HJC – Book 8, Chapter 67.1

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Chapter 67 Shocking Archery – Shangguan Bing’er (1)

Shangguan Bing’er nodded, saying: “My speciality is rapid firing. Although my offensive power isn’t comparable to Little Fatty, but my firing rate is way above his. I do not have any Control Skills like him, but Leader Lin you can treat me like any ordinary three-Jeweled archer.” She immediately stated her capabilities, so that Lin TianAo could arrange his strategy. After all, they were a team, and if the leader did not know everyone’s capabilities, how could he direct the team to their maximum possibility.

Lin TianAo nodded with approval. Perhaps Shangguan Bing’er might not be extremely powerful, but this young lady of unrivalled beauty gave off an amiable, approachable feel.

“Alright then, you will also focus on ranged attacks, but do not go beyond five yards from me.” Towards Shangguan Bing’er, Lin TianAo naturally wanted to protect her – not just because she was the lowest cultivation level present, but also because of her relationship with Zhou Weiqing. As Zhou Weiqing’s Follower, protecting his girlfriend was something he had to do.

Barely fifteen minutes after Zhou Weiqing had entered the cave with Fat Cat, Little Four had returned from his scouting. Alas, his expression was bleak as he flew directly to Lin TianAo. “Leader, things are looking bad! As I was moving around, I noticed that many of the smaller animals and beasts seemed to be affected by something, and were all in an excited stimulated state, though they seemed to be afraid of something as well. However, the thing they had in common was that they were all looking in the same direction – our direction. What is that little white tiger of Zhou Weiqing’s? Just a simple level up has caused such a huge commotion… It seems likely that any Heavenly Beasts nearby will be attracted here.”

Lin TianAo also furrowed his brow. However, no matter what happened next, they would have to protect Zhou Weiqing and Fat Cat; they could only pray that there were no powerful Heavenly Beasts nearby.

As the time passed slowly, the surroundings remained quiet. Before long, an hour had passed, and the team members who had been nervous finally relaxed. However, Lin TianAo still did not let down his guard, motioning for everyone to keep positions.

All of a sudden, a sudden angry roar sounded out from their west. Although it wasn’t very close, but the great soundwave caused everyone’s expression to change.

Lin TianAo said solemnly: “Everyone, prepare.”

Not long after, a sudden stench filled the air. All of a sudden, a swooshing sound rang forth as eight huge Heavenly Beasts appeared.

The Heavenly Beasts looked like lions, and the leading one was almost 4 metres long, 1.5 metres tall! It had a fiery red mane, their eyes glowing fiercely like two red rubies. Flanking it were seven of the other lion-like beasts, though they did not have manes; likely to be the lionesses. Their main similarity was the fiery red fur covering their entire bodies.

As soon as the lions appeared, they immediately split up, surrounding the area in an almost semi-circular formation, facing the cave and roaring constantly.

The leading lion roared angrily into the sky, the ear piercing sound giving the team members a chill down their spines. Obviously, the roar they had heard earlier was from the lion.

The eight lions clawed and pawed at the ground restlessly, showing their unsteady emotional state as they stared fixedly at the cave behind them.

Lin TianAo said solemnly: “Everyone, be careful, these are Blood Blaze Lions, and that leading male lion is probably a Low Level Zong Stage Beast, while the rest of the lionesses seem to be about Mid Level Zun Stage Beasts. This will be trouble… we must not hold back if we want to have a chance.”

Crow grinned, twisting her wrists and spinning the huge axes in her hands. As for Drunken Bao who was standing at the other side of Lin TianAo, he gave a cold smirk as he also lifted his wrists, and five Black Jade Physical Jewels appeared. His Physical Jewels were of the stamina attribute, and in the next moment, they shone brightly as one coalesced into a pitch black cudgel in his hands. At the same time, a similar pitch black armour formed around his head, chest, waist and wrists. Clearly, his Consolidated Equipment was a Set, and was not a completed set yet! This was at least a top level Zong Stage Consolidating Equipment Master’s design, with the entire Set at least consisting of eight pieces.

Little Four’s Consolidated Wings was already unleashed, and he quickly took flight silently, hovering in the air as he fixed his gaze on the lions, preparing to take any action as required. He was in charge of harassing attacks, to strike wherever any opportunity presented itself, or in case of any danger.

Xiao Yan and Ye Paopao both circulated their Heavenly Energy as well, and surprisingly, both actually summoned a short staff in their hands, about four chi long, with an spherical crystal orb mounted on top.

These sort of short staffs were a unique type of Consolidated Equipment which were meant to boost Elemental Jewel Stored Skills, greatly boosting the power of Elemental Jewel Stored Skills. They were most suited for those Heavenly Jewel Masters who focused on Elemental attacks.

Standing right in the center of the team, Lin TianAo lifted his right hand, releasing his Assembly Set Consolidated Shield, though he only used a set of three for now. His eyes focused unwaveringly on the head lion. For the member of the Heavenly Jewel Master Academy, this was not the first time they had faced Heavenly Beasts; previously to cultivate their teamwork, they had spent a period of time hunting Heavenly Beasts. As such, although the eight Blood Blaze Lions in front of them were very powerful, they were calm and unflurried.

*Rooar* Facing Lin TianAo, the male Blood Blaze Lion gave a savage roar as it struck the ground with its right front paw. With a loud clang, its entire body seemed lit up with a blood-red flame, as if its fur had been set on fire. Not just itself, the other lionesses followed suit, though their flames were much weaker in comparison.

“Coming!” Lin TianAo shouted.

At the same moment as he shouted out the warning, the seven lionesses sprang into action. Blood Blaze Lions, amongst all the lion-type Heavenly Beasts, were considered relatively weak comparatively. That’s not to say they were weak, as their physical strength was extremely strong, tough hide giving a natural armour, and when they attacked they also had a natural flame which gave natural extra elemental damage. However, their greatest weakness was their lack of a ranged attack, and their natural ranking was relatively low. Even a Blood Blaze Lion King was at most Mid Level Zong Stage, while this male lion was not even at that stage yet.

As the seven lionesses pounced forward, their speed was astonishing, as if seven bolts of blood flashed towards the team.

Strangely enough,perhaps it was because of Crow’s imposing physique and aura deterring the lionesses, none of them actually attacked her. Instead, three sprang towards Drunken Bao, while two pounced towards Shangguan Bing’er. As for the remaining two, they circled around swiftly in an attempt to reach Xiao Yan and Ye Paopao. WIthout question, their main focus of attack was on Drunken Bao.

Lin TianAo did not move, as he had absolute trust in his comrades. His gaze remained fixed on the male lion leader, as he knew that this Zong Stage Beast was the most dangerous, and not even he had confidence in beating it alone.

However, none of the team members expected that among all of them, the first one to take action would be Shangguan Bing’er.

Almost at the same instant that the seven lionesses attacked, seven green lights sprang forth. None of them had actually seen Shangguan Bing’er move, but only felt her bow flicker in her hands before the seven green lights flew from the bow.

The arrows flew towards the all the lionesses, but her main focus were the three pouncing at Drunken Bao. Shangguan Bing’er’s attack had been directed very strategically, with the arrows flying at different speeds, aimed to reach their specific targets at different times. The first two struck first, the arrows imbued with Wind Attribute Heavenly Energy flying swiftly as they struck towards the Blood Blaze Lionesses’ eyes. Although these Heavenly Beasts had an extremely tough defense, their eyes were still their weak spots. As such, the two lionesses were forced to stop a moment, but the arrows were too quick to dodge, and they could only close their eyes so that their eyelids could protect their vulnerable eyes.

As the arrows pierced through the flames of the Blood Blaze Lions, they slowed noticeably. Even so, as they struck the eyelids, it caused them to howl in pain, their movements slowing and their pounce skewed slightly. Not just these two lionesses, all the others leaping from the different directions had the same result. At that moment, Shangguan Bing’er’s last arrow struck towards the last lioness pouncing at Drunken Bao.

This was by her design; as three lionesses had pounced at him, two had been slowed and brought astray by her arrows, revealing the last one. Drunken Bao had originally been under a lot of pressure being attacked by three lionesses, and now that only one was left, he immediately seized the opportunity. The black cudgel in his hands glowed with a sudden gold as he spun a half-circle, smashing forth with the cudgel savagely at the head of the last lioness. The cudgel seemed to flicker in mid air, feinting left and right deceptively, causing the lioness to be unable to judge the blow properly, while the gold light actually caused the flames around the lioness to flicker and weaken.

Just as Drunken Bao’s cudgel struck out, Shangguan Bing’er’s last arrow also reached. The target was once again the eyes of the lioness, but this time, it struck down hard with a loud thud, piercing forcibly through the eyelids.

Out of all seven arrows, this was the one that Shangguan Bing’er had imbued with the most Heavenly Energy. Furthermore, she had actually used her Elemental Jewel Stored Skill on it – Silent Tracking Arrow. Not only was its piercing power much more powerful, it was also better able to resist the flames defending it.

The last Blood Blaze Lioness had been focusing on Drunken Bao’s attack, and caught by surprise, its eyelids was pierced through by the arrow. Although it did not dig in deep and the injury was not serious, at least it would not be any permanent blindness, that was still the eyes! Towards most living creatures, the eyes was one of the weakest spots. Being shot by an arrow, one could imagine how much pain it was in.

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