HJC – Book 5, Chapter 25.2

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Chapter 25 Admiral Zhou Arrives (2)

Admiral Zhou smiled faintly and said: “Very good, you have not disappointed me.”

Shangguan Bing’er started, and couldn’t help but look up at him.

Admiral Zhou slowly stood up and walked in front of her, smiling as he said: “Originally, when His Majesty and I discussed about this matter, I did it despite His Majesty’s objections, pulling you to the army camp. Do you know why I did so?”

Shangguan Bing’er shook her head in confusion.

Admiral Zhou continued saying: “ That’s because, the army camp is the best place to temper a person, since you chose to be a soldier, then everything needs to start from within the army camp. Only when you’ve experienced everything for yourself, when you’ve seen true bloodshed, seen soldiers’ lives pass before your eyes, then can the future you know your path, know what you are working towards. Your resignation, I accept it. In the future, if and when you return to the army camp, you will resume your commission as Battalion Commander. At that time, I believe that you will not tell me the two words ‘I resign’ again.

After he said that, Admiral Zhou returned to the commander’s chair and sat down, saying with a solemn voice: “Shangguan Bing’er, your orders are here.”

Shangguan Bing’er knelt down on a single knee: “This subordinate is here.”

Admiral Zhou said: “Permission granted for Shangguan Bing’er to be relieved of her duties as the 5th Regiment, 3rd Battalion Commander. The Battalion Commander position will be taken over by Xiao Se. Tomorrow morning, Shangguan Bing’er will return to the Heavenly Bow City, and you will report to the Heavenly Bow Unit.”

Upon hearing the 3 words ‘Heavenly Bow Unit’, Shangguan Bing’er noticeably trembled a little. When she once again lifted her head towards Admiral Zhou, her beautiful eyes showed an unrestrained joy. Admiral Zhou said with profound meaning hidden in his eyes: “The Heavenly Bow Unit is an even better place to temper a person. This time, there is no more backing down. Do you understand?”

Her eyes full of excitement, even fervour, Shangguan Bing’er said: “I understand. Thank you Admiral, for giving me this opportunity. No matter what price I have to pay, I will do my best to become a true member of the Heavenly Bow Unit.”

Admiral Zhou nodded and said: “Very good. Return to pack your things then, you will leave tomorrow morning.”

“Yes sir.” With a respectful agreement, Shangguan Bing’er stood up, glancing to docile and submissive Zhou Weiqing kneeling down at the side, before walking out of the tent.

As soon as Shangguan Bing’er left the tent, Admiral Zhou’s face turned black, even blacker than the bottom of a pan. Looking at Gao Shen and Qian Zhan Tian at the side, he said: “Both of you can head off now. Without my permission, no one is allowed to interrupt me.”

The two officers were considered some of the highest ranking military officers in the whole Heavenly Bow army, but they did not hesitate at all in obeying Admiral Zhou’s orders, bowing respectfully and heading out instantly. At this moment, there were only three people left in the tent, Admiral Zhou, Zhou Weiqing and Xiao Ru Se.

“Damn little brat, come over here!” Admiral Zhou shouted angrily.

“Orh.” Zhou Weiqing stood up and walked forth with a gloomy face, and as he passed by Xiao Ru Se, he shot her a quick glare.

Xiao Ru Se gave a helpless shrug. Little Wei, in the army, knowing information and not reporting upwards is a huge and serious crime. If Uncle Zhou didn’t come, I’d still be able to hide it, but since he came personally, if I didn’t tell him the truth and something happened to you in the future, how could I possibly face him?

Just as Zhou Weiqing was about to say something, Admiral Zhou’s foot came flying over without warning. *BANG*, Zhou Weiqing was knocked back 5 metres, rolling on the ground before lying down there.

Xiao Ru Se’s jaw dropped in shock; although she knew that Admiral Zhou had a fiery temper, but she did not expect that he would be able to be so ruthless towards his son.

“En?” Admiral Zhou’s eyes showed a tinge of surprise. When he had kicked Zhou Weiqing, at the point of impact, his foot had felt a soft, supple and flexible strength shifting most of the impact away.

Zhou Weiqing lay down on the ground, weeping 1 as he said: “Dad, I’m wrong! After all, I’m your only son, for mom’s sake, can you hit lighter?”

Admiral Zhou said coldly: “You still know your mom? She’s almost angered to death by you. Stop acting and get up.”

Zhou Weiqing didn’t dare keep acting in front of his father, and immediately vaulted up, causing the Wind Hat on his head to drop down. With a wronged look upon his face, he stole a quick glance at his father. That appearance, it was as if he was a mere punching bag; coupled with his honest, sad face, even Xiao Ru Se’s heart ached upon looking at the scene.

This was the first time Xiao Ru Se had seen Admiral Zhou lecturing Zhou Weiqing, and she thought to herself: This father and son pair are sure a match for each other, the father kicking the son 5 metres away, yet Little Wei is still totally fine.

“Dad, give me a chance to explain! This time it’s really not my fault!” As Zhou Weiqing said that, he sidled closer to Xiao Ru Se. If his father tried to hit him again, he would run over to her side!

Admiral Zhou gestured to the floor in front of him: “Come over here, kneel down and give your explanation.”

Zhou Weiqing said with a woebegone expression: “Dad, in front of Ru Se Elder Sis, can’t you save me some face?”

Admiral Zhou rolled his eyes and glared at him again: “Face? You still want face? Do you believe that your Father, I, will hit your face instead? Hmph. Let me tell you, you little brat, your father, I, have a stomach full of pent up anger now, if you’re going to talk some rubbish, I’ll beat you up until your mom doesn’t even recognize you!”

Zhou Weiqing was also used to being beaten, and had no choice but to kneel down, thinking to himself: If you beat me up until my mom doesn’t recognize you, she’ll beat you down!

“Dad, what happened was as follows. That day, I went to the Stars Forest to take a nice bath. That’s the usual spot I bathe in. Who knows that I would bump into the princess who also happened to take a bath there! It was really a coincidence! That Difuya was just too arrogant and obstinate, and she totally did not listen to my explanation, and used her Elemental Jewel to attack me, you almost lost your son then!”

“So you just ran like that?” Admiral Zhou said coldly. In truth, Difuya had already told the truth about what happened that day, as she knew how serious things were and didn’t dare hide anything. As such, he had already known what happened. If not for the fact that Zhou Weiqing wasn’t in the wrong, it wouldn’t have been a single foot greeting him just now. With Admiral Zhou’s temper, he would have already beaten Zhou Weiqing into a true Zhou Little Fatty. No. Perhaps he would be swollen into a Zhou Big Fatty. 2

Zhou Weiqing said aggrievedly: “How could I not run? Who knows what Difuya would say when she went back, if she blamed me instead, with your temper, wouldn’t you have broken my leg? For the sake of your future grandson, I decided to save my life first, so I decided to go out and forge a name for myself first. When I returned, wouldn’t that be a proud thing for you to see? I just happened to see the recruitment, and so I signed up to join the army.”

Looking at his father, he thought to himself: Looks like Ru Se Elder Sis did not fully tell on me. Dad doesn’t know about my Heavenly Jewel Awakening yet. Heh heh.

Listening to his son’s explanation, Admiral Zhou’s expression eased up a little. He knew his own temper, and in truth, if Difuya had turned the tables and lied about what happened, he probably wouldn’t have easily forgiven Zhou Weiqing.

“So, tell me, since you entered the 3rd Battalion, what name have you forged for yourself?” Admiral Zhou said passively. Before Zhou Weiqing could even open his mouth, Xiao Ru Se who was standing at the side quickly replied: “Uncle Zhou, Little Wei’s performance has been exemplary. Not only did he win the most outstanding recruit award in the Fresh Recruit Tournament and got himself the rank of Squad Leader, but he also was appointed personally by Commander Shangguan to be her Personal Aide. Furthermore, in the earlier ambush when Commander Shangguan was being attacked, it was his arrows that reversed the situation on the battlefield and saved her life. If we just talked about his credit on the battlefield, he can be promoted to a Company Leader!”

Xiao Ru Se’s words made Admiral Zhou’s expression ease up and look much better, and he said warmly: “Ru Se, are you praising this little brat too much? How can I not know his standards, how could Bing’er need saving from him?”

Xiao Ru Se smiled faintly and said: “Uncle Zhou, I’d better let Little Wei tell you himself. I’m sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised. A scholar who has been away three days must be looked at with new eyes. 3 The Little Wei now is no longer the same Little Wei as before.”

“Hmm?” Admiral Zhou looked suspiciously at his son. He totally did not consider the fact that Zhou Weiqing might become a Heavenly Jewel Master, after all he knew his son’s condition very well. With his meridians being blocked, there was no possibility of him cultivating Heavenly Energy. Admiral Zhou had spent many years trying out various methods, putting much time and energy into attempting to change that fact, but even with his mid level Zong Stage cultivation level, he had not been able to do anything about his son’s meridians. By now, he had already lost hope about that.”

“Speak, what’s that about?” Admiral Zhou said coldly as he looked as his son.

This time, Zhou Weiqing straightened his back and stood up tall, thinking to himself: Heh heh, I can finally stand up proudly in front of dad. Grinning, he said: “Dad, your son is now a Heavenly Jewel Master!” As he said that, the little rascal pulled back his sleeves and revealed both his wrists. Manipulating his Heavenly Energy, the Icy Jade Physical Jewel and the Alexandrite Cat’s Eye Elemental Jewel simultaneously appeared around his wrists and started revolving.

Looking at the Heavenly Jewels surrounding Zhou Weiqing’s wrist, Admiral Zhou started. The next instant, his face turned black and he shouted out: “You scoundrel!”

“Ah?” Zhou Weiqing was rather startled by the scolding as he thought to himself: What’s going on? I’m already a Heavenly Jewel Master and he’s still scolding me?

You little… how dare you pretend to be a Heavenly Jewel Master to try and deceive me and escape punishment? Furthermore, you still pretended to be a Blue Cat’s Eye Jewel, don’t you know how to act properly? Hmph, making your Father, I, happy for a minute, wait till I beat you to death!” As he said that, Admiral Zhou took a step forward and his hand whistled towards Zhou Weiqing’s head.

In truth, it was not surprising that he did not believe Zhou Weiqing. After all, preconceived ideas have a strong hold on people, and for him, someone who had suffered and tried everything for more than ten years in order to try and fix his son’s meridians and failing to do so, it was a rather sore spot for him. As such, he had instantly thought Zhou Weiqing was lying. Furthermore, it was now in the day, and the blue Cat’s Eye Jewel that showed was extremely unique; naturally he would not think of such a rare gem like the Alexandrite Cat’s Eye.

As his furious palm came hurtling down, it was indeed an a scary amount of strength thrown in a moment of anger. However, it was after all his son, and halfway through, before it reached him, he had managed to change the course of it, targeting Zhou Weiqing’s shoulder instead. If not, once that palm hit his face, Zhou Weiqing would become Zhou ‘Toothless’.

“Wuu Wuu”, an angry cry sounded out, and a cute little white head perked out of Zhou Weiqing’s leather armor, baring its little fangs at Admiral Zhou. Of course, Zhou Weiqing didn’t stand there to take the blow this time, and with a *swoosh* sound, his right leg tapped the ground and his body leapt back a few metres, dodging the blow.

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  3. That’s the literal translation of 士别三日,当舌目相看, basically as the words suggest, it means a momentous change in someone you’ve parted with for a while


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