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Chapter 86 Han Bing Perishes, Rage of Shen Little Demon! (2)

Shangguan Longyin said passively: “The Tournament is fair, with rules set in place. Fighting is fighting, and anything can happen; you can kill, or you might be killed at any time. If you do not wish to continue the tournament, you can withdraw from it; otherwise, if you want to continue, you will have to follow the rules. In that fight, the Fei Li Battle Team has the victory. The current score is 2-0 in favour of the Fei Li Battle Team.”

Shen Little Demon took a deep breath, trying to calm herself down. She turned her hate-filled eyes back onto the Fei Li Battle Team members, and as she spoke through clenched teeth, the strain in her voice was clearly audible. “Let’s continue the fight. Everyone, return to the Rest House.”

This was the benefit of having the Heavenly Jewel Tournament held in the ZhongTian Empire. When it was necessary, they definitely had the power to dominate the scene. After all, no other Empire besides perhaps the WanShou Empire would dare to challenge the ZhongTian Empire, and even they might think twice.

As the Dan Dun Battle Team members returned to the Rest House, still constantly glancing at the Fei Li Battle Team with hate filled glares, the Fei Li Battle Team also returned to the Rest House.

Xiao Yan placed his hands on Little Four, pouring Fire Attribute Heavenly Energy into him to aid him in driving out the massive amount of cold in him. The colour slowly returned to his face, and he was soon finally able to speak. With a bitter smile, he said to his solemn companions: “I… I’m sorry… I didn’t know this would happen…”

Little Four was clear about the repercussions of his actions in killing Han Bing. There was no longer any hope of placating the Dan Dun Battle Team, and everything from now on would be a life and death battle, perhaps even more so than against the Bai Da Battle Team. Although they were now leading two to zero, it was still a fight to the death against a seeded team, backed by one of the Great Saint Lands! Also, this would totally ruin Zhou Weiqing’s plan, as the Dan Dun Battle Team would definitely give it their all from now on. More importantly, Han Bing’s death had also given the Fei Li Empire an unbelievably powerful enemy. Even though the Dan Dun Empire was very far from the Fei Li Empire, but even if they just gave the Bai Da Empire some support, it would cause huge problems for the Fei Li Empire.

Lin TianAo shook his head, saying: “It’s not your fault. He was the one who wanted to kill you first, and you were just retaliating the best you could. How could that be counted as an error? However, I think we should surrender now.”

“No!” Drunken Bao said agitatedly. “Leader, how can we give up like this? 2-0! That’s such a huge advantage! Next round, Xiao Yan and I will do our best, who knows we might actually be able to win this!”

“Shut up!” Lin TianAo snarled in a low tone, as if an enraged lion. Drunken Bao was instantly silenced.

Lin TianAo continued solemnly: “Things have already proceeded far beyond Weiqing’s plan. Without a doubt, a two to zero score is a huge advantage, and it is very tempting indeed as the match point. However, have you considered how dangerous the other fights will be? All of you can sense the killing intent from that young lady leader of the Dan Dun Battle Team, and the rest of their members as well. For her to be the leader, you can just think how powerful she will be… definitely much higher than Han Bing.”

As for Han Bing, I estimate that he had only broken through the six Jeweled cultivation level not long ago. That is to say, his Heavenly Energy was probably at the twenty fourth stage, just reaching the Heavenly Xu Energy Stage, but perhaps not fully mastering the power of the Heavenly Xu Stage yet. If not, Little Four could not have lasted as long as he did. However, the young lady leader is different; she has definitely mastered the profound secrets of the Heavenly Xu Energy. No matter which one of us has to face her, even myself at full power, we would definitely be killed. I am the Leader of this team, and having brought you all here, I have the duty to bring you all back intact. I do not want the same thing which happened to the Bai Da Battle Team to happen to us.”

As he spoke up to this point, an imposing aura extended from Lin TianAo’s body. “You all do not have to continue speaking. I have made up my mind. The honour of our Empire is important, but you are all my brothers and sisters… your lives are just as important in my heart.”

Drunken Bao, Xiao Yan, Little Four, even Crow and Ye Paopao, all lapsed into silence. They did not know how to rebut Lin TianAo. After all, what he said was true; the Dan Dun Battle Team were now filled with rage, hate and venom. What would occur next was not a tournament or competition, but a battle to the death!

The awkward silence lasted for a short time, then all of a sudden, Zhou Weiqing broke it. In a low tone, he said: “Leader. All of you should calm down a moment. In truth, things are not as bad as it seems.”

Everyone turned to him instantly, hope in the rest of the team members eyes, though Lin TianAo’s expression was unhappy. However, he was still Zhou Weiqing’s Follower after all; if it were any other person who had said that, perhaps he would have already struck out in anger.

Zhou Weiqing continued: “Wait… hear me out first. In the following fights, it is without question that Shen Little Demon will participate in the 2v2 match. In her enraged state now, perhaps even berserked state, she is definitely terrifying. As such, we will have definitely have to surrender for that fight, or whoever fights in that will definitely be wounded or killed.  However, just like you said Leader, that Han Bing had only just broken through to the six-Jeweled cultivation level. Since he was most likely the second position in their entire team, and from their reaction, an important member of the Dan Dun Battle Team, that means that besides him and Shen Little Demon, all of the others will be of the Five-Jeweled cultivation level.”

After listening to Zhou Weiqing’s words, Lin TianAo’s face eased up a little, before furrowing in thought once more. Nodding to him, he motioned for Zhou Weiqing to continue.

Zhou Weiqing continued: “Besides the 2v2 match, there are still 2 more 1v1 fights. Their most powerful leader, Shen Little Demon, can only fight one of that. That means… in one of the 1v1 matches, the opponent will have to send a Five-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master. Although they will be trying to kill us, and unleash their full powerful, at the same time, this means that their emotions will be out of control, and they will lack the calm and coolness… perhaps affecting their fight and giving us a chance.”

“As such, in my estimations, we still have a chance. In the next 2v2 fight, we should directly surrender, and for the upcoming two 1v1 fights, we will give up the Shen Little Demon fight, and focus on the other one. That will be the key to victory.”

When Zhou Weiqing spoke, he was calm and quiet, the cold intelligence in his eyes affecting all his companions, even Lin TianAo.

Drunken Bao was the first to approve. “Weiqing is right. We still have a chance! That Shen Little Demon might be extremely powerful, perhaps even more so than all of us combined… but this is a tournament with rules after all. She can only fight two of the next three rounds. When we meet her, we can just surrender before the fight, and she cannot do anything about it no matter how powerful she is.”

The rest of the team members also nodded in agreement. However, as for Lin TianAo, although he was moved by Zhou Weiqing’s argument, and everything about it was extremely logical, he still had a nagging feeling of uneasy worry.

Zhou Weiqing continued: “According to my estimations, Shen Little Demon is currently in an enraged state. When we surrender the third 2v2 fight, she will likely continue staying on the stage. After all, we are already at match point. As such, for the fourth fight, I’ll head up and surrender. As for the final fight, it will be up to Drunken Bao or Xiao Yan. I’ll leave it to the two of you to discuss who will take that last fight.”

By the time he had finished his peace, the judge had already started calling for the next fight to begin and for both sides to send out their members. The members of the Fei Li Battle Team did not have more time to think about it, or perhaps because Zhou Weiqing had already proven himself in his strategies earlier, and no one protested as he stepped forward.

“Third fight, we Fei Li Battle Team surrender.” Seeing Shen Little Demon and another member of the Dan Dun Battle Team step up eagerly onto the stage, Zhou Weiqing immediately shouted out from the entrance of their Rest House.

The judge started momentarily, before recovering himself and announcing that in the third fight, the Dan Dun Battle Team won by default, and the overall score being 2 to 1, still in the favour of the Fei Li Battle Team.

Shen Little Demon’s face was icy cold, as if she could freeze the surrounding atmosphere. She motioned to the other team member beside her to leave, but she did not make a move, standing proudly right there.

Zhou Weiqing smiled, nodding to his companions before saying: “Look, my predictions were right. I’ll head up now.” As he said that, he did not wait for anyone else to say anything, scooping up Fat Cat from his bosom and placing it on his seat before leaping directly onto the stage.

All of a sudden, Lin TianAo seemed to realise something, and he exclaimed out loud: “No, that’s not right!” Alas, it was too late for him to stop Zhou Weiqing.

Xiao Yan and Drunken Bao had been arguing over who would take the last fight, and they turned to Lin TianAo curiously. Xiao Yan asked: “Leader, what’s wrong?”

Lin TianAo’s expression was extremely ugly as he said urgently: “That Shen Little Demon did not get off the stage, and Weiqing could have easily surrendered on this 1v1 match just like he did with the 2v2 match, from here. Why did he need to get up onto the stage?”

Hearing his words, a sick realisation dawned upon all the other members, and their faces changed as well. Ye Paopao said hesitantly: “Could it be… Weiqing was afraid that Shen Little Demon would suddenly change tactics and swap someone out, so he went up to confirm… ?”

Lin TianAo furrowed his brow before saying: “That had better be the case… otherwise… if he tries to fight such an enraged Shen Little Demon, it could spell the end of him!”

Alas, what none of them knew was that the moment Zhou Weiqing leapt forward onto the stage, all he was thinking of was Shangguan Bing’er. In his mind, he was muttering to himself. Future Father-in-law, watch and see now. I will definitely prove to you that I am capable of protecting Bing’er, and I am truly worthy of her. A team leader from the Great Saint Lands… she is my perfect whetstone.

Seeing Zhou Weiqing jump onto the stage, Shen Little Demon started for a moment, a hint of confusion in her eyes. She had seen Zhou Weiqing’s fights previously, and this young man with multiple attributes had definitely given her a lasting impression. More so, she knew that he was only at the Three-Jeweled cultivation level.

Why would the Fei Li Battle Team send out a Three-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master? Could he be here to surrender again? At this point, Shen Little Demon suddenly broke out in cold sweat. She was after all a very intelligent person, and although she had not thought things through like Zhou Weiqing earlier, that was because she was consumed by her own rage. In that instant, she realised that the Fei Li Battle Team definitely had at least one more Five-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master, and that her own team was definitely backed into a corner.

It was only up to this point that she realised that perhaps the Dan Dun Battle Team had a chance to lose… at the same time, she knew that the root cause had been their own arrogance.

Without question, the Dan Dun Battle Team’s true power was far beyond that of the Fei Li Battle Team. If they had treated the fight seriously, the Fei Li Battle Team would not have any chance at all. Everything else aside, just Han Bing and Shen Little Demon should have each taken a 1v1 fight easily, and with the two of them in the 2v2 fight, how could they possibly lose?

Yet, things had indeed progressed unexpectedly. Perhaps it had just been too long since any of the seeded teams had been even challenged, and they had ‘given’ away the first fight too easily. As for the second fight… it could only be said that lady luck was just on the Fei Li Battle Team’s side.

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    Since them, he got about 5 different boost
    1) Touch of Darkness Boost
    2) 4th unknown skill trained
    3) Spirit training boost from Touch of Darkness (which makes all skill even more effective.
    4) Physical boost that instantly overwhelmed crow
    5) Triple element skill when people below 6 jewels are unlikely to have a double element skill.

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