HJC – Book 2, Chapter 8.3

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Chapter 8 Profound Secrets of the Immortal Deity Technique (3)

Zhou Weiqing saw a flash in front of him and felt his surroundings blur and change as his Alexandrite Cat’s Eye gave out a strong burst of light. It was night time now, and the Jewel was now bright red, and the burst of light caused the whole tent to be illuminated in red. At the same time the silhouette of a wheel entered Zhou Weiqing’s vision. It was transparent, yet distinctly having 6 parts, and was just hovering right in front of him, keeping in its vision even when he moved his body or turned. He raised his hand to try and touch it, but realised that his palm was behind the wheel.

After trying a few times, and waving his hands in front of his eyes without blocking the wheel, he finally realised that it was not in the world, but was rather just appearing in his eyes, and only he could see it.

There were 6 parts to the wheel, and each part was of a different colour – green, blue, silver, black, grey and a transparent colourless part. When he focused his attention on a certain part, the wheel would turn until that part was right on top.

A strange feeling then appeared right then when Zhou Weiqing focused on the green portion. He felt his entire body brimming with a brisk agility, making him feel as light as a feather, as if he could fly. Lifting his left hand, he could vaguely see a green glowing between his fingers. This should be the wind element like Shangguan Bing’er.

What Zhou Weiqing didn’t know was that it was exactly because Shangguan Bing’er’s Elemental Jewel was of the wind attribute that was why she was able to become his sacrifice the previous night when it was extremely dangerous for him during his Heavenly Jewel Awakening. If at that point, Shangguan Bing’er did not share a similar element with him, the final result would have been him dying via self-implosion, and Shangguan Bing’er would have also been ripped apart by that explosion.

As the wheel spun towards the blue portion, he instantly felt a sense of numbness as bolts of lightning appeared. The green light at his left hand was replaced by thick and rough blue electrical lights snaking around, and the whole tent was lit with a flickering glow. Zhou Weiqing blinked and thought to himself: So, my second elemental attribute is lightning. Do Elemental Jewels have such an attribute? I’ve never heard of it before; looks like I’ll have to ask Shangguan Bing’er tomorrow.

With a thought, the status wheel spun and changed to the silver portion. Immediately, the numbness and the electricity disappeared, and the tent’s flickering light was replaced with a soft silver light which was extremely stable. Strangely, this silver light was not just around Zhou Weiqing’s hand, but surrounding his body. Furthermore, he could clearly feel that when the wheel was at this portion, the drain on his Heavenly Energy was a lot higher. However, he was not clear on exactly what element this silver portion signified. Since he did not know what the elemental attribute was, he just casually called it the unknown element…

Turning to the 4th portion, the black colour, without question it was the Darkness attribute he had inherited from his father. The dark and gloomy aura filled the entire tent, causing him to be unable to even see his hands in front of him, and the Heavenly Energy consumption was almost equal to the silver unknown element earlier.

Zhou Weiqing vaguely realised what the unknown element could be – after all the Darkness attribute was one of the 4 Great Elemental Attributes. Since they both drained an equal amount of Heavenly Energy, it stood to reason that the unknown element was also one of the 4 Great Elemental Attributes. Besides Darkness, the other 3 Attributes was Light, Life and Spatial. It was unlikely to be Light, since Light and Darkness were opposing attributes. It also did not feel like the Life Attribute, as that had a rather obvious feel. As a result, by the elimination process, it could only be the Spatial Attribute.

Out of the 4 Great Attributes, he had already possessed 2 of them, this made Zhou Weiqing rather pleased with himself. Along with the wind and lightning attributes, he was extremely strong. Furthermore, there were still 2 other attributes!

The wheel spun once again, reaching the 5th portion. Upon reaching this portion, Zhou Weiqing only stopped for a very short period before quickly turning to the next portion. The reason for that was simple, as soon as he reached the 5th gray area, the cold aura that had appeared several times for him appeared once again, bringing along the fierce bloodlust and other negative emotions along with it, swarming his mind and almost causing him to lose control.

As he reflexively spun to the 6th part of the wheel, the next instance the remaining third of his Heavenly Energy had been consumed, vanishing into thin air.  Zhou Weiqing felt his body twisting, and his vision blackened as a sense of frailty invaded every part of his body. The vision of the status wheel disappeared, and the light of the Alexandrite Cat’s Eye also dimmed.

Panting heavily, Zhou Weiqing was really afraid in his heart. The earlier attributes were still okay, but what exactly were those last 2 attributes? The fifth attribute was still slightly describable, that evil and bloody aura, it was likely the Evil Attribute. However, what was that last attribute? Why did all my remaining Heavenly Energy get drained instantly when I focused my attention on that portion?

The 4 energy whirlpools from the 4 Death Acupuncture Points already broken through was already absorbing Heavenly Energy from the atmosphere to replenish his reserves, making him feel slightly better. After a while, his emotions had finally calmed down, and Zhou Weiqing also had some possible judgement on the sixth attribute. Although he wasn’t able to guess the actual attribute, but at least he knew it definitely existed.

The Alexandrite Cat’s Eye was a unique Elemental Jewel which required the Heavenly Jewel Master to have more than 4 attributes. Although he was unable to detect what attribute it was, but it was somewhat similar in nature to the Spatial Attribute, in that there were no revealing traits. However, from the fact that it instantly consumed so much Heavenly Energy, there was only one possibility – his current level of Heavenly Energy was not sufficient to sustain the power and ability of this Attribute.

Having thought through this, Zhou Weiqing’s heart was placated. Having insufficient Heavenly Energy now did not mean that it would always remain so forever; as long as he kept up training and cultivation and continued breaking through the Immortal Deity Technique, one day he would be able to make use of that attribute.

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  1. I don’t really fancy the notion of “You are what you are born with”, this overly deterministic, stoic approach to people’s fates is a bit eerie, especially in a Xianxia story.
    Xianxia stories are generally about going against common-sense with effort, determination, and some amount of good luck.

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