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Chapter 87 Controllable Demonic Change (1)

Facing Zhou Weiqing’s incomprehensible strength, Shen Little Demon was inevitably stunned for a split second. Alas, Zhou Weiqing was a master of seizing opportunities, and just that split second had allowed him to grab hold of her fist as his palm grew larger.

A huge suction force emitted from Zhou Weiqing’s palm, enveloping Shen Little Demon. She felt as if his palm was like a black hole, the depths of hell, and her own massive store of Heavenly Energy acted like a hole opened in a dam, gushing out towards his hand.

It was almost visible as well, as white light sprang forth around her body, encasing her as it seemed to rush towards Zhou Weiqing’s right hand in a strange movement. At the same time, his entire body seemed to expand as well.

The entire uniform on his upper body was blown apart, revealing his well muscled torso. That was not the only thing, as his left arm and hand followed his right, growing immensely as well.

Black and grey tiger tattoos seemed to appear, moving around like waves across his skin. The ‘King’ word and its domineering aura appeared around his forehead at the same time, shimmering in all its glory.


Shock rippled through the entire audience, the Rest Houses, and even the VIP stage, as everyone burst out into exclamations.

In the Fei Li Battle Team Rest House, the nervous team members jaws dropped, their worry and concern turning into shock.

Even Lin TianAo did not know about Zhou Weiqing’s Demonic Chance, and did not expect that he would actually dare use it in public!

At this point did the members of the Fei Li Battle Team realise why the Little Witch from the Heavenly Demon Sect had approached Zhou Weiqing. Not only did he have the Demonic Attribute, he even had the capability to Demonic Change!

In the Kalise Empire Rest House, Little Witch, who had been watching the fight intently, had stood up abruptly the instant she saw Zhou Weiqing’s right arm and right hand grow larger and grapple Shen Little Demon.

As the Holy Girl of the Heavenly Demon Sect, she was definitely the authority on the Demonic Attribute amongst the entire audience, even compared to the powerhouses on the VIP Stage. At that point, no one else identified what Zhou Weiqing had done, but she had known that he had actually been able to separate the effects of the Demonic Change onto only his right arm. That proved that he… had actually managed to control his Demonic Change!

How was that possible? Without any training method for the Demonic Attribute, he was still able to control his Demonic Change? Just a while ago, when he had fought with Ming Wu, he did not have such a capability!

At that point, Little Witch remembered what Ming Wu had told the Sect in his report about Zhou Weiqing, and how he had been full of praises of him. Now, the facts had proven that Ming Wu was indeed correct, and her father’s trust of him in sending her to speak with him was indeed the right decision. They had already ‘overestimated’ Zhou Weiqing’s talent, and  he had once again surpassed all their expectations and judgement. In this moment, Little Witch’s emotions were in an influx.

On the VIP Stage, when Shangguan Xue’er saw Zhou Weiqing using the Demonic Change, she too couldn’t help but stand up. Although she wasn’t a member of the Heavenly Demon Sect, as the first in line to be the next Heaven’s Expanse Palace Master, her insight and understanding was no lower than her uncle beside her.

“Controlled Demonic Change! He can actually control his Demonic Change!” Shangguan Xue’er muttered to herself, a complicated look in her eyes.

Shangguan Tianxin was also staring at Zhou Weiqing, his heart afire with thoughts. He knew what a Controllable Demonic Change meant… if what Bing’er said was true, and that Zhou Weiqing had not joined the Heavenly Demon Sect, to be able to control his Demonic Change meant that this young man was a First Generation Heavenly Demon Master. Only such a person would able to do so without any inheritance and training from others. That also meant his Demonic Attribute was definitely one of the Four Great Saint Attributes, not only a guess of their own! More importantly, if he and Bing’er had children in the future… wouldn’t they be second generation Heavenly Demon Masters? The Heaven’s Expanse Palace had always been limited, and vexed, by the fact that they were the only Great Saint Lands without a Saint Attribute, and this youth actually had two! This could be a perfect opportunity!

At that point, even though he was an Emperor, Shangguan Tianxin was still staring at Zhou Weiqing with an envious eye.

The fight on the stage raged on despite all the various thoughts from the audience.

Indeed, Zhou Weiqing had immediately activated his Demonic Change as soon as the fight started. He had no choice. After all, he had witnessed Han Bing’s power for himself; Little Four being able to kill Han Bing was truly due to a lot of luck and a lot of underestimation on Han Bing’s part. This also let Zhou Weiqing know that he could not underestimate anyone from the Dan Dun Battle Team, after all they were a seeded team backed by a Great Saint Land.

As the Leader of the team, Shen Little Demon was definitely more powerful than Han Bing. She was also at the six-Jeweled cultivation level, but just like what Lin TianAo had guessed, her Heavenly Energy was already deep into the Heavenly Xu Energy stage. Under such a circumstance, Zhou Weiqing knew that he would not have any chance at all normally. The only chance he had was to keep surprising her, to maintain the upper hand and suppress her til he achieved victory.

As such, he had seen Shen Little Demon charge forth towards him, Zhou Weiqing had decided on a plan instantly. He immediately unleashed the Demonic Change, and as soon as they clashed, he quickly used the Devour Skill as well.

Shen Little Demon had much more Heavenly Energy, and much stronger and higher quality as well, than those of the Forest Direwolves he had Devoured in the first time he used the skill. When he used it suddenly, he felt a massive surge of Heavenly Energy enter his body through his hands, almost overwhelming him.

However, Zhou Weiqing did not stop, forcing himself to continue draining her. He knew clearly that he had to seize this opportunity when she had been taken off guard; with the difference in cultivation level, it would be extremely difficult for him to do so again, and it wouldn’t last long as well. He definitely had to make full use of this.

In the Demonic Change state, not only was his physical prowess massively boosted, his senses and reactions were also boosted considerably. Seizing the opportunity that Shen Little Demon was Controlled by him, his Demonic right leg flickered out like a flash of lightning towards her in a savage kick.

Since they had already killed one person, they were already mortal enemies, and killing a second would not make a difference. As he lashed forth with killing intent, he knew that if his Demonic Right Leg, which had gone through its second Evolving, managed to kick an unprotected person, not to mention Shen Little Demon, even Shangguan Longyin would be hard pressed to take such a blow.

The audience could only see that Zhou Weiqing’s right leg seemed to warp into a blur of black light, lashing out like a whip towards Shen Little Demon’s abdomen.

Naturally, Shen Little Demon was shocked to realise her Heavenly Energy was being Devoured, but after a short period of being stunned, she quickly made the right choice in that critical moment. A dark-gold brilliance shone forth from her body, forcefully breaking Zhou Weiqing’s grip on her right fist; at the same time, it blocked Zhou Weiqing’s incoming foot.

Indeed, it was the Consolidating Equipment God Protective Aura. A God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master production!


An astonishing sight greeted the audience. Everyone knew how powerful the Consolidating Equipment God Protective Aura was, almost considered invulnerable for its level. What most people didn’t know was that if the power levels between two sides were more than twelve stages apart, it was still breakable. Of course, even if it were beyond twelve stages apart, it was still able to block the majority of the attacks. Yet, Zhou Weiqing’s Heavenly Energy was much lower than Shen Little Demon’s!

Even so, when Zhou Weiqing’s right leg smashed savagely into her abdomen, especially the foot which had unknowingly warped into the black hook, it collided with her Consolidating Equipment God Protective Aura, and an earsplitting shattering sound rang throughout the air.

In the one-chi radius of Shen Little Demon’s Consolidating Equipment God Protective Aura which had been kicked by Zhou Weiqing, cracks actually appeared! At the same time, she was sent flying back into the air almost twenty metres by the impact of the blow.

“That’s pure physical strength?!” Shangguan Tianxin actually stood up in surprise, staring at Shangguan Xue’er. “After the Demonic Change, the body is actually able to produce such terrifying physical strength?!”

Towards Shangguan Tianxin’s question, Shangguan Xue’er could not give a reply. She too was unbelievably shocked. That was a six-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master’s Consolidating Equipment God Protective Aura! Yet, it had almost been destroyed by a kick from Zhou Weiqing?

What a terrifying strength indeed.

Let alone any outsiders, even Zhou Weiqing was startled by his own kick. He had not expected his kick to be able to cause cracks in the Consolidating Equipment God Protective Aura. However, he also learned something new, that the Protective Aura wasn’t an invulnerable shield, and it had a certain limitation.

With that thought in mind, Zhou Weiqing did not hesitate to press his advantage. After that kick had landed, his right leg struck back down onto the ground hard, making use of the rebound force to send his body flying forward at blinding speed. Earlier, at the start of the fight when he had charged Shen Little Demon, he had concealed his speed in order to trick her, and this was the time to unleash his full speed. Within the blink of an eye, he had caught up to her flying body, and at this moment, her Consolidating Equipment God Protective Aura had also dissipated.

The current Zhou Weiqing looked very strange indeed, his muscles bulged almost unnaturally, his black hair floating behind him as his bloodshot eyes glowed in an eerie light. His arms were much larger than any ordinary humans, almost disproportionate, with his hands almost looking like huge tiger paws, with two inch long nails having grown out in a gleaming sharpness that made one shiver. Not only was his top clothing totally disintegrated, so was his right leg pants, and the thicker right leg of his was totally black, longer than his left leg in a strange unevenness. At the moment, only his ‘private’ area and his left leg was covered!

If it had been any other situation, perhaps everyone would have been laughing or ridiculing Zhou Weiqing. Of course, now, especially after that terrifying kick, who would dare laugh at him? Such a level of Demonic Change was unheard of, not even Little Witch had seen something like that before. Standing at the entrance of the Kalise Rest House, her emotions were so agitated that she almost couldn’t control herself. At this point, Zhou Weiqing’s stock in her heart had been raised several notches to an all-new high.

Little Witch, or as her real name, Wu Yuehan1, could at least confirm one thing, that Zhou Weiqing’s controllable Demonic Change was even more powerful than her own father’s! Her father! The current Heavenly Demon Sect Master! Furthermore, how could she not recognize the skill that Zhou Weiqing was using, to be able to hold Shen Little Demon in place and absorbing her Heavenly Energy, wasn’t that the famed Devour Skill of the First Founder of the Heavenly Demon Sect? He was the first Sect Master of the Heavenly Demon Sect, and at that time, he had been one of the top powerhouses in the world, matching even the Heavenly Snow Mountain Master at that time. During that period, the Heaven’s Expanse Palace was far below its current power and status.

No matter how hard Wu Yuehan tried to calm her breathing, her heart raced despite all her efforts.

From Ming Wu’s description of Zhou Weiqing and his Demonic Change, she knew that his Demonic Change had definitely evolved. At that moment, she resolved that no matter what price they to pay, she would not let him get away from her.

Back at the stage, Zhou Weiqing had caught up to Shen Little Demon in mid air. Her protective shield had disappeared, and she had just ‘awoken’ from her stunned state.

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  1. I can’t remember if they mentioned her actual name before, but as I recall, this is the first time. 巫(Wu)月(Yue)寒(Han) is the name, with her surname 巫 actually meaning witch, that’s probably the source of her nickname. Her name would be actually Witch Frozen Moon in English!


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