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Chapter 208 Heavenly Bow Empire Battle Team! (3)

Heavenly Emperor Powerhouses were not allowed to interfere in ordinary wars, but currently the Heavenly Bow Empire did not even have a Heavenly King stage powerhouse of their own. Of course, Zhou Weiqing could not possibly keep bothering his Senior Uncle to help him, especially since he was immersed in Consolidating Equipment Scrolls.

As such, the only right solution was for Zhou Weiqing to reach the Heavenly King stage as quickly as possible. This time, Zhou Weiqing did not know how long he would be gone, so he needed to ensure everything would continue running well without his presence. After all their plans and contingencies, and with Ming Yu and the officers to run things, there should not be any problems. His only worry was if any enemy powerhouse entered the fray.

Before leaving, Zhou Weiqing left a letter for his Master, inviting him to stay in the Heavenly Bow Empire during the period he was gone. If a large amount of enemy powerhouses came, he would ask the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor to take care of them. As for the fact that Long Shiya previously mentioned he would not help him revive his Empire, our dear Little Fatty totally ignored it. In his letter, he gave the excuse of asking his Master to help him ‘protect a few people’, not to help him revive his homeland. Of course… the ‘few people’ was… quite a large number in the end.

Third day since the meeting.


Six warhorses quietly left the Crescent City, heading directly into the Fei Li Empire and eastwards.

The six warhorses were extremely conspicuous and attention drawing. The one at the head was extremely huge, covered with thick and sturdy looking scales, with a single horn on its head. It was the single-horned Ghost Demon Horse. Naturally, the youth seated comfortably atop it was Zhou Weiqing.

Their group of six was definitely attention grabbing. Zhou Weiqing, Tian’er and Yun Li were all mounted on Ghost Demon Horses, while Ma Qun, Crow and Xixi were mounted on their Unicorn Heavenly Beasts. These were all top horse-type Heavenly Beasts in the entire mainland. Furthermore, the figures and stature of the six of them were indeed massive. Besides Tian’er and Yun Li who looked relatively normal, even Zhou Weiqing was nearly two metres tall. Of course, even he paled in comparison to Ma Qun and the two Gold Crow Tribe girls.

Of course, though they drew much attention and gazes on their journey, perhaps due to their massive sizes, they did not actually meet any trouble. Within ten days, they had reached a city in the east of the Fei Li Empire, called the Green Jade City. As soon as they passed through the Green Jade City and headed east for another few hundred li, they would enter the ZhongTian Empire.

There was still more than a month before the Heavenly Jewel Tournament began, and they had a lot of time to spare. The reason they moved out so early was because Tian’er wanted to care for Tian’er, and wanted to take their time in traveling. Although they currently could not see any outward signs that she was actually pregnant, but he did not want to take any chances! As such, in their current travels, they did not rush or would also find a comfortable place to rest every night.

“Weiqing, I have heard that there is a special delicacy called the Green Jade Cake Roll in this Green Jade City. Shall we go try it since we are here?” Yun Li said to him.

Ever since he met Zhou Weiqing, he had never been able to experience a relaxed day again. If he wasn’t researching Consolidating Equipment Scrolls, he was creating them. This time, he was finally getting a chance to rest and relieve stress, and he was happy that Zhou Weiqing had chosen this slow method of traveling. Watching the scenery as they moved, enjoying the good food as they traveled, it was quite a good feeling.

“Sure, that sounds good! You’ve been to this Green Jade City before?” Zhou Weiqing asked Yun Li.

Yun Li shook his head, saying: “No I haven’t, I only just heard of it. You all wait a while, I’ll go inquire about it and see which place sells the best Green Jade Cake Rolls.” As he said that, he passed his reins to Ma Qun before heading off to inquire for more information.

Before long, Yun Li returned. “Not far up ahead, there is an inn called the Green Jade Palace. We can find the Green Jade Cake Rolls there. Come on, we can also stay there for the night.”

Following Yun Li, the group soon reached the Green Jade Palace he had mentioned.

Although its name was impressive, it was just a three story inn. Of course, for a small border city like the Green Jade City, it was considered one of the luxurious inns.

Handing their horses over to the stablekeep and paying for the best fodder for it, the group entered the inn.

They checked in three rooms. Naturally, Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er would share a room. Alas for Ma Qun, he had been abandoned by Crow as soon as they left the Crescent City, so he had to share a room with Yun Li while Crow and Xixi shared a room.

The six of them first went to their rooms for a short rest and clean up, arranging to meet up in the dining hall of the inn later to try the Green Jade Cake Roll.

“Dear, hug!” Zhou Weiqing grinned as he enveloped Tian’er in his arms.

Tian’er giggled, saying: “Don’t! I want to take a bath and change before we go eat.”

She was not like human females who might feel shy so easily, instead feeling happy that Zhou Weiqing was so infatuated with her.

“How about we take the bath together? Heh heh.” Zhou Weiqing grinned.

Tian’er blushed slightly, rolling her eyes at him, saying: “Well, now you aren’t afraid of harming your child?”

Zhou Weiqing chuckled and said: “I’ll be gentle… who knows our precious will be in your stomach saying… Wahh, papa is here to visit me again.”

*Pfft* Tian’er laughed at that, ‘savagely’ punching him a few times. At last, she fell into the shameless perverted fellow’s arms.

Zhou Weiqing was best at shamelessly following up on things when given the slightest opportunity, and he immediately began ‘helping’ Tian’er remove her clothes. Taking a bath together, such a great temptation, a certain person’s ‘beastly blood’ began to boil instantly.

Right at that moment, a knocking sound rang on their door.

“Who is it!” Zhou Weiqing asked exasperatedly. Anyone who was interrupted at such a time would definitely not be in a good mood.

“Sir, the situation is like that. There are a few new guests outside who have taken a fancy to your mounts, and they are asking if you would sell the mounts to you.” The waiting staff’s voice traveled from outside.

Zhou Weiqing said: “We’re not selling. Stop disturbing our rest.”

After a slight pause, the staff’s tentative voice said: “Those guests said that they are willing to pay a high price.”

Zhou Weiqing felt his anger rising, and he let go of Tian’er, stalking to the door and opening it. The staff immediately nodded at him respectfully and with humility. He could naturally tell that Zhou Weiqing’s group were not ordinary at all.

“Go tell those people, ten million gold coins per mount. If they can afford it, then we will sell, otherwise tell them to stop bothering me.” After saying that, Zhou Weiqing slammed the door shut.

The staff stood there, stunned momentarily. Only after a few moments did he finally react. Ten million gold coins? This gentleman truly knows how to demand an exorbitant price.

Returning to the room, Zhou Weiqing ignored Tian’er’s sudden startled cry as he picked her up and walked into the bathroom. In the misty hot bath, the sounds of spring pervaded the room.

Two hours later, the Heavenly Bow Battle Team met in the dining hall. They sat together at a table in the corner, having ordered the Green Jade Cake Roll and a large amount of other food.

“Why are you all looking at me?” Tian’er said shyly as she glanced at the others.

Xixi blinked and said: “Sis Tian’er, you are so beautiful. Why is your face so red, you look so cute and beautiful!”

Tian’er was left speechless, and below the table, she stomped savagely on Zhou Weiqing’s foot. She was originally extremely beautiful, and after just being ‘enriched’, she naturally looked especially attractive. It was no wonder that the others couldn’t help but look at her.

“Err, come let’s eat, let’s eat.” Zhou Weiqing could only endure the pain in his foot and quickly change the topic.

As he glanced at Yun Li unwittingly, he realised that fellow was mouthing a line: Wanton actions in the day!

Zhou Weiqing’s skin had always been thick, and he did not care what others thought about him. Looking at the beauty beside him again, his heart was filled with satisfaction. He was growing more and more infatuated with Tian’er.

Soon, their food was served. They were no refined nobles or the like, and they immediately began eating voraciously.

Just as they were in the midst of their meal, another group of guests arrived, seating near them. As it was in the afternoon, and not during any meal time, the dining hall was relatively empty.

This new group numbered five, four males and one lady. Their clothes were showy, especially the lady’s. She looked about twenty years of age, dressed in a purple skirt with a gold peacock embroidered upon it. Her features were above average, with a curvaceous figure, though she paled in that department compared to Tian’er. Still, she could still be considered a beauty.

The lady sat down first, and the other four men were clearly very attentive of her, helping her pull out her chair, ordering dishes etc. Their voices were especially loud in the dining hall.

“I wonder which bastard is the one who owns those horses, actually quoting us ten million gold coins, how sick.” The lady was clearly in a bad mood as she said angrily. She did not lower her voice, and Zhou Weiqing and his group could clearly hear her.

When she finished speaking, she happened to glance over at Zhou Weiqing’s table. When she saw the strange mix of people there, especially the absolute beauty Tian’er, her gaze froze momentarily.

“Xuan’er, don’t be angry. Isn’t it just some Ghost Demon Horses and Unicorn Beasts, I’ll get one for you later, whichever you prefer. Although those are indeed expensive, ten thousand gold should be enough to get one.” One of the youths seated beside the lady called Xuan’er said fawningly.

Xuan’er gave a cold humph. “Do I need you to pay ten thousand gold for me? Do I lack money? Hmph, some people just don’t know what’s good for them. Don’t let me know who it is, otherwise I’ll teach them a lesson.”

Obviously, Zhou Weiqing knew she was speaking of them, but he ignored them, continuing to eat with large mouthfuls. Guzzling down his food, he did not look civilized at all. However, with Ma Qun, Crow and Xixi there, he was not too obvious. The table which was filled with food was swept clean in a short time.

Ma Qun called out loudly: “Boss, another round, same order as just now.”

If one had to point out the biggest flaw of the Berserker and Gold Crow Tribe, it was definitely their insane appetite.

Their appetite was no joke at all! For the two tribes to actually run into survival issues, their sheer capacity for food was one of the reasons. It was no surprise really, with their massive stature and strength, it was normal to have a larger appetite.

One of the other youths at Xuan’er’s table, with thin lips and clearly with an acrid tongue, said in a low tone: “What a bunch of gluttons1. Xuan’er, do you think those horses belong to them?”

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  1. The phrase ‘吃货’ literally means those who eat. Can be used to describe foodies, people who eat a lot, or slang for ‘those who only know how to eat’, or being good for nothing. In this case, I used glutton but his meaning would likely be tending towards the latter


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