HJC – Book 3, Chapter 19.4

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Chapter 19 Demonic Right Leg (4)

Zhou Weiqing instantly realised that they had to be here specially to assassinate Shangguan Bing’er. Although these Physical Jewel Masters were extremely strong, it was still impossible for them to destroy an entire army of ten thousand. Daring to appear like this, their goal could only be Shangguan Bing’er. Without question, these people were most likely from the Kalise Empire. To have sent out so many strong Physical Jewel Masters, they were really intent on ensuring her death!

Shangguan Bing’er wove, duck, and dodged. She managed to dodge another Silent Arrow, but it was so close that she broke out in a cold sweat; it was really too difficult to dodge this type of Silent Arrow. Even a full agility type Jewel Master like her needed to focus all her concentration in order to do so, and any tiny mistake would put her in danger of being hit.

At this moment, a shrill sound resounded out, followed by a loud explosion, and the five-Jewel Mid Level Zun Physical Jewel Master in the vanguard slowed down momentarily as an arrow exploded onto his huge warhammer, affecting his speed. Such strength, the arrow naturally came from a Purple Dawn Bow, but it was not shot by Zhou Weiqing, but by Xiao Ru Se.

“Don’t panic, stay organised. Heavy infantry go ahead to slow them down, archers flank the enemy from the tree lines and start concentrated fire, light infantry start flanking and surround them.” Xiao Ru Se’s calm voice issued out orders unceasingly. Although their commanding officer Shangguan Bing’er was at a loss, Xiao Ru Se still stayed very calm.

Currently, Shangguan Bing’er had no time to care about any others. She was too obvious a target, and was also the enemies’ goal. The hidden enemy who kept shooting Silent Arrows was constraining her ability to do anything, and she was totally unable to counterattack at all. The only thing she could do was to make use of the Wind Wielding Boots to move around swiftly, barely dodging the continuous barrage of Silent Arrows. She could tell that this hidden enemy was at least a Four-Jewel Low Level Zun Physical Jewel Master, and probably had more tricks up his sleeve.

No matter the Heavenly Bow empire or the Kalise empire, they both had less than a hundred Jewel Masters each. The number of Jewel Masters appearing here was already almost a quarter of the entire Kalise Empire’s Jewel Masters. One could tell the sheer determination the Kalise Empire had in wanting to kill off Shangguan Bing’er.

“Little Fatty, kill that hidden archer!” Xiao Ru Se’s voice resounded in Zhou Weiqing’s ear.

Facing such a chaotic battleground, Zhou Weiqing was reminded by Xiao Ru Se that the most important thing was to get rid of that biggest threat – the hidden archer shooting those Silent Arrows. Shangguan Bing’er’s most outstanding ability was her speed and agility, and as long as she was not plagued by the Silent Arrows, it would be easy for her to evade those Physical Jewel Masters.

Moving swiftly, Zhou Weiqing dashed into the woods at the roadside. In the chaos, no one paid attention to this mere soldier who unexpected leapt to the side at an astonishing speed.

The attribute wheel disk appeared in front of Zhou Weiqing’s eyes again, and he was at this time both anxious and excited. He wasn’t afraid now; after going through Consolidating Equipment and Skill-Storing, he had gotten many skills to improve his survivability. Not knowing what sort of opponent the hidden enemy was, he could only estimate where he was hiding from the general direction the Silent Arrow came from, as he quickly moved through the woods. That hidden archer kept changing positions as he shot, but there was always some trace to be found.

With the boost from the Wind Attribute, Zhou Weiqing was also extremely fast, his keen senses extending to a radius of 20 meters; as long as there were any clues, he would find them. At this point, the improved senses from the black tiger was proving its use.

Suddenly, he had a cold feeling of impending doom, and he instantly dropped down to the floor without any hesitation, hitting the floor briefly before leaping up and moving off once more, changing his position twice. In that very moment, a Silent Arrow had pierced through a huge tree where he once was.

Zhou Weiqing grabbed his Purple Dawn Bow in his left hand, extracting an arrow from his quiver, and while in the process moving quickly, he quickly shot off an arrow through sheer instinct. He had not aimed, knowing that it was impossible to hit his target now. However, relying on the sheer force of the formidable Purple Dawn Bow, his arrow flew out with a shrill sound as it stirred the air. Anyone hearing this sound might even have a scare. Despite his keen senses, he was still greatly pressured by the Silent Arrows. He could feel that he was only less than 100 yards away from the hidden enemy, as long as he could affect the enemy’s firing rate a little, he would have the opportunity to close the gap.

Indeed, after his arrow burst out, the hidden enemy paused a while. A loud, angry curse rang out right after that: “Dammit, is that the Legendary ‘Heaven Soaring Shot’? How dare he frighten me, Xiao Ye Ye, blast him to death.”

“Ah! Young Master, my firing distance is insufficient; my range is only 50 yards, he is currently more than 70 yards away.”

“You fool! Why don’t you simply tell our enemies where to find us huh? Look, he’s now 50 yards away, quick!”

Indeed, in the short period of time when the two of them were speaking, Zhou Weiqing had leapt and bounded like a leopard ahead, not in a straight line but taking a zigzag course, making use of the surrounding bough and shrubbery as cover to conceal his body as he charged along.

*Whiz* Another Silent Arrow flew at him. That hidden archer was truly accurate; Zhou Weiqing had already exerted all his strength and speed to try and dodge it, but that arrow managed to speed down towards his path. As the distance was much nearer, the arrow’s  speed was also a lot quicker. However, just as it was about to hit him, Zhou Weiqing suddenly disappeared.

Zhou Weiqing had always feared death, for him to dare to run in these woods in search of such a dangerous hidden enemy, the biggest advantage he was depending on was of his first Spatial Skill – Blink. With that skill, even if he could not beat that enemy, he was confident of escaping with his life.

Just as Zhou Weiqing dodged that Silent Arrow, he suddenly saw a huge orange-red fireball with a one foot long diameter coalesce in the sky, before flying towards him with a trailing bright fiery tail.

Not only did the enemies have Physical Jewel Masters, they even had Elemental Jewel Masters!

On that fateful day, Zhou Weiqing had nearly been killed by Difuya’s fireball. This fireball in front of him was obviously many times stronger than that of Difuya’s. It was clear just from the size and look of it.

Zhou Weiqing did not dare to underestimate it, quickly holstering the Purple Dawn Bow on his back, circulating his Heavenly Energy instantly to release his Icy looking Overlord Bow into his grasp. At the same time, he also circulated his Wind Attribute’s power, maximising his speed, and in a flash he drew the Overlord Bow to its maximum, firing off an arrow like a bolt of lightning.

With a shrill howl that was even several times stronger than when fired from the Purple Dawn Bow, Zhou Weiqing shot forth this arrow. At the same time, his body dropped down to the ground once again, narrowly evading a Silent Arrow.

*Bang* The giant fireball was struck by the arrow, which had the explosive effect from being shot out by the Overlord Bow, exploding in mid air and causing fire to rain down everywhere from the skies. The orange flame poured down in a 30 yards radius, cutting off the line of sight of both sides completely.

Zhou Weiqing did not stay idle, proning down on the ground while drawing the Overlord Bow once more, shooting another arrow from where the enemy’s speech had originated from.

Earlier on, he had been suppressed by the Silent Arrow barrage of the enemy, and he had been repressed for so long. Finally having this opportunity to catch his breath, furthermore the enemy was also unable to see him now, how could Zhou Weiqing not seize this opportunity? Just releasing the Overlord Bow alone took up nearly 50% of his Heavenly Energy; since he had already brought it out, he wanted to make full use of it.

*Bang* Another fierce explosion resounded in the distance; the explosive effect of the Overlord Bow was truly overbearing. It was exactly the opposite effect from the Silent Arrow; each arrow shot out was accompanied with an astonishingly loud, shrill sound, and as soon as it touched an object, it would explode instantaneously. Furthermore, the speed of any arrow shot from the Overlord Bow was far beyond what the naked eye could follow. It was almost as if once the sound of the bowstring being released came from Zhou Weiqing, before the shrill sound of the air splitting had ended, an explosion would sound off in the distance.

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  4. Indeed, after his arrow burst out, the hidden enemy paused a while. A loud, angry curse rang out right after that: “Dammit, is that the Legendary ‘Heaven Soaring Shot’? How dare he frighten me, Xiao Ye Ye, blast him to death.”

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