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Chapter 39 Skill Storing, Silver Emperor (2)

After receiving the Gold Coins Storage Card, Zhou Weiqing couldn’t help but reveal some of the excitement he had been feeling. After thanking the pair of middle aged men, he quickly exited the Skill Storing Palace.

Standing at the entrance of the Skill Storing Palace, he truly wanted to burst into maniacal laughter. I, Your Father, am a rich man! 450,000 gold coins! Being a Consolidating Equipment Master is indeed a great profession! Bing’er, in the future, if you want to Skill Store anything, I can even dump a few hundred thousand and let you try your heart out!

“Don’t block the way, move aside.” Just as Zhou Weiqing stood there with a foolish grin on his face, a sudden cold, clear voice sounded out in front of him, breaking him out of his reverie. It was only at that point that he realised he was standing right in the middle of the entrance of the Skill Storing Palace, blocking the route. However, the Skill Storing Palace entrance was actually very huge, and there was more than enough space to walk past him.

There were two people standing in of him, a man and a woman, and the one who had spoken was the woman. She had her arms linked to the youth beside her, her face proud, and the fiery red long dress accentuating her enchanting figure, with her fine features proving to be very attractive, framed by the head of long red hair which fell to her shoulders. The only thing that marred her face slightly was the look of disdain and the prideful air around her brows.

The youth standing beside the red-dressed young lady was clothed in a suit of black, with only a sparse few golden lines adorning the sides, giving the impression of a low profile yet high class look. His head of short dark blue hair was neat and clean cut, with a high nose, brilliant blue eyes which seemed warm. Currently, his brow was furrowed as he heard the young lady’s words.

His bearing and aura was far above what the young lady displayed, and even though he seemed only slightly over twenty years of age, he seemed to possess a natural grace and poise beyond his years.

Zhou Weiqing did not want to cause trouble, and he knew that it had been wrong of him to stand right in the middle of the entrance for so long. However, when he saw the young lady, his steps halted, a cold light appearing in his eyes. Indeed, he knew this young lady in the red dress!

“You uncouth bumpkin, what are you staring at, move out of the way!” The young lady cried out once more in anger. If not for the black clad youth beside her, perhaps her words would be even more venomous.

Zhou Weiqing laughed, a simple good-natured laugh. “My dear fiancée, it’s been a long time! We still haven’t dissolved our engagement yet, and you’ve already found a new target? Very good, very good.”

Clearly, the young lady holding onto the black clad youth was the Princess of the Heavenly Bow Empire, Zhou Weiqing’s fiancée, Princess Difuya.

After two years, Difuya looked even more beautiful than before. At the age of 19, she was at the prime of her youth and beauty. Alas, no matter how beautiful she was, in Zhou Weiqing’s eyes she was unbelievably ugly. Thinking back to how he almost died in her hands, and looking at how she held another man’s hand, Zhou Weiqing’s hands curled into a fist subconsciously. Although he was looking to dissolve the engagement, she was still currently his fiancée, only to see her holding another man’s hand so intimately. Such a circumstance, any man would not be able to take it.

Hearing Zhou Weiqing’s words, Difuya’s body shuddered as a look of disbelief entered her eyes. After more than two years, the change in Zhou Weiqing’s look was considerable; just the change in his stature alone was rather unbelievable. That, in addition to his shabby and travel worn look, as well as Difuya not expecting to see him here, had caused her not to recognize him. After taking a closer look, she realised who he was.

“You… What are you doing here?” She asked, a look of embarrassment on her face, before a flash of worry entered her eyes. Of course, the worry was not for Zhou Weiqing.

“Fiancée?” The black clad youth said, with a strange tinge of amusement in his voice, as he turned to look pointedly at Difuya.

Difuya was instantly at a loss: “Brother Yu, don’t misunderstand, I have nothing to do with him. He is only a useless son of a high ranking official, and our engagement is only because of my father’s orders. I’ve always been trying to dissolve the engagement.”

The black clad youth skillfully extracted his arm from Difuya’s arms, giving a graceful smile as he said: “That’s your issue with him, but you should know my character. I do not want my women to have any implications with other men. Princess Difuya, our relationship ends now. 1

As if he had just done something inconsequential, the black clad youth walked off into the Skill Storing Palace, not caring about Difuya who was standing there stunned. As he passed by Zhou Weiqing, he smiled and said: “Little bro, not bad, you’re in luck! Don’t worry, I haven’t touched Difuya yet, she’s still a virgin.”

“Virgin your younger sister.2” Zhou Weiqing retorted passively, standing still without moving.

The black clad youth’s calm and elegant smile froze in that instant, and his voice turned ice cold as if filled with killing intent. “What did you say?”

In that moment, Zhou Weiqing felt as if he was trapped in the midst of a sea of blood and corpses. That killing intent was rather familiar to him, as he had once sensed a similar aura from his father. Even still, when he turned towards the black clad youth, he had a bright and naive smile on his face, his voice crisp and clear as he said pronouncedly: “Virgin – your – sister.”

Their two gazes met in midair, clashing as if lightning was crackling between the two of them. All of a sudden, the black clad youth’s right hand lashed out in a blur, heading towards Zhou Weiqing’s face. At the same time, Zhou Weiqing lifted his right hand.

*PAA!* A loud explosive sound rang out, seemingly causing a detonation in the very air. Difuya, who was just standing a few yards away, was actually knocked a few steps back by the shockwave, almost falling off the steps.

Zhou Weiqing was also forced back two steps before he regained his balance, but the black clad youth only wavered a bit, his shoulder trembling slightly as it absorbed the blow, and only taking a half step backwards before regaining his balance.

Zhou Weiqing’s eyes narrowed, a fierce light springing forth in them, as if a ferocious beast was hidden within, ready to pounce at any time. As for the black clad youth, there was a hint of surprise on his face. Earlier, he had not used much strength, but this fellow in front of him, who definitely looked much younger than him, had unexpectedly been able to take the blow, even causing him to take half a step back. Such a strength was definitely beyond what he had anticipated.

This man definitely has a much higher cultivation level of Heavenly Energy than me! Zhou Weiqing instantly determined. After all, his Physical Jewel was a pure Strength boost, and coupled with the black pearl, his strength far surpassed that of any ordinary Heavenly Jewel Master. Under such a circumstance, he had lost the contest of strength, that could only mean that the youth was definitely of a much higher cultivation level.

Without skipping a bit, Zhou Weiqing stepped forward with his left leg, his right fist flying forth brazenly. At the same time, the twelve energy whirlpools at the Death Acupuncture Points started spinning at maximum capacity, and a white light enveloped his fist as it sped towards the youth.

The black clad youth did not retreat, lifting his fist as well, and white light enveloped it as he too punched forward. However, the white light around his fist was a lot thicker and more solid than Zhou Weiqing’s.

Just as their fists were about to meet, the black clad youth suddenly sensed something amiss. Right in the next instant, Zhou Weiqing suddenly disappeared from in front of him

Five brightly glowing glass-looking Elemental Jewels as well as five similar Icy Jade Physical Jewels appeared at the same time around the black clad youth’s wrists. As his 3rd Elemental Jewel flashed in a blinding brilliance, a layer of white light enveloped him. Right at the same time, an explosion sounded out behind him.

The black clad youth staggered a step forward, his body shuddering with the impact, before he took yet another step forward. The shield of white light seemed to give forth a sound like that of glass shattering, and by then he had already spun around, looking with surprise at Zhou Weiqing who had appeared behind his back. At this time, Zhou Weiqing had also been knocked backwards by the sudden appearance of the white shield of light.

“Blink! You’re a Spatial Attribute Heavenly Jewel Master.” The black clad youth’s look at Zhou Weiqing had obviously changed. His surprise was of course not because of Zhou Weiqing’s status of Heavenly Jewel Master or that he had the Spatial Attribute, but rather that he had the Blink skill. After all, in the Fei Li Empire, Heavenly Jewel Masters were definitely not as rare as in the Heavenly Bow Empire, and there were also a few Spatial Attribute Upper Level Heavenly Jewel Masters. However, even among them, those who actually had the Blink skill was extremely limited. This was further emphasised by the fact that Zhou Weiqing was so young! In the world of Heavenly Jewel Masters, the cultivation level of Heavenly Energy and number of Heavenly Jewels were the mainstay on how to judge the power of a Heavenly Jewel Master, but the type of skills were also extremely important. At times, perhaps even more important than cultivation level. After all, a Heavenly Jewel Master with high rating skills could easily defeat those of the same cultivation level, or perhaps even those of a little higher level.

Zhou Weiqing eyed his opponent, feeling just as stunned in his heart. Light Attribute, Protection of Light Skill, Strength Physical Jewel! A 5 Jeweled Mid level Zun Stage Heavenly Jewel Master!

The black clad youth in front of him barely looked about 26 to 27 years of age, and yet his cultivation level had already reached the Mid Level Heavenly Zun Stage! Zhou Weiqing knew that even his father had not reached such a level at such an age.

In the short amount of time that they had exchanged blows, more than ten of the golden armored guards of the Skill Storing Palace had surrounded them. “Honoured Jewel Masters, please do not cause a disturbance at the Skill Storing Palace.”

The black clad youth nodded to Zhou Weiqing, saying: “My name is Ming Yu. I believe we will meet again. I will remember your insult to my younger sister.” After saying that, he turned and headed into the Skill Storing Palace.

Zhou Weiqing gave a cold humph, not wanting to let him have the last word, saying: “My name is Zhou Weiqing. Insult your younger sister? Hmph, be careful that you don’t become my brother in law.”

Ming Yu, who had almost entered the Skill Storing Palace by then, almost stumbled and fell upon hearing those words. By the time he had turned around, Zhou Weiqing had already walked off, not even turning to look at Difuya. Without knowing why, Ming Yu felt a strange sense of laughter bubbling up. It had been a long time since a young kid has dared to speak like that to me. That little fellow is indeed rather strange and interesting. However, his cultivation level is indeed terrifying; I doubt he is even twenty years of age, yet being able to manipulate his Heavenly Energy out of his body, he is definitely of the Heavenly Shen Energy Stage. Although he probably just entered the stage, it was still an impressive feat. Furthermore, it seems his strength is rather out of the ordinary. Zhou Weiqing… hmm… we will meet soon.

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  1. Damn, is it bad of me if I danced with joy here?
  2. Basically, xx 你妹 (or xx your younger sister), where xx can be any subject, is a slang that the chinese use to convey derision, usually similar to how we use xx Your Ass in english, and can only be considered a very mild insult at best. The reason I chose to do a direct translation is because the youth actually chooses to treat it literally later as well


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