HJC – Book 23, Chapter 197.2

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Chapter 197 Dragon-Tiger Transformation – 2nd Form! (2)

The assassin gave a cold humph, his entire body tensing as white light burst forth, instantly increasing his Heavenly Dao Energy to the maximum. In terms of physical strength, he was naturally far from Zhou Weiqing, but as his Heavenly Energy exploded to the max, he could temporarily raise his strength to a terrifying level. At the same time, the Darkness Attribute energy in the atmosphere welled over to him and surging into the black rapier. In that short moment, the Assembly Set Sword’s power raised even futher.

This was the power of the Heavenly Dao Energy, able to use the energies of the heavens as his own.

As Zhou Weiqing pulled back, the assassin did not try to go against it, instead in that burst of power, he pierced forward instead. With the burst of terrifying power, the rapier actually broke free of Zhou Weiqing’s left claw, striking straight towards the heart in his left chest.

That assassin’s offensive power was just so terrifying, but in that lightning speed strike, Zhou Weiqing’s body actually managed to twist slightly. However, the following scene actually caused the calm heart of the assassin to no longer maintain his tranquility.

Although Zhou Weiqing managed to twist his body slightly, he was still unable to fully dodge the sword. A horrible scraping sound rang out as the rapier pierced right into his left chest. Although it was to the side and not directly at the heart area, in the assassin’s viewpoint, it was still more than enough to kill Zhou Weiqing. Without that strange physical immunity skill active, he was confident that once his blade pierced through Zhou Weiqing, its destructive power was more than enough to destroy his innards.

However, would Zhou Weiqing really die to this sword? To the assassin’s shock, his eight Jeweled Assembly Set Sword actually struck on the scales of Zhou Weiqing’s chest, causing many sparks to fly, but he was actually unable to pierce right through, only leaving a deep white scar.

The force of the impact caused Zhou Weiqing’s body to flip back and sent him flying, but that sword that should have slain him instantly had been unable to take his life!

This… how could this be? Even if it were another Heavenly King stage powerhouse, if he managed to pierce that person with his eight-Jeweled Assembly Set Sword, he would definitely be severely injured! A little six-Jeweled Zun Stage fellow… he had.. He had actually taken the blow just like that with just barely a scar to show for it?!

Despite his sheer shock, the assassin continued attacking, perhaps from instinct alone. In his mind, as long as his enemy did not die, he would not stop, only using an even greater explosive power on his target.

The rapier whistled in the air as it pierced out once more. The Heavenly King stage Agility Physical Jewels burst out in full speed, and his figure could not even be seen in the skies at the speed he was moving. Another earsplitting explosive sound rang out as Zhou Weiqing barely managed to use his left palm to block the sword, but was still pierced by it. However, this time, he was better able to block and dodge the main blow, and the rapier was only able to pierce his shoulder.

A stronger explosive power, forced into just a pinpoint blow, causing Zhou Weiqing to grunt in a muffled cry. Once again, he was blown backwards in the impact, but as the rapier pierced into his shoulder, it was barely half an inch, barely seeing the scales dent inwards. As the assassin tried to unleash his explosive Heavenly Energy into the wound, he was shocked to find that he was unable to even push his Heavenly Energy into Zhou Weiqing’s body.

This was a total upheaval about everything he knew. The defensive power of Zhou Weiqing’s scale had reached a whole other level. Even if it still wasn’t able to fully block all of his attacks, but if he wanted to kill Zhou Weiqing, he was actually unable to do so in a short amount of time.

The greatest surprise was that the small white notch which had been caused by the first blow was now healing rapidly.

The Heavenly King Stage assassin refused to believe it, and his body flashed forward in another attack. However, just as he did so, he was met with a sudden burst of snow white light. An unbelievably powerful sword intent instantly encased his body, and with a clang, the white figure that had charged at him was knocked back, blood spurting out from its mouth. However, the terrifying sword intent from that white sword also caused the black clad assassin’s body to halt, as the white figure fell back down to the ground.

At last, Shangguan Xue’er had arrived. Previously, in that instant, she thought that Zhou Weiqing had been killed, but he had somehow entered the second stage of the Dragon Tiger Transformation and held on past the last few attempts of the Heavenly King Stage assassin.

Tian’er also came right on her heels, but both of them did not have the capability of flight. Even more worrying, Zhou Weiqing in midair did not seize the chance of being knocked back to fly down to them, instead charging towards the Heavenly King assassin once more.

*ROOOAAARRR* High up in the sky, the entire air shook and vibrated as an angry howl that shook the world burst forth from Zhou Weiqing’s mouth. Currently, that roar gave the impression that ten thousand tigers were snarling angrily, the terrifying sound waves causing the Heavenly King Stage assassin to actually be stunned in midair for a split second.

The rapier pierced forward yet again, and the Heavenly King assassin’s entire body was encased with a layer of black, his Heavenly Energy circulating throughout his body and pushed outwards, an explosive surge of Heavenly Energy causing the entire black rapier to be filled with a destructive aura. This time, the target was Zhou Weiqing’s throat.

Both tiger paw and dragon claw crossed in midair. This time, Zhou Weiqing did not attempt to dodge. Instead, with a loud clang, the sword actually pierced onto his throat, causing the scales there to cave in. Zhou Weiqing ignored it totally, instead his hands had already smashed down together, grabbing onto the sword.

The rapier with all the power of the Heavenly King assassin gathered in his greatest blow, all of his strength, yet it was still unable to pierce through Zhou Weiqing’s throat. At the same time, his black rapier had been fully locked onto by his dragon claw and tiger paw.

Instantly, the Heavenly King assassin shook his arm, trying to use his power to destroy Zhou Weiqing’s dragon claw and tiger paw.

To his surprise, he was unable to do so. Not only were they unbelievably tough, they were like steel traps, fully locking onto his black rapier. A massive strength traveled through it once more, pulling his entire body along.

Such disgusting strength! That was equal to any Heavenly King Stage powerhouse with the Strength Attribute right?

Just as the Heavenly King STage was lost in shock, from below another terrifying sword intent rose once more. Shangguan Xue’er’s body vanished, and all that remained was that huge Boundless Infinitum Sword.

At its side, a giant white tiger also sprang up. She was unable to fly, but with that leap, she was able to charge towards where Zhou Weiqing and the assassin were. In midair, Tian’er’s purple eyes suddenly glowed as two bouts of purple light shot out. At the same time, a resplendent golden light rushed out from her body, forming a golden tiger of energy, speeding towards the Heavenly King assassin.

In that instant, both Tian’er and Shangguan Xue’er had burst forth with their strongest attacks, as if pitting their entire lives in a single blow. In their hearts, they only had one notion. Little Fatty, you must hold on! If not for the sudden attacks from the two ladies, perhaps the assassin could have continued with his blow, and using all his might he might have finally pierced through Zhou Weiqing’s throat eventually. After all, even though Zhou Weiqing’s body was at another level from the second stage of the Dragon-Tiger Transformation, he was still after all still a six-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master. There was quite a large element of luck for him to even enter this second stage; under normal circumstances he should have only been able to do so after reaching the ninth-Jeweled cultivation level.

No matter how confident this Heavenly King assassin was in himself, he did not dare to allow the two attacks from Shangguan Xue’er and Tian’er to land on his body. His greatest strength was his offense, not his defense. Left with no choice, he had to draw back his eight-Jeweled Assembly Set Sword, and the black rapier vanished from between Zhou Weiqing’s claws. At the same time, his body spun around in midair, and the rapier appeared once more in his hands, and in a swing, a black arc of light struck out.

This was truly a display of power for a Heavenly King powerhouse. If it had been Lin TianAo, with a similar Assembly Set Equipment, once he dismissed his Assembly Set Shield, within a short period of time he would not be able to summon it out and reassembly it so quickly. However, for this assassin, it looked as if it disappeared, and in the next instant reappearing, as if it had been an illusion.

The black arc of light was so wide that it could reach all three of the youths.

Shangguan Xue’er’s terrifying Body and Sword as One first struck the black light, causing a massive explosion as she was thrown back down on the ground. Next, Tian’er’s gold light struck, and the gold tiger was also shattered by the black light.

If it were any ordinary Heavenly King stage powerhouse, Shangguan Xue’er and Tian’er’s attacks would definitely not be dissipated so easily. However, this Heavenly King assassin was truly a master at the peak of his powers, fully focused only on offense, offense and offense. His offense was truly at the level that he could destroy his enemies’ attacks as well. A powerhouse who actually used all his eight Jewels in an offensive Assembly Set, that offensive power was just too disgusting. In terms of pure offensive power alone, it far surpassed the Boundless Infinitum Sword… and both girls’ attacks were dissipated just like that.

Even so, the assassin was not able to fully withstand their attacks. After all, he had been forced to disassemble and reassemble his sword so swiftly, and that instant of time had barely been enough. As such, the Spirit Attribute attack that Tian’er had shot out from her eyes still landed upon him, causing him to freeze in midair for a split second, slowing his movement.

Right at that instant, Zhou Weiqing’s attack reached. This time, it was his right leg, the enormous black scorpion tail that it had warped into.

Still, the Heavenly King assassin was just too power. Even under that massive onslaught and disadvantageous position, he was still barely able to move his sword in the last second, somehow able to use the last dredges of the black arc of light to block his right leg.

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  1. Damn I love this series. Really great transition into the Heavenly Demon Sect arriving(My guess). Now we get the sect leader teaching him about this second evolution? And who knows the most about this Heaven and Earth Anomaly, because it will be very interesting when Fat Cat’s dad comes to train something with him due to no one else knowing about it.

    1. Just a little grammar error, just ask zen to change it, no need to inflate a problem any further, we’re all friend and brothers in search of the ultimate dao here, 🙂

  2. if you have to use the cliche “this is not my final form” as a plot armor to save the protagonist it just shows the author lack in skills, pretty disappointed. Couldn’t the gold consolidate master that follows them come same him, i’m sure he is heavenly emperor stage….anything but this cliche. Also hate this unreasonable power jump, this dude at the peak of heavenly king stage and focuses on offense yet he can’t even hurt Zhou Weiqing and needs to put 120% effort and time if he wants to eventually break his scales? Ridiculous. At this rate they will just keep introduction more power levels if they which to find someone to challenge Zhou Weiqing and then he will reveal another form/transformation….smh. Better save this story by saying this is a miracle and one time thing and this transformation better have serious consequences like put him in a coma for months…cause any huge boost in power like this should have serious consequences.

    1. Another thoughtless comment. Just because it was overused in bleach doesn’t make it cliche. The Dark Demon God Tiger Transformation had at least two known evolutions before The Dragon-Tiger fusion ever came into being. Thusly, The Dragon-Tiger transformation having at least two evolutions is simple follow-up logic. Honestly, why bother reading it if you don’t even have enough memory to remember.

      1. Also it just really fits into the story with what feels to be the Heavenly Demon Sect arc next. In addition after the transformation he gained wings but we have not seen it be the focus. The focus was the six jewel formation. So this is the big showing on the actual bloodline, makes alot of sense especially when you remember his last life and death moment was too fast for reaction or before the transformation. In addition the power up has a huge downside with him not being fully in control which fits with the “demonic” attribute and most likely arc.

        If there was an Arc I would actually complain about “lucky” it would be the appearance of the dragon, Big Fatty being there with the Blood Red Hell fight, or the priest kill. I am okay with all those because they fit well into the narrative. This part was really well done IMO, with tying up a bunch of lose threads and leading into the next arc.

      2. i’m not even going to bother with you since you clearly don’t know what a cliche is and also proving my point by saying he has/should have several more transformation that the author can you as, an a** pull in fights. i remember the other transformations and i let it go but using over and over is just not good. I get protagonist have plot armor and can get away in seemly impossible situations, but a rank 0 beating a rank 10 because of some “transformation/second form” is just poor writing on the authors part. ps that was an example in case someone is too stup*d to see it.

        Note: i’m not saying i can do better than the author, as someone who has read and watched several works of people, i have higher standard than this.

        1. He’s not using it as an asspull – that is my point. Cliche refers to things that are overused and betray lack of original thought. In both cases, you are the one who is off.
          1. Asspull refers to things that are pulled out of thin air, without any reasonable basis or foundation backing them up! Obviously, even if you’ve got the poorest memory, you should realize that this is not the case with Zhou Weiqing’s Transformations. Hence you’re just spouting bullshyte, as explained by my previous comment.

          2. Transformations are and have been part of Zhou Weiqing fundamental strength since he swallowed the DDGT’s essence, which is like first 3 chapters. After reading up to here, whining about them, when you have absolutely no basis to be doing so due to the solid writing behind it, is just being salty.

          3. Hello-o!! As long as a fantasy story builds a solid foundation behind what it throws at the readers, it’s part and parcel of the story. “Rank 0 beating Rank 10” – proves just how much you wanna ignore the writing behind it in a desperate attempt to make a nonexistent point.

          I’m fully satisfied with this story – apart from my distaste for the rape scenes and forced subsequent romantic relationships with the victims. It’s consistent, has great battles with fantastic momentum and usually zero peanut galleries, the emotions are portrayed brilliantly and come across clearly, and the scheming is top notch. I have not read a single other Xianxia on here that can claim as much, and I’ve read at least 12 by this point.

          1. Read warlock of the magus world, i’d say its better than this.

            okay, fair enough, a** pull was not the most appropriate word but its not far off. My point is, it’s poor writing. You may be satisfied with it, but i am not. Its a wuxia novel so i am not expecting much, and thus i let things slid, because all the fortunate encounters are how these stories are told, but what i do not like and think its poor for the author to do is give the protagonist two god tier bloodlines, then fuse them and create a never before seen bloodline with limitless potential, thus granting the author the ability to pull transformations/evolutions to resolve seemly hopeless situations. I will ignore an continue reading but this “cliche” (and yes this is a cliche because its over used by everyone else, and even in this novel it has been used several times and by the set up i explained early, i’m sure this evolution power up to solve sh*t will be used again in the future) is something i think is just poor and the author has other ways to solve the situation than do this. Example, Zhou Weiqing does all he did before the transformation, which buys him time for his lovers to join the fight which buys them all time for the gold consolidate dude to come help, but although the gold consolidate equipment master is a heavenly emperor stage, he is not a fighter and the assassin is a good assassin and a peak heavenly king stage, thus he manages to retreat before the heavenly emperor dude arrives physically to capture him….and that’s just one solution. The author is better than me and if he wasn’t lazy and just put in more thought, he could have came up with better ways to go about this than second form cliche and THAT’S whats bugs me.

        2. Replying to your last comment starting with the WMW recommendation here because the reply bar won’t let me post…..

          I have read WMW and I disagree. It has too little emotional content for me to take it seriously. Leylin Farlier is, at his core, not much different from his A.I. Chip – not really qualitatively different from a robot. Moving along…

          The first half of your comment describes very personal preferences and (In My Opinion) are not really suitable for evaluating a novel – just because you do not like a highly favored MC (highly favored by his author) does not make it poor writing. I would rather say it’s a style of writing than say it’s poor writing.

          Moreover, let’s be honest – this is the first time a new evolution has been used mid-battle to help ZW. As such (esp given that two evolutions can be expected of the DT transformation) I’m more than willing to give Tanjia the benefit of doubt (esp since this evolution hasn’t totally broken the balance of the fight – The assassin still has the advantage in terms of overall combat strength).

          I get why you’re annoyed with all this. The transformation is a completely new factor being introduced in the middle of the fight, resolving a situation that would normally require only already present factors to resolve. However, it comes with a lot more basis and foundation than Ichigo vs Ulquoirra.

          1. Okay seems at the core of it we have different taste, which is reasonable. And i stand by my statement of it being poor/lazy writing since rather than using the transformation, he could have used other means to resolve it. But i digress, it isn’t completely broken yet but i just hope the next chapters show something more with substance and more thought i guess. And i am giving him the benefit of the doubt, which is why i’ll continue reading to see how this is resolved and see if the transformation is trend. Also to be fair my annoyance with this is probably because i’ve reached a limit with bs in novels and just ended up pouring it here…usually i just ignore it but this novel has so much potential and don’t want it to be ruined like how naruto was a good anime until shippuden came around and yeah, went down hill.

            ps don’t even get me started on bleach, that’s just trash.

        3. It is not pulled out of thin air, all this scene was clearly built to introduce this transformation…
          The fact that Weiqing is left alone by Long Shiya and that he is attacked at that time gives him the opportunity to experience a real deadly threat which could trigger the bloodlines.
          I’m not a fan of transformations myself but having read almost all of Tang Jia’s works it is not a habbit of his to overuse transformations or whatever so let’s hope this novel doesn’t go too far in this direction

          1. I mean… is it surpricing he has this form? I have expected him to have something like this from the start. My problem is not that it happened. I am just not happy it happened already. He just got his last form and we have still to see him use it all that much. I just feel having this one already is too much too fast. Maybe have him do this at 7 jewels or something.

            We do not know the story of how or why the assassin is here, but I do worry it will not be the greatest. I basically dislike this part a fair bit. But its not a horrible thing. And the transformation is not really the problem in my eyes. I just wish they would.. I dono. Not have the assassin be there at all. Or at least not have him be on that level so we could have this delt with some other way.
            I guess I am also a bit salty for I hoped this would be a part of something far greater. But it do not seem it is. Rather part of some old grudge probably.

      3. Ehh…dudes an offensively based heavenly king with a borderline legendary offensive equipment set. It just seems like the second transformation is OP at the moment is all. Everyone has these overreactions to ill-explained plot that the author addresses later…whether that’s intended or not.

        Although this isn’t as hard to accept as the time reversal skill he used on Fei’er and then never again >.>

        1. My whole point is that the plot really isn’t all that ill-explained as it might seem at first glance, but I get what you’re saying. The time reversal skill has a lot of drawbacks and is not fit for battle situations.

      1. yeah i get that but that is the problem…he gets two powerful bloodline and the fuse, something that has never happened before, thus the author can use this never before seen bloodline as an excuse to just pull transformation after transformation to solve seemly impossible cases. like thats just poor writing…i get wuxia don’t have the most complex and amazing stories and we here for the OP characters and their fortunate encounter but come on, “second form” cliche is just too annoying for them to use. Tired of seeing authors use it, just makes me look down on them, like couldn’t you come up with something else?

        1. Because stumbling upon an ancient tomb no one knew was there and gaining a new power like He-Man going into Castle Greyskull is so much better? Cliches are a staple to any type of series.
          Check out ISSTH. Meng Hao gets so many power ups so often that you can’t go 30 chapters without him getting stronger. Heck. He got stronger while 99.9% dead under water that drains life. He got stronger looking at a sun that melted him down to a single eyeball…but he got better!

    2. Dude, ZW had just survived a full on killing attack from a freaking Heaavenly Emperor powerhouse, even if he does have immunity to fire, a full on attack frm an Emperor cant just be about elements. So if an emperor’s attack was not able to kill him what more of one from only an HKing’s.

      You need to give a little bit more credit to ZW’s Dragon-Tiger transformation. Its supposed to be overpowered so attacks from HKings should not kill him easily.

      Moreover, havent you been reading since two chapter back, ZW is getting his ass handed out to him. He’s basically getting mugged and isn’t even able to counter effectively, imho. 🙂

      1. yeah the heavenly emperor attack not doing any damage thing was weird but i let it go, its a wuxia story, no need to be too analytical. And yes, he has been getting his a** handed to him, but that’s understandable. The ambush failed cause his transformation gives him super senses and him not even noticing till the last min shows the skills of the heavenly king and i’m cool with that. The assassin specialize in offence so ZW defense is useless and the assassin is experience so yea ZW can’t trick him…and only able to survive so far because of his consolidated equipment aura buying time for him to use his immune to physical damage skill…so yeah so far so good but for him to pull a “transformation/second form” is poor writing, worst yet, a peak heavenly king who focuses on defense couldn’t even injure him? wow! whats next? a god tier attacks him and as he about to die, he evolve again and somehow can go blow for blow with him…cuz if the author can pull this bs he can do that.

      1. In the end it’s all just your opinion, if there were too many people with your opinion I doubt this author would be considered “The king” of Chinese light novel authors as far as the Chinese are concerned. Now what actually annoys me more then the whole magical special transformation, saving him, is all the annoying descriptions about how awesome and powerful the damned assassin is, and I do agree that he should be able to more then dent his scales.

    3. While I’m not as offended / disappointed as others appear to be, I (also) believe this evolution should have come much later in the story and definitely later in ZW’s cultivation. Even if he can only activate it in truly dire circumstances and cannot fully control himself for now, this new transformation allows ZW’s 6Jewel self to tank against an offence-specced peak Heavenly King powerhouse—the epitome of what ZW is likely to face before he ventures to fulfil the promise to the Entropic Nether Tiger—and that is simply too huge a gap.

      To be fair, there was really no need to introduce a peak Heavenly King powerhouse assassin at this point, any decent 9 Jewel assassin would do the trick for as long as ZW is taken by surprise and his reinforcements are nowhere near the helping distance. ZW would get a good near-death scare just by being on a receiving end of a proper ambush; the way this assassin character is specced would be merely a cherry on top. =)

  3. They better deal with this guy quickly and figure out who sent him. It’s bugging me too much that a random 10 jeweled Jewel Master just shows up to try to kill ZW when none of the enemy should even know he’s come back to free his homeland.

      1. I doubt it would be the Fei Li Empire because of the ZhongTian Empire’s goodwill towards Weiqing. Also, if Fei Li betrays Weiqing then we aren’t gonna get the revival of the HBE in a long time. I reckon it’s the former Lion King. He seems like the vengeful type and would make a decent battle for Weiqing in the near future.

    1. I believe the assassin was sent by the ‘former’ Divine Lion King. It would make more since this way, taking into account the status and wealth they have compared to his other enemies. Not just anybody, can hire a Heavenly King Assassin to take out a kid.

    1. Well. That he has a… emergency form is not surpricing to me. I do not like however, the setting its put in. I guess we may find out how the assassin makes sense. But I guess I wish he was just a part of the army. A part of a greater plot to take controll or someting. However ignoring that. I just think its too early. I have yet to get used to his new form, but now he has a new new form. D: Please slow down senpai its too much, I can not take this much.

    1. But that he has a emergency power awakening just makes sense. I expected this from the start. Probably with the tigers memories or something gaining some ground and taking over for a short time. Lashing out at its original power.
      However my problem is the timing. I would want this to happen later when his new dragon form no longer feels so new.

  4. So the image i get in my head about what this second form of the dragon-tiger transformation is monstrous like borderline grotesque… like a mad scientist trying to create a chimera gone wrong type image.

    like was cool with the dragon-tiger 1.0 transformation, gave ZW free wings and upgraded baseline defense with the scales, always been kinda… wierded out by the fact that his leg transformed, at this point since hes pretty close to being a full blooded beast man just give him a tail instead would seem less wierd… then again changing that detail would probably throw ZW off since he got used to having his tail- leg so he’d have to adjust to not having it…

    either way if he can grow wings why cant he grow a tail? would make for a less odd look over all. plus having a scorpion tail would just be 1 more weapon for ZW, perhaps it’d be able to use the dark demon tiger god poison without the stored skill aka no cool down => enhancing his ultimate jewel formation offense (totally butchered the proper name there i know…)

    1. That part I very much agree on. Why the hell do he get wings but has to mess around with his leg for a tail?
      It may be that his leg has already taken the use of that tail tho. But.. Still. I just always find it a bit silly. I suppose it may be usefull for surprice attacks tho. Seeing how his foot is always a step ahead of the rest of him.

      Remember the time he kicked that demon sect dudes arm to pieces? If he had to transform to get a tail in order to do that, then I doubt he would have managed that. It was that it looked like just another kick that made it so effective.
      I also wonder if its not helping that its both a tail and a foot. Basically letting him have the added power of both. But that is just guessing.

      I do like the idea of him getting a tail instead tho. At least he should get it when he transforms.

  5. Hmm… Pretty cliche, but whatever. I’m not dropping this untill I get my triplet foursome atleast. I do hope he gets some kinda penalty for this though, like he can’t use it for a year or something. If not this will just become stupid. I mean he’s already jumping like 4/5 ranks and still curb stomping ppl. It’s still enjoyable either way.

  6. Can someone PLEASE link to a pic of what this mofo looks like in his transformed state?!?! in my head he looks dumb AF standing on one leg like a flamingo with his other leg arched back like he’s doing gymnast stretches….

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