HJC – Book 6, Chapter 47.2

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Chapter 47 Mysterious White Haired Young Lady (2)

Kou Rui nodded in agreement. Having seen Zhou Weiqing create the Consolidated Equipment Scroll in front of everyone, he now had a rather blind fanaticism towards Zhou Weiqing.

Ming Hua said: “Now, I want all of you to take turns standing up and doing a self-introduction, so that all of you can get to know each other.”

The introduction started from the front row, and this time Zhou Weiqing paid full attention. The first to stand up and do the introduction was Kou Rui… after all, he was of rather short stature, and was sitting right in front.

“Hello everyone, my name is Kou Rui… 17 years old… I graduated from the Oden City’s Military High School. My main focus is on intelligence gathering and spycraft. I am a mid level Physical Shi Master, and my Physical Jewel is a mix of Agility and Coordination.”

Following his introduction, all the other students also did so in a similar manner. When it was Yan Zhexi’s turn to introduce himself, it especially drew Zhou Weiqing’s attention. “Yan Zhexi… 17 years old. Mid Level Heavenly Shi Master. My Physical Jewel is the Stamina attribute.” As with the normal rules with Heavenly Jewel Masters, he did not reveal his Elemental Jewel attributes.

Stamina Attribute? Zhou Weiqing had some idea of this attribute… but this was the first time he had seen a pure Stamina Attribute Heavenly Jewel Master. Any Jewel Masters with such an attribute usually had great sustaining capabilities in combat, and were also normally with great resilience of character. Mu En had once told him that those opponents with Stamina Attributes were one of the toughest to tangle up with, and if he did so, he should quickly destroy them totally and never drag out the fight.

Zhou Weiqing was the last to do his self introduction. When it was his turn, he slowly stood up, basking in the attention, and said with a graceful smile: “Hello, my name is Zhou Weiqing. I’m an upper level Heavenly Shi Master. My Physical Jewel is of the Strength Attribute, and as you all already know, my Elemental Jewel is of the Spatial Attribute. To be honest, I have never had any prior training with regards to military knowledge, but what I do know is that unity is of utmost importance in any group. Since I am now the class rep and leader… My hope is that we will be able to work together well, and in four years, for us to become the best class in the history of this academy!”

Ming Hua smiled and clapped. “That is also my hope. Alright, that is all for today, all of you can go back to rest. Class rep, please come with me to my office.” As she said that, she walked out of the class.

Ma Qun looked at Zhou Weiqing with a face full of jealousy, saying: “Class rep, could it be that… Teacher Ming Hua has fallen for you? No… I look just as suave as you do…”

Zhou Weiqing grinned and said: “Heh, you big fool. Good luck in your spar with her tomorrow. You can go hear for yourself what name does the Flower of Hades’ Underworld have…” After saying that, he stood up and stretched lazily. As he passed by Shangguan Bing’er, he saw her worried look and smiled faintly, saying: “Don’t worry, I know how to handle myself. You head home first okay.”

Shangguan Bing’er agreed softly, blushing a little. She felt as if Zhou Weiqing was talking to her like a husband to his wife, and that embarrassed her, but also gave her a sweet feeling in the heart.

Ming Hua was standing outside the classroom waiting for him, and when he came out, she led the way. Following in her footsteps, Zhou Weiqing couldn’t help but stare at her alluring buttocks as she walked, swaying enticingly like a ripe peach. He was a young teenager after all, and boys at that age all had strong needs, and with Shangguan Bing’er at his side where he could see but not touch… made his desires only stronger. Furthermore, Ming Hua was indeed extremely beautiful and sexy, and his gaze grew rather dazed.

As they walked to the stairs, Ming Hua suddenly stopped and turned around. Seeing Zhou Weiqing’s awkward look on his face, she couldn’t help but let loose a giggle. In a low voice that only the two of them could hear, she said: “What are you looking at? Do you want to touch..?”

Her voice was soft and alluring, as if it were softly tickling at Zhou Weiqing’s heart. Almost subconsciously, he nodded and said “Yes…”

Ming Hua smiled faintly and said: “Let me see the true form of your Elemental Jewel, and I’ll consider it…”

Hearing that, Zhou Weiqing awakened suddenly, a cold feeling in his heart. He said in great confusion: “True form? What are you talking about?”

Ming Hua rolled her eyes at him, muttering softly to herself: “Keep acting then… Hmph!” Saying that, she continued walking up the stairs.

Under Ming Hua’s leadership, the two of them reached the fourth level, where all the teachers’ offices were. Ming Hua moved to one which was deeper and opened the door, before motioning Zhou Weiqing to enter.

The office wasn’t big, only about twenty square metres large, and there were many pots of green vegetation around the room, making it full of life. There was only a single desk, clearly it was Ming Hua’s personal office. The Fei Li Military Empire was one of the top academies in the entire Empire, and their treatment of their teachers were one of the best.

Ming Hua motioned for Zhou Weiqing to sit at the couch in front of her desk. She leaned on the desk, saying a little flirtatiously: “My dear selfless and altruistic young class rep, so how you planning to pay your debt to me from yesterday?”

Zhou Weiqing acted dumb, saying innocently: “Debt? What debt? I have never owed money to anyone…”

Ming Hua gave a cold humph and said: “Yesterday… you hit me until it hurt so much… how could I let it go like that? Furthermore… the entire rent was paid by me…” Her voice was soft and velvety, sounding pleasantly captivating. However, although Zhou Weiqing was lustful, he had already been forewarned by her previous comments… and managed to resist.

“Teacher Ming Hua… that was you picking the fight… how can you blame me! Furthermore, I already pulled my punches… if not, we might have to change a class teacher in charge by now…”

Ming Hua smiled faintly and said: “Let’s cut to the chase, Zhou Weiqing.  I know you have an Alexandrite Cat’s Eye Elemental Jewel… let me see its true form and I promise that you will have a great four years ahead in the academy. Otherwise… hmph… with my status at the academy, it will be easy for me to cause trouble for you. Do not think that you can have it easy now that you have gotten the approval of Dean Xiao Shi… as long as I tell others about your Evil Attribute, the Skill Storing Palace will come after you… and no one will be willing to protect you!”

Hearing the words ‘Evil Attribute’, a massive shock reverberated through Zhou Weiqing’s heart. Although he tried to keep his emotions in check, his face changed and he said coldly: “Teacher Ming Hua… I have no idea what you are saying.”

Ming Hua seemed to be confident that she held all the cards in her hands, and she smiled beatifically as she poured a cup of water and drank from it. After taking a sip, she said: “Do you really not understand? Don’t try to hide the fact that you have the Evil Attribute. If you do not have that attribute, how could you possibly reverse the drain on my Hades’ Flower and Devour it instead? Not only do you have the Evil Attribute, it is also the strongest I have ever seen in my life… If I’m not wrong, you are able to control your Demonic Change… right? My dear student, Zhou Weiqing…”

With a loud scraping sound, the couch was pushed back as Zhou Weiqing leapt to his feet suddenly. In that instant, an unbelievable killing intent erupted from him, and a thick bloodlust flashed in his eyes… Such an intense grim and ominous aura was so thick that Ming Hua almost lost grip of the cup, her face growing a few shades paler.

“I warn you… Zhou Weiqing. This is the academy grounds, and there are teachers all around this level, near my office. Many of them are stronger than you. If you try anything… then you are dead.” Ming Hua’s heart was beating rapidly. In that instant, the sheer violent killing intent that Zhou Weiqing had unleashed was just too shocking.

All of a sudden, the killing aura vanished as Zhou Weiqing resumed his normal look, smiling and saying to Ming Hua. “Teacher, I think you are mistaken. It’s time for me to go. You mentioned that I can’t take action here… is that a hint to me that I should wait til you go home?”

Ming Hua gave a cold laugh and said: “If you dare step out one step, I’ll immediately tell everyone about your Evil Attribute. Do you think you still have the chance to reach home?”

Zhou Weiqing sighed lightly, saying gracefully: “Sometimes… do not be too full of yourself. There are many things that… aren’t as they seem on the surface. Sigh… since teacher has forced me, I will show you my Elemental Jewel. As you wish, here it is, take a good look!”

As he said that, he slowly raised his left hand, pulling back the long sleeve hiding his wrist and revealing it. As he circulated his Heavenly Energy slowly, his Heavenly Jewels appeared in a flash of white light.

This time, it was Ming Hua’s turn for her expression to change. All she saw in front of her were three gold-green Cat’s Eye Elemental Jewels, shining brilliantly as they spun around Zhou Weiqing’s left wrist, the unique aura of the Spatial Attribute clear and distinct.

“That’s not possible!” Ming Hua exclaimed involuntarily. She was extremely confident of her judgement… but had never expected to see that Zhou Weiqing’s Elemental Jewels were actually really the Spatial Attribute’s God-Green Cat’s Eye Jewels!

Zhou Weiqing smiled and said: “As I said, teacher, you are overconfident. Alright… if there is nothing else, I’ll take my leave now. Of course, if teacher wants to visit my room late at night, I won’t reject that… If I haven’t judged wrongly, you are still a virgin… no matter how hard you try acting seductive… it just isn’t as realistic! Bye!”

After saying that, Zhou Weiqing spun around and left the room. However, after leaving the room, his facial expression changed once more, into a serious look. Ming Hua had actually guessed that he had the Evil Attribute, and even guessed that he had a controllable Demonic Change! This was just too great a threat to him… Should I kill her off somehow?

After Zhou Weiqing had left, Ming Hua’s face was pale in anger. After a while, she suddenly flung her hand out, dashing the cup into the ground and smashing it into smithereens. Gritting her teeth, she said: “Zhou Weiqing… you bastard… I won’t forgive you!”

After a while more, her heavy breathing finally calmed down… and as reason returned to her eyes, she revealed a look of deep thought.

“That’s definitely impossible… he definitely has the Evil Attribute. Furthermore, when he launched his final attack yesterday, he definitely used more than one other attribute’s Control Skills… Those were definitely not of the Spatial Attribute. I’m a Low Level Zun Stage Heavenly Master, how could I be mistaken about that? There must be something I am overlooking… or perhaps… he has some unique object that can hide his true Elemental Jewel?! That must be it!”

“Zhou Weiqing… just you wait… I will definitely find out what is your true attributes… Just you wait…!”

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