HJC – Book 11, Chapter 86.3

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Chapter 86 Han Bing Perishes, Rage of Shen Little Demon! (3)

As she thought up to this point, Shen Little Demon, who had previously been in an almost berserk emotional state, suddenly calmed down. Looking at Zhou Weiqing coldly, she said: “You are here to surrender?”

Hearing her words, the judge couldn’t help but look towards Zhou Weiqing. From his perspective, it was definitely the best for Zhou Weiqing to surrender now.

However, Zhou Weiqing shook his head towards her, saying: “Why would I surrender? I would like to try out the power of the Blood Red Hell for myself. Fei Li Battle Team, Zhou Weiqing, may we have a good fight.” 1

Shen Little Demon started a little again, her eyes narrowing as the cold in her expression increased further with killing intent. She knew that this was perhaps not the decisive battle of the two teams, but for Zhou Weiqing to actually be willing to fight her, she actually held a slightly better impression of the Fei Li Battle Team. At least, they had the guts to fight. Still, that did not mean she would pull her punches.

“Dan Dun Battle Team. Shen Little Demon. May we have a good fight.”

Feeling the strong killing intent from Shen Little Demon, the judge quickly proclaimed. “Let the fight begin.” As soon as he said that, he quickly retreated, leaving the stage to the two combatants.

Hearing Zhou Weiqing’s challenge to Shen Little Demon, all the members of the Fei Li Battle Team stood up, even Drunken Bao and Xiao Yan stopped arguing about the last fight.

Crow muttered to herself: “He is doing this for the honour of Fei Li, he is telling us that no matter an enraged Great Saint Lands, it doesn’t mean they are undefeatable. Weiqing, well done indeed.”

Crow’s voice was naturally loud, and though she was muttering to herself, all the members of the Fei Li Battle Team could hear her clearly. Besides Lin TianAo, all the others revealed excited looks, their fists clenched as they stared unwaveringly at the stage.

Lin TianAo stood at the back. Only he could guess what Zhou Weiqing was truly thinking. After their talk the other day, he could guess that Zhou Weiqing was doing so to prove himself to the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, to show himself worthy of Shangguan Bing’er! After all, Lin TianAo knew Zhou Weiqing’s character well; he could and would do anything to achieve victory, and not just to do something merely for reputation.

On the VIP Stage, Shangguan Tianxin saw that Zhou Weiqing was actually challenging Shen Little Demon, and a strange look flashed in his eyes. Immediately, he turned to Shangguan Longyin and said softly: “Longyin, you head down there. If that Zhou Weiqing’s life is actually in danger, you have to stop the fight, even if it breaks the rules of the Tournament. What is that little fellow trying to do? He is actually challenging the top member of the Blood Red Hell? Is he trying to seek death? Sigh… I can’t let him die like this, otherwise how can I account to Second Brother.”

In the next moment, Shangguan Longyin disappeared. As for where he went, nobody knew.

“He should have confidence in doing so, or he would not risk it.” A cold, clear voice suddenly sounded out in Shangguan Tianxin’s ear. For someone to speak to him like this, with that address and tone, there weren’t that many people in the entire ZhongTian Empire who could do so.

Shangguan Tianxin turned his head to look, and saw that Shangguan Xue’er, cold and expressionless as ever, had somehow arrived beside him. Seeing him turn to look at her, she bowed slightly towards him in greeting, saying: “Third Uncle.”

Shangguan Tianxin said with great interest: “Oh, you’re here, Xue’er. Come, take a seat, tell uncle what you meant by this Zhou Weiqing having confidence. What could he possible have to rely on in order to defeat a six-Jeweled powerhouse from a Great Saint Land?”

Even though Shangguan Xue’er was speaking to her uncle, her face did not change, as she said passively: “In order to persuade Father to allow her to be with Zhou Weiqing, Bing’er finally told him the secret about his Elemental Jewels and his Attributes. That Zhou Weiqing… actually has an Alexandrite Cat’s Eye.”

Hearing her words, even Shangguan Tianxin couldn’t help but be visibly moved. “Alexandrite Cat’s Eye? The same type that Big Brother and Second Brother has? Oh? It looks like that little fellow has a fourth Attribute then. Besides the Darkness, Spatial and Wind Attributes that he has shown thus far, what is the last one?”

Hearing Shangguan Tianxin’s question, Shangguan Xue’er’s expression and eyes turned a little weird. Abruptly, a sound barrier formed swiftly over the two of them, ensuring they could not be eavesdropped upon. “It is not one more, but three more. Father has deemed this to be top secret, and besides you and Big Uncle, no one else can know about this. Zhou Weiqing has six Attributes, and they are the Darkness, Spatial, Wind, Lightning, Evil and Time Attributes.”

“What?!” Despite being the emperor of the largest Empire in the entire continent, Shangguan Tianxin was still unable to restrain himself upon hearing Shangguan Xue’er’s words, exclaiming out loud as his jaw dropped, disbelief in his eyes. “Time?! He actually has that heaven-defying Attribute, Time! Didn’t Big Brother say before that only the Passion Valley has such an attribute? Amongst all the Five Great Saint Lands, the Heavenly Demon Sect is known for their Evil, or as they call it, Demonic Attribute, and the Darkness Attribute, their direct bloodline or core disciples will usually have those two Attributes. As for the Blood Red Hell, they are known for their Fire and Light Attributes. Yet, the Passion Valley only has a single Attribute, but just the Time Attribute alone has brought them to the third position, behind only our Heaven’s Expanse Palace and the Heavenly Snow Mountain. Our Heaven’s Expanse Palace Elemental Jewels are rather unique, known for our multiple attributes, though we do not have any of the Four Great Saint Attributes, but our core disciples usually has the Alexandrite Cat’s Eye Jewel. In this point, we are unique amongst all the Great Saint Lands, and Big Brother even has the three Greater Attributes, Light, Spatial and Life. Added to the fact that we have the top Consolidating Equipment Masters in the world, and the greatest Legendary Set passed down from generations, the Boundless Infinitum Set. Only because of all that, we are able to be equal with the Heavenly Snow Mountain.”

As he said the words Heavenly Snow Mountain, his brow furrowed for a moment, then he gave a gentle sigh before continuing: “In terms of personal strength, that Heavenly Snow Mountain Master is truly the strongest in the world, and he has that reputation for a reason; not just his cultivation level alone, but also because he has both the Spirit and the Divine Attributes, the only person with two Saint Attributes… Even so, none of the Great Saint Lands, not even our Heaven’s Expanse Palace nor the Heavenly Snow Mountain has anyone with a six Attribute Alexandrite Cat’s Eye Jewel. No wonder you said that he has something up his sleeve that can give him confidence. Now I’m really interested in seeing what he can do.”

As he spoke up to that point, Shangguan Tianxin suddenly realised something, turning to Shangguan Xue’er and asking curiously: “Xue’er, you said he also has the Evil Attribute? Does he have any connections to the Heavenly Demon Sect?”

Shangguan Xue’er shook her head and said: “According to Bing’er, he doesn’t, because Bing’er was actually the Sacrifice during the Awakening of his Demonic Attribute.” As she said that, she couldn’t help but subconsciously glance angrily at Zhou Weiqing.

By this moment, the fight on the stage had already begun.

As soon as the judge shouted for the fight to begin, both Zhou Weiqing and Shen Little Demon moved at the same time. Surprisingly, none of them even took the time to activate any Skills or Consolidated Equipment, instead as charging towards each other instantly.

For those in the audience well versed in combat, they could understand why Shen Little Demon did that. As an outstanding Heavenly Jewel Master, it was ingrained within them to not waste any Heavenly Energy, to use it most efficiently. Furthermore, as one’s cultivation level grew, Heavenly Energy would slowly and steadily improve one’s body. By reaching the six-Jeweled cultivation level, Shen Little Demon’s innate strength, speed, agility, toughness, flexibility and even explosive power was already considerable, even without any usage of Consolidated Equipment or Skills. In choosing to attack directly, she would gain the option of first strike, conserving energy, while still confident of being able to react and use any Skills or Consolidated Equipment when necessary.

Seeing Shen Little Demon’s actions, Lin TianAo’s already black face grew even uglier. Without question, he knew that she had already calmed down, otherwise she would not fight like that… and that did not bode well.

On the other hand, most of the audience did not understand why Zhou Weiqing would also follow suit. Even though he was a Strength Type Heavenly Jewel Master, he was after all still only at the three-Jeweled cultivation level. Under any ordinary circumstance, any six-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master, even without the Strength Attribute, would still be stronger physically than a three-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master, and of course faster.

Both sides clashed explosively almost instantly. Shen Little Demon’s attack was straightforward and direct, her body arched like a bow, with her right fist like her arrow as it lambasted straight ahead.

What Zhou Weiqing used was not his fist, but instead his palm. His right hand spread out, slapping forth towards her fist. In terms of speed, he was clearly slower than Shen Little Demon.

There was some correlation between speed and strength, as the faster an object was, the more power it held within. 2 Before the two had clashed, it was clear that Shen Little Demon already held the upper hand. This was the sheer gap in physical attributes of a High Level Heavenly Jewel Master against a Low Level one.

However, soon, an astonishing sight greeted the audience.


When Shen Little Demon’s fist crashed savagely onto Zhou Weiqing’s palm, in most of the audiences’ eyes, Zhou Weiqing should be sent flying, to be followed by a flurry of attacks from Shen Little Demon.

But the truth was not as they expected.

When fist met palm, Zhou Weiqing stood there as if his body was nailed right into the floor, not even swaying as he accepted the blow. On the other hand, Shen Little Demon’s charged was forcibly stopped in its tracks. As she had been in mid charge, her entire body was even lifted off the ground for a split second by the inertia, before she landed back down on her feet.

Zhou Weiqing’s right palm quickly moved back, and the audience could clearly see that his entire hand, all the way up to his arm, was rapidly expanding, shredding his right sleeve into bits.

In their first clash, it was unbelievably the three-Jeweled Zhou Weiqing who had taken the advantage.

As the participant, Shen Little Demon had the clearest experience of it. When her fist had smashed into Zhou Weiqing’s palm, she had been ready for him to use any skill. Unexpectedly, he had not unleashed any Skill or Consolidated Equipment as well, yet she felt as if she had been hitting a brick wall, a mountain, as if all the strength behind her blow had been useless.

In all the previous fights, Crow was the only one amongst the Fei Li Battle Team who had shown her considerable physical strength. Zhou Weiqing had taken more of a support or control role, or to use his archery and sheer number of powerful Skills in order to obtain victory. At this moment, he would no longer conceal his strength, unleashing the full might that had even defeated Crow. From the start, he had already exerted full force!

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  1. 请赐教, literally means please teach me. It’s a common phrase used between respected opponents, usually translated as Please guide me or Please share your experience with me etc. In this case, I changed it a little to fit the setting.
  2. F=MA said my physics teacher =p He would be proud


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