean just now about the weather?”

Shangguan Longyin turned to him in surprise, saying: “Your Darkness and Evil Attributes both work better during overcast weather; while Shen Little Demon’s Light and Fire Attributes are both stronger during a clear, sunny day. In fact, some of the Blood Red Hell’s secret techniques require sunlight to unleash. Didn’t you know that?”

Zhou Weiqing’s eyes widened as he exclaimed: “Different attributes are affected differently by the weather?! Skills requiring the weather to unleash?”

Shangguan Longyin shook his head helplessly, saying: “Who taught you how to cultivate? How could you not know such basic things?”

The Fei Li Battle Team members hid their smiles as they stood at the side. By now, they were already used to Zhou Weiqing’s situation; he was always able to think of some unconstrained and unique ideas, especially in combat, and he also had that enviable amount of Attributes… but in terms of basic knowledge, he was indeed terrible.

Zhou Weiqing scratched his head in embarrassment, saying: “My teacher was a Physical Jewel Master, not a Heavenly Jewel Master, and I never attended any specialised school. In terms of Elemental Jewels and their interaction with the weather, he naturally wouldn’t be able to teach me anything about it.”

Shangguan Longyin started. After a moment of silence, he said: “Zhou Weiqing, I’d like to have a moment alone to talk to you.”

Without hesitation, Zhou Weiqing said: “Okay.”

The other members of the Fei Li Battle Team understood, and quickly stood up automatically, walking out of the Rest House to give the two room to talk.

Shangguan Longyin waved his hands, enveloping the entire Rest House in a faint white glow, as his powerful Heavenly Energy easily separated the Rest House from the outside world.

“Weiqing… I’ll call you that from now on alright. Earlier, when I was helping you with your injuries, I noticed that your cultivation method was extremely unique, so much so that this old fellow has not even seen it before. It could be said to be almost miraculous. I’m relatively familiar with all the cultivation techniques of all the Great Saint Lands, and I am certain that none of them have anything like this at all!”

“Not only does your cultivation technique have an amazing automatic drawing of Heavenly Energy, it actually forms an interesting defensive shield that is beyond the ordinary basic Heavenly Energy Shield. Even if those are the only benefits, it is already equal or better than any of the Great Saint Lands’ cultivation techniques. It seems that this, coupled with your multiple attributes, has allowed you to best Shen Little Demon this time. Even though there are elements of luck and surprise in that victory, it is only because your basic foundation is extremely well built. Can you tell me what this cultivation technique i called? I do not have any other meaning, if you do not wish to say, I will not force you.”

Zhou Weiqing was silent for a moment, before he finally said: “This technique is called the Immortal Deity Technique, and I came across it by accident.”

“Immortal Deity Technique?” Shangguan Longyin muttered to himself, then nodded approvingly. “A powerful, dominant name indeed. Weiqing, I have a proposition for you.”

Zhou Weiqing’s heart skipped a beat, but he remained impassive on the surface as he said calmly: “Please.”

Shangguan Longyin continued: “You should already know that our ZhongTian Empire is supported by the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, and our Heaven’s Expanse Palace originates from the Heavenly Jewel Island. In terms of history and background, the Heaven’s Expanse Palace is actually the latest of the Five Great Saint Lands to appear, but we are placed at the head of the Five Great Saint Lands, not because we overpower them in terms of combat prowess, but because of our sheer wealth.”

Zhou Weiqing did not interrupt Shangguan Longyin, listening silently at the side. He was more than happy to learn more about the secrets of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace.

Shangguan Longyin continued: “This wealth originates from the Heavenly Jewel Island, and I am not afraid to tell you this – on the Heavenly Jewel Island, there used to be thirteen dragon lairs, and it was exactly the wealth within these thirteen that was the base of the rise of today’s Heaven’s Expanse Palace, allowing us to have many riches, but more importantly, various rare treasures1, allowing us to recruit vast amounts of talents and gather top quality Consolidating Equipment Masters. Slowly, with the powerful Consolidating Equipment advantage, we became one of the Great Saint Lands, and eventually developing into the first of them as we are currently.”

Thirteen dragon lairs! When Zhou Weiqing heard those words, his eyes lit up. Every dragon was a thing of legend, and their wealth was equally so, as the last one to be found in the Mainland had been a long time ago. Yet, the Heavenly Jewel Island had thirteen of them! It was no wonder that the Heaven’s Expanse Palace had so many treasures. Just like what Shangguan Longyin had said, it was these treasures that had helped build up the Heaven’s Expanse Palace to what it was today.

As for why Shangguan Longyin told him all of that, he had a faint idea what was coming next.

Shangguan Longyin continued: “However, just depending on these treasures to create Consolidating Equipment Scrolls is not sufficient to maintain us forever, as they will run out eventually, no matter how long it takes. In terms of designs, we have no issues, and are far at the forefront of any others. However, a God Tier Consolidating Equipment Scroll just burns too much materials. Although, at present, it seems like we are in  no danger of running out any time soon, it is never too early to start planning for the inevitable… as who knows when they will run out.”

“Amongst the other four Great Saint Lands, the Heavenly Demon Sect has the Demonic Attribute, the Life Attribute and other secret arts, the Blood Red Hell has the Fire Attribute and Light Attribute secret arts, the Passion Valley has the Time Attribute secret arts, and the Heavenly Snow Mountain tops them all with two Saint Attributes, the Divine and Spirit Attributes, and their secret arts. If all the Great Saint Lands were to fight without any Consolidated Equipment, it could be said that we would not be able to win any of them. As such, all these years, we have been looking for some suitable secret arts and techniques for our Heaven’s Expanse Palace.”

“Earlier, when I was helping to heal you, I noticed the miraculous abilities of your cultivation technique. Besides what I mentioned, your recovery speeds are also unheard of, such a speed of recovery of Heavenly Energy, it is incomparable to any other cultivation technique I know of.”

“I will not beat around the bush.The reason I have explained all of that to you is because I am offering to pay for your cultivation technique, in exchange for any treasures you might require.”

Shangguan Longyin’s voice was sincere. He was indeed highly interested in the Immortal Deity Technique; as the Skill Storing Palace Master, not only was he of high rank in the ZhongTian Empire, but also the Heaven’s Expanse Palace. He knew such cultivation techniques could not be easily forced or seized; should he try to get it from Zhou Weiqing forcefully, even if he tampered with a few lines, it could cause irreparable damage to the Heaven’s Expanse Palace. As such, even if he didn’t have high hopes, he still tried his luck at purchasing the technique.”

Hearing Shangguan Longyin’s words, Zhou Weiqing gave an awkward expression. With a bitter smile, he said: “Senior Shangguan, you know that nobody wishes for their cultivation technique to be spread, especially these top quality ones…”

Shangguan Longyin sighed. Zhou Weiqing’s answer was within his expectation. After all, it was rare that anyone would be willing to sell their cultivation technique, and perhaps risk their weakness being discovered. A top quality cultivation technique could mean the rise and fall of a Heavenly Jewel Master faction… and was usually considered priceless.

He did not pursue it further, only hoping that if Zhou Weiqing married Shangguan Bing’er in the future, perhaps he would have another chance to bring the technique into the Heaven’s Expanse Palace.

Right at that moment, he suddenly heard some words of hope from Zhou Weiqing.


The troubled look on Zhou Weiqing’s face did not change, but he drawled out a possibility.

“However… what?” Shangguan Longyin immediately seized the chance, continuing: “You do not need to worry. As long as you are willing to sell it, we will definitely be able to give you what you require. No matter what treasures or Consolidating Equipment materials, as long as it is not too absurd, I am certain we will be able to satisfy you.”

As he said that, Shangguan Longyin was extremely confident. After all, in terms of wealth, who could compare with the top of the Great Saint Lands, the Heaven’s Expanse Palace?

Looking at Shangguan Longyin’s face of urgency, Zhou Weiqing was laughing in his heart. Naturally, his acting skills had come into play once more, the troubled look on his face a practiced one. Although the Heaven’s Expanse Palace was Shangguan Bing’er’s home, he had not gotten a good reception from Shangguan Tianyue. Furthermore, this was an equivalent exchange… not considered cheating… right?

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  1. There isn’t a direct translation for this as it is a term coined for Xiuzhen/ Xianxia type stories.  天材地宝, literally translated as Heaven and Earth Treasures, refers to rare plants, animals, ores etc which have unique properties which help in cultivation by either improving physiques, gaining cultivation strength, increasing lifespan, curing diseases/ healing wounds etc etc. It’s a rather generic term, so do let me know if you have any suggestions what I can use as a blanket term for this


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  2. So Heaven’s Expanse Palace first took away Weiqing’s fiancée from him and now they want his Cultivation Technique? Objectively speaking Weiqing should not have a reason to help them raise even if they begged and apologized for everything, let alone join them. I can understand that it’s easier to force Weiqing with Bing’er instead of trying to make a good impression but it seems quite contradictory to me. Did the author forget that the Heaven’s Expanse Palace took Bing’er away? From Weiqing’s actions it doesn’t seem that he has a grudge and he takes it as it is pretty much a normal thing. As for the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, they are acting like they don’t even know about it or the promise that they will kill Weiqing if he doesn’t get strong soon. I’m disappointed. Weiqing should have the upper hand logically speaking.

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        Now that’s what I’m talking about, but the exact opposite is happening right now. Heaven’s Expanse Palace has the upper hand and they are pretending that everything is normal.

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