HJC – Book 22, Chapter 181.1

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Chapter 181 Tian’er, I love you! (1)

This was also not because he had such high regard for Zhou Weiqing, or placed so much importance on him. It was because he could not have his face thrown like that. He had set the rules, and under his watch, Gu Site had still dared to do such a thing. That was tantamount to slapping the face of the Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord. How could he possibly continue on with this competition?

“Master.” With a loud thud, Gu Yingbing knelt down in front of Xue AoTian, his eyes reddening. “Master, please give me a chance. Since young, I have loved Tian’er for twenty years. I beg you, please give me a chance for this last fight. My father was wrong, and I am willing to apologise for it, apologise to both you and Zhou Weiqing. However, I cannot just let Tian’er go like this, I am not satisfied.”

Gu Yingbing could be said to be raised and taught fully by Xue AoTian. Looking at the tears in his eyes, the ugly expression on Xue AoTian’s face eased up. However, since he had already spoken, he would not change it easily. With another cold humph, he waved his sleeve, motioning that they could leave.

Gu Site did not expect that Xue AoTian would be so strict, even down to stripping him of his Lion King position. This was the power of the Heavenly Snow Mountain, and in the entire WanShou Empire, only the Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord could dominate and control everything.

Although Gu Site was angry inside, he dared not say anything. He was clear that he had already severely angered Xue AoTian. If he continued protesting, even if Xue AoTian killed him or crippled him, the Heavenly Divine Earth Spirit Lion Tribe would not dare say a thing. Currently, his heart was only filled with sorrow and regret.

Seeing that his Master would not change his mind, all of a sudden, Gu Yingbing turned to Zhou Weiqing. Gritting his teeth, he said: “Zhou Weiqing, my father’s mistake, I will bear it. However, I beg you, please give me a chance to contest you one last time.” As he said that, he suddenly lifted his right hand to grip his left shoulder. Before the surprised looks of all the others present, there was a ripping sound, and he forcefully tore his entire left arm off.

“Yingbing!” Gu Site was shocked. Despite his injuries, he leaped forward to hold his son. Regret filled every nook and cranny of his mind. He had never imagined that a sudden rash decision of his would result in his son paying such a price.

Seeing Gu Yingbing do something like that, even Long Shiya’s expression changed. Clearly, Gu Yingbing truly loved Tian’er, and it was not just a matter of the Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord position.

Do not think that just because they had the Divine Attribute, they would be able to regrow his arm. That was an impossible feat. Even if they could re-attach his arm, the damage to his nerves and meridians could never be fully repaired. That was to say – Gu Yingbing’s actions had fully severed his future chance of ever reaching the Heavenly God Tier stage. No matter how hard he worked in the future, his future would only be the Heavenly Emperor stage.

Gu Yingbing stood up slowly, but he did not reveal any signs of pain. His eyes staring into Zhou Weiqing’s eyes, he said solemnly: “You are able to come all the way up to the Heavenly Snow Mountain to fight for Tian’er, and I can see that you truly love Tian’er as well. However, I feel the same way. I do not wish to lose to you for some other reasons. Please give me a final chance to compete with you. If you win, and Tian’er is willing to go with you, then the betrothal between myself and Tian’er is nullified. However, if you lose, then I ask that you do not tangle with her any longer. Even if she does not love me now, I will use my own love and feelings to touch her heart.”

Seeing Gu Yingbing’s stubborn gaze, Zhou Weiqing’s eyes sparked with respect. Nodding to him solemnly, he said: “Although you are my love rival, I have to admit that you are truly worthy of respect. I agree. Let us use this final round to determine the final victor. However, before the third round begins, fix your arm first. Otherwise, I will not feel happy with such a victory.”

Xue AoTian looked at Gu Yingbing, then sighed softly. “Child, why torture yourself like this?” As he said that, he waved his hand, and the torn arm at the side flew into his grip. Carefully, he attached it back to Gu Yingbing’s shoulder, and in a brilliant flash of gold, he personally started healing his disciple.

The Tiger King Xue Aoying watched from the side, nodding to himself inside. Compared to Gu Site, he approved of Gu Yingbing far more. No wonder Big Bro was willing to accept him as disciple and was willing to pass him the position of Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord in the future. Alas, it looks like everything has changed now. Who would imagine things would have turned out this way today?

The healing did not take too long; with Xue AoTian’s powerful Heavenly God Tier energy, it did not take long for him to reattach Gu Yingbing’s arm. Of course, even he was not able to fully heal the arm, and it would be a long time before he could even use it normally. Gu Yingbing would have to spend time to nourish it with his own Heavenly Energy for it to resume some working in the future, but it would never be the same again.

Xue AoTian looked at Gu Yingbing, then back at Zhou Weiqing, and he said solemnly: “No matter which of you becomes my son-in-law, I am very satisfied already. Alright, this last test will no longer be held by me. After all, you will be contesting to be Tian’er’s husband, so I will have her make the final choice.”

Hearing those words, Gu Yingbing was extremely anxious. He knew how important Zhou Weiqing was to Tian’er, and if she was the one to make the choice, he would have no chance at all.

Naturally, Xue AoTian could see Gu Yingbing’s face change. Solemnly, he said: “Yingbing, do not be so anxious. This time, I am having Tian’er make the choice under a particular circumstance. I have temporarily Sealed Tian’er’s memories, and she only has her own instincts. Under such a circumstance, each of you has five minutes to profess your love to her, to use your words to move her. In the end, whoever she chooses will be her husband. This time, there is nothing to do with your cultivation level or fighting capabilities, but whether or not Tian’er can accept you.”

Hearing Xue AoTian’s words, Gu Yingbing finally calmed down. Both he and Zhou Weiqing exchanged glances, their eyes filled with fighting spirit. Neither of them would give up easily. Five minutes. They only had five minutes of time. Immediately, both of them lapsed into deep thought, thinking how they would use their words to move Tian’er.

Xue AoTian gave the Tiger King a signal, hinting him to keep watch of Gu Site and not allow him to cause anymore trouble. He then turned around and left the cavern, clearly going to bring Tian’er here.

The icy cavern turned silent once more. Long Shiya did not interrupt Zhou Weiqing. This final test was a fight between their charisma and attraction.

Zhou Weiqing closed his eyes, standing there silently. In his mind, the images of all his interactions with Tian’er flashed by. There were sweet memories, warm memories, but also pain and suffering.

Yet, all those were the memories between them! Zhou Weiqing was clear that if he truly wanted to move Tian’er, he could only depend on those memories. So what if they were Sealed away, that did not mean anything! Zhou Weiqing had confidence that he could Awaken her.

It did not take long for Xue AoTian to return. When he came back, not only did he have Tian’er along with him, but also a beautiful, black clad middle aged woman.

Black was considered a taboo colour in the Heavenly Snow Mountain. The reason why Long Shiya wore black was because he was using it as a provocation to Xue AoTian. For this middle aged beauty together with Xue AoTian to wear black, her status must be quite unique.

As for Zhou Weiqing, he instantly recognized the middle aged lady to be Tian’er’s mother, the Entropic Nether Tiger, Phelia. Of course, this was her in human form now.

He quickly took a step forward, bowing respectfully: “Hello, Aunty.”

Phelia smiled faintly but did not say anything, remaining beside Xue AoTian, with her arms wrapped around Tian’er’s shoulders gently. No one else could imagine that this black clad beauty was actually a Heavenly God Tier powerhouse, no lesser than Xue AoTian or Long Shiya.

Zhou Weiqing’s gaze flew from Phelia to Tian’er. Currently, she was dressed in her usual white gown, but her brilliant and moving purple eyes had lost all lustre. Zhou Weiqing had not seen Tian’er in such a long time, and seeing her so suddenly, he could not help but feel his eyes water.

Tian’er had lost weight… indeed, it was all his fault! She had actually lost so much weight. Originally, she had been buxom and well curved, but now she looked so emaciated, her face pale like she had gone through a major illness. Even her perfect skin had lost its usual glow and radiance.

Although they had not spoken, Zhou Weiqing could clearly sense that in this period of time, Tian’er had suffered so much. It was all because of him! Zhou Weiqing was filled with hate, hatred towards himself for not being able to protect Tian’er, that he had caused such a girl to suffer so much silently. In that moment, Zhou Weiqing set his resolve that he would not part with Tian’er here, even if he had to die here.

Seeing Tian’er, Gu Yingbing’s expression was agitated. He knew that this was his last chance to hold on to his fiancee, to continue being together with Tian’er. It all depended on the next five minutes. In truth, he did not have much confidence in his heart, but he would never give up. Even if it was with his own lifeblood, he would fight for every last possible chance.

Xue AoTian brought his daughter to the center of the cavern, turning to the two youths as he said: “In a moment, I will give each of you five minutes. As you each have your turn, the other will not be able to listen in. I will use my Heavenly Energy to block the other from listening. Since Yingbing is originally Tian’er’s fiance, he will go first. Zhou Weiqing, do you have any objections?”

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  1. Thanks for the chapter.
    This is why I dislike the author at times. *big thing happens fixing most of it in a satisfying way* but wait! There is more! *proceeds to drag it out just a little bit longer* Not that I don’t like the story or whatever. I just dislike the way the author takes it that one step too far in dragging it out.

    Lion prince should not have been with her in the first place ever since she chose to love little fatty. His father pulls a fast one and almost kills little fatty and gets punished. Everyone happy and as it should be, but nope. We have to give that annoying spoiled brat one last glimmer of hope before the mc takes the girl into his harem once more.

    The way the lion tribe got punished was satisfying. I feel like by just saying: ‘The prince should get another chance’ it devalues the life of little fatty. His life was almost taken away yet the punishment should not be implemented because he loves her. That’s just not right.

    I know others will disagree with me and that’s fine, just stating my opinion here.

    1. I actually don’t completely disagree with you. I think that this extra bs was pretty contrived, however I do like the reason why ZW is willing to compete. There is finally mutual respect between the two rivals. Personally my problem is that Yingbing’s personality change was way to sudden and abrupt. Like one moment he was arrogant as hell and the next he’s more or less normal and almost even humble.

    2. No worries, I happen to pretty much agree; I do have some things to add, though.

      For one, the punishment Gu Site’s transgression is severely lacking! Xue AoTian essentially did what he would have done anyway in order to preserve “his face” (I hate that term)—boosting the social status of his disciple while he was at it (two birds, one stone)—, so where is the part about assuaging Long Shiya and compensating ZW? In the first place, regardless of what ZW is holding in because of the circumstances at hand, how is Long Shiya assuaged while Gu Site is still breathing?

      And what followed was even more ridiculous. For one, why was Xue AoTian allowed to heal (even partially) the spoiled brat’s arm without any remark? If that sacrifice was to assuage ZW and gain his approval for the continuation of the contest, then healing it at any point in the future without ZW’s explicit consent is akin to negating ZW’s agreement on the matter. And as if that wasn’t ridiculous enough, how can Xue AoTian possibly justify the decision to give both contestants the same time limit, much less the notion that the spoiled brat should retain an advantage of any kind? Seriously? No one is objecting to neither the spoiled brat having an advantage, nor to ZW not getting an overwhelming advantage now that there is a legitimate reason to give him one? In the first place, since the spoiled brat hasn’t been the fiancé ever since Xue AoTian cancelled the wedding while punishing Gu Site, the reason for his advantage no longer exists. Moreover, there is the whole “your shoddy setup of a contest nearly resulted in my death” reason to give ZW a noteworthy advantage. Still no objections? I’m severely frustrated with this outcome even though it has been obvious that ZW is going to win this thing ever since we learnt that Tian’er has been blackmailed into the marriage… that is if we ignore the harem trend, in which case it has been obvious for ages.

      1. Definitely agreed with this one.

        What i’m even more dissatisfied is Weiqing not keeping his grudge to his bone. I mean he had been pretty much battered to death by that sh*tty prince and there’s not even a revenge and he already forgave the sh*t and even give him the chance to take his love away. Like why the heck do you even do that?

        I mean, come on. you’re already set to win and get your wife for good but just because of some stupid pride of yours, of not being content of matters ending like this, you risk your love one’s heart and life? Do you really care for her? Instead of finishing things fast to let her be at ease sooner, you even risked her just for some stupid sympathy and pride of yours. Can’t say i’m happy with this decision of Weiqing/Author considering how wise he handle things in the past.

        1. I made an account to steer you guys on the right path. I agree with the plot path in this regard. I’m not saying the author doesn’t like to drag things out but you guys are hella biased by typical wuxia tropes.

          1. Yingbing is not “a spoilt brat” : He is the disciple of AoTian and the Lion prince if you give him a look over he isn’t a bad guy. He is from the lion beast tribe and his cultivation is above the guy trying to steal the girl he loved for 20 years when he is finally gonna get married.

          2. It was a good choice to give a third chance: This isn’t a grudge war its a love rival. In ZW mind there is absolutely no way that yingbing will win when it comes to Tian’er. Above all it wouldn’t sit right with either ZW or Tian’er if yingbing is unresigned and unconvinced, that will create a deep grudge which will fester and create future problems.

          3. The punishment is within reason: GuSite is the LION KING, anything more will create issues in the beast kingdom and cause a dissonance between either GuSite and AoTian or yingbing and AoTian. Regardless of what occurred, nobody died and that makes it lighter. Its simply an issue of face from there.

          4. yes heal his arm: He ripped his arm off as a display of resolve, he did not intend for it to be healed but he is the lion prince and the disciple of AoTian so it must be healed. If they let it hamper his cultivation it will become an issue. Even when ZW gets Tian’er his allegiance does not lie with the beast mountain so he will not stop what he is doing to focus on its management or constant oversight.

          5. personality change is only sensible: ZW went from being just someone with a lower cultivation to being someone with higher bloodline, potential to reach the apex, 6 jewels, big fatty’s disciple, gifted in the formation and even improved it, survived an intent to kill from the LION KING… and can even give him another chance to fight for his love. If he didn’t change his attitude he’d be really stupid. From even before ZW came into the picture it has all been to get Tian’er so his resolve is consistent.

          1. Sorry but on some points I disagree.

            1: He thought it was right to just go over to a guy(Even if he is trying to steal his gf/wife) and beat him into an inch of his life. Then when consequences come knocking he tries to hide behind his teacher the heavenly mountain lord with the help of his father. The definition of a spoiled brat: Doing what you want and then hiding behind someone else when things don’t go your way. When it was just a nobody it was fine to beat him up, now that someone comes for his hide he needs the protection of his teacher.
            Well alright, maybe you are right, he is not a spoiled brat, he is more of a spoiled young master from many a story(the phoenix sect young masters for ATG come to mind, as do the Li clan young master in Talisman emperor, the tiger duke’s son Dai Huabin in Soul land 2 from the same author as this novel. I can go on but I think you get the picture.) . The only difference being that they tend to be killed off and this one still manages to survive up till now.

            What I am trying to say is: Without his conceit and mindset that whatever he wants should belong to him, in this case a girl that does not love him he would have indeed not be seen as a spoiled kid. But, sadly, he is showing every sign of being one even if some of his actions are justified the ones that are not, and the times he went overboard completely eclipse the times he was indeed justified.

            2. I don’t disagree with you on it being a good choice yet this can also be seen as being overly confident.

            3. The Lion king almost kills the disciple or intends to kill the disciple of a man that even the heavenly mountain lord does not want to make into a mortal enemy, yet all he has to do is resign from his status as emperor. That is like punishing a murder with a fine of 2000 bucks(in my opinion).

            4. So what? If I decide to show my resolve by cutting off my nose then I will have to live without a nose for the rest of my life, by just mending it it also kinda undercuts the entire show of resolve doesn’t it? I will now do something big to show I care. half a chapter later: Look I’m fine, but did you see my resolve?

            5. I have nothing to say to this one as I one, don’t really understand what you are trying to say and two, I can’t disagree or critique something I don’t understand.

          2. Bias can be insidious, so I will not try to argue whether or not I’ve been affected, but shouldn’t being biased toward “common Wuxia tropes” result in agreeing with the development of a commonplace Wuxia story (i.e., your perspective) instead? Regardless, there are some objective omissions, inaccuracies, and inconsistencies in your points as far as I can tell, so I’m going to talk about those.

            (1) A look over reveals that the Lion Prince was about to force a significantly younger girl who doesn’t love him into becoming his wife—and wasn’t above blackmail to get her to do that. I believe we have laws against that specifically, and it rings all kinds of warning bells regardless of our laws.

            By the way, the marriage has been arranged in the first place because of his position and want; it was neither because it is necessary to succeed Xue AoTian (I believe this has been made clear already), nor because they were in love at any point in the past. Moreover, while part of his current position is due to his own prowess, the other—and apparently significant—part is simply due to him being born a Lion Prince. What makes things even worse is that he is all too happy to flaunt his status as the justification for getting things he wants, as well as accepting preferential treatment, regardless of whether he deserves them (also covered by the story). And seeing as there isn’t anything about the notion of “a spoiled brat” that prevents one from being competent in their own right (many are—after all, being spoiled brings a lot of advantages), he definitely fits the bill.

            (2) Although this isn’t one of mine, I do have some thoughts on the matter as well. While you’re right to argue that there would definitely be animosity if the Lion Prince weren’t allowed to continue, there is no guarantee that there isn’t going to be any should he ultimately lose. Would anyone actually take his word for it? In fact, everything we know about the Lion Prince suggests that noteworthy animosity is inevitable either way, but this situation is far too common for stories like this; the antagonist is going to “see the light” and evolve into someone who ultimately becomes an ally that is going to help the MC in the far off future.

            (3) As the story has conveyed, the Lion King is pretty much inconsequential. Xuo AoTian is the one who holds the authority, and he very nearly executed the Lion King, too, and even the more lenient punishment simply replaced the Lion King; this should be more than enough to invalidate your claim about all the things that would have followed if he were to be executed.

            As for the remainder of the argument, keep in mind two things:
            #1 The fact that he failed doesn’t changed the fact that he sincerely tried (i.e., failure doesn’t absolve), and punishment is proportional to the disparity between the involved parties.
            #2 There have been three wronged parties if “face” is of consequence, so the punishment should reflect that fact. Xue AoTian’s face has been “compensated” by obliterating Gu Site’s face, however, where is punishment to “compensate” Long Shiya’s face—not to mention ZW’s murder attempt (his position doesn’t really allow for face concerns)? Since Gu Site’s face is irrelevant to both Long Shiya and ZW, that punishment was simply inadequate.

            (4) You cannot argue that the Lion Prince isn’t a spoiled brat, and at the same time argue that he should receive a treatment because of his position. From the “spoiled brat”, this is precisely the kind of things that makes him “spoiled”; person of integrity would refuse or at least attempt to refuse the treatment in order to show that the resolve is sincere.

            (5) I don’t think this one was related to what I wrote before, and I have already written way too much anyway, so I’ll skip it. =)

            PS: This is actually Xianxia not Wuxia, just for the record.

    3. I would say the father should just have been more attentive and loving in the first place, with the priorities of a real father. But then we wouldn’t have had those epic fights so… I humbly agree with you.

    4. TBH i think this is a more amicable resolution, its obvious that ZW and the lion prince no longer hate each other and tbh i think the lion prince would have some unresolved enmity if he didn’t get his rightful chance to keep his fiance.

      do not forget in part, tain’er was already engaged to the lion prince before meeting little fatty, though arguably she also ran away because of that same engagement, but not so much in protest of the who near so much as the how it was thrust upon her.

      that said i was kinda half hoping ZW would use his time reversal skill to fully fix the lion prince’s arm.

    5. First of all its not really fair that the Prince has to suffer for his dad was a dumb brick. How is that any diffrent from you being punished for me insulting someone?
      The 2nd part is that it only makes sense that Xue AoTian would be very open to be kind to the prince. He probably spent more time with the dude then with his own child. And he basically viewed him as his son in law… or just son if you will. His bond with the prince is probably no worse then Long for Zhou. If anything it should be stronger due to the time.

      My problem is that despite seeing how she has been suffering. He is still willing to make her suffer more. :/ That is what beats me. He says he loves her. But he clearly understands that even if he could make her love him. Unless they totally wipe her memories, something I wonder if he would be willing to do. She will be in agony. How he can be ok with that is something I do not understand.
      If he was open about it and made it clear it was out of lust or something. Then at least I could somewhat get it.

      That is why it all seems a bit forced to me. And why I kinda wished things would have taken a diffrent path. For example. What if they got the date wrong. The marrage happened and she really killed herself. That I would like. Yes sad buhu. But it would at least not add more of the half hearted love. And I am sure the rage and broken hearts could be made very interesting.

      Or we could have something like this but they would end up having to flee. Hell, I would almost take Zhou being so badly hurt he would be dying. Long would hold the guys off with all he got while Zhou desperatly tries to flee. He runs into Tier and dies in her arms. Somehow sending his blodline power into her and she would have to, for his sake. Live on and take care of the rest of his harem for him. XD Or something. >.> Many paths I would have liked more.

      1. In my opinion: Yes, it is fair that the spoiled brat has to pay for his fathers’ mistake. The lion prince and lion king are people of status unlike you and me. Me getting punished for something you do: Ofcourse that’s weird, however. the lion king is the king of the empire. His actions will influence his tribe’s reputation and standing. Just like during the french revolution the kids of luis XVI did not get spared I do not think that saying: Oh, his dad did it so he should not be punished is total bs.

        And well, we all already know that Xue AoTian is a horrible father anyway. That one point I guess is not even up for debate. She wants to marry you, but wait! Let me put up a sham of a series of test in which you already get killed. Oh he almost killed you? Lets heal him and still give the spoiled brat an advantage. Until the moment his daughter actually kills herself: OH no! What have I done! Why did I not use my freaking brain =.= He might be the strongest in the world, in my opinion he is even stupider than the lion king.

        1. >.> Are just like mens. It has to be taken with power. Rights my butt. What rights? The rights to be smashed to the ground. Abused by a stronger powerhouse? Trowen around like a doll. What is new, why pretend it only happens to woman. XD
          That the roles of men and woman are diffrent is simply how life tends to work.

  2. Ah man the feels. Who would have thought I would feel compassion towards yingbing. Tianer without her memory is either riding on her animal fat cat instinct. Or the feeling of her “heart”. I bet when the both have said their piece and she starts walking toward Gu boy something in her starts to shatter and she randomly starts to cry and when she’s steps away from Gu Gu she stops and runs towards fatty and they both break down crying. I don’t think they would make out. But fatty is shameless. Never know

  3. This last test is completely ridiculous. On the off chance Tian’er would choose Yingbing with her memories sealed once her memories are restored she still wouldn’t accept him and they’d be right back where they started. If forced to marry him she’d kill herself. I don’t get why this farce of a test even took place since she explicitly told her father of her feelings on the matter. Especially with the unfair advantage her father gave to Yingbing from the beginning knowing Tian’er would kill herself if she had to marry him.

    1. But remember this is fixed by Xue AoTian, since he knows Tian’er will kill herself if she marries Gu Yingbing. So I bet he came up with this test because he believes even unconscious she would choose little fatty because of the Heavenly Tiger bloodline that he has.

    2. Thats not true. If she goes for Yingbing then it shows that she has room for him somewhere in her heart. Those feelings may be overshadowed by Fatty, but that seed would have the possibility to grow. I do not think she would kill herself seeing as it all ended up that way due to her own choice.

      Heck if she picks the prince they may just aswell delete the memories of fatty. Something I am a bit surpriced they did not just do in the first place. I am sure they can do it. If they can seal the memories it should not be that hard to also get rid of them. Or simply manipulate them to be diffrent. Its not hard to forget something in the first place.

  4. “Please give me a final chance to compete with you. If you win, and Tian’er is willing to go with you, then the betrothal between myself and Tian’er is nullified. However, if you lose, then I ask that you do not tangle with her any longer. Even if she does not love me now, I will use my own love and feelings to touch her heart.”

    Pile of bullshit!
    If Zhou Weiqing wins, Yingbing can still pursue his wife.
    If Yingbing wins, Zhou Weiqing cannot.
    Can’t believe Weiqing actually nodded!

      1. Yup, that was his meaning. If he won, he’d take time to make Tian’er love him, and asked Zhou Weiqing to stay away from her with that as an excuse.

        However, if Zhou Weiqing wins, nothing is stopping Yingbing from continuing his pursuit of Tian’er.

        Bullshit terms.

        1. Well it says itself that he will give it up. >.> He may not have pointed it out but still. I guess he could try to trick, but anyone would take that as him accepting his loss.

        2. Well either way does he even stand a chance with zw cock blocking him? The terms are fair enough coz the loser doesn’t have a chance to do a follow up anyway. Factoring in Chinese culture the terms are quite fair. It’s not like they get divorced

    1. theoretically, ZW has already won in the two matches out of three; if GS had not manipulated the hated outcome. That´s why I don´t understand why GY still wants a chance to win over Tian´er!

  5. What a stupid final test. Sealing her memories so it’s a 50-50 chance she doesn’t pick Little Fatty even though AoTian had already been secretly fixing the tests in his favor and then even used his authority as the Mountain Lord to cancel the wedding only for it coming down to pretty much random chance. Some father. If Tian’er happens to pick The Lion Prince, she’ll immediately kill herself like she already told him once her memories are restored. All I can think of is that whatever Phelia gave to Little Fatty will let him win.

    On another note, I at least hope Big Fatty makes good on his promise and kills that idiot Lion King. He brings shame to Mufasa and Simba and that title.

    1. Yeah, if Big Fatty doesn’t kill Gu Site then I will be even more disappointed in the author. The amount of stupid anti-climatic bulls**t is making me start to really dislike this author to a point where I will probably evade all of his other works.

      1. why are you so blood thirsty? lion prince turns out to be a pretty upstanding guy, ignoring tain’er’s feelings aside.

        lion king just lost his throne and lost the heavenly mountain seat too, had a feeling that even without the marriage Xue AoTian would still have let the lion prince take the seat for the good of the country thus putting the divine lions at an advantage.

        now the lion prince has to take over his fathers seat since the lion king’s now being “retired” not to mention he may very well be crippled now and if not the entire tribe at the very least big fatty has a death grudge with the lion king now.

        all in all he really screwed the pooch.

    2. I do not agree. Its not 50-50. Its not like all her senses are taken away its just her memories of them. If she would pick the prince that would show he got at least some room in her heart. I expect she herself where totally ok with the test. And as such, I do think she would accept the result. If anything she may ask that the memories of Fatty be deleted so she would not have to suffer. >..>

  6. personally i do not hate the lion prince nearly as much now, i still think he needs to get over tain’er considering he knows her feelings, he needs to move on.

    that said am i the only one who kinda hoped ZW would fix his arm using his time reversal skill? i mean its somewhat moot now considering the final competition has nothing to do with strength but kinda figured ZW might out of respect for his resolve help fix him.

    1. Even changing time 1 min would take all his energy tho. Not to mention the whole memory messup. People would just have a feeling something was wrong I suppose. If the prince did not rip of his arm would they allow the 3rd round? Doubt it. So he would probably have to rip it of again.

  7. How nice it would have been if Weiqing didn’t have immunity to fire and he barely survives the attack from Lion King. Then we would have Big Fatty rampaging all the way just to kill that sh*tty Lion and have the other little sh*tty lion getting cast aside and never be remembered again.

    But no, what we have is this pure BS of a scene. ‘Cuz you just have to give your “rival” a chance to take your wife away just because your moved by his so-called “love” for her that he even tore one of his limbs just to be given the chance cause he “deserved” it.

    Did you already forget the one who trashes you just months ago till your master cannot even know if your still alive or not? or the culprit who have been the cause of much anguish to your love that she lives the rest of her days in despair and agony? Even if he tore himself into two that still not enough!

    But yeah, let’s play the good guy here and be sympathetic and risk the off-chance that she’ll be taken away. Why? ‘Cuz i’m confident that i will be the one she will choose in the end. Hmph!
    But wait!
    There’s a plot twist!!
    You’ve just been NTR’ed!!!

    Now regret all you want and go kill yourself in a ditch for that d*ck move you just made there. Would have been a nice “twist” just to read Weiqing’s twisted face there. fu fu fu~~

    1. There are plenty of other interesting paths this could have taken. I would in fact have liked it if she did end up killing herself after the weding. Maybe she would merge with Fatty or something seeing as some of her energy was with him. Kinda like he absorbed the tiger exept she would stay around…. Or she would just be dead and he would have to deal with it. Many other ways it could have been too tho.

  8. Thanks Zen. But…where did all these readers and commenters come from all the sudden? Since everyone is here anyway I’ll throw out my theory. Tian’er picks Gu Yingbing so Zhou Weqing goes insane, breaks through to 13 jewels to reach the heavenly jewel change. Then kills everyone but Long Shiya and then goes to conquer the world and complete the rest of his harem. The End.

  9. Basically the whole chapter pissed me off like many in the comments… so I’m not gonna rant but just gonna say that even without ripping off his arm he has no chance to become god tier since he is well past 30 years of age and he is only at the beginning of 9 jewels… need to be king stage before 30 to make it to god.

    And it still pisses me off that a he fell in love with like. 4 year old or something when he was like 14-15 or something

  10. As others have said, this whole chapter was retarded and a waste of word count. From Yingbing’s worthless delusion that he loves Tian’er yet doesn’t care about her feelings on the matter or that she’d kill herself before before he even got the chance to make her fall for him, to mc’s idiotic choice to let him have a last chance to pursue her. MC should’ve had a frank talk and mentioned that Yingbing never truly loved her since if he did he wouldn’t let her suffer like this, plus even when Tian’er came in Yingbing was worried about nothing but obtaining her and didn’t give a single worry about the state she was in, meanwhile ZW was dejected seeing her emaciated state and full of sorrow and regret for her, you can see where their priorities lie. MC should’ve shut down Yingbing solidly here but instead we have to watch this drag on needlessly, plus not amused at this final test with her memory wipe, at all. Wish Phelia would’ve broken AoTian in half so he’d be bedridden for months for pulling this idiocy when he knows his daughter’s feelings, would’ve been much more amusing and satisfying to hear loud crashing sounds and wailing before Phelia comes in and says the competition is done and ZW won, explains why Yingbing never had and never will have a chance with her daughter and to get lost, all while smiling faintly with a hint of bloodlust. Also those that think Lion King got a good punishment are delusional, he’s a loose end that will plot endlessly against mc, the tiger clan etc, and all he lost was his son’s chance at inheriting the Heavenly Snow Lord title and his throne though I don’t count that. Not only will he still remain a person of status and power regardless if he holds the crown or not but the power still remains in his family by going to his son so the punishment is moot, he virtually lost nothing but face. Just for plot…

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