HJC – Book 6, Chapter 49.1

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Chapter 49 Let Ming Hua be your concubine (1)

Seeing Ming Hua begging him, Zhou Weiqing couldn’t help but feel his heart soften. He first lowered his knee, then lowering his hands with a last longing squeeze, before quickly leaping away. He did not want to get beaten by Ming Hua in a moment of surprise, especially with a ‘low kick’.

As soon as Zhou Weiqing leapt away, Ming Hua fell to the wall, taking deep breaths.

Although it was in the darkness, Zhou Weiqing could still vaguely feel the air around growing cold as the atmosphere changed. Quickly, a killing aura burst forth from his body.

“Didn’t you say there was an exit, why aren’t you leaving?” He said suspiciously… Indeed… When it came to acting and pretending to not know what was going on, Zhou Weiqing was a master.

Taking a few more deep breaths, Ming Hua used the wall as a support to stand up. The sound was clear as she gritted her teeth, but she finally resisted it. With a smack of her right hand, she struck the wall with a loud sound, and to the upper right of the wall, a hole appeared, and moon and starlight streamed in from outside, lighting up the tunnel.

Zhou Weiqing could clearly see that Ming Hua was now flushed deep red, like a ripe apple… Although her gaze at him was very angry.

After a short period of recovery, Ming Hua felt better. Pushing her hand on the wall, her legs struck the ground and she leapt up through the exit.

Zhou Weiqing did not dare hesitate, and quickly followed her out.

As soon as they left the tunnel, a gust of fresh air laced with the scent of water hit them, and they were met by the sight of a beautiful blue lake.

A seemingly boundless lake that shimmered under the moonlight, the gentle ripples causing the scintillating light rays to dance beautifully, all in all, a moving sight.

Such a huge lake could only be the Fei Li Lake situated outside the Fei Li City. Without question, they had already exited the East side of the Fei Li City.

The Fei Li Lake was a few hundred metres away from the Fei Li City, and was also drawn into the city moat. Once out of the city, one could reach the lake by passing by a small forest lining the lakeside. At this moment, in the dead of the night, it was extremely quiet, the night breeze blowing the humid air into their faces, causing Zhou Weiqing to feel refreshed.

As compared to his refreshed, energetic look, Ming Hua now felt like she wanted to kill him. The same cooling breeze, to her, somehow gave her an icy chill instead.

“I know I am handsome and suave, but you don’t have to keep staring at me… What do you have to say… go ahead now.” Zhou Weiqing walked to the lakeside and sat on a large rock.

“I really feel like smashing you into bits…” Ming Hua said angrily. Even when she had been almost drained to death during their fight yesterday, she had not felt so angry.

Zhou Weiqing said helplessly: “It was a justified reaction, and I did it for my own safety. You suddenly turned around and shoved your hand at me, what was I supposed to think. Who asked you not to give any warning, and you’re still blaming me? Furthermore, it’s just a little contact, what’s with the huge reaction?”

A little contact? That was a little contact? At this point, Ming Hua could still feel as if his hand was on her buttocks, that was a few gropes at least, hmph. He still dared call it a little contact? Not to mention the close contact of their bodies.

“Zhou Weiqing, you are the most shameless person I’ve ever seen in my life!” Ming Hua somehow squeezed the words out through gritted teeth.

Zhou Weiqing laughed heartily and said: “Thanks for the praise, you’re not the first person to say that, and you certainly won’t be the last. Hurry up and get on with business… I still want to go back to sleep.” He seemed easygoing and relaxed on the outside, but in truth, his senses were out on the maximum, trying to feel if there was anything amiss around, wary for any changes. For Ming Hua to dare to lure him out here alone, she had to have something prepared. Perhaps she had truly no bad intentions, or perhaps she had some plot, or maybe even an ambush.

Luckily, despite all his attempts, he did not sense anything around, and he felt a little better. With just Ming Hua alone around, she wouldn’t be too much of a threat.

Ming Hua finally calmed herself down, saying coldly: “Let’s show our cards. Although I do not know what method you used to hide your Elemental Jewel’s Attributes, I am very certain that you have more than just the Spatial Attribute. Wait, do not rush into refuting me, let me finish speaking…”

“In the world of Heavenly Jewel Master, there are several unique existences… When their Heavenly Jewel Awakens or perhaps evolves, their Heavenly Jewels will have some strange mutations, forming some unbelievable attributes that are extremely rare. Because they are so afraid of this attribute, ordinary Jewel Masters call this rather icy cold attribute as the Evil Attribute. However, although this attribute may indeed be strange, weird or perhaps a little Demonic, but it isn’t truly evil. 1 This is especially so since its appearance seems to be very random, and isn’t determined by the person’s character or will. As such, using Evil to describe it is extremely unfair to those Heavenly Jewel Masters who have that attribute… Thus I prefer to call them Demonic 2

Zhou Weiqing said: “You are talking about the Evil Attribute Heavenly Jewel Masters which are on the wanted list by all the Skill Storing Palace in the world. Isn’t it rumoured that all these Evil Heavenly Jewel Masters need a Sacrifice when they Awaken, and many of them Sacrifice their families or loved ones, causing their characters to change drastically, causing trouble in the entire continent… Why is it that when you mention them, it seems they are being maligned?”

Ming Hua’s eyes turned cold as she said: “Of course that is maligning them. What you just mentioned is just hearsay, and you do not know the truth behind the Skill Storing Palaces putting them on a wanted list. Indeed, what you mentioned is all truth, but a truth that existed only a few thousand years ago! Only a first generation Demonic Jewel Master will have that happening when they first Awaken the attribute, but this attribute can be passed down to his or her future generations. As such, they are very careful about when their younger generations Awaken their Heavenly Jewels or Rank up, and they do specially prepare their future husbands or wives. When they require the Sacrifice, the person prepared will be brought in front of them, and their lives will be saved at the last moment. There isn’t any change of character, or any sort of evil as in the rumours.”

“Oh? Hearing you say that, does that mean that such Demonic Jewel Masters’ Awakening isn’t just during the First Awakening of their Heavenly Jewels?! That isn’t the same version that I heard…” Zhou Weiqing said rather uncertainly.

Ming Hua gave a disdainful hmph as she said: “What do you know, that’s just you being ignorant. It is only a first generation Demonic Jewel Master who will definitely Awaken his Demonic Attribute during his first Awakening. As for his future generations, it is not necessarily true. In fact, as the bloodlines gradually dilute, it requires more Heavenly Energy, power and physique for the Awakening to be possible. The earlier the Awakening, the more powerful the person’s Demonic Bloodline is.”

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  1. A little strange here – as she is explaining it by breaking down words. 邪恶 means evil, but individually, 邪 has a more milder undertone like being ‘weird’, while 恶 is more to evil.
  2. There really isn’t a good translation for 邪 here.


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  1. Poor Little Wei is going to end up being the body guard/ leader of these people with demonic attributes. This will only benefit him if some are worthy of being recruited to Heavenly Bow Empire, though that may bring it great danger from the Skill Storing Palace. I’m surprised that it was the doubling of strength that made them targets. My imagination had it pegged that the Skill Storing Palace wanted to somehow monopolize the Evil Attribute. Zhou got his from the Neidan of a demonic beast entering him, so maybe the others are the same. I was thinking evil scientist type stuff was being used on them.

  2. What about something like “Wyrd” or “Fae” or “Other”? Instead of demonic I mean.

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  4. “Zhou Weiqing, you are the most shameless person I’ve ever seen in my life!” Ming Hua somehow squeezed the words out through gritted teeth.

    Says the amazingly completely and amorally shameless woman that repays goodwill with violence and goes back on her bets/promises. I think that she beats him by a few notches in the level of shamelessness, whereas the mc is just somewhat shameless all the time but still has morals and honor.

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