HJC – Book 23, Chapter 191.1

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Chapter 191 Fei Li God General! (1)

“After weighing the balance, Zhou Weiqing had finally agreed. He had absolute confidence in himself, his companions and his own Peerless Battalion. Such confidence came from strength, and Zhou Weiqing believed that even if they had to go through this ‘three out of five’ competition, especially with a victory in hand, they could not possibly lose. Furthermore, so what if they really lost? Would they really be that disadvantaged in the negotiations? That would also have to see who was on the other end. After all, do not forget what our dear Zhou Little Fatty was best at? Would he really care too much about the winning or losing of this current bet?

Cai Cai was also looking at Zhou Weiqing. Just like how Zhou Weiqing felt a sense of high respect and esteem for her, she had also a fresh new appraisal of the youth in front of her. From the start of Cai Cai’s performance in turning the tide, Zhou Weiqing had stood there without any movement, just silently watching her as if he were just a bystander, as if he did not care about any of this.

As she spoke, Cai Cai had kept her focus on Zhou Weiqing’s eyes, but she was quickly disappointed. She was totally unable to read anything within them. Indeed, nothing at all. There was only a gentle smiling intent in there, as if he was reuniting with an old friend. Towards that previous victory, there was no pride or arrogance, as if it was just an ordinary thing for a six-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master like himself to defeat a nine-Jeweled powerhouse.

More and more, Cai Cai was starting to ratify Ming Yu’s judgement. This Zhou Weiqing was truly not any ordinary person. Was he really less than twenty years of age?!

However, this was clearly not the time to think too deeply into things. After a short time pondering, Cai Cai showed an apologetic look, saying: “For the sake of the Empire’s honour, I might have to let Commander Zhou suffer some slight trouble. Principal Huo Feng, would you please?” As she spoke, she inclined her body slightly, making an inviting gesture to her back.

A tall and thin old man walked out slowly towards Cai Cai’s side, bowing slightly. He smiled faintly as he said: “I’m happy to be of service, Your Highness.”

Cai Cai laughed heartily and said: “You flatter me, we are all working for the glory of the Empire. I had no choice but to invite Principal to intervene, please forgive me.”

Seeing this person, Zhou Weiqing was startled in his heart. He knew that Cai Cai was going all out now. This old man in front of him did not seem to have much Heavenly Energy reverberations around him, but the instant that he had appeared, Zhou Weiqing had sensed a powerful threat. This was not a person he could handle alone… which could only mean one thing… this old man called Huo Feng was a Heavenly King Stage powerhouse!

Zhou Weiqing had not imagined that in the welcoming party of Princess Cai Cai, there would be someone like this here. In an instant, a wary look entered his eyes, but he did not have any notion of backing down.

Cai Cai nodded apologetically to Zhou Weiqing and said: “Commander Zhou, in this second round, we will be sending Principal Huo Feng to act on our behalf. You should have heard of Principal Huo Feng right, he is in charge of the Fei Li Heavenly Jewel Academy.”

Hearing the introduction, only then did Zhou Weiqing understand. So this old man was actually the Principal of the Heavenly Jewel Academy… that was to say, he was Xiao Yan and Lin TianAo’s teacher! No wonder his presence was so strong. In that moment, Zhou Weiqing’s brow furrowed, and he turned to look at Lin TianAo.

Both Lin TianAo and Xiao Yan’s face were strange, and they exchanged looks momentarily before stepping forward. Stopping behind Zhou Weiqing, they bowed towards Huo Feng.

Xiao Yan said respectfully: “Teacher.”

Lin TianAo also greeted him with Principal. As the two of them bowed, naturally the aura and momentum of Zhou Weiqing’s side dropped, while for the Fei Li Empire’s side, though they had dropped previously from Shen Wang’s loss, a large amount was regained.

This Cai Cai must have done this on purpose! That was Zhou Weiqing’s first thought. His thoughts were indeed true; after all, how could Cai Cai not know Lin TianAo and Xiao Yan’s origin? Furthermore, ever since Zhou Weiqing and the Fei Li Battle Team had achieved victory in the Heavenly Jewel Tournament, Cai Cai had researched them all closely. Currently, sending out Huo Feng was a way of savagely beating down on the Heavenly Bow Empire’s morale.

Huo Feng swept his gaze past the two of them before saying passively: “I am not worthy of such greetings. Since you both have already chosen to join the Heavenly Bow Empire, you are no longer part of the Fei Li Empire. The title of teacher, I am no longer worthy of it.”

Lin TianAo was still fine; after all he had not been personally taught by Huo Feng. However, for Xiao Yan, upon hearing such words, he instantly knelt down on the ground, his head down as he was unable to say anything.

A cold light flashed in Zhou Weiqing’s eyes, but he did not blame Lin TianAo or Xiao Yan. As the saying goes, one day as a Master, forever like a Father. If he were in their shoes, he would react the same way.

After a pause, Zhou Weiqing sighed and said: “For this round, we admit defeat.”

Hearing Zhou Weiqing’s words, Cai Cai smiled faintly, an expression of ‘as should be the case’ flashing across her face. Nodding to Zhou Weiqing, she said: “Very well, then for the third round, Commander Zhou please direct us.”

Zhou Weiqing looked at Cai Cai coldly. Although he wanted to call her despicable, but in the end he did not say anything. This was after all a tactic, and if they could win, then it was a good tactic. In a clash between Empires, there was nothing more important than winning, and he knew that very well.

Without any hesitation, Zhou Weiqing smiled and said: “Very well, for this third round, I would like to learn from your Empire regarding a clash between armies. As Your Highness has seen, we have seven hundred soldiers here with us in our party. How about you all send out seven hundred troops and we can have a good group fight? Of course, it will just be a duel, and we can cover all our weapons with thick cloth to ensure no serious injuries. We’ll see who can knock out more opponents to decide the victor. What do you think?”

Similarly, Cai Cai did not hesitate to agree, instantly nodding as she said: “Very well, then we shall meet again on the drilling ground. However, it will take some time for us to prepare that many thick cotton cloths. Commander Zhou, you and your soldiers can have a rest first. Once we prepare everything, we can begin the third round.”

As both sides separated for the time being, Cai Cai returned to the VIP Stage. Once she was seated again, she immediately turned to one of her personal guards and said solemnly: “Quick, go invite General Ming Yu here, ask him to bring his personal guard.”

“Yes Ma’am!”

As for Zhou Weiqing, he returned to the Peerless Battalion side. Lin TianAo and Xiao Yan had their heads down, a shamed look on their faces. They knew that it was for their sakes that Zhou Weiqing had admitted defeat.

It was still relatively okay for Xiao Yan; after all, in his eyes, although Zhou Weiqing was strong, but a Heavenly King Stage was a huge difference from a Upper Level Zong Stage. He did not think that Zhou Weiqing could defeat a Heavenly King stage powerhouse right?

However, Lin TianAo knew that for the second round, they definitely had a chance to win. For the Fei Li Empire to send out a Heavenly King Stage powerhouse, they could definitely respond with not just a single person, to make it a fair fight. If Zhou Weiqing, Tian’er and Shangguan Xue’er joined forces against Principal Huo Feng, or even just two of them, it would not be easy to tell who would end up the final victor.

Zhou Weiqing gathered his officers to him, saying solemnly: “In this next round, we can only win. Try not to kill anyone, as long as we win it is fine. This time, I will personally command the soldiers.”

Everyone quickly agreed, especially Lin TianAo and Xiao Yan. Their eyes were filled with resolution. They had been the cause of the previous loss, and this time, they would want to make up for that loss.

After speaking to his soldiers for a while and encouraging them simply for morale, Zhou Weiqing sat to the side, lapsing deep into thought. Towards this third round, he was absolutely confident in victory. Let alone the Fei Li Empire, even if the ZhongTian Empire wanted to find a group of seven hundred who could defeat the seven hundred elite soldiers he had with him, it would be extremely difficult. Towards this second victory, he was determined to get it.

However, the key was the final two rounds, and that was what he was pondering about. If they won this third round, then the fourth round would be determined by their opponent. If they lost that round, then the fifth round would once again fall to his choice. In that case, what could he use that would be a guaranteed victory?

As he thought up to that point, Zhou Weiqing subconsciously looked back at his own camp. All of a sudden, a strange smile appeared on his lips.

After Cai Cai returned to the VIP stage, she had also ordered her men to start preparing a large number of thick cloths. At the same time, she also lapsed into thought. Without question, it was regarding this current ‘three out of five’ competition. This third round could be said to be the most important round. After all, since Zhou Weiqing had won the first round, he had a competitive advantage. However, if they could actually seize the third round instead, the advantage would be theirs.

He has chosen a group fight… clearly he has much confidence in his seven hundred soldiers. However, even if they are from the ZhongTian Empire, so what? Ming Yu’s personal guards have gone through hell and back, climbing out from piles of dead bodies. Added on to the fact that it was the Fei Li God General personally commanding them, she could not believe a youth like Zhou Weiqing without much battlefield experience could possibly win.

After all, Zhou Weiqing had never been known for his strategy and tactics… even when he was studying in the Fei Li Military Academy, he had not participated much in classes…

However, just like how Ming Yu had appraised Zhou Weiqing when he first met him, although in terms of specific tactics or strategy Zhou Weiqing was not outstanding, but he had a quality no one else could match. An unbelievably acute senses, judgement and a soaring imagination that was wild and unmatched.

It was exactly because of this unique quality that had allowed him to build such a force like the Peerless Battalion in less than two years!

As orders were given out, Zhou Weiqing’s expression was relaxed and easy going. If the Peerless Battalion could lose to a mere fight against equal odds, then he could just give up on trying to revive his Empire now. Furthermore, no matter what tactics or strategy, facing absolute strength, what use was it? So what if he was not well versed in those traditional strategies and tactics? As long as he knew how to flourish their own strength, that was more than sufficient.

Almost an hour passed before the large number of cloths had been gathered and sent to the drilling ground. At the same time, a large troop of soldiers had also silently entered the zone, arraying into formation under the cover of the Royal Family Cavalry.

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