HJC – Book 6, Chapter 49.2

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Chapter 49 Let Ming Hua be your Concubine (2)

“If by the time they reach the 6-Jewel Stage and they haven’t Awakened the Demonic Attribute, then even if it Awakens in the future, it is unlikely they have the strongest Skill of Demonic Jewel Masters – the Demonic Change. In truth, the real reason why the various Skill Storing Palaces in the world have put the Demonic Jewel Masters on a wanted list is because of the Demonic Change… it is just too powerful. The Demonic Change alone can allow a Heavenly Jewel Master’s power to at least double during that period of time… this is a power that is not matched by most other Heavenly Jewel Masters. They were all afraid of the Demonic Jewel Masters, afraid that they would be replaced by them. As such, they made use of a pretentious reasons to kill off the Demonic Jewel Masters. Every time a Demonic Jewel Master is discovered, they will surround and hunt them down. As such, in the past few thousand years, there are very few Demonic Jewel Masters who have truly inherited the true legacy.

As for many of the new first generation Awakened Demonic Jewel Masters, many of them are slain before they can grow. As such, in order to survive, many of these legacy Demonic Jewel Masters united together to form an organisation… called the Heavenly Demon Sect.”

Zhou Weiqing listened to her words with full concentration. Ming Hua definitely seemed to know a lot more about these Demonic Jewel Masters than Shangguan Bing’er, and it did seem a lot more realistic. Of course, he did not fully believe her words that these Demonic Jewel Masters were on the good side.

“So, that means that you are a younger generation of a Demonic Jewel Master… a part of the Heavenly Demon Sect?” Zhou Weiqing still had a faint smile on his face. Although Ming Hua was trying her best to read him, she was unable to do so.

Ming Hua nodded and said solemnly: “Since I said this much to you, I naturally will not hide anything. I am indeed the younger generation of a Demonic Jewel Master, just that my Demonic Attribute has not Awakened yet. Yours has already Awakened, and you should have been able to sense it within my Hades’ Flower right.”

Zhou Weiqing looked at her with a confused look on his face: “What do you mean, do you think Demonic Attribute is found just so easily? Who said I have it anyway? I don’t!”

Ming Hua laughed coldly: “You still aren’t admitting it? If you didn’t have the Demonic Attribute, you wouldn’t have been able to resist my Hades’ Flower, to not only resolve its draining powers and reverse it and Devour me? Your Demonic Attribute did not just Awaken, but you were also given the strongest of the Demonic Attribute’s innate abilities – Devour. Furthermore, if I haven’t guessed wrongly, you still do not know how to properly use the Devour Skill right? After all, you are just at the 3-Jeweled cultivation level.”

Zhou Weiqing said passively: “What is the point of telling me all this. Whether or not I have the Demonic Attribute, how is it even related to you?”

Ming Hua saw that he was no longer trying to refute, and continued saying: “It’s for survival. As I said earlier, us Demonic Jewel Masters can only survive by banding together against the Skill Storing Palaces. You are a first generation Demonic Jewel Master, and in the future your Demonic Attribute will grow to equal standing as the other three Saint Attributes. Only the Demonic Attribute of a first generation can be of such strength… Our Heavenly Demon Sect needs you to join us.”

“Oh? And what benefits can the Heavenly Demon Sect bring me?” Zhou Weiqing narrowed his eyes and said smilingly.

Ming Hua thought he was interested, and relaxed a little as she said: “There are benefits of course, for example, the proper way to cultivate the Demonic Attribute, Skill Storing, how to use and handle it properly. We can let you peruse the sacred tome of our Sect, the Heavenly Demon Saint Tome. With it, you can learn how to control your Demonic Change, and make use of your power perfectly.”

“Is that it…?” Zhou Weiqing shook his head lightly, seemingly very dissatisfied.

Ming Hua said rather angrily: “What else do you want? When you are in danger, we will also do our best to aid you, to protect you. In fact, as long as you are willing to join us… I… I can also marry you.” She bit her lip as she said it through gritted teeth.

Zhou Weiqing blinked and said: “But… I already have a wife! Could it be… You’re okay with being the second wife?” 1

“You…” Ming Hua felt like tearing that rascal’s mouth into two. If not for the fact that he was a first generation Demonic Jewel Master with such a pure attribute, how could she possibly be willing to marry him! After all, his looks were pretty ordinary, and that character of his had irritated her so much. However, she would do anything for the Heavenly Demon Sect.

Seeing Ming Hua angered to the point of explosion, Zhou Weiqing quickly stood up and said: “In that case, what do I have to offer? How can you all possibly trust me?”

Ming Hua gritted her teeth and said: “Of course there will have to be some restrictions. As long as you accept our Sect Leader’s baptism, you will be one of us.”

Zhou Weiqing said in sudden realisation: “Baptism? I get it… probably something like those Darkness Seals right? Perhaps a Seal even stronger than that… Am I right?”

Ming Hua did not make another sound, she did not even want to speak to this rascal anymore. If not for the fact this was her duty, she did not want to have anything to do with him.

“Teacher, I’m glad for the offer, but alas… I am not your so-called first generation Demonic Jewel Master, nor do I have the Demonic Attribute. You have already seen for yourself, that I have an ordinary Spatial Elemental Jewel, the gold-green Cat’s Eye. Furthermore, I am a Consolidating Equipment Master. Well, enough… I’m tired already, time to go back to sleep.”

Zhou Weiqing stretched lazily, turning around to leave.

“You…” Ming Hua finally lost control, a thick Heavenly Energy bursting forth from her, her entire Consolidated Equipment Set instantly coalescing around her body.

Zhou Weiqing spun around abruptly, an ice cold look in his eyes. Being glared at such a frosty look, Ming Hua halted her original pounce.

“Do not try my patience. I can forget I heard anything today, and I can also act like I do not know anything at all. That way, we can keep peace with each other. Ming Hua, you Demonic Jewel Masters have it difficult, I can understand that, but do not force me to kill you.”

After hearing Ming Hua’s words, along with the intimate contact with her earlier, Zhou Weiqing had already lost the urge to kill her off. He was after all a Demonic Jewel Master as well, and he really did want to learn how to use the skills of this powerful attribute. However, he would never ever let himself be set with any of those Seals. If that happened, he would lose all his freedom, and could only be a puppet and slave of the Heavenly Demon Sect. That was definitely something he did not want. As such, he rejected Ming Hua without even any hesitation.

Ming Hua said coldly: “Now that you know so many of our secrets, do you really think you can leave? If I am revealed, then I will not the only one to be in trouble, and we cannot take such a risk. Now that I have said so much today… There is no other choice for you.”

“Are you threatening me?” Zhou Weiqing said passively.

Ming Hua said coldly: “Yes I am threatening you. Zhou Weiqing, there are only two paths for you now. One is to join us, to stand together with us, and be baptized by our Sect Leader. In that case, we will be comrades from today onwards. If not, your only other way out of here is as a corpse.”

“You think you can threaten me?” Zhou Weiqing’s eyes turned cold, his killing intent once again erupting forth. With such unreasonable terms, even if he had originally felt sympathy to the Heavenly Demon Sect, he would no longer show mercy.

“With just her alone, of course not. However, what if you add me?” A low, confident voice suddenly sounded out, very close to him. A dark shadow flashed and someone appeared right next to Ming Hua.

Zhou Weiqing’s blood froze as a chill ran down his spine, his face changing instantly. After all, he had constantly had his senses tuned to the max the entire night with Ming Hua. With the Darkness and Demonic Attributes, his senses were much stronger than any Jewel Masters of the same level. Even so, he had not sensed anything from this person till he appeared of his own accord. This could only mean one thing – this person’s cultivation level was a lot higher than his own.

The person standing right beside Ming Hua was about the same height as Zhou Weiqing, with broad muscled shoulders, a head of black hair gently resting on them.

His black robes were rather simple, but Zhou Weiqing still recognized his identity with a single look. That was because he looked so similar to Ming Yu, with at least a seventy percent similarity, and also with a few similarities to Ming Hua.

“You’re Ming Yu’s father?” Zhou Weiqing said solemnly.

The black robed man smiled faintly and nodded, saying: “Not bad… Indeed I am. My name is Ming Wu. I’m also the previous Vice Commander in Chief of the Fei Li Empire Army. It was only after Ming Yu reached the rank of Battalion Commander that I resigned my commission to become a reservist officer. In the Fei Li Empire, we are not allowed to have more than one member of the same family in the army with a rank of Battalion Commander and above. Zhou Weiqing little friend… I think it is time that we talked.”

Although Ming Wu did not release his Power Jewels, and did not seem to give off any sense of danger, but Zhou Weiqing could feel his entire body turn cold in fear. He had never expected that although it was barely the second day he had met Ming Hua, she had already been so resolute and gone so far as to look for such a powerful person to take care of him. Such an error in judgement had now caused him to be in exceeding danger.

Seeing that Zhou Weiqing still did not open his mouth, Ming Wu smiled and continued saying: “Yesterday, Hua Hua told me about you, and I was extremely surprised. After all, it has been many years since the last first generation Demonic Jewel Master had appeared. Furthermore, when she came back today and told me that you were also a Consolidating Equipment Master, that sparked my interest even further. Besides my status and rank on the surface, I am also the person in charge of the Heavenly Demon Sect in the entire Fei Li Empire. If you are willing to join the Heavenly Demon Sect, then I can guarantee that you will definitely break through at least the 9-Jeweled cultivation level, or perhaps even higher, and may even become the next Sect Leader. I know you do not want to be Sealed, but you must understand, there is no give without take, you will have to give up something in order to gain the world. In fact, I can also agree to let Ming Hua be your concubine…”

As he said up to this point, he paused a moment. “I have laid out all our conditions. If you still reject us, then you leave us with no choice. For the sake of our Sect’s safety in the Fei Li Empire, I will have to leave you here forever. I believe that you are an intelligent person who should know how to choose…”

As he said that, Ming Wu slowly lifted up his left hand, and in a flash of white, nine shimmering Icy Jade Physical Jewels appeared around his wrist. He was a Upper Level Zong Stage Heavenly Jewel Master, even stronger than Admiral Zhou!

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  1. The literal translation here would actually be ‘smaller’ one. Basically the main wife would have much higher status than second wife


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