HJC – Book 8, Chapter 62.3

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Chapter 62 Five Great Saint Lands (3)

As she spoke up to that point, Cai Cai paused and gave a sigh before continuing: “At the start, every empire had a chance of getting into the top four, and getting the plaque. Alas, as time passed, the other four Great Saint Lands realised how important it was to enter the Heavenly Jewel Island. As such, although they were too embarrassed to directly enter their own team, they actually started to cooperate with their Empires, even helping to groom some outstanding young Heavenly Jewel Talents. As such, they are able to get their Heavenly Jewel Plaques through such a method. The only exception is the Top Demon of the West, due to their Evil Attribute, they are only able to hide in the darkness, and they do not dare to directly try to enter the Heavenly Jewel Island. As such, it can be said that for every Heavenly Jewel Tournament, the top three has already been taken up by the three Great Saint Lands. The rest of the Empires only have a single last spot to fight for. Furthermore, there is the extremely powerful ZhongTian Empire’s team. Alas, our Fei Li Empire has not gotten a single Heavenly Jewel Plaque for the past seventy years, not even when we try to purchase it at a high price.”

Zhou Weiqing finally understood what was going on, and said hesitatingly: “Principal, do you mean to say that I will be going to join this Heavenly Jewel Tournament?”

Cai Cai pursed her lips and said: “You’re just of the three-Jeweled cultivation level, you naturally will not be able to join as an actual team member, but you can still be a substitute member. I still have the power to decide that. Every Empire’s team is restricted to eight members, of which five are actual team members and three substitute members. Without question, the five actual team members are from the Heavenly Jewel Master Academy, while the substitute members are chosen from our Fei Li Royal Family Military Academy. The main reason isn’t to actually help out, but rather for our outstanding students to gain some valuable experience. These three limited places are highly sought after, and this time you are just so lucky to get this advantage. In truth, it is highly unlikely that we will be able to enter the Heavenly Jewel Island, but just being able to witness and experience the various powerful Heavenly Jewel Masters and the great fights of the Tournament, it will be of great aid to your future training and cultivating. At the same time, it is also a great reason for you to hide out for the next few months, and by the time you return, your status as a person who has attended the Heavenly Jewel Tournament, even as a substitute, will be sufficient to protect you.”

Looking at Cai Cai, Zhou Weiqing’s expression changed a little. He suddenly felt a sense of regret, regret that he had disrespected this Principal. He had never expected that this Principal, whom he had only met twice briefly, would give him so much help and plan everything so completely for his sake. To be able to enter this Heavenly Jewel Tournament, to witness fights of such scale and power, it was definitely something extremely beneficial to him. Furthermore, he was just to be a substitute, and would hardly even need to fight, and would not be any danger. Such a post was undoubtedly extremely valuable to the Fei Li Military Academy, and yet she had actually given it to him, a mere first year commoner student.

“Principal, thank you. 1” Zhou Weiqing bowed to Cai Cai very sincerely.

Cai Cai’s mouth finally twitched upwards in a faint smile, and she said: “It’s good that you understand my efforts. This time, the three substitutes that we are sending will be you, your little girlfriend and Ye Paopao. After all, everyone in the school knows about you and Shangguan Bing’er as well, so it is safest that she goes along with you. Once you both are back, you will have to go through some extra tuition to catch up. Remember, Ye Paopao will be the leader of your small group, after all he is the most powerful amongst our students. Also, you better rein yourself in, do not clash with the members of the main team from the Heavenly Jewel Master Academy, and throw our academy’s face. Understood?”

Zhou Weiqing grinned and said: “I’m actually not one to cause trouble, as long as nobody causes trouble for me, I won’t go around causing trouble as well.”

Cai Cai gave an exasperated humph and said: “Enough of your nonsense, do you think I know nothing about you? Alright, you can leave now. You all will be leaving for the Heavenly Jewel Tournament after three days. For the next three days, both of you should just stay in the academy. Do not leave the academy grounds, and in three days you will be sent directly to the Heavenly Jewel Master Academy.”

Zhou Weiqing quickly agreed. Just as he was about to turn around to leave, he suddenly thought of something, stopped and said: “Principal, is our academy hiring teachers?”

“Humph.” Cai Cai looked at Zhou Weiqing curiously. “Who are you introducing to the academy to be a teacher? He or she must have a specific talent to even have a chance of entering our academy.”

Zhou Weiqing said: “What about a High Level Consolidating Equipment Master, does that count as a specific talent?”

Cai Cai’s eyes brightened as she said: “You have a high level Consolidating Equipment Master friend coming to our academy?”

Zhou Weiqing nodded and said: “My Senior just reached the Fei Li City and will be staying for a while. Since he has nothing much better to do, if the academy needs a teacher, he can come over to be an assistant teacher or something.”

Cai Cai looked meaningfully at Zhou Weiqing, her noble grace and beauty causing him to stare dazedly for a second as she said: “Are you trying to give a plum in return for a peach? 2

Zhou Weiqing scratched his head and said: “Well… not exactly also. After all, when I leave, someone needs to help take care of my commoner class one, and Teacher Ming Hua might not be able to do so alone. If my class can have another assistant teacher in charge, then there should be no problems. Furthermore, I did promise my classmates that I would take care of their Consolidating Equipment Scrolls.”

Cai Cai laughed and said: “Alright, at least you’re honest about it. Fine, I agree to this. You can go back and ask him to report directly to me when he comes to the academy.”

“Many thanks to Principal Cai Cai for allowing this.” Zhou Weiqing once more bowed politely before exiting the office. Speaking to someone as intelligent as Cai Cai, it was much better to speak the truth whenever possible. After all, Zhou Weiqing was also an intelligent person. He knew that Cai Cai would be able to read many things from various actions, and he might as well just tell the truth and get a favourable impression instead of trying to hide things.

After leaving the Principal’s office, Zhou Weiqing took a deep breath, a look of anticipation appearing in his eyes. He was just too interested in the Heavenly Jewel Tournament.

All of a sudden, he thought of a question for Cai Cai, and quickly turned back around, pushing open the door to enter once more. As he had just thought of it suddenly, he didn’t knock and just barged in.

As soon as he entered the room, Zhou Weiqing was totally stunned, and so was Cai Cai.

At that moment, Principal Cai Cai was only wearing her underwear, only covering her most private parts. Her snow white skin and voluptuous figure was almost entire displayed in front of Zhou Weiqing, especially the legs that Zhou Weiqing had hugged earlier, with a light red streak showing where he had hugged earlier.

*Poof* Two lines of blood streamed down from Zhou Weiqing’s nostrils. This time he was unable to give any excuse, as even some saliva drooled out.

“GET — OUT —!” Cai Cai’s furious roar rang out, and Zhou Weiqing fled out of the office as fast as he could.

What happened was that Cai Cai was a very fastidious person 3. Earlier, her robes had been stained by Zhou Weiqing’s blood, and as soon as he had left, she could not wait and quickly started changing to a new one. Who knew that Zhou Weiqing would actually barge back inside without knocking, causing the previous scene.

As Zhou Weiqing rushed out, he did not run far, instead yelling from outside: “Principal, I’m wrong! It was not on purpose!”

“Wretch, get back in here now!” This level of the building was all the high ranking members of the school staff, and since Cai Cai had quickly donned a fresh robe, when she heard him yelling outside, she was so angry that she almost passed out, and quickly called him back in.

When Zhou Weiqing stepped back into the Principal’s office, he couldn’t help but tremble in fear. In his senses, she seemed like a boiling volcano on the verge of eruption.

By now, Cai Cai had already worn a fresh clean set of robes. However, the expression on her face was very ugly, and even her hair was a little messed up, showing how flustered she had been.

“You little brat, don’t you know how to knock the door?” Cai Cai’s hands were clenched in fists. In her thirty odd years, she had never felt like beating someone up so much.

Zhou Weiqing said with an innocent look on his face: “Principal, I’m wrong. I just suddenly thought of an important question to ask you, and accidentally barged in without thinking, and did not expect to see what I wasn’t supposed to see.”

“Shut up! If you dare say anything about this, I will gouge out your eyes.” Cai Cai cried angrily. Even her noble grace and poise had been ruined by Zhou Weiqing, and she was breathing hard due to her rage.

“Speak then, what did you want to ask? Ask quickly and get lost.” Cai Cai finally calmed down. Looking at Zhou Weiqing’s innocent look, she finally suppressed her rage. With her status, how could she possibly actually beat up Zhou Weiqing just like that?

Zhou Weiqing said: “I… I just wanted to ask, if you really do get top four in this Heavenly Jewel Tournament, are we able to keep the Heavenly Jewel Plaque we get?”

“Hmph, with just you few, do you really think you can get the Heavenly Jewel Plaque? You must be daydreaming! If you really do manage to get it, I will allow you to keep yours.”

“Thank you Principal, I’ll be heading off then.” Facing a volcano that could erupt at any time, the best way to deal with it was to leave quickly. Zhou Weiqing got the answer he wanted, and quickly ran off.

Looking at the closed door, Cai Cai suddenly felt that she had been rash in her anger. What if they truly got into the top four and managed to get the Heavenly Jewel Plaque? She knew how important they were to the Empire. However, her furrowed brow quickly eased. After all, it wasn’t that easy to get the plaque. Even though there were quite a lot of extremely talented and well trained students from the Heavenly Jewel Master Academy, they were still far from being able to compare with those from the Four Great Saint Lands. It was just nearly impossible to enter the top four. As for Zhou Weiqing and the other substitutes, they would not be able to fight. That damn brat, how dare he hug her and even look at her!

As she thought up to this point, Cai Cai blushed deeply, striking the air hard, as if at Zhou Weiqing.

When Zhou Weiqing returned to the class, he was surprised to see that class has not even begun. Yet, he remembered that the first lesson should have been taught by Ming Hua.

However, at that moment, Ming Hua was still seated at her seat behind the podium, and the students were all chit chatting.

“Ehh? Don’t we have class today?” Zhou Weiqing couldn’t help but ask curiously.

Ming Hua glanced at him and said: “Without you back, how could any of them concentrate on class. How was it?”

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  1. He uses honorifics here.
  2. If I remember correctly, I’ve translated this before – basically direct translation of 投桃报李, meaning returning a favour with a gift
  3. Not exactly fastidious, but more like obsessed about cleanliness, or as the slang goes, ‘neat freak’


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