HJC – Book 6, Chapter 42.2

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Chapter 42 The Power of Spatial Rend (2)

The Spatial Rend skill could be at the very least be considered a 10 Star Rating. It could be said that, for anybody with an equal, or similar, cultivation level to Zhou Weiqing, any 10 Star Rating Skill and below would never be able to break through this Skill, which was both Attack and Defence in one. For such a skill, it was likely that even most Heavenly Jewel Masters with 8-9 sets of Jewels would not even have a skill this strong. Currently, Zang Lang had three sets of Heavenly Jewels, same as Zhou Weiqing, and no matter what skill he used, he would never be able to break through that Spatial Rend.

Facing the Spatial Rend, Zang Lang’s body was almost dragged to the side. His original plan of using his close combat abilities combined with the distracting fireball attack had been totally ruined by the single Spatial Rend skill.

Zhou Weiqing gave a cold laugh, and just at the split second before the Spatial Rend disappeared, his right leg lashed out once more.

Zang Lang was at such a close distance, and he was totally off balance from keeping himself falling prey to the suction force of the Spatial Rend. As such, he was totally unable to dodge the kick once more, and had no choice but to use the dagger in his left hand to strike forth towards Zhou Weiqing’s right leg.

A light *Ting* sounded out as Zang Lang’s Consolidated Dagger was deflected, and his entire body was once again blown back by Zhou Weiqing’s kick. Despite having circulated all his Heavenly Energy and making use of all of his Coordination to diffuse much of the power of the blow, the sheer impact caused blood to well up in his throat, and he threw up a mouthful of blood in midair. This was even under the condition that Zhou Weiqing did not use the full strength of his Demonic Right Leg. After all, he did not want to accidently kill someone in school. As his right leg landed back down onto the ground, he exerted pressure on it as a pivot, and launched himself once again in a blur towards Zang Lang.

At this moment, Zang Lang displayed his abundant combat experience, as a ferocious ring of fire erupted around his body in a blazing light. This was another of his Stored Skills, called Fire Protective Armor. Not only did it have a certain degree of protective capabilities, it was also able to burn any enemies who were in close proximity to him. At the same time, his body twisted in mid air, and the dagger in his right hand slashed savagely towards Zhou Weiqing’s shoulder.

Zhou Weiqing did not dare let Zang Lang’s 3-Jeweled Fire Protective Armor burn him, as even if he did not take much damage, his clothes would be totally ruined. Glancing at Zang Lang who was swiftly striking at him, Zhou Weiqing suddenly vanished. Immediately after, Zang Lang felt a strong force smashing into his back, with a strange cold sensation, and he flew in the opposite direction. In midair, he once again threw up a mouthful of blood, before slowly losing consciousness as he crashed into the ground.

Zhou Weiqing landed evenly on the ground, a large bow in his hands – the Overlord Bow. However, this time, he had used it directly like a whip, lashing it out and striking Zang Lang after the quick Blink behind him.

“That was easy.” Zhou Weiqing said with a disdainful look at Zang Lang. At this point, all the onlookers were staring at him, the silence deafening. From the start of the fight to this point, it had barely been a few moments, and all through the fight, Zhou Weiqing had been suppressing Zang Lang easily, and it seemed like he had not even had a chance.

All the seniors onlooking were staring at Zhou Weiqing as if he was a monster. They had never expected that the person who had dominated them for three years, Zang Lang, had actually lost just like that, and lost so badly at that!

Right at that moment, the five bald seniors from before rushed up quickly, standing in a row between Zhou Weiqing and Zang Lang. They were all glaring at Zhou Weiqing, who kept his Overlord Bow and said: “Do you guys want another beating again? Or is there someone stronger? Bring it on.”

The three-Jeweled senior said indignantly: “Even if we have to die, we will not let you hurt Brother Lang.” As he said that, he turned towards the seniors surrounding them, shouting out: “Brothers, all these years, although we have collected protection fees from all of you, but we have also indeed done as promised and protected all of you. At least, we have managed to keep the nobles from bullying and injuring all of us. If not for Brother Lang, how many of us would have been bullied and even enslaved by those damn nobles! All the protection money goes to Brother Lang’s Skill Storing and Consolidated Equipment, enabling him to grow stronger and keep protecting us. Now that he is in trouble, are you all just going to stand there and stare? If not for him, us commoner students would have been bullied to death by the noble students.”

Hearing the senior’s words, Zhou Weiqing started. Soon, he saw a few of the senior students walking from the crowd slowly, heading to stand together with the five bald seniors, blocking him from the unconscious Zang Lang.

The other freshmen did not move at all; there were barely seven or eight of them who had come to watch, and most of them did not know what was going on at all.

Zhou Weiqing’s brow furrowed. “Protecting the common students is your reason for this protection fee? If your Brother Lang had the ability, why doesn’t he go out and earn money on his own? As a Heavenly Jewel Master, how could he not be earning much?”

The 3-Jeweled bald senior said angrily: “You are on a full stomach, how can you know the feeling of hunger.1 Although us Jewel Masters are a lot stronger than normal humans, but the cost of Skill Storing and Consolidated Equipment is just too expensive. The only way to easily grow stronger is to either submit to the Skill Storing Palace or become a slave of the nobles. It isn’t that easy to earn enough with just your own abilities. Ask the rest, those who actually manage to Skill Store or Consolidate Equipment, how many of them have sold themselves to the Skill Storing Palace or a noble family? As for the rest of us, we do not want to give up our freedom and dignity, and have fought to the end up to now. All of us have worked hard to earn money, and it has only been sufficient to boost Brother Lang up. Only then can we continue to protect our own dignity and freedom.”

Listening to his words, Zhou Weiqing couldn’t help but remember the first time Shangguan Bing’er brought him to Skill Store and Consolidate Equipment, and the cold look in his eyes vanished. Looking at the twenty or so seniors along with the bald seniors, he said: “So, you are saying that the usual protection fee are collected from those who are enslaved by nobles or join the Skill Storing Palace?”

The 3-Jeweled bald senior said: “That’s right.”

Zhou Weiqing continued coldly: “Then why are you collecting from us freshmen?”

The reply came: “Brother Lang said, we need to let you young freshmen learn about the real world, to see how it is like where the strong rule over the weak. After the opening ceremony, we would naturally tell you all about the situation in our commoner dormitory, letting you decide on your own which path you choose – freedom and dignity or the quick route to power.”

At this moment, Ma Qun stealthily walked next to Zhou Weiqing, saying in a low voice: “Boss, did we make a mistake?”

Zhou Weiqing turned and glared at him. “Mistake your head. Get lost, I’m not your boss.” He then turned back to the 3-Jeweled Senior, saying coldly: “I do not care what your reason is, but next time, just stay out of my way, or I will take care of you all again.” After he said that, he turned back and walked off, heading back to his room rather gloomily.

Unknown to everyone, at a distance from the fight, a pair of eyes had been watching the entire process. At this moment, the Flower of Hades’ Underworld had her eyes filled with shock, muttering to herself: “3 Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master, with a strength Physical Jewel and one of the Consolidated Equipment being a bow, so he should be an archer then. His Elemental Jewel is actually the Spatial Attribute! One of his Skills Stored is even the Blink Skill, and the other one I actually don’t recognize… such a strange skill that could deal with the Fireball so easily. Interesting… no wonder Brother said this fellow is dangerous.”

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  1. another somewhat literal translation, basically meaning someone being well-to-do, and not knowing how it is like for those who aren’t


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