HJC – Book 10, Chapter 82.1

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Chapter 82 Evolution! Demonic Change or Zhou Weiqing? (1)

Lin TianAo’s character was like his skills, stable, steady and consistent. Zhou Weiqing knew that his own character was rather contrasting to that, much more radical. That had its advantages, but also its disadvantages as well. Someone like him would benefit greatly from having someone stable like Lin TianAo around as his companion, with both complementing each other to amplify each other and allow them to display their talents to the maximum.

Both Lin TianAo and Zhou Weiqing were direct speakers, and he did not try to beat around the bush.

“Weiqing, is there something wrong with Lady Bing’er? Did something happen?”

Hearing Lin TianAo’s question, Zhou Weiqing couldn’t help but be surprised: “How did you know?”

Lin TianAo furrowed his brow, saying: “Since we left the Fei Li City, although you have trained, you were never that diligent. Yet, these few days, you have been going through closed door training non-stop, not eating and drinking for several days. Although we might not have been together for long, I think I do understand your character pretty well. Added to the fact that Lady Bing’er has gone missing, besides the fact that something has gone wrong, I cannot think of another reason why you would suddenly become so diligent.”

“Weiqing, no matter as your Follower, your leader, or your friend, since something has happened to Lady Bing’er, why did you not tell us all? The Heavenly Jewel Tournament might be important, but both you are Lady Bing’er are our companions. If she is in trouble, we will definitely help as best we can. In fact, if we didn’t bump into that Shangguan Xue’er who looks exactly like her, I would almost have thought you came up with that story of her being related to the Heaven’s Expanse Palace.

Zhou Weiqing gave a bitter smile and said: “It’s not that I do not want to say, but in truth no one else can help in this matter, and I can only depend on my own strength. To be honest, up to now, I still cannot believe what happened, it feels so unreal. She really does come from the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, and is part of the triplet sisters. The problem is, her father is called Shangguan Tianyue, and he is the Second Palace Master of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, at least at the Heavenly King Stage or perhaps even higher.”

“You heard it for yourself that day when Shangguan Xue’er came looking for me, unless I can defeat her, I can never be together with Bing’er. That Shangguan Xue’er is possibly the heir to the entire Heaven’s Expanse Palace, and she already has such a powerful cultivation level at Seven Jewels, possibly also with the Alexandrite Cat’s Eye, and with God Tier Legendary Sets. To defeat her… how could it possibly be an easy task? I am only two, almost three, years younger than her… Every time I’m improving… so is she as well…”

Lin TianAo gave a faint smile and said: “Weiqing, you should not belittle yourself like that. In truth, I have felt that in terms of talent, you have the most potential out of anyone I have ever seen or heard of in my life. Even comparing with the five Great Saint Lands, I am certain that no one is stronger in that respect. Do not forget that we do not come from those Great Saint Lands, perhaps not even from large Heavenly Jewel Master clans. Those from direct lineage in the Great Saint Lands like Shangguan Xue’er, from a very young age, powerful Jewel Masters will help them cleanse their marrow, meridians and body, giving them a huge advantage. From the age of three, they are taught how to cultivate with the top arts, and they usually Awaken their Heavenly Jewels by the age of six to seven.”

“With such a head start, in addition to various secret medicines, top arts, their speed of cultivation is naturally extremely fast. Furthermore, they do not have to worry about Skill Storing, Consolidated Equipment, as that will be prepared by their elders. With even their cultivation route and direction planned for them, how could they not be much faster than any ordinary Heavenly Jewel Masters. That’s the reason why they are at such a high level of six, seven Jewels even below twenty years old. Both that Little Witch and Shangguan Xue’er are similar in that.”

“Yet, for us, it is very different. We are from ordinary backgrounds, almost commoners in comparison. Our Heavenly Jewel Awakening has an element of luck within, and to be able to start cultivating at ten years old is already considered very good. While cultivating, we still have to worry about Skill Storing and Consolidating Equipment; at the same time, our training arts are likely lower level than theirs. It can be said that, for us to reach our current state, it was through much struggle, blood and sweat that we have earned on our own.”

“You are not even seventeen years old this year, and you have already reached a three-Jeweled cultivation level. To an ordinary Heavenly Jewel Master without any powerful background, that is already considered unbelievable. I definitely believe that when you reach my age, your power will definitely be far above mine.”

“Our way of cultivation is definitely a lot slower when compared to those privileged, but it isn’t without its benefits. After all, we have gone through much suffering and toil, working hard to gain our power. Sometimes, the process is equally important as the result, and we have a stronger foundation due to that; treasuring every Skill and Consolidated Equipment we have. At the same time, our battle experience and combat skill is usually more varied and abundant.”

“Simply put, if I met any member of a privileged Clan, as long as our cultivation level isn’t too far apart and he doesn’t have more than two Attributes, I have the confidence in beating him. Fighting spirit and willpower isn’t something so easy to foster, not even with the best training conditions.”

“Furthermore, I have noticed that your cultivation speed is truly unbelievably quick. It has barely been long since your last level up, and yet your Heavenly Energy is close to reaching the next level again. Added to that, you have that unheard of Elemental Jewel, an Alexandrite Cat’s Eye Jewel with THAT many attributes… I truly believe that you will be able to defeat Shangguan Xue’er in the near future… perhaps even being able to defeat her with a lower cultivation level.”

Speaking up to that point, Lin TianAo finally paused. The strong confidence in his words definitely influenced Zhou Weiqing. Although he had not shown it, he had been feeling despondent, and lacking in confidence, but Lin TianAo’s words had sparked a fire within him once more. Once again, Zhou Weiqing felt a sense of joy that he had been so lucky to have him as a Follower.

Looking seriously at Zhou Weiqing, Lin TianAo continued: “However, Weiqing, you must remember that everything needs to be done step by step in the proper process. This is especially so for cultivation, you must not rush into things and be too hasty, or you might end up in trouble with a cultivation deviation 1. In that case, everything you have worked so hard for will go up in smoke just like that, and you will never ever see your Bing’er again. Do you understand?”

Zhou Weiqing understood clearly in his heart that Lin TianAo was telling him this because he was afraid that he would be overdoing the training and get into trouble, and wanted to remind him.

He was an only child in his family, and in that moment, looking at Lin TianAo, Zhou Weiqing felt as though he was looking at an older brother. Nodding his head repeatedly, he agreed.

Seeing that his words had taken effect, Lin TianAo stood up, patting Zhou Weiqing’s shoulder and saying: “You are an intelligent person, and very spirited and creative. I dare say you are the most talented person. This is not some mindless praise or flattery. I know I do not need to say more, you should understand what I mean. Cultivation and training is extremely important, but the process is very important. Do not be reckless.”

“Weiqing, work hard, I am rooting for you. You are born with the inner charisma of a leader, and with your strategies and charisma, you are good at influencing the people around you. Even I am no exception. If your plan for this Heavenly Jewel Tournament works out as per your expectations, and we actually succeed, then when we return, you will definitely have raised a whole new level in many different ways. In the future, when you graduate from the Fei Li Military Academy, you will definitely become a great leader and general, and yield brilliant results in the military field.”

After saying all that, Lin TianAo patted Zhou Weiqing hard on the shoulder once more before leaving the room.

After closing the door, Zhou Weiqing was not able to calm down for a while. Suddenly, he muttered to himself: “Tian’er, thank you. If not for your reassurance that time, I would have missed on the opportunity to gain Bro Lin as a Follower.”

Fat Cat, who was sleeping on the bed, twitched a little at that, but did not move any further.

A dim light flashed in Zhou Weiqing’s eyes as he returned to the bed to begin his cultivation.

He totally understood Lin TianAo’s words. They were to not just encourage him, but also to warn him. However, Zhou Weiqing had not told Lin TianAo what he had actually been training at. After all, his method of three thousand tempering was just too astonishing in the world. The Immortal Deity Technique could be said to be one of his greatest secrets, and he would not easily speak of it even amongst those close to him.

The Three Thousand Tempering training was just the training and tempering of the Skills, and the worst that could happen was for his physique to be overdrained, but it was not an actual cultivation of Heavenly Energy. Only when actually cultivating Heavenly Energy would there be a chance of cultivation deviation. However, his Immortal Deity Technique was really unique in that sense. It was an extremely dangerous, almost deadly technique, but its benefit was that danger was only during the breakthrough of his Death Acupuncture Points. In terms of normal cultivation, there was only benefits and was exempt from the normal dangers of cultivation.

A black light slowly flashed out in the room. This time, Zhou Weiqing was tempering his Touch of Darkness Skill.

After the many fights he had, the more he realised how important and useful Control Skills were in fights, not just individual but even more so in teams. It was because of his many Control Skills that he had been able to stem the tide and save the day many a time, snatching victory from the jaws of defeat even when at a disadvantage against stronger opponents.

Without question, the Touch of Darkness was far from being the strongest of his Stored Skills, or even his Control Skills. However, it was one of the more useful ones with various uses. Most importantly, it was able to improve his senses, and also with the additional benefit of being able to affect one or multiple targets with its many tentacles. As such, its potential was extremely great, and perhaps more so than most other Control Skills. As such, Zhou Weiqing had chosen to temper it, as it would help increase his combat strength the most in the shortest time.

With his two previous experiences under his belt, Zhou Weiqing quickly fell into a rhythm with tempering the Touch of Darkness. Furthermore, this Touch of Darkness was different from his previous two Skills, as it lasted a much longer time. This also allowed him more opportunity to feel and understand it. Of course, it also meant he would be casting less of them in succession in the same amount of time.

Besides the state of fatigue it left him in, Zhou Weiqing was almost in love with this three thousand tempering technique. Not only did it allow him to temper and strengthen a Skill, understand and comprehend the profound mysteries of his Attributes, it also sped up his Heavenly Energy Cultivation speed! What could be more suitable for him!?

He had only gone through the three thousand tempering technique twice in the last 6-7 days, and already Zhou Weiqing felt as if his Heavenly Energy had improved more than his previous twenty days of cultivation. Given sufficient time, he expected that he might even be able to improve a level of Heavenly Energy every month within the Heavenly Shen Energy stage. That was also one reason why he was so enamoured with cultivation currently.

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