HJC – Book 6, Chapter 53.2

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Chapter 53 Beautiful Lady Principal (2)

“Princess Difuya, how can you say that about him. No matter what, he is still currently your fiance!” Shangguan Bing’er’s voice was rather cold.

Alas, when Difuya heard the word fiance, she felt a rush of worry in her heart, totally missing the expression on Shangguan Bing’er’s face. After all, this was right in front of Ming Hua! The Prince Charming in her mind’s only younger sister! How could Difuya not be worried about Shangguan Bing’er mentioning the fact about their betrothal in front of Ming Hua.

“Bing’er Little Sis, you can’t speak nonsense like that… who is his fiancee? That’s just a political betrothal arranged by my father. This time I left home, I never planned on returning. I do not want that betrothal, even if I must marry a pig or a dog, I would not marry him!”

Shangguan Bing’er’s face turned frosty. “Difuya, you’re too much! What’s wrong with Little Fatty, that you must treat him like that?”

“What’s wrong with him…?” Difuya started a little. For her to actually state out what was wrong with Zhou Weiqing, she was also at a loss momentarily. At that point, she could only say stubbornly: “No matter what, I already have someone else I like. Do not mention that Zhou Weiqing, as useless as he is, even if he were a top genius in the world, I would still not like him…”

Ming Hua said impatiently: “Enough. You can stop trying to proclaim your love and loyalty in front of me. It’s useless. I know my brother best, and once he has decided on something, he will never change his mind. In any case, I know why he doesn’t want you… you are indeed a fool. In front of someone’s girlfriend, you keep insulting him, I really do not know how to describe a fool like you. Also, there is one thing that you got correct. Indeed, I have never seen a greater talent and genius than that little brat Zhou Weiqing, not even my brother.”

After saying that, Ming Hua took her papers and left. She had no mood to talk to a foolish girl like Difuya.

Hearing Ming Hua’s words, Difuya went into shock. Seeing Shangguan Bing’er with a cold look on her face, she said inconceivably: “Bing’er, you… You actually became his girlfriend? Is that for real?”

Shangguan Bing’er said solemnly: “Why can’t it be for real? I have been together with Little Fatty for two years. Difuya, you may not like him, but it doesn’t mean everyone does not like him.”

“The Little Fatty, who is useless in your eyes, is an exceptional man in my eyes. I will not speak with you further on this, I am heading to the canteen to wait for him.” As she said that, she headed out.

“I got it.” Difuya said as if in sudden comprehension. “It must be because of Admiral Zhou, right?”

Shangguan Bing’er stopped in her tracks, turning back towards Difuya and saying in an icy cold voice: “Your Highness, please do not insult me, and do not insult yourself. From today onwards, we are no longer friends. Also, I hope that you remember every word you said today. I will never let you have Little Fatty…” Though at first she felt ashamed and guilty towards this official fiancee of Zhou Weiqing’s, now Shangguan Bing’er did not feel that anymore. In fact, she even felt that it wasn’t even important to try to dissolve the engagement anymore, as she knew Zhou Weiqing would never like a person like that.

Of course, Zhou Weiqing did not know what had happened in the classroom, as he was currently walking together with Dean Xiao. As they walked, he said sincerely: “Dean Xiao, thank you so much for everything you did yesterday.”

Xiao Shi smiled faintly, saying: “You little brat, you are rather well informed! Well, you do not need to thank me, that was all your own capabilities. If you weren’t outstanding, I wouldn’t even have noticed you, let alone protect you…”

Zhou Weiqing was rather surprised at Xiao Shi’s directness. He found that he was growing to like this Dean of Students even more.

Zhou Weiqing continued asking: “Dean Xiao, why did you look for me?”

Xiao Shi laughed and said: “It’s not me who is looking for you. It is our Principal who wants to meet such an outstanding and talented young genius like you.”

Hearing the words genius, Zhou Weiqing thought about the test they had just taken and how he had not known anything. In a rare sight, he flushed red in embarrassment, saying: “I am far from being any genius, I will have to depend on Dean Xiao in the future to take care of me.”

Xiao Shi said: “If you aren’t considered a genius, then there aren’t any genius in the world. According to your registration records, you still haven’t reached the age of seventeen, and you are already a Mid Level Consolidating Equipment Master. Not only are you the first Consolidating Equipment Master in our school, you are also the youngest Mid Level Consolidating Equipment Master I have ever heard of. Even those who inherit the heritage of famed Consolidating Equipment Masters, they are still mostly Low Level Consolidating Equipment Masters at such an age. We have indeed high hopes for your talent.”

As they spoke, Xiao Shi led the way up the stairs. The principal’s office was at the fifth level of the main building, which was also the highest level.

Hmm… Principal? Zhou Weiqing’s mind was instantly filled with images of that distinguished and elegant beauty he had seen the other day. She had definitely left an impression on him.

Very soon, they had reached the fifth level, which was obviously a lot quieter than the rest of the academy. This was the level where all the high ranking members of the academy had their offices.

Leading Zhou Weiqing to the deepest parts of the level, Xiao Shi finally stopped at a door with a sign portraying the Principal’s Office. With a respectful expression on his face, Xiao Shi knocked softly twice on the door.

A calm, elegant voice came from within. “Please enter.”

Only then did Xiao Shi push open the door and enter together with Zhou Weiqing.

The office was rather large, almost three hundred square metres, and was entirely adorned in a pale yellow look, giving a peaceful yet refined feel. All the furnishing in the room was meticulously designed and well thought out, and right behind a large semi-circular table sat the beautiful lady Principal, Cai Cai.

Just like yesterday, she was dressed in her unique black teacher robes, her long hair bundled up to her head. She had a small, pleasant smile on her face, and her expression was peaceful and calm, without an imposing aura like one might expect from someone of her position.

“Principal, I’ve brought Zhou Weiqing before you.” Xiao Shi said to her with a slight bow.

Cai Cai smiled and inclined her head in greeting: “Thank you Dean Xiao, I have troubled you.”

Xiao Shi smiled in return and said: “It was no trouble at all, Principal. I shall take my leave now, you can have a good talk with him.” He bowed once again before leaving the room. Before he did so, he gave Zhou Weiqing an encouraging look.

As Xiao Shi left, he closed the door behind him, and there was only the two of them left in the office. When Zhou Weiqing had seen Cai Cai from afar previously, he had been awestruck by her beauty. Now, to see her at such a close range, he almost felt a little uncomfortable.

This Principal Cai Cai gave him somewhat of a feeling like a goddess who shouldn’t be sullied, giving forth a natural, untouchable aura. That invisible stress seemed to have a presence in the room itself, and her noble grace seemed inbred into her very bones, making others feel a strange sense of inferiority despite the lack of arrogance.

According to Kou Rui’s information, this beautiful lady principal was already thirty-five years old. However, just from outward appearance, she looked barely twenty years old. Yet, her aura and presence seemed to be that of a person in power of fifty to sixty years of age. Such a unique combination of presence was more than sufficient to draw the eye of anyone.

“Student Zhou Weiqing right, please have a seat.” Cai cai pointed to the high backed chair in front of her desk.

Zhou Weiqing did not hesitate, pulling back the chair and sitting down in it, not really caring about any noble etiquettes. After all, he was a commoner student in the academy… Furthermore, to compare noble etiquettes with this lady, that would be something useless to do.

In front of a beautiful lady, in order to draw attention to yourself, you must either be stronger than her, otherwise the other route is to just be something extremely unique and different. This was Mu En’s teachings to Zhou Weiqing.

“Greetings, Principal Cai Cai.” Zhou Weiqing said with a smile.

Cai Cai started a little, even the teachers of the academy did not usually call her by her full name. Furthermore… This youth, Zhou Weiqing, was a lot more mature and stable than she had expected.

Naturally, what Zhou Weiqing had done at the opening ceremony yesterday was not hidden from her. In fact, every detail of the entire incident was reported to her. In this academy, she held the ultimate authority.

“Zhou Weiqing, do you know why I asked Dean Xiao to call you here?” She asked passively.

Zhou Weiqing shook his head and said: “No, I do not.”

Cai Cai said: “I saw your entrance exam, and I heard that General Ming Yu right?”

Zhou Weiqing nodded and said: “Yes, the examiner teacher then did not like my answer, and General Ming Yu passed by and saw it, and he thought it was still okay, and gave me a pretty good score.”

“Okay? In my view, your answer deserved a zero.” Cai Cai’s voice suddenly turned cold, so much so that Zhou Weiqing felt as if the entire temperature in the room dropped a few degrees.

Zhou Weiqing started a little. It seems this Principal wasn’t too friendly towards him.

Cai Cai said solemnly: “In your answer, I saw an unbelievable amount of bloodshed and death, and the suffering of countless citizens. Perhaps, your tactics might be successful, bringing victory. But at what cost? How many will die with you commanding? Every life only has one chance to live here, and no one should have the right to strip them of this right. When someone dies, it also brings suffering to their families. Perhaps you might think it’s a petty kindness, but what I want to tell you is that a commander who does not care about the lives of citizens will never be a true leader, and his army will never be a champion army.”

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  1. Thanks for the chapt~ ( *• ̀ω•́ )b

    Aiii~ another idealist. In any case, if the more important part of the job is taken care of, who cares about being champion or not? -_-

    By the way,
    > Cai Cai said: “I saw your entrance exam, and I heard that General Ming Yu right?”
    Missing something here.

    1. She can say whatever the hell she wants, because in Zhou Weiqing’s world, might is right in the end.
      Idealists can carry on with their ideals as long as their power can support it.
      Now, that “power” I mentioned doesn’t have to be personal battle strength, but it could very well be things like money, connections, military power etc.
      Whatever suits your fancy as long as you can actually go through with it.

      1. I tihnk with the way that it is cutting here, in the middle of the conversation, it’s designed to give you that idea, but it isn’t actually resulting in that. I think she might be the sort who advocates for false surrender, keeping everyone alive until they can revolt and cause the greatest damage to the enemy with the least cost to themselves. Sometimes you have to lose the battle to win the war, in other words. A great example of that would be the tactics employed by the Viet Cong guerilla forces. They kept losing battles and giving up territory, yet won the war in the end.

        1. Well another reason Viet Cong won is cause that was one of the first wars with journalists reporting on it almost immediately after stuff happened and it caused a lot of sensationalism back here in the states which prompted public outcry of the war and forced us to end it when we were winning cause public perception was we were losing.

          And yeah I’m sorry but I would rather have a commander who could buckle down and do the things he has to to win rather than try and keep everyone alive and fail in the end cause he tried to keep everyone alive.

          1. Yeah ? Say that when among the person the general has sacrificed are your family members.Imagine what would u do if your sister or maybe mother or maybe even small little child was killed by a bullet through their head and they died in terrible agony. Will u still say “What a great thing u did general .”Will u still not call him a murderer and say “Oh yes u did hell of a job!U protected the country who cares if my little daughter died in that battlefield.”
            Granted, it is true that in war to win one sometime has to take extreme measures but u have to understand that indeed everyone has 1 life so anybody that dies by your command is the same as u killing him or her. Something have no justifications even if they r right. The person being saved will thank u and the person who lost a loved will hate and curse u.And they r both right in their way i suppose.

          2. In response to Aiedail. Every soldier is a trained murderer, so it doesn’t matter what you do, you will always be a murderer, even if you save everyone on your side. Of course no one would like it if they were the ones caught up in that situation, no one would really be grateful if their family died, I would also despise the general in charge, but that doesn’t matter. An army general/commander should not be liked by the people, they should do what’s necessary, otherwise you might as well not wage war at all, because you will soon lose. The issue is that she wants a commander to act in an overly idealistic way, she believes it’s a playground where you can get away with not taking the hard choices. This is a battle of annihilation, they were out for blood, but instead of laying down their weapons and being slaughtered and then the entire city that “survived”(if they even did and wasn’t just killed off), would be used by the enemy in yet another attack, which would gradually reduce your own power and in the end, they entire war would be lost.

            As a human, I don’t want people to die, but when I look at it in this particular perspective, then sorry, she is an idealistic idiot that shouldn’t be the principal of a military school. It’s way harder to make the real choices than just strutting around and hoping everything will be okay. Everyone might hate the general/commander in charge, but do remember that instead of all those people surviving, none would survive and they would lose their freedom, to be used as puppets and meat shields. Nobody appreciates it, but in the big picture, it would undoubtedly be the correct choice for everyone as a whole, both the city and the country. That is, unless you want to surrender and hope the enemy takes pity on you(which is pretty unbelievable), placing your lives in their hands and betraying your country.

            The citizens would hate you, but you would take the best possible realistic actions. That’s just how war is, no one wants to be caught up in it, yet some idiots keep waging it and dragging innocents into the line of fire. Then your country and your commanders have to buckle up and make the really hard choices that tear their hearts apart in order to save as many as they can and make the best outcome for the entire country. As the principal of a militaristic school, she should know this, yet she is acting like a typical idealistic armchair strategist that allows her emotions to influence her decisions, in the end sacrificing shitloads of people for no reason.

      2. This would be the true victory where you can carry out your ideals while winning. After all wars themselves are fought because of said ideals and victory means nothing if you lose the very thing you’re fighting to protect or gain.
        Also as I mentioned far back his method was too rough and therefore even with so much sacrifice he would either barely win or lose and either way it puts a stress on future battles and moral. He needed to make sure every death counted for as much as possible when you go for the battle to the end strategy.
        It all comes down to the circumstance and what’s the goal of the day.

    2. With my limited chinese let me try to help.


      Roughly translates to: I have seen your exam answer, if I am not mistaken mingyu marked your exam?

    3. She has the responsibility to educate the future generations and obviously she thinks that a peaceful solution is better.
      Ofc, to me is obvious that there is no clear solution… It well depends on the situation!

      I think both can right, they just have different perspectives derived from their background… The main different between their opinions is that she comes from a Big Empire without many wars and little danger of annihilation while he comes from a small empire constantly at war and where every battle can end the Empire! The difference from where a general can try to find peaceful solutions, alternatives or compromises to a general where retreat is falling from a cliff!

    4. Yeah, exactly… I think I almost puked rainbows and sugar while reading this, these kinds of people disgust me, a lot.

      Cai Cai said solemnly: “In your answer, I saw an unbelievable amount of bloodshed and death, and the suffering of countless citizens. Perhaps, your tactics might be successful, bringing victory. But at what cost? How many will die with you commanding? Every life only has one chance to live here, and no one should have the right to strip them of this right. When someone dies, it also brings suffering to their families. Perhaps you might think it’s a petty kindness, but what I want to tell you is that a commander who does not care about the lives of citizens will never be a true leader, and his army will never be a champion army.”

      So what? I understand what she means, but what if ALL OF THEM DIE instead? is that better? is that what you want? What do you take a military commander as? Do you think the battlefield is a playground where you can spout your idealistic bullshit? He managed to kill around 70k of their people at the cost of a lot of his untrained citizens and just 5000 soldiers. True leader? You mean a true armchair strategist that sits back at home and commands the battles in an overly optimistic way? guess what would’ve happened if they took that place? Ming yu and his 5000 soldiers would’ve died without much losses by the enemy side and then the entire city, every citizen, would have been made into yet another vanguard to attack the next city, or they would have been killed on the spot. Isn’t the job of a true leader to know when to take losses and minimize the damage instead of making idealistic choices and hoping that some unknown hero will waltz by or that the country that you’ve been in war with for a very long time will spare them all? I’m almost offended by this kind of thinking. “Only one life to live, no right to decide who lives or dies” shit… Yeah, so go ahead and make stupid choices because you care about everyones lives that much, then watch as they all die instead of just a portion of them. Good riddance. This girl doesn’t seem to know what an army commander is. He shall make the hard choices and take the interest of the WHOLE country before the interest of a small village. Instead of his hands overflowing with pretty words and idealism, he should make the realistic choices, and he should not vie for fame and glory(becoming a “champion”). I know that she might be right as a “human”, thinking that all lives matter, but she fails as a commander, how can she even be a principal of that school with such an attitude, she doesn’t have any view over the big picture at all, just flowery words and petty promises that she should know is impossible to fulfill. Maybe they should all just pack up their bags and move to another continent without war and offer up the country to that other empire, since otherwise people will die, you know, in war… You’re not supposed to die in war, after all, it’s just a game after all where you can make the best decisions and save everyone without any bloodshed, like some hero of legend, tsk.

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    i would like to know what was the correct answer for the teacher grading and for the principal. i mean, if they didn’t attack their people they would lose right? so the only other option i see is surrendering.
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    Devils advocate is easy enough. His job is the protect the country as a whole. War isn’t pretty. Being able to make the harsh choices for the long term and keep the country alive is better to be feared than loved. Medals an accolades are for just approval they serve no actual purpose in war.

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    Is it just me or do any one of you want to use blink and bi*ch slap her in the face and go off on her how a true commander will only make that sacrifice of his men and their families only when they are protecting 10 times the people who died. IE how General Ming Yu told fatty how he took his men and attacked the enemy holding them up the few days it took for reinforcements to come. I don’t remember how many troops died or what the enemy numbers where but when its that many enemy troops that will sack a city and all thoses around the area how many hundreds of thousands of common people did he save while sacrificing his army to protect them. ok my rant over for anyone who doesn’t agree with me OK whatever!!!

    1. No arguments here. A naive teacher was one thing, but I thought better of the Principal. Guess I was wrong. How can someone so powerful not know that you can’t always win a fight the way you want to?

      1. Its because in that world there is cultivation and powers , they change it so that 1 person can support everything . Plus I doubt she has been in the war and is probably from a noble family and cultivated her whole life. But if cultivation didn’t exist and it was reality than she is just a dumb idealist.

  5. Cai Cai talks about striving to be loved by the people, while Zhou Weiqing doesn’t need his people’s love, but instead his enemies’ death. xD

    Different goals require different approaches, although the means to get there can be largely the same.

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    What I really want to know is if this is the so called “glorious” military academy of the Fa Lei Empire, why aren’t all the teachers actually experienced combat specialists, not noble idealists with zero experience? They must lead soo many students to an early death, and/or loose many battles with this type of teaching.

    1. Even in the West, most generals are ‘nobleman’ cadets, trained specifically to the role in Officer’s School. The rare general who earns his position from the ground up as a grunt generally is far more knowledgable and educated about the various situations. Most strategists didn’t even go to the battlefield, but instead watched from far away on a hill, giving orders via various methods such as flags or pre-determined musical cues such as blowing horns in a specific pattern.

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    Shangguan Bing’er said solemnly: “Why can’t it be for real? I have been together with Little Fatty for two years. Difuya, you may not like him, but it doesn’t mean everyone does not like him.”

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