HJC – Book 6, Chapter 44.3

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Chapter 44 Legendary Dual God Strength Hammers (3)

However, the truth was rather different. The huge hammer seemed to just pass through Ming Hua’s body, as if made from light. This all happened so quickly that no one else knew what had happened, but the end result was that Ming Hua was indeed struck by his hammer, but was totally uninjured.

After all, Zhou Weiqing had no intention of killing Ming Hua. He had no deep grudge against her, and it was just a fight for the rental of a house. How could be possibly kill someone for that? Furthermore, this was the Fei Li City, where he was not even a citizen and had no backing. On the other hand, Ming Hua and her brother were obviously of some status in the Fei Li City, and Zhou Weiqing did not want to bring trouble to himself. He had already paid his school fees, and intended to learn all he could!

“Oei… wake up. Get rid of these flowers.” Zhou Weiqing lifted up his right hammer, prodding Ming Hua on her head, causing a soft *peng* sound. Although he did not use any strength, it still caused her to shake around. With a pained cry, she opened up her eyes, look up at Zhou Weiqing in confusion. “I… I’m not dead?” Her first action was to quickly touch her head, her head which she thought would have been smashed into smithereens.

Besides her forehead, which had just been nudged by the hammer and was hurting a little, her head was still totally fine, with nary a sign of damage.

Ming Hua blinked her eyes, the narrow escape from death causing her emotions to go out of control. “You bastard! You almost killed me!”

Zhou Weiqing was shocked by her outcry, yelling back in anger. “I, Your Father, did not kill you. Shouldn’t you be happy and excited? What are you yelling about?!”

A flash of green light appeared, and most of Ming Hua’s more serious wounds vanished. She vaulted back, keeping her distance from Zhou Weiqing. At the same time, a red light flashed in her eyes, and Zhou Weiqing felt as if the areas he had been struck with by the Hades’ Flower change suddenly.

A large suction force was suddenly applied by the seven Hades’ Flower, and Zhou Weiqing felt his blood and Heavenly Energy being drawn into them.

The Hades’ Flower were Ming Hua’s strongest skill, how could they be just as simple as a normal hit. Indeed, even Zhou Weiqing’s Immortal Deity Shield was not sufficient to block them from piercing him earlier.

Blood sucking combined with the power to absorb Heavenly Energy! Zhou Weiqing was taken aback, trying to use the hammers in his hands to strike away the Hades’ Flowers on him. However, to his shock, he found that the hammers both passed right through the Hades’ Flowers, as if they were illusory and without an actual body! No wonder they hadn’t been shattered into pieces when they had been struck by his hammers earlier!

Ming Hua said coldly: “Don’t waste your effort. To be struck by my Hades’ Flower, even if it is just one, it will cause your sustained combat ability to drop, let alone you being hit by so many. Under my control, they will draw out all your blood and Heavenly Energy, your life and energy replenishing mine. This is the true power of the Flower of Hades’ Underworld. Amongst all the possible Personal Plants of Life Attribute Heavenly Jewel Masters, the Hades’ Flower ranks in the top three!

Just as she said that, Ming Hua suddenly noticed that the expression on Zhou Weiqing’s face was extremely weird. At the same time, a small, white little head squirmed out from his bosom, a blue ‘King’ word on its cute little head. Wasn’t that our dear little white tiger, Fat Cat?

It seemed like Fat Cat understood what Ming Hua had said, and its deep purple eyes revealed a look of disdain and scorn. Opening its little mouth, it seemed to give a little cheh sound, before it squirmed back into Zhou Weiqing’s bosom and went back to sleep.

By now, Shangguan Bing’er had opened her eyes once more. Seeing that Ming Hua was alright, she was both relieved and shocked. However, her guard rose once more. From her perspective, she wasn’t thinking about Zhou Weiqing pulling his punches, but that Ming Hua having some unique skill that allowed her to dodge the blow in the last second. After all, the power that Ming Hua had displayed was indeed not something to be trifled with.

The Hades’ Flowers which were currently sucking Zhou Weiqing’s blood and Heavenly Energy was turning a brighter, fresher red. However, in the next instant, Ming Hua started in shock.

By now, Ming Hua had just recovered from the terror of death. She knew that the reason why she was alive was because Zhou Weiqing had shown mercy and not dealt the final blow. However, with her pride, she could not accept such an ending. Since her Hades’ Flower had already launched the attack, she wanted to teach him a lesson and get back some face. Just as she was thinking if she should stop the attack, she suddenly felt a sense of terror that even overshadowed the fear of death earlier.

Zhou Weiqing’s eyes turned bloodshot. From his perspective, the attribute wheel had uncontrollably spun to the grey area which he was unable to master. The next moment, the sensation of his life energy flowing out stopped, instead a strong suction force welling up from within his body. The Hades’ Flowers, which had just a second ago been draining him of his life blood and Heavenly Energy, were now being drained of their energies! The tables had turned somehow, and at a crazy rate that was several times that of the Hades’ Flowers’ absorption earlier. The Hades’ Flowers were still red in colour, but they were now stained with a strange, demonically evil looking red.

“Aaahhhh!!” Ming Hua cried out in fear and shock as her body crumpled onto the ground weakly. The Hades’ Flowers were her Personal Plant, and were intricately linked to her life force. Zhou Weiqing Devouring their life energies was naturally also doing so to her life energy and Heavenly Energy. She had originally already been injured, and much of her Heavenly Energy was used up. Now that she was being Devoured, she felt a sense of weakness overcome her and fell to the ground.

In truth, Zhou Weiqing had been given a big shock by the sudden change as well, almost scaring himself. However, in the next moment, he recovered and laughed out gleefully: “Heh heh. Tsk, trying to drain me? Looks like I’m your nemesis! Haha!”

Ming Hua’s face grew paler every second, while Zhou Weiqing felt his energy and spirit improving, as his Heavenly Energy recovered rapidly.

Ming Hua bit her lip hard, forcing her mouth shut. Although her heart was filled with shock and fear, she refused to let herself beg for her life. She had never in her wildest imagination dreamed that her Hades’ Flowers’ greatest power could be turned against her so easily. She couldn’t imagine what would happen if all her Hades’ Flower had actually struck Zhou Weiqing… Would she be drained dry in an instant?

“Little Fatty, stop! She is going to die if you continue!” Shangguan Bing’er suddenly appeared beside Zhou Weiqing and said gently.

“Oh, of course I must listen to my Lady wife!” Upon hearing her words, Zhou Weiqing agreed. Focusing all his might onto the attribute wheel, he forcefully moved it back to the silver region, ending the Devouring. The Hades’ Flowers which had been on his body fell to the ground, vanishing into nothingness.

Ming Hua lay on the ground, panting hard as she heaved a sigh of relief. She struggled to get up, but found she had no strength left in her body, and could only manage to struggle into a seated position, gasping for breath.

In another flash of dark gold light, the twin hammers in Zhou Weiqing’s hands disappeared.

In truth, the secret of the twin hammers was in the line – ‘Good and evil, illusion and truth.’ Although they seemed to be a pair of hammers, it was actually one real and one fake hammer! The fake one was able to draw attention and trick enemies, while the real one held unbelievable power. Without question, the fake one signified ‘good’, while the real one signified ‘evil’. The mix of truth and illusion made it easy to trick and fool enemies, which could hold destructive end results for them. Take for example, if you were striking with all your might to block a seemingly powerful blow, and it turned out to be fake, it would cause a loss of balance and an overextension of strength – which could easily lead to defeat. More importantly, Zhou Weiqing could switch the false and real hammers at will! Adding that to the fact that he could make use of them to unleash any of his skills without socketing them, and at a higher level, this was indeed an impressive weapon. Indeed, it was because of this God Tier weapon that Zhou Weiqing had been able to defeat Ming Hua, who was of a higher cultivation level than he was.

Zhou Weiqing extended his arm to hug Shangguan Bing’er, turning towards Ming Hua with a lecherous look on his face as he said: “Beauty, you are lucky that my wife is so kind hearted. If it was just me, I’d have finished you off! Hmph. There’s no need for me to send you off right, please leave now.”

By now, Ming Hua had already recovered a little. Zhou Weiqing had Devoured quite a bit of her Heavenly Energy and life force, and had recovered to nearly the state he had been before the battle. She, on the other hand, was still feeling weak, with less than ten percent of her energy remaining. If not for the fact that she was of the Life Attribute which managed to heal her injuries, she might have sustained some critical wounds.

“No.” Ming Hua gave a humph and sat down on the floor, saying to Shangguan Bing’er: “If you all try to throw me out forcefully, I’ll yell molest! Furthermore, I will latch onto your man from now on! No matter what tactics, I will snatch him away from you! If you don’t believe me, you can give it a try.”

Zhou Weiqing stared at Ming Hua, his jaw dropping. “Oei, this beauty over there, you are really a piece of work. You should honour your bets, earlier you said whoever wins the fight gets the house, you have lost so you should leave.”

Ming Hua suddenly burst out laughing. “Who can prove that we placed a bet? Do we have it in writing? Do we have witnesses? Any documentations? Nothing right? Furthermore, how can you, a man, bully a weak woman like me? Aren’t you ashamed of yourself?”

“You… weak… woman??!” Zhou Weiqing was speechless, looking into the heavens. Earlier, he had fought with all his might, forced to bring out everything he had in order to beat her, even his Legendary Consolidated Equipment Set hammers, or he would have lost a long time ago! As for some of the newer Stored Skills, it wasn’t that he was trying to hide them, but he just wasn’t practiced in using them yet, and thus their effect would definitely not be comparable to the skills he had been using all along! Under such a circumstance, he had still almost lost to Ming Hua, and he was still feeling rather nervous from the tough fight. This woman was indeed too dangerous! Unexpectedly… she had just said… she was a weak woman?! He was rendered speechless.

Ming Hua recovered some of her vigor, and managed to stand back up. Looking around the house, she smiled faintly and pointed to one of the smaller rooms. “I’ll be kind and not chase you both out. I’ll just stay in that room, and we can share the rent of the house. Let’s each take a step back. Who asked me to be older than you both, I will let you both have the advantage.”

Zhou Weiqing had the urge to rush forward and throw her out physically. It was a rare sight to see someone even more shameless than he was! However, Shangguan Bing’er grabbed his arm and said: “Just let her stay in the room.”

Although Shangguan Bing’er did not want to let Ming Hua have the room, she did not dare bet on it. Ming Hua’s threat to her resounded in her mind, and she dared not test it. After all, she knew our dear Little Fatty’s weakness to beautiful women… how could he resist such a seductive woman’s advances!

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