HJC – Book 5, Chapter 34.2

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Chapter 34 Ring of Concealment (2)

Shangguan Bing’er revealed the struggle in her eyes, but she finally reaffirmed her stance. “Little Fatty, my mom is my only kin, can you forgive me?”

Zhou Weiqing gently held her in his arms, and this time Shangguan Bing’er did not resist as she rested in his broad embrace. “Little Fatty, I also can’t bear to leave you. Ever since we met, although you often make me angry, but these few years together, I have grown used to having you by my side. Although you’re a little afraid of death, a little shameless, and always such a rascal, but I know that your heart is really kind inside. If our feelings are true, such a separation should not matter much. Once we reach the Academy, won’t we be together again?”

Zhou Weiqing put his face to her hair, saying: “Bing’er, how could I stop you from being filial? If only I didn’t make the promise to Huyan Teacher… I should also spend more time with my mother. When I’m gone, if you are free, do help me visit my mother as well okay? Uh, no, it’s our mother. Dad is often at the front lines, and she’s also very lonely.”

Shangguan Bing’er nodded and said: “I will. Go quickly, or it’ll be even harder to part.”

Zhou Weiqing held her shoulders and bent his head low. Looking at her beautiful eyes starting to mist over, he gave a light kiss on her lips and said softly: “When we reach the Fei Li Imperial Family’s Military Academy, there won’t be anyone to control us anymore, can we do ‘it’ then?”

“Your mind is always so dirty!” Shangguan Bing’er’s tears broke into laughter and she punched him lightly on the shoulders.

Zhou Weiqing laughed heartily, saying: “It has to do with my happiness, how can I not fight for it. Alright I’m going to head off first.” As he finished speaking, he turned and ran off, quickly disappearing around a corner.

Looking at his disappearing figure, Shangguan Bing’er stood there for a while, tears brimming in her eyes. After a while, she finally recovered and headed back home as well.

Zhou Weiqing ran off very quickly, not because he was in a rush to leave, but because he couldn’t bear to leave as well, couldn’t bear to see Shangguan Bing’er crying, and he was afraid he wouldn’t be able to resist giving up his promise to Huyan Aobo and staying to accompany her.

Returning home for two days and accompanying his mother, Zhou Weiqing finally decided to head to the Palace. First was to visit his godfather, to bid farewell to him, and the other reason was of course regarding his betrothal to Difuya.

“What? You want to dissolve the betrothal? No way.” The Heavenly Bow Empire Palace, study room. Di Fengling was dressed in the royal robes, seated at the dragon seat, and he rejected Zhou Weiqing’s request without hesitation.

Zhou Weiqing gave a bitter smile and said: “Godfather, you know that Difuya doesn’t like me at all, and she looks down on me, furthermore with my looks, I am not worthy of her!”

Di Fengling gave a humph, sizing up Zhou Weiqing before saying: “What’s wrong with your looks? You’re tall big and strong, what’s wrong with that? Anyway, like or not, that’s not her choice to make. Furthermore, you’re no longer the same as before, you have already Awakened your Heavenly Jewels and become a Heavenly Jewel Master, how could I possibly find a better match than you in the whole empire?! Dissolving the betrothal, that’s impossible, don’t you know that a King’s word isn’t easily broken? Hmph, I, your father, being your father-in-law, is it a shameful thing for you?”

“I…” Zhou Weiqing stared at Di Fengling with his mouth agape. Although Di Fengling wasn’t a Jewel Master, Zhou Weiqing was still like a little child in front of him. After all, since young, Di Fengling had seen him grown up, and was even more like a father to him than his own father. Even after knowing that his meridians were blocked and he couldn’t cultivate, Di Fengling still treated him the same. It could be said that besides his own father, the person Zhou Weiqing feared and respected the most was this godfather, who was filled with the aura and authority of a king. “Godfather… I already have someone I love.” Zhou Weiqing said tentatively.

“Oh? Who is it? Can she be prettier than my Difuya? Little Wei ah, I know that Difuya that child hurt you previously, but these few years she has also changed a lot. As a man, you shouldn’t be so petty.”

“Godfather, I’m telling the truth! I’ve already personally asked for that girl’s hand in marriage and gotten her agreement. Furthermore, we’ve already … done ‘it’. All that’s left is to give you a bouncing god-grandson. I have to be accountable to her as well.”

“What?!” Di Fengling stared at Zhou Weiqing. Although he knew about Zhou Weiqing Awakening his Heavenly Jewels, regarding what happened between Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Bing’er, how could Admiral Zhou possibly have the face to tell him that. As a result, he naturally did not know.

“You little brat, how old are you only? And you’ve already done it with her? You… Sigh… “ Di Fengling stood up from his dragon seat. Just as Zhou Weiqing thought he was about to get a scolding, he heard his godfather sigh and say: “Well, I guess I can’t blame you. Kids these days, they grow up so fast. If I had known this would happen, I should have held Difuya’s marriage to you earlier, then you wouldn’t go out and pluck wild flowers 1!”

“Ah?” What type of situation was this? For a moment, Zhou Weiqing was bamboozled, wondering if Difuya was really Di Fengling’s daughter or if he was Di Fengling’s son. After all, Di Fengling seemed too obviously on his side.

“Little Wei, you must remember. The most important to a man is power, once you have power, then you can have confidence in yourself. A confident man is attractive to women. Godfather isn’t against you having several wives, but you must remember to have restraint. Doing that too much isn’t good for you as well. Understand?”

Looking at Di Fengling telling him that in a serious face, Zhou Weiqing was twitching in his heart. He suddenly felt that his godfather was almost like his teacher, both supporting him to chase more girls. The only difference was that one was telling him to do so with a perverted face, and the other was telling him in a matter-of-fact way, with a serious, dignified air. Yet, in truth, they were saying the same thing. “Godfather, about the betrothal…” Zhou Weiqing asked hopefully.

Di Fengling gave him a glare: “I, Your Father, already allowed you to marry little wives, you’re still arguing with me? Hmph, shoo! Let me tell you, Difuya is also in the Fei Li Imperial Family Military Academy, you two better get along well. After graduation, I will personally hold the wedding ceremony for you both.” Zhou Weiqing opened his mouth to say something else, but Di Fengling had already swept out of the room, not giving him a chance to speak any further.

Ugh! Zhou Weiqing was rather depressed now. What am I going to tell Bing’er now? Still, he soon came up with another plan. So, Difuya will also be in the Military Academy? Hmph, didn’t she say she would rather marry a pig or a dog than me? I, Your Father, will let you know what a true rogue, a true scoundrel is, and she will know what real pain is! After graduation, she will naturally agree to come with me to dissolve the marriage together with godfather. Worse come to worse, I’ll have to run away with Bing’er. Heh heh.

As for Di Fengling who had just walked out of the study room, he had a faint smile on his face, as he thought to himself. Little Brat, trying to fight with I, Your Father, you’re still too young and naive to do so! Difuya, you can’t let me down. I specially sent you to the Fei Li Military Academy to let you snatch that little brat’s heart. Hua Feng has already told me that Little Wei’s future will definitely outstrip Big Bro Zhou. With my daughter’s beauty, how could she not capture his heart?

Alas, if Di Fengling knew who that the girlfriend Zhou Weiqing was referring to was the top beauty in the Empire, Shangguan Bing’er, he probably would not be so optimistic.

After he exited the palace, Zhou Weiqing went straight to Shangguan Bing’er’s house. In the two years they were at the Heavenly Bow Unit, they had returned every year, and he had occasionally accompanied her over, and was thus rather familiar with the route.

Shangguan Bing’er stayed in a rather ordinary small house in the commoner part of town; even after she had been awarded the noble title of Viscount, they did not move. Of course, it wasn’t that Shangguan Bing’er was unwilling to move, as she wanted to let her mother stay in a better environment. However, Tang Xian insisted that she was used to staying there and refused to move.

When Zhou Weiqing arrived, Shangguan Bing’er was in the garden with her mother planting vegetables. The garden was rather small, taking up about half of their already rather small courtyard. Zhou Weiqing stood at the entrance, looking at the beautiful mother and daughter pair planting in the gardens, and couldn’t help but stare entranced.

“Why don’t you come in?” Although Tang Xian had not even glanced in his direction, her voice rang forth.

“Hello Aunty.” Zhou Weiqing grinned and entered the courtyard. Seeing him, a joyful look crossed Shangguan Bing’er’s face, but it was quickly replaced by a sad look. After all, they were about to part for a few months, and she was feeling rather gloomy in her heart.

Tang Xian stood up, and even her simple clothing couldn’t hide her beauty. She smiled at Zhou Weiqing and said: “Little Fatty, from what Bing’er said, you’re headed to the Flying Hill City?”

In front of Tang Xian, Zhou Weiqing was always at his most honest and well behaved, and he quickly nodded his head and said: “Yup! I’m already 16 years old, and I promised Huyan Teacher to head over to learn from him.”

Tang Xian nodded and said: “Little Fatty, there are two things that you must remember. First of all, do not spend too much time and energy on learning how to create Consolidating Equipment Scrolls. The sheer amount of time needed to master it is extremely taxing, and it will definitely affect your cultivation. With your Elemental Jewel Attributes, you have just too great a talent to waste.” Zhou Weiqing quickly agreed. Towards Shangguan Bing’er’s mysterious mother, he was rather respectful and fearful, and his mother’s admonishment to him to listen to her was still fresh in his mind.

Tang Xian smiled faintly and continued: “The second thing is… When you Store Skills, do try your best to always store as many Control Type Skills as possible. Remember, you can never have too many Control Skills. Do you understand what I mean?”

Zhou Weiqing said honestly: “Not really.”

Tang Xian laughed and said: “You’re at least honest about that. Simply put, every time a Heavenly Jewel Master uses a skill, there will be a short period of time they will be unable to use it again2. For example, with your cultivation level, once you use your Touch of Darkness, within 10 seconds you are likely unable to continue using again. Am I right?”

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  1. finding women outside / having mistresses
  2. From now on if I refer to this, it’ll be as cooldown period


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