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Chapter 197 Dragon-Tiger Transformation – 2nd Form! (1)

The mocking look still on his face, the Heavenly King Stage assassin shook the black rapier in his hand slightly. A massive surge of Darkness Heavenly Energy raged into Zhou Weiqing’s body. He was not in a rush; towards Tian’er and Shangguan Xue’er flying towards him, it was as if he did not even see them.

Zhou Weiqing’s ‘Nether State’ body and his various skills in protecting himself had truly given him a surprise. However, this assassin was extremely experienced, and he had even seen stranger Skills than the ‘Nether State’. He was even clearer than Zhou Weiqing how to make use of strength, and he was sure that with Zhou Weiqing’s six-Jeweled cultivation level, that strange defensive skill would not be able to last a long time. With his Darkness Attribute Heavenly Energy surging into this youth, he was confident he could wipe Zhou Weiqing off the surface of the earth before Shangguan Xue’er and Tian’er could reach. Furthermore, in the first place, he did not even care if the two could reach in time. Even for these young ladies, their highest cultivation level were only seven-Jeweled, what threat could they pose to him?

This assassin was actually really lucky. His employer did not tell him that Zhou Weiqing had a Heavenly Emperor stage powerhouse by his side, and more so, Long Shiya had also left Zhou Weiqing’s side just a few days ago, thinking there should be no trouble for him. Otherwise, no matter how short the time was, as long as Long Shiya was nearby, he could easily rush over in time, and how could the assassin escape then?

Ice cold sensations flooded his entire body, the feeling of his soul being ripped from him was truly a terrible one. Zhou Weiqing could clearly sense death encroaching upon him. He knew that once he lost the ‘Nether State’, he would immediately be destroyed by the black rapier.

His lauded physique and innate defense, facing that black rapier, it was just like a joke. In the end, cultivation level was cultivation level, and his level was just not sufficient! If he was also at the Heavenly King Stage, even if it were just the nine-Jeweled stage, how could that black clad assassin even hurt him?

All this while, Zhou Weiqing had thought that with all his various boosts, his many attributes and skills, his strength was still not too bad. However, at this point, he knew that though those had carried him thus far, the gap of cultivation level was still his limiting factor in allowing himself to be an actual powerhouse.

As the black rapier had pierced into Zhou Weiqing, the large net that Touch of Darkness had formed wrapped down around him, enveloping him totally. With the difference in cultivation level, it would be very difficult for Zhou Weiqing to break free of it just by struggling, at least while it lasted. Furthermore, as that happened, the black clad assassin placed his left palm on Zhou Weiqing’s head.

Darkness – Nether Seal.

The Darkness Attribute was perhaps best in Sealing Arts, and such a powerful Seal instantly caused Zhou Weiqing to temporarily lose his ability to use his Skills. Of course, this Nether Seal was no match for his own Demonic Dragon God Seal, but it was still able to ‘silence’ him for almost three seconds, more than enough time.

Three seconds… could his Nether State even last three more seconds? The Nether State might grant him physical immunity, but it would not grant immunity of the effects of Stored Skills! The mocking look on the assassin’s face was because Zhou Weiqing had truly fallen in a state of sure death.

Am I really going to die now? Currently, Zhou Weiqing was facing in Shangguan Xue’er and Tian’er’s direction. Although in the past few days, he had been having a terrible headache due to the two ladies arguing, but as he looked at the ladies he loved, looking at the Crescent City in the distance that was the beginnings of his plan… in Zhou Weiqing’s heart, a flame rose. He was not reconciled to this, he would not take this defeat just like that! He still had not revived his homeland, his loves were in front of him… No! I cannot die like this! I still have to save Father, have to destroy these invaders and chase them out of my homeland! How can I die just like this?

Such strong feelings of vexation, turning into the deepest resolution. Zhou Weiqing’s eyes lit up, and his body which was unable to move suddenly changed… evolved…

The first change was Zhou Weiqing’s eyes. Originally, when he was in the Dragon-Tiger Transformation state, his eyes were a deep purple. Currently, they had changed abruptly, his left orb turning fully grey, not just the pupils but even the whites of the eyes, a cold strange black. The right eye had also warped, filled with red, not the usual bloodshot but a billowing fiery red.

Zhou Weiqing’s strong and robust body actually expanded further. He had always been large in stature, especially when in the Demonic Change State or Dragon-Tiger Transformation, but he now grew even larger. At the same time, the Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation actually warped into a strange star-hexagon, silently imprinting into in chest area, hiding within the ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Legendary Set.

As his body grew, scales began to rise up from below his skin. In contrast with the usual Dragon-Tiger Transformation state, currently Zhou Weiqing was giving forth a wild and violent aura from within.

What is going on? The assassin’s senses on Zhou Weiqing was extremely sensitive. After all, his black rapier was still in Zhou Weiqing’s body, and he could sense that the Nether State was just about to end. Yet, at this final juncture, Zhou Weiqing’s body exploded with that aura that caused even him to feel his heart palpitate in sudden fear.

What was that?!

In just that short moment of time, Zhou Weiqing’s body had actually expanded into a five metre tall giant. To be more accurate, he now looked more like a giant demonic beast with a vague humanoid shape. Even more strangely, along with his body expanding, the entire ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Legendary Set had vanished. No, the only thing that vanished was the external appearance; not just the ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Legendary Set, but even all of Zhou Weiqing’s energy seemed to have vanished, or perhaps kept within. His clothes burst apart. Luckily, his pants were still relatively elastic enough, and a certain portion was still relatively hidden.

Currently, Zhou Weiqing’s entire body was filled with a layer of deep purple scales, even his wings. His entire body was glowing purple, and on his forehead, a black tattoo of the ‘King’ word appeared, extremely eye-catching. In that instant, the assassin suddenly felt a powerful explosive strength from within Zhou Weiqing’s body, just in the instant that the Nether State ended, forcing his black rapier out.

Abruptly turning around, Zhou Weiqing’s grey and red eyes were filled with a strange yet terrifying aura. An unbelievably strong energy reverberation exploded out, as if it were about to tear the entire world apart.

In the skies, a strange vision appeared. The entire sky turned half red, half grey. On the red side, along with a loud dragons’ roar, a massive illusory dragon appeared. On the grey side, a giant black illusory tiger with wings also appeared.

“Heaven and Earth Anomaly, Heavenly God Tier?!” For the first time, the assassin’s expression actually changed. He could not believe his eyes. This Zhou Weiqing was a mere six-Jeweled Upper level Zun Stage… how… how could he possibly give forth the aura of a Heavenly God Tier? Furthermore, that strange anomaly in the skies were just too weird… impossible!

In his impression, the only person who could cause such an anomaly was the Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord Xue AoTian. When Xue AoTian unleashed his full power, the skies would turn white, and an illusory figure of a huge white tiger would appear, fully covering the entire skies. However, the current anomaly in the skies might be large, but it covered only a thousand metres in area… and it also had two illusory figures. Even so, despite the smaller size, it was still an impressive sight indeed.

Instead of retreating, Zhou Weiqing advanced in a flash. Currently, he was not able to unleash any Skills. Perhaps more accurately, he was not even fully conscious.

The wings behind his back had expanded to almost twice their normal size, along with that terrifying scale armour and the right leg that had warped into a massive black hook. Zhou Weiqing looked like a demonic god that had risen from hell.

Both his hands looked different. The right hand was a tiger’s paw, while the left hand was a dragon’s claw. As his body flashed, his movement was so fast that it could even rival a Spatial Blink. In that moment, his speed was even faster than the Agility Type assassin!

Facing absolute death, with that powerful unreconciled feelings in his heart, Zhou Weiqing’s deep inner potential final burst forth. The Dragon-Tiger Transformation was the fusion of the Solidified Dragon Spirit and his Dark Demon God Tiger Bloodline. With such powerful bloodlines, and suffering so much for so long, could it be just so simple? The wings were just brought about from the bloodline power of the Dark Demon God Tiger, while the hidden scales were just a surface addition from the dragon bloodline. Originally, the Dragon-Tiger Transformation already had a powerful boost to Zhou Weiqing, but it was far from truly using the full power of the fusion. The reason was simple – Zhou Weiqing’s cultivation level was just too low, not able to truly harness their power.

However, at this current moment, in the face of death, the hidden bloodline powers and energies in the depths of his body had exploded out. The Dragon-Tiger Transformation entered a second advanced stage.

Dragon-Tiger Transformation Second State: ‘Like Dragon Equivalent Tiger’. 1

The current Zhou Weiqing had all his energy, including his Consolidated Equipment and Stored Skills, fully fused into his Dragon-Tiger bloodline. The profound secret behind the second state was exactly that, to transform all energies into actual physical power. That was to say, no matter his Consolidated Equipment or Stored Skills, all his Heavenly Energy, the original Dragon-Tiger Transformation state, Immortal Deity Technique… all of it were incorporated together as if thrown together in a cauldron and fused together, spreading into his body and boosting his physical strength and toughness. In that in instant, his body had reached a new terrifying level.

In such a state, Zhou Weiqing was only left with simple hand to hand combat and brawling. However, his strength in that area was also raised to the maximum, no matter offense or defense.

The assassin was after all an old hand on the battlefield, and though he had never heard or seen of something like this, after a moment of surprise he quickly regained his calmness. As an assassin, no matter what happened, even if facing death, he would not panic.

His body flew back in a burst of speed. His flying speed was just dependant on the normal Heavenly King powerhouse’s flying abilities, but in a short period of time he could explode in an astonishing speed. As he retreated, the black rapier pierced forward, a glint of sword flurry as it pierced towards Zhou Weiqing’s chest once more.

Zhou Weiqing’s left dragon claw lifted, grabbing towards the eight-Jeweled Assembly Set Sword. An earsplitting grinding sound rang out, and to the assassin’s shock, his weapon that had an offense close to that of a Legendary Set was actually grabbed and held onto by Zhou Weiqing’s left claw. Next, a terrifying power that was far beyond a Heavenly King Stage traveled from the rapier, and Zhou Weiqing actually forcefully pulled the assassin back towards him.

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