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Chapter 202 Living Hell! (3)

As Lin TianAo supported Zhou Weiqing to walk along, only then did he truly sense how weak he was. Zhou Weiqing’s current state was truly terrible, his entire body nearly drained dry of energy, and he had to lean almost all of his weight on Lin TianAo as he ‘flopped’ along.

However, despite his weakness, Zhou Weiqing’s current feelings were considered very joyous. The two greatest problems he was facing had been solved, and it was without a doubt that he had taken a huge step towards the revival of his homeland.

Duan Tianlang did not return to his own abode, instead still going along with Zhou Weiqing and the others to the governor’s mansion. Currently, Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er were fully drained dry of energy, almost to the point where they couldn’t even sit down to cultivate at that point. They could only wait for their bodies to slowly recover at their natural regeneration state, and within three days it would be impossible for them to move properly.

“Weiqing, I’m afraid that you will soon have to face a lot more trouble, you better have preparation for that in your heart.” As soon as they were away from the crowd, Duan Tianlang said with furrowed brows.

Zhou Weiqing started momentarily, alarm in his heart as he asked: “What trouble?” For a person like his Senior Uncle, whose cultivation level was almost reaching that of any ordinary Heavenly Emperor, to say that he would meet trouble… it just showed that this trouble was not small at all.

Duan Tianlang sighed and said: “Just now you really shouldn’t have used that Skill! Killing so many at once, it is going against the heavens. Furthermore, that offensive power of that Skill, it is almost able to match a Low Level Heavenly Emperor’s area of effect skill. As long as those Kalise Empire soldiers aren’t fools, they will spread the news out. That will definitely bring about some Heavenly Emperor powerhouses to look into the matter. After all, there is an agreement between all Heavenly Emperors that restrict them from interfering in human wars, or taking action on battlefields. Even for Heavenly King powerhouses, we are restricted from using area of effect skills on the battlefield. In this area, even for your Master, as proud as he is, he would not dare to offend all the Heavenly Emperors in the world in this.”

Zhou Weiqing’s expression changed immediately as he exclaimed: “There will be Heavenly Emperors investigating the matter… or causing trouble?”

Duan Tianlang shook his head and said: “Not necessarily causing trouble. For Heavenly Emperor powerhouses, all of them are either living a free and easy life, otherwise they belong to one of the Great Saint Lands. Amongst the five Great Saint Lands, it is clear that the Heavenly Snow Mountain and Heavenly Demon Sect won’t come causing trouble for you. As for the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, they already know you are here so that isn’t an issue either. As for the Passion Valley and the Blood Red Hell, as long as they don’t have anything better to do, they shouldn’t interfere as well. As such, according to the normal circumstance, you would just be receiving a warning from the Great Saint Lands, but there shouldn’t be any actual action taken yet. However, if this happens again, I’m afraid that even the Heaven’s Expanse Palace won’t sit back and let you continue.”

Zhou Weiqing gave a bitter smile as he said: “But… I’m not even close to being a Heavenly Emperor yet!”

Duan Tianlang looked at him and said: “Silly boy, so many people know that your Master is by your side, and that Fatty Long also has the Darkness Attribute. Do you think you really can explain yourself clearly? If you said he wasn’t the one who did it, who would believe you?! Furthermore, if they actually truly believed you, it would be even more troublesome. A six-Jeweled and seven-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Masters joining forces to release a Skill that reaches the power of the Heavenly Emperor stage… such secret arts… how many people would be drawn to that? My boy, do not underestimate human greed… If that really happens, even if you run off to the Heavenly Snow Mountain or the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, there will still be people who will come after you.”

Zhou Weiqing’s brow furrowed deeply as he said worriedly: “Senior Uncle, what should we do then?”

Duan Tianlang said: “Keep a low profile, and do not ever use that Skill on the battlefield again.”

“I believe that within ten days, you will receive some warnings. At that time, you just need to maintain a low profile and reply politely. Anyway, they will assume it is your Master who did it, so you might as well just throw the shit onto Fatty Long’s head. You can then express that your Master has already left, and will no longer interfere in your battles. Overall speaking, the situation shouldn’t be too bad, I just wanted to give you a heads up of the possible ramifications. In fact, things should be going well. Those three Regiments of the Kalise Empire should not dare return in the next ten days due to that matter, and after that, when they return, enough time should have passed that you do not have to hold out long before your reinforcements arrive.”

Zhou Weiqing released the breath he didn’t even know he was holding, grinning relaxedly as he said: “Heh heh, as long as it isn’t some Heavenly Emperors coming here to cause trouble, then its fine. Poor Master! He will get shot even when he is lying down 1! I hope that he won’t beat me up when he returns.”

Duan Tianlang laughed heartily and said: “He treats you like his most treasured prize, how could he bear to beat you up2? Alright, it is time for me to return as well, these old bones have not fought for so long, I am also very tired now.

Duan Tianlang left, and only the trio of Zhou Weiqing, Tian’er and Shangguan Xue’er remained in the room.

Shangguan Xue’er closed the door before releasing a long breath, saying: “I never imagined… the power of the Saint Energy would be so monstrous. That instant, even I was terrified. Weiqing, what happened with that Hell’s Angel?”

Zhou Weiqing began to describe the entire process of him unleashing the Hell’s Angel’s Skill. Hearing his words, the two girls’ eyes were filled with shock.

“The Skill… the Heavenly Skill Image… actually came to life?!” Even though Shangguan Xue’er came from the Heaven’s Expanse Palace and had the most experience and knowledge amongst them, she had never seen or heard of such a strange circumstance. For a Skill to come to life… she couldn’t even imagine such a thing!

A light of wisdom flashed in Zhou Weiqing’s eyes momentarily as he said: “This should be another use of the Saint Energy that we hadn’t previously uncovered. As we know, the Saint Energy is a product of the fusion of the four Saint Attributes, and without question it is the strongest known power in the world. I would not find it strange no matter what kind of other unique effects it may generate. We were once again lucky this time, that Senior Uncle’s power was far beyond my expectations. Otherwise, after this strange abrupt change from the Saint Energy, we might not have been able to survive that Heavenly King assassin, let alone kill him. Well, at least now that the fellow is finally dead, we can all breathe easily once more. At least, we don’t have to keep worrying that someone is always about to ambush us.”

Tian’er said: “You still need to be wary. Whoever the employer is, if they can send one, who’s to say they won’t send a second assassin?”

Zhou Weiqing laughed heartily and said: “When soldiers come, we will fight them off with a general, when the water rises we will use earth to blockade it off3. Let them come. Alright, let’s not speak of that for now. Xue’er, come aid us in circulating our Heavenly Energy, we are drained too dry to begin it ourselves. This time, we have definitely benefited in influence and awe, but that energy consumption was just too scary. I can barely even move my hands now.”

In the next few days, both Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er were lost in the state of recovery. However, both of their bodies were in much better state than he had first feared. With Shangguan Xue’er’s help, their Heavenly Energy recovered relatively quickly. Zhou Weiqing was able to determine that this was also because in the end, both of them had managed to save enough to maintain their personal little Saint Energy whirlpool. Otherwise, they would have to start everything from zero once more. If that truly happened, perhaps even three months of recovery would not be sufficient.

The Kalise Empire army did not retreat far, setting up camp about thirty li from the Crescent City instead this time. When Zhou Weiqing heard that news, he knew that his Senior Uncle’s judgement should be accurate. The Kalise Empire should have already sent out news about the devastation caused by his Hell’s Angel Skill, and was waiting for others to come to warn and restrict him. More accurately, to them it would be to restrict the Heavenly Emperor on his side. They would not just give up just like this, and were now just waiting for their next opportunity.

Let them wait then. The more time that passes, the greater the advantage we will have. Since these Kalise Empire fellows weren’t in a rush, Zhou Weiqing was naturally happy to keep status quo.

On the eighth day since the repulsion of the attack, a letter from the Heaven’s Expanse Palace came. Of course, it was not directed at Zhou Weiqing, instead for Shangguan Xue’er. Within the letter, it was clearly asking about what had really happened.

Regarding this, Zhou Weiqing had already planned a draft reply. Their return letter was simple, and he told the Heaven’s Expanse Palace that during the battles he had twice been ambushed by the Heavenly King assassin, further describing the Heavenly King assassin in detail. Naturally, this had caused his Master to fly into a rage, and he had been unable to restrain himself and struck out in a fit of anger. As his Master knew he had violated the agreement, he had left, and promised that this would not happen again.

Zhou Weiqing’s reply was seamless and perfect indeed. Those who knew Long Shiya well knew that this fatty was extremely protective of his own, even to a fault. It was quite normal that something like this would happen.

What followed next was a query from the Passion Valley, also asking similar questions. Naturally, they replied with a similar answer. After that, the Blood Red Hell followed suit, though their wording was much stricter and stern, saying that if something similar occurred, they would personally send powerhouses to deal with them.

As for the Heavenly Snow Mountain and Heavenly Demon Sect, they did not even send any query or warnings. However, two days after the Blood Red Hell’s questioning, the Kalise Empire armies began to show signs of movement once more.

This time, they did not choose the full frontal assault again, instead spreading out in the distance to fully surround the entire Crescent City.

As they started surrounding the city, in the distant plains, another two Regiments of soldiers actually appeared.

As the three Kalise Regiments had still been camped on the outskirts of the city, they had strictly barricaded them from sending out scouts. The Peerless Regiment currently numbered so few, and they naturally dared not risk moving out without reason. Yet, the Kalise Empire had actually sent another two Regiments. It was clear that not only did Zhou Weiqing’s actions the other day not scare them off, it had actually just rang warning bells to them, and it was clear that their objective was to nip this growing resistance here in the bud, destroying them totally. This was totally out of Zhou Weiqing’s expectations.

Previously, there were still around twenty seven thousand remaining soldiers from the three Regiments, and they were now joined by another two Regiments numbering twenty thousand. This was already two thirds of the original Kalise Empire army!

Furthermore, the two new Regiments had brought another batch of siege weapons. Of course, the numbers were not as much as the first time, but it was still a sight to behold.

Standing on the city walls, Zhou Weiqing had already recovered all his basic Heavenly Energy in the past ten days. However, his Saint Energy was still barely less than half recovered. At this point, he couldn’t help but scold out loud: “Are these Kalise Empire fellows crazy? We only have seven hundred men, and they actually sent out fifty thousand soldiers….” No matter how much confidence he had in the Peerless Regiment and their combat prowess, facing such an unbelievable difference in numbers, how could he still remain fully positive?

The surrounding Kalise main army was not in a rush to attack. It was as if the Crescent City was already meat at their mouth, and they could swallow it anytime.

With nearly fifty thousand soldiers, it was more than enough to totally surround a small city like the Crescent City. From the distance, the soldiers which had looped around joined up with the two new Regiments, moving in slightly as they closed ranks in perfect formation all around the Crescent City, in a containment that not even a single drop of water would leak out.

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  1. Literal translation, meaning getting blamed for something he didn’t do, or getting involved/dragged into a matter when it has nothing to do with him
  2. Why do I think Zhou Weiqing the troll is being trolled?
  3. Literal translation of an idiom. Basically means we will deal with whatever comes


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