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Chapter 41 Fei Li Military Academy (1)

After Ma Qun had paid the fine for destroying school property, the teachers left them.

Zhou Weiqing patted Ma Qun’s shoulders, smiling as he said: “Very wise of you, looks like you know your place. Earlier, I only used 40 percent of my power in kicking out those two legs. Big fool, I’ll see you in three days!” As he said that, he turned around, holding Shangguan Bing’er by the hand as they walked out of the academy.

Looking at Zhou Weiqing’s disappearing figure, only then did Ma Qun bend down clutching his stomach, retching, as he muttered to himself: “!”&%&£([email protected], that fellow is too savage, just like a smiling tiger1. Sigh, such bad luck on my part. Alas, what a waste of a beautiful girl, why are all the good ones always taken. However, that smiling tiger is truly strong, even without using his Heavenly Jewels, his blows hurt so much, what a terror.”

As Zhou Weiqing pulled Shangguan Bing’er out of the Fei Li Military Academy, he hastened his steps. “Little Fatty, what’s the rush? Where are we headed?”

Zhou Weiqing grinned and said: “My dear beloved Bing’er, I’ve missed you so much! Of course, we’re headed back to the hotel, to do what we love to do.” 2

Shangguan Bing’er was almost a 19 year old young lady, and how could she not understand what Zhou Weiqing was talking about. Immediately, her face turned red, and she said softly: “No.”

“Why not? Didn’t you say it’s okay when no one is around?” Zhou Weiqing said aggrievedly.

Shangguan Bing’er said abashedly: “When did I say that, that was you. When I left home, my mother told me not to do it with you.”

“Do what?” Zhou Weiqing said, with a look of ‘innocence’.

Shangguan Bing’er’s blushing face turned even redder. “That, you know! My mother said, before I actually marry you, I am not allowed to do it with you. She said, if you get it too easily, you will not know to cherish it. Besides, what if… I get pregnant?”

Hearing her say that, Zhou Weiqing was dumbfounded. After all, he was still technically a ‘virgin’, although he had previously had relations with Shangguan Bing’er, he had not been conscious. To suddenly talk about pregnancy and avoid it, he was also momentarily stunned.

Shangguan Bing’er’s lucious red lips pouted and she said: “Little Fatty, are you with me just to do that? You…” As she said that, her beautiful eyes turned red.

Zhou Weiqing was most afraid of her crying, and was instantly flustered. He quickly said: “No, no, of course not. I love you, your entire person. Although doing that is great, but my dear Bing’er is more important. We’ll listen to your mother okay, I will not force you.”

“Really?” Shangguan Bing’er asked again, tears brimming in her eyes. Zhou Weiqing quickly nodded and struck his chest in promise.

Shangguan Bing’er’s tears quickly turned into laughter. “That’s my good Little Fatty, come, big sis will reward you.” As she said that, she stood on tiptoe and kissed his cheeks.

“Ah?” Only then did Zhou Weiqing realise that she had tricked him. “Bing’er! You’ve learned to be bad!”

“Hmph, I have learned from all of you in the Heavenly Bow Unit! Ahh! Don’t come here!” Looking at Zhou Weiqing advancing upon her with an evil glint in his eye, she quickly ran off. The two of them ran across the streets one after the other, laughing and joking.

Since they were about to enter the Fei Li Imperial Family Military Academy to learn, so they decided to take a break for the next three days and relax themselves. Fei Li City was so large, and there were many enjoyable places to have fun at. Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Bing’er spent the next three days exploring it and touring the entire city. Of course, at the same time, Zhou Weiqing did not forget to visit the Skill Storing Palace twice a day, completing all his Skill Storing. In the end, besides his Evil and Time Attribute which he was unable to find any suitable Skill to Store, he had completed Skill Storing for all the other attributes for all three Jewels. Zhou Weiqing finally had the true power of the three Alexandrite Cat’s Eye at hand.

Since they had met, this was the most relaxing time they had spent together. Alas, our dear Zhou Little Fatty ended up failing his attempt to enjoy our beautiful Bing’er. In order to prevent him from crossing the line, Shangguan Bing’er kept her guard up and refused over intimate contact.

Happy times always seemed to pass so quickly, and it seemed like barely a blink of an eye when the three days had passed. The bustling crowd at the academy area was also slowly dissipating; those who had managed to enter all jumping with joy, while those who hadn’t gloomily planning for their future, to try again next year or turn to something else.

Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Bing’er reported to the academy early in the morning, hand in hand. With Shangguan Bing’er around, she naturally did not allow Zhou Weiqing to stay in his sorry ungroomed state. Although he was still dressed in a simple cloth attire, he was at least clean and well groomed now. He was not considered very handsome or suave, but his tall, large frame and decent features did give him an imposing valiant look. Furthermore, a beautiful woman was a man’s best ornament – with such a beauty like Shangguan Bing’er beside him, he naturally attracted many gazes as they walked along the street.

The Fei Li Imperial Family Military Academy entrance was much more peaceful and quiet than the previous time they were there. There were about twenty or so senior students standing around, in charge of guiding the new students in reporting.

Under their guidance, Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Bing’er crossed the main square, entering the large school building, and they quickly found the reporting ground for the freshmen.

They had reached rather early, and the reporting ground was still rather empty and quiet. There were currently only three teachers who were in charge of admitting the freshmen.

“Hello Teacher, we are freshmen reporting.” Shangguan Bing’er said with a faint smile. Her unrivaled beauty naturally drew the attentions of all three teachers. Luckily, all of them were female teachers, otherwise Zhou Weiqing would have to be looming at the side glaring once again.

“You both are commoner students right?” One of the older female teachers with a head of white hair asked.

Zhou Weiqing asked uncertainly: “During the examinations, nobles and commoners had different treatment in terms of acceptance grades. After being accepted, is there still a difference?”

The female teacher explained: “Naturally, there is a difference. For example, commoner’s school fees are only 20 gold coins per year, while the school fees for nobles are 2000 per year. The teachings are the same, but the dormitories and living quarters will be different. Another difference is, commoners need to be at least Jewel Masters, but there is no such requirement for nobles.”

When Zhou Weiqing heard about the difference in fees, his heart felt better and more balanced. After all, an academy needed to earn money as well, and those who paid more naturally deserved better quarters. Although he did not like such separation; everyone was human after all, with a brain, mouth, and limbs, and there shouldn’t be any differentiation. However, it seemed that there wasn’t any serious differentiations, and he did not continue on the topic further. “Then can we please trouble teacher to help us complete our registration.” Shangguan Bing’er nudged Zhou Weiqing, hinting him to stop with his line of questioning, as she passed their acceptance letters over.

“This semester, there are 29 new commoner students. Every year, there will only be one commoner class, and four noble classes. As such, your class is called the Common One Class. Each of you need to pay 20 gold coins, which includes staying in the dormitory, but if you wish to include food and beverage expenses, it will be an additional 50 gold per person. The living quarters are all at the dormitory building behind this main school building; the commoner quarters are on the first level, with the boy’s quarters on the left side, and the girl’s quarters on the right. You will be staying with 7 other roommates.”

“After the school semester starts and you stay in the dorm, you are not to leave school grounds without permission, nor should you go up to the other levels of the dorm without invitation as that is for the noble students. Here are your uniforms, two sets each. Tomorrow morning, the school’s opening ceremony will be held in the auditorium, which is at the first level of this main school building, and all students will be required to attend. Alright, you two can leave now.

Zhou Weiqing received the uniforms and their dorm keys, as well as their student badges, while Shangguan Bing’er paid up the money, then the two left the reporting grounds.

As soon as they exited the room, Zhou Weiqing’s mouth curled in scorn as he said: “Bing’er, look at the grey and white uniforms, the material is no better than what I am wearing. As compared to what I have seen those noble students wearing, it is definitely a huge difference, even in terms of looks. This Fei Li Military Academy is apparently very obviously attending to a difference in status!”

Shangguan Bing’er said quietly: “Softer! Little Fatty, you must remember that we are here to learn. Since we are under their roof, what else can we do but follow their rules? I know that you are indignant, but you cannot kick up a fuss. Come on, let’s head to the dormitory and arrange our things, let me help you clean up as well.”

“En.” Perhaps it was because his character was gradually and subtly being influenced by the black pearl, but currently Zhou Weiqing’s emotions were rather riled up and unruly.

The dormitory was right behind the main school building, and was only slightly smaller. Even still, it was of quite an impressive size. Following the numbers of their keys, they quickly made their way to Zhou Weiqing’s dorm.

The instant when the door opened, he was greeted by a blast of terrifying odour – years of athlete’s feet! That smell almost made Zhou Weiqing fall over, as he quickly blocked Shangguan Bing’er from entering, as he held his breath and rushed into the room to slam open the window, and let the ventilation flow. Only then did the air clear a little.

The dorm room was not small, almost 40 square metres in size, with 4 bunk beds at the corners. There was also an open area which had been split into eight regions, with 2 large metal cabinets, 2 large tables and 4 chairs. Besides that, the room was empty, except for the fact that rubbish was strewn everywhere, and the entire room was both dirty and messy. The bunk beds were still bare and showing the wooden planks below, with the mattresses, bedding and sheets nowhere to be seen. Zhou Weiqing’s mouth twitched a little, this was not even comparable to his bunk in the army.

In contrast, it seemed that Shangguan Bing’er was a lot more composed. “Little Fatty, why don’t you rest a bit, I will clear it up for you. Your room doesn’t even have a space for us to sit currently.”

“Let me do it myself.” Zhou Weiqing quickly stopped her.

Shangguan Bing’er giggled and said: “Cleaning a room is a girl’s job, why are you snatching it from me. A man should take charge of external matters while women should take care of domestic matters3, if you try and snatch it from me, I will get angry. Let me learn how to take care of you first. I’ll go and buy a basin to hold water for cleaning.” As she said that, she turned in a whirl and left.

As Zhou Weiqing watched her leave, he felt a warmth in his heart. Looking at the four bunk beds which could hold 8 men, he said angrily: “Hmph, those other fellows really got the advantage.” As he said that, he did not stay idle. Although Shangguan Bing’er wanted to help him clean up, he could not bare for her to pick up those dirty trash. As such, he seized the opportunity that she was buying a basin, and quickly gathered all the trash lying around and threw them all out. By the time Shangguan Bing’er had returned with a basin of water, the room was clear and ready to be wiped down. “Bing’er, later I’ll follow you to the girl’s dorm and help you clear the rubbish, and also get to know where you stay. Heh heh.” Zhou Weiqing grinned and said.

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  1. outwardly kind but inwardly cruel person
  2. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  3. Please no feminist arguments! This is their setting!


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