HJC – Book 9, Chapter 78.2

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Chapter 78 Self created Fusion Skill (2)

Indeed, this was the Spatial Rend. However, the current Spatial Rend was formed in a small circular shape, not its original straight line. As the circle formed, the rend in space formed a ring, collapsing the space within among itself, forming that small one chi diametre black hole.

The suction power of it was more than three times stronger than the old straight-line Spatial Rend, and Zhou Weiqing stood still as the seven Wind Blades were drawn in and swallowed up by the terrifying suction of the black hole.

In the midst of charging, Lichuan’s heart gripped as he saw that. Just as he was about to make his next move, a strange sight occurred, as the black hole and the silver light around it disappeared abruptly.

It had to be known that although the Spatial Rend Skill was incredibly powerful, it had a fixed position once used.

In the next moment, a loud bang occurred, and without a chance to react, the Spatial Rend gravity hole appeared in front of Lichuan, who smashed right into it.

No one would have thought that the Spatial Rend would suddenly move five yards to the front, right into Lichuan’s path as he was charging! Luckily, Lichuan had been in the midst of trying to make another move, and his speed had slowed down. Even still, accompanying the earsplitting cutting sound was the utter shattering of Lichuan’s white Heavenly Energy surrounding him, and also the front of his clothes.

Making use of the shockwaves of the impact, Lichuan stumbled backwards to save himself, though the front of his chest was now a bloody mess. Most of his Elemental Jewel Stored Skills were offensive ones, as he had much confidence in the Flexibility of his body. However, when Flexibility met with a head-on Spatial Rend, it was like a scholar meeting a gangster, no amount of reason can save you. As such, a quick meet up, and he was severely injured.

Not only did that black hole have its suction force strengthened, its cutting capabilities were also strengthened. In order to stop this ten-star rated skill from shredding his body apart just in that moment, Lichuan had expended almost a third of his entire Heavenly Energy.

From the moment the Spatial Rend appeared til it dissipated, it was only three mere seconds. A very short time. Yet it felt so long, long enough to do so many things.

Zhou Weiqing stood there, not taking any more action, instead saying passively: “Surrender. You should know that I had already shown you mercy.”

Lichuan gritted his teeth, suppressing the pain in his chest as his face turned red and white. Finally, he sighed and said: “I surrender.” After saying that, he quickly jumped down the stage to receive healing treatment.

Up on the VIP Stage, the ZhongTian Emperor, Shangguan Tianxin looked on with a surprised expression. “That little fellow has actually started to understand the profound secrets of the Spatial Attribute! Good… very good. This will allow him to fully utilise the power of this ten-star rated Skill. Not bad at all, he has already quite a good understanding of the skill.”

The Emperor was not the only one who revealed a look of surprise, as many of the other powerhouses also took notice of Zhou Weiqing. More importantly, the four seeded teams had also started paying some attention to him.

In the Fei Li Battle Team Rest House, Ye Paopao looked curiously at Zhou Weiqing who was walking down slowly from the stage, and asked Lin TianAo: “Leader, did he just win like that? What’s going on? That Lichuan still has fight left him in right?”

Lin TianAo shook his head and said: “Weiqing has definitely given me a big surprise. Indeed, that Lichuan still has a lot of fight left in him, but he knows that no matter what he will not be able to defeat Weiqing. Let me explain it simply, as long as Lichuan has no skill or equipment that can block the power of the Spatial Rend, since Weiqing can make it appear right in front of him at will, he could easily move it in front of his neck. Furthermore, even if he did have a powerful equipment to block the Spatial Rend, since Weiqing is able to move it at will, he can still place it at a position that isn’t protected. A ten-star rated Skill, how can the offensive power not be strong?”

“More importantly, it showed that Weiqing has already started understanding the profound mysteries of the Spatial Attribute. He actually managed to fuse the Spatial Rend and the Blink skill together, allowing the Spatial Rend which originally is unable to be moved to be teleported around by the Blink Skill. This, is the true power of a fusion skill.”

Ye Paopao’s jaw dropped, and he said in shock: “Doesn’t that mean that he is invincible amongst all low defense Heavenly Jewel Masters?”

Lin TianAo smiled and said: “It looks like your Fei Li Military Academy does not give you all enough guidance on fighting as Heavenly Jewel Masters. Of course he isn’t invincible. After all, both the Blink and the Spatial Rend have their own individual restrictions. For example, Blink can only move things through the air 1. I’m not sure how exactly Weiqing was able to use it on the Spatial Rend, but I can be sure that he will not be able to break that restriction. As such, as long as he uses the Spatial Rend, if you stand still and do not move, no matter how he moves his Spatial Rend, it will not be able to harm you. Another flaw of the Blink skill is its distance, even with some leeway given, as long as you stand more than ten yards from him, he will not be able to use this Fusion skill on you.”

As comprehension dawned upon Ye Paopao, he said sincerely: “Leader, thank you for your guidance. It looks like there is a long road for me to become a powerful Heavenly Jewel Master.”

By this time, Zhou Weiqing had returned. He had heard Lin TianAo’s words, and said with a sad face: “Leader, I was barely able to think of a useful skill, and you revealed all its weaknesses!”

Lin TianAo laughed heartily and said: “Since you can think of one, can’t you think of a second one? Furthermore, the skill is not the important thing, but how you use it in actual combat, and you can definitely use it in many different ways. It is easy to theorize, but another thing to actually counter it in a real fight. If you can actually make that Spatial Rend actually move, that would be really terrifying.”

Zhou Weiqing spread his hands in an ‘oh well’ position 2, saying: “It isn’t that easy. To allow the Spatial Rend to move, that is actually changing the very laws of the Spatial Attribute, and I do not have such a power. At least, not anytime soon. Perhaps, if I reach the ten-Jeweled cultivation level, I can try again.”

As they were chatting, the second fight was already about to start.

Once again, Crow showed the audience her brutal violent strength. Legendary Axes. Charge. As simple as that.

The Tiecheng Battle Team had indeed an accurate estimation and planning. They had guessed that Crow would be the second fighter for the Fei Li Battle Team, and they had sent a Water Attribute Heavenly Jewel Master – Water Attribute Elemental Jewels with Defense Physical Jewels. The plan was to make use of the Water Attribute forming ice to bolster the defense, and its Control Skills, in order to deal with Crow, especially since he was a four-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master.

Alas, in order to suppress Crow’s strength and power, it wasn’t as simple as the difference of a single set of jewels. Furthermore, Control Skills were usually Stored from Zong Stage Heavenly Beasts and above, it wasn’t as easy as just wanting to have them. The Tiecheng Empire was a rather small Empire, and did not have the background and resources of the Five Great Saint Lands, nor did any of them have Zhou Weiqing’s almost cheat-like Skill Storing ability. Naturally, the result of this fight was the opponent’s attack being smashed away by Crow’s Legendary Axes, followed by a charge, and it all ended.

When it came to the third round of 2 versus 2, the Tiecheng Battle Team surrendered. The reason was simple – Lichuan was their mainstay, and seeing Zhou Weiqing and Crow ascend the stage together, they immediately decided to give up on this fight. As such, the Fei Li Battle Team won their second match with a 3-0 score, and more impressively, only Zhou Weiqing and Crow had actually fought.

In the Dan Dun Battle Team’s Resting House, the seeded team of Group Three, a youth said solemnly: “It looks like these two Upper level Shi Heavenly Jewel Masters from the Fei Li Battle Team are not as simple as we thought.”

The young girl seated at the main seat said passively: “Who can say what happens in three years? Go and find out their ages. Perhaps, once they reach the five-Jeweled cultivation level, they might be of some threat to us, but now they are still lacking.”

The morning fights ended with theirs, and the various teams left respectively to have their meals and some rest. The Fei Li Battle Team members did not plan to come back, as Lin TianAo agreed with Zhou Weiqing to not watch the Bai Da Battle Team. They would fight in three days time, and it was the most critical match of the preliminaries for them. At that point, both sides would take on their enemies with full force. That’s right, enemies, not opponents. For the Fei Li Empire and the Bai Da Empire, both sides were mortal enemies.

As they left from the competitors tunnel, Zhou Weiqing suddenly saw an absolutely familiar figure, one that he had dreamed about so much for the past three days.

“Bing’er!” Zhou Weiqing rushed forward anxiously.

“If you do not want to die, stop right there.” A voice as cold as the winter’s breeze froze Zhou Weiqing in mid step.

Looking at that familiar face, but with eyes that did not radiate warmth, Zhou Weiqing couldn’t help but shudder.

Naturally, that familiar figure was not his Bing’er, but the one that he had accidentally kissed three days ago, Shangguan Xue’er.

Seeing Shangguan Xue’er, the rest of the Fei Li Battle Team were shocked. They had originally thought it was Shangguan Bing’er, but quickly they realised that something was wrong. Even from the limited time they had spent together, they knew that Shangguan Bing’er would never speak to Zhou Weiqing like that. Furthermore, the aura emanating from this young girl, who looked exactly like Shangguan Bing’er, was so cold and deadly that even Lin TianAo couldn’t help but shiver, feeling the threat of death!

Zhou Weiqing took a deep breath, but he was unable to calm himself down. Urgently, he asked: “Where is Bing’er?”

Shangguan Xue’er said passively: “Since Bing’er is finally home, she is naturally staying at home. I am here to help her with two things. This is for you.” As she said that, she tossed a ring at him, which fell right into Zhou Weiqing’s hand. That ring was the Spatial Ring that had been on Shangguan Bing’er’s hands, containing the two Icy Soul Heavenly Bears.

“Bing’er asked me to give to you. Also, she asked me to tell you, no matter what, you should not overdo things, she will wait for you.”

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