HJC – Book 23, Chapter 195.3

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Chapter 195 Peerless Heavy Cavalry! (3)

Heavens! What on earth were they holding in their hands! Were those weapons even logical? Wasn’t the standard weaponry of Heavy Cavalry soldiers the long lance? What… what are they carrying in their hands?! Oh my mother! Are those huge spiked maces? Are they fully solid? How heavy would that actually be?!

The Berserker Tribe soldiers were indeed all carrying an extra-large spiked mace. That novel weapon was even heavier than Crow’s Legendary Axes. Of course, the Gold Crow Tribes had their heavy battle axes in hand as well.

Both sides had not even clashed, and in terms of aura and presence, the Peerless Heavy Cavalry soldiers had already fully suppressed their enemies.

Almost in the next instant, the Heavy Cavalry soldiers of both sides smashed savagely into each other.

Crow and Ma Qun were right in the front of their respective troops, and naturally they were the first to slam into their foes. A terrifying sight ensued immediately.

Ma Quns twin huge spiked maces moved simply, but directly. Sweeping in front of him, he totally ignored the heavy lances that the two Kalise Empire Heavy Cavalry soldiers had pointed at him.

In the entire Boundless Mainland, all Heavy Cavalry soldiers were normally outfitted with heavy lances as their weapons. For the Kalise Empire soldiers, their heavy lances were almost four metres long, as thick as a normal human’s arm. Only the strongest elite could be chosen to become Heavy Cavalry soldiers, because only they were able to hold these lances while charging. When charging, the weight and momentum of such a weapon, along with their strength, this was the reason why Heavy Cavalry soldiers had such destructive powers that no other type of soldiers could compare to.

Such a pity that the current enemy they were facing were also Heavy Cavalry soldiers… the Peerless Heavy Cavalry! The two heavy lances slammed into Ma Qun’s chest, but their owners could not feel excited or happy at all. Their usual unstoppable charge was instead halted, and they felt as if they had slammed into a giant hill, the force of impact actually forcefully stopping their charge. Their mounts actually continued running forward, but their bodies had been lifted off their mounts, pushed off with their own heavy lances!

Right at that moment, Ma Qun’s spiked maces struck. *Bam**Bam* The first spiked mace slammed into the heavy lances, actually breaking both in that single blow. The next spiked mace slammed into the chests of the two Kalise Heavy Cavalry soldiers.

Like two tin cans being smashed, the Kalise Heavy Cavalry soldiers’ armour totally caved in. Following that came the creaking sound of the armour breaking apart and blood gushed out of all the gaps of the armour. Like two cannonballs, the two corpses slammed to the side, each knocking over another Heavy Cavalry soldier.

A similar sight duplicated itself for every single one of the Berserker Tribe members. With their defensive capabilities, they totally ignored the ineffectual attacks of their foes, as they sent their enemies on a free trip to heaven instantly.

The Gold Crow Tribe’s attacks was a different beast altogether. Crow was not far from Ma Qun as she slammed into the enemy formation. On her end, she did not allow her enemies to strike at her at will, instead the Legendary Axes in her hands striking out in two directions. A single swipe of the first axe cleaved apart the heavy lances striking at her, while the swipe of the second axe flashed across the two Heavy Cavalry soldiers facing her, instantly leaving two lower bodies that had lost their top half.

If one had to use a phrase to describe the sight of the two Heavy Cavalry forces slamming into each other, then perhaps ‘a massacre with flesh and blood flying in all directions, bodies blown to pieces’ was a long winded but most apt description.

Both sides might be Heavy Cavalry soldiers, but as both sides met, the Peerless Heavy Cavalry soldiers charged into Kalise formation like a hot knife cutting through butter, as if they were tigers pouncing upon a flock of sheep. On the battlefield, blood, flesh and broken armour sprayed in all directions, and screams of death and agony rang out throughout.

Within a matter of moments, the clash between the Heavy Cavalry soldiers had ended. Alas, behind the Peerless Heavy Cavalry soldiers, there wasn’t even a single living Kalise Heavy Cavalry soldiers. In just that short period of time, the Peerless Heavy Cavalry soldiers were like a meat grinder machine, totally wiping out their enemies, leaving only their scattered remains behind,

The Kalise light cavalry soldiers who were surrounding the Peerless soldiers, the infantry and archers behind the Heavy Cavalry soldiers who had been supporting them, and the distant officers including the Regiment Commander Zeng Jian…all of them were stunned silly by the sight before them.

When had they ever seen such terrifying killing machines in their entire lives? Those were four hundred elite Heavy Cavalry soldiers! In a matter of a dozen breaths, they had been slaughtered as if they were mere cabbages being harvested in the field. This… This……

Just as Zeng Jian was still dazed, the Peerless Heavy Cavalry soldiers did not even slow their charge. Having wiped out the enemy Heavy Cavalry, they continued barreling on the path right towards the archers and infantry soldiers.

If one could liken the Kalise Empire Heavy Cavalry soldiers’ performance just now as sheep, then the poor Kalise archers were now little white rabbits. The mass of tigers charged into the herd of rabbits, almost able to even just scare them to death! Furthermore, these tigers were armed to the teeth with those horrific looking massive weapons.

A Battalion of archers… alas they could not even slow the Peerless Heavy Cavalry down for a split second. As the two hundred men… no, tigers… thundered past, in moments they had left behind a patch of red on the ground.

Let alone the enemies being stunned silly… even Zhou Weiqing who was flying above ready to support his men at any time was also staring in shock.

What kind of equipment have I given these fellows? Are they really Heavy Cavalry soldiers? I… I have created monsters! They are literally killing machines! An entire Regiment, and almost instantly a tenth of them were wiped out. For the first time, the Peerless Heavy Cavalry had truly shown their power on a real battlefield, unleashing their full might, and the sheer terror of the combat prowess had already far surpassed even Zhou Weiqing’s grand expectations.

Atop the city walls, the watching citizens were also dazed. Was this really a fight? It looked just like a simple slaughter. Two hundred soldiers… just two hundred soldiers… and yet it looked like their enemies did not stand a chance at all. Such a powerful troop… does it really belong to our Heavenly Bow Empire?

Lei Zi was standing there moving his arms around, muttering to himself: “Impressive, just too impressive.” From the way he looked, he was itching to be on the battlefield himself, hating the fact that he was stuck up here. Although watching the fight was indeed enjoyable, he was also slightly depressed as it meant their First Company Air Force had no chance to take action at all.

Heavy Cavalry soldiers were always the most terrifying killing machines on the battlefield, and amongst them, the Peerless Heavy Cavalry were truly gods amongst the killing machines.

Seeing his advance forces wiped out so quickly, Zeng Jian finally came to his senses. Currently, his expression had changed drastically, fear in his heart. In such a situation, there was no time for him to ponder slowly. Instantly, he gave the orders. “Retreat! Retreat back to camp and fortify it! First, Third Infantry Battalions, set up your spears on the ground in the anti-cavalry formations. Second Battalion, return immediately to the camp to prepare the anti-cavalry traps.”

After giving the series of orders, he led his personal guard and rushed back to camp. These… these were not humans, they were devils! How could they possibly stand against them!

Although the Kalise Empire soldiers were in shock, their training overtook them. As orders from their superior was passed down, they subconsciously followed the instructions almost woodenly.

The two Battalions of Infantry soldiers quickly set up their spear formations. The anti-cavalry formation, as the name suggested, was specially designed against the charge of enemy cavalry soldiers. Pushing the butt end of their spears into the ground with the points forward in an angle, and their weight to hold position, such a formation in numbers was not designed to damage their enemies, but to stop their mounts from charging past them.

Alas, although this technique which was extremely effective against all cavalry soldiers, they were currently facing the Peerless Heavy Cavalry. Not only were the soldiers heavily armoured, even their powerful Unicorn Heavenly Beasts were also armoured fully!

Just like crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood, the two hundred Peerless Heavy Cavalry soldiers smashed savagely into the two Battalions. Up until now, the whole Battalion of surrounding light cavalry soldiers had not even dared to send a single soldier in attack!

A thousand versus two hundred? It was a large numbers advantage. However, in the face of such terror, what was the use of numbers? The hearts of the light cavalry soldiers quailed as they dared not even attack.

In the past, when the Berserker and Gold Crow Tribes were still in the Fei Li Empire, they had been forced to fight so many times against the WanShou Empire on the frontlines. They only had simple weapons, not even given proper armour, but they had caused much damage to the WanShou Empire armies. Now, with Zhou Weiqing sparing no cost to develop them and outfit them fully with such unimaginable equipment, their terrifying combat strength had already caught up and perhaps surpassed the Mammoth Regiment! How could these ordinary Kalise soldiers compare to them? Despite numbering a mere two hundred, when the gap between strengths was just too far apart, numbers no longer meant anything.

As the saying goes, an infinite number of ants could bite even an elephant to death1. However, no matter what, they had to actually be able to bite through for that to happen. The Peerless Heavy Cavalry armour was just too terrifying, the thickness and toughness. Ordinary people could not even wear it, let alone penetrate through it!

Zhou Weiqing watched from his vantage position in the air. He knew that there was no need for him to even take action any longer. He did not think of being able to kill all the enemies. Firstly, he did not need his men to do unnecessary killing, but more so, it was to conserve his strength. After all, the main force of the Peerless Regiment had not arrived, and stability was the key for him now. That was the reason why he gave the strict order for Ma Qun and Crow not to lead their troops directly into the enemy camp.

His lips curved in a cold smirk. Today’s fight had more than accomplished all the goals that he had set. With this single charge of the Peerless Heavy Cavalry, how could the Kalise Empire Regiment still have the guts to attack the Crescent City? If not for the fact that he wanted to hide the power of his Peerless Regiment, as long as the five hundred Peerless Air Force joined in the fight, it would not have been a problem for them to wipe out the entire enemy force.

Although he had his Peerless Regiment that seemed invincible in combat, Zhou Weiqing was still extremely careful as he began the revival of his Empire. He had his own thinking… if he revealed too much of his strength too early, then the Kalise Empire would quickly send a large number of reinforcements here, even the Bai Da Empire might be alerted to send reinforcements. However, for the rest of the Peerless Regiment to arrive, it would take at least two more months. In this window of time, with just his seven hundred men, if he had to face the onslaught of several Regiments, it would still be tough for them. After all, his main goal was still to stabilize the Crescent City and develop it as his base of operations and launching pad.

According to Zhou Weiqing’s current understanding of the Kalise Empire’s army deployments in the Heavenly Bow Empire, for the next two months he would at least have to deal with two more waves of enemies before the rest of his Peerless Regiment would arrive. Of course, this was not counting his Master, the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor Long Shiya.

Long Shiya had already indicated to Zhou Weiqing that he would not join their fight on the battlefield. In truth, there was an agreement amongst all powerhouses that any Heavenly Emperor stage powerhouse and above would not be allowed to interfere in the wars of man. At their level, if they took action against ordinary humans, it could possibly lead to widescale destruction and possibly even the extinction of men! As such, it was strictly forbidden for Heavenly Emperor Stage powerhouses to join in such battles, otherwise all their peers would surround the one in question to kill him.

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  1. Yes, this should be the actual saying (confused me yesterday). I believe that TJSS is using it (last chapter’s version) as two sides of the same coin, depending on which is the stronger party


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