HJC – Book 4, Chapter 22.3

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Chapter 22 Sharing Life and Death (3)

Naturally, Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Bing’er did not have the time to care about the fate of the Kalise Jewel Masters. The Forest Direwolves had successfully cut off their escape route, and the two of them were now trapped in the large tree they had climbed.

Zhou Weiqing drew his Purple Dawn Bow and was about to test the defence of one of the Forest Direwolves, but was quickly stopped by Shangguan Bing’er. “No! Don’t shoot them. These Forest Direwolves are very good at holding grudges. As long as you injure or kill one of their own kind, then we will be in deep trouble. Wait a while, perhaps they might give up and leave.”

Right at this point, below their tree, there were many Forest Direwolves gathered and milling around. Zhou Weiqing was also finally able to see their features in the moonlight.

These Forest Direwolves’ bodies were around 1.5 metres long, and were entirely greenish grey in colour. Their pair of ghostly green eyes were particularly prominent, but the most obvious trait was the collar of green fur standing up on its back. Their movements were extremely fast, and they were currently jumping around at the bottom of the tree. However, they were also very organised; besides few which had broken off to chase Bai Jiu and the rest of the Kalise Jewel Masters, there were still at least a hundred of the Forest Direwolves gathered around the tree.

Zhou Weiqing came up with a quick idea, and started circulating his Heavenly Energy slowly into his right leg, and instantly he felt the explosive power gather in his leg. Without looking, he knew that the black tattoos would definitely be back on his leg.

He was very clear that the aura of the black pearl would have a restraining effect on Heavenly Beasts. Unfortunately, he had no idea how to control the aura, and the only way he could currently think of was to make use of the black tattoos that appeared once he circulated his Heavenly Energy into his Demonic Right Leg.

Zhou Weiqing’s test was rather successful; when his Heavenly Energy circulated to his right leg, an invisible aura extended out. All of a sudden, the direwolves below which had been restlessly moving around suddenly froze and started moving backwards, whimpering, their glowing green eyes showing they were on their guard.

Zhou Weiqing beamed and said: “Yes, it worked! When these bastard wolves retreat, we can head back through the small path.”

Right at this moment, a sudden resonant wolf howl rang out, and in a flash of green light, it seemed as if the whole forest was lit up.

It was an extremely huge Forest Direwolf with a body of almost 3 metres in length. The strangest thing was its fur, which wasn’t greenish grey like the ordinary direwolves, but a very bright green, as if its huge body was entirely carved out of jade. Its pair of cold eyes glowed with a dim red light, and it was covered in a shimmering green aura.

Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Bing’er exchanged helpless looks: “This wouldn’t be a Direwolf King right?”

Shangguan Bing’er’s gorgeous face turned pale: “It really is a Direwolf King! Gods! It is a Zun Stage Heavenly Beast. Not to mention us, even 4 or 5-Jewelled Jewel Masters would have problems dealing with it!”

“Wuuuu——” Another loud howl issued out as the Direwolf King looked atop the tree, a anxious and doubtful expression on its face. It could sense the menacing aura from Zhou Weiqing. However, it did not have any sign of retreating, instead taking several careful steps forward.

Zhou Weiqing was after all still young and inexperienced, and he had made an error in judgement. The main reason why he dared to bring Shangguan Bing’er to brave the forests where the Heavenly Beasts lived was the courage brought to him by the Zong Stage Heavenly Beasts’ submission when he was Storing Skills. In his mind, if even Zong Stage Heavenly Beasts were afraid of the aura he emitted, how could there be any issues with entering the forest?

Alas, things would not be as simple as he had imagined. Indeed, those Zong Stage Heavenly Beasts had submitted to him when he was Storing Skills, and did not resist at all. He had guessed correctly that it was mainly due to the aura he emitted, but what he did not factor in was that they were all not only sealed, but also extremely weakened. In such a weakened state coupled with being sealed, the aura from the black pearl that Zhou Weiqing emitted indeed held a rather unique power that frightened them. All of that combined to cause them to fear him, bringing the unique scene of their submission to Zhou Weiqing and allowing him to succeed in Skill Storing.

However, the Direwolf King in front of them was very different. Although it was only at the Zun Stage, it was definitely the Lord of this section of the jungle. Though the aura from Zhou Weiqing was terrifying, but it still didn’t feel overbearingly strong. An ordinary Forest Direwolf would have retreated from fear, but as a Direwolf King, its pride would not allow it to just retreat like that. At least, not without Zhou Weiqing proving he had the strength that was worthy of its fear.

As the Direwolf King howled out loud, the hundred or so Forest Direwolves which had been backing away stopped doing so, resuming their encircling positions around the tree where Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Bing’er were.

Women are usually timid by nature, and Shangguan Bing’er subconsciously clutched Zhou Weiqing’s hands. “Little Fatty, what do we do now?”

The expression on Zhou Weiqing’s face was very ugly now; he was the one who had came up with the idea, and brought Shangguan Bing’er here as a changed escape route. In fact, even the whole idea of the night’s sneak attack was his plan. There was no such thing as a medicine for curing regret, and he could tell that the Forest Direwolves were about to launch their attack.

At this moment, the memory of his father rose up in his mind, telling him sternly: “Men cannot be afraid of committing mistakes. But once you do so, you must face up to your mistake bravely, and take responsibility.”

Turning his head to look at Shangguan Bing’er, he saw her frightened look and the despair in her eyes. Reaching out with his left hand, he softly wrapped her in his arms, embracing her and kissing her rather cold forehead softly.

“I’m sorry, Bing’er. This is all my fault. No matter what, I will ensure your safety. I will cause a distraction and draw their attention, you run from the side and head down the path, and you should reach back to the main path in around 10 li.” 1

“Little Fatty, you…” Shangguan Bing’er’s vision blurred. Was this really the Zhou Little Fatty who feared death so much?

Zhou Weiqing smiled faintly, taking off the quiver, taking out the arrows within and placing them in Shangguan Bing’er’s quiver. He then took off his Purple Dawn Bow and hung it on a branch.

Looking at his gentle but firm actions, the look in Shangguan Bing’er’s eyes began to change gradually. She did not try to stop him, and just watched him silently. However, in that instance, her heart had already affirmed him; this was her man. No matter how or why the danger had came about, but when it came, this man who was usually so afraid of death was willing to sacrifice his own life for hers. That was enough, truly enough. 2

In that very instance, the Direwolf King howled once again, and green light emitted from all the various Forest Direwolves, joining together and coalescing together. As Wind Aligned Heavenly Beasts, though these common Forest Direwolves were just at an ordinary Shi Stage, they all had the basic Wind Blades skill. With at least a hundred of these Forest Direwolves using Wind Blades at the same time, without question, the huge tree which Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Bing’er was perched on would soon be shredded into pieces.

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  1. That said…. I’m also kinda sad….

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    1. I know, right. “I thought I could lead an army because I’m a powerful and gifted woman, but it turns out I’m just a silly girl who needs a real man. … So I’ll leave Xiao Ru Se in charge*, and let Little Fatty lead me into the woods on some hare brained scheme.**”

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  4. However, in that instance, her heart had already affirmed him; this was her man. No matter how or why the danger had came about, but when it came, this man who was usually so afraid of death was willing to sacrifice his own life for hers. That was enough, truly enough.

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