HJC – Book 22, Chapter 180.2

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Chapter 180 Little Fatty vs Lion King! (2)

Naturally, while a Legendary Set was extremely powerful, making use of the power was not just so simple. To make full use of the thirty two times of strength, one had to fully activate the power of each individual Consolidated Equipment piece, transferring and gathering all the power together in a concentrated burst. That was exactly what Zhou Weiqing was doing now, gathering all the power into his right arm, to the ‘crying-face’ Hammer in his right hand!

Another massive explosion, and Gu Site’s entire body was savagely smashed into the ground without any suspense, with both his legs drilled right into the icy ground of the cavern. Although with his tough and powerful Heavenly Emperor Stage body, his arms and legs were not broken by Zhou Weiqing’s terrifying strength, the blood he had been forcing himself not to spit out previously finally came out. Zhou Weiqing landed right beside Gu Site, his hammers striking out at Gu Site’s head for the third time in an explosive strength. Taking on the impact of the previous hit was no issue for his powerful body in the Dragon-Tiger Transformation state.

Gu Site was extremely vexed! The reason why he was now in such a disadvantage was because he had severely misjudged Zhou Weiqing’s power, and that underestimation had led to him being surprised by him so many times. Growling angrily, he concentrated hard and the brilliant shimmer of the Divine Guardian Angel appeared around him, protecting his body.

Alas, almost at the same time, another illusory figure appeared behind Zhou Weiqing. This time, it was the Demonic Dragon Lady.

How many Skills with the Heavenly Skill Image does this brat have?! The thought sprang up simultaneously in both the Lion and Tiger King.

Still in shock, Gu Site had no time to be angry as he hurriedly circulated his Heavenly Energy to the maximum with his hands facing upwards, his entire body spinning in a whirlwind as powerful gold light sprang forth. The light soon turned into a massive gold tornado, fully enveloping his body.

In Gu Site’s eyes, it was without question that Zhou Weiqing was once again using a Heavenly Skill Image to neutralize his Divine Guardian Angel Skill before his hammer with that terrifying strength landed once more. Having just used two powerful Skills, he was for a short time indisposed from using too much Heavenly Energy, and he had no choice but to now use his strongest Skill to defend himself.

Alas, this time Gu Site had guessed wrongly. Zhou Weiqing had been striking down at him with such swift and fierce momentum, but the next moment he actually stopped in midair, his wings spreading apart and causing his body to hover right before he actually reached the Divine Guardian Angel barrier. In the short moment of time, the Heavenly Skill Image of the Demonic Dragon Lady had fully coalesced and his prepared Skill was ready to be used.

As the purple red light glowed in the air, Xue AoTian couldn’t help but furrow his brow. How could the Lion King make such a ‘newbie’ mistake?

Although Gu Site had told himself over and over that this young man in front of him was no ordinary six-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master, he was still a Heavenly Emperor stage powerhouse… how could he not have feelings of disdain and underestimate his opponent? Furthermore, Zhou Weiqing’s series of actions and abilities had truly gone beyond any of the present powerhouses’ expectations and judgement. It had just been too shocking. Even Xue AoTian had been caught by surprise several times, let alone Gu Site. As such, the Lion King had not been able to bring his full power into play, falling into Zhou Weiqing’s rhythm and trap. At this moment, Zhou Weiqing had made use of this ‘Inertia of thinking’ that Gu Site had fallen into to spring this new trap.

The purple red flash of light appeared within Zhou Weiqing’s formation, and his body did an about-turn in midair, as he retreated to the side to wait. A faint smile appeared on his face as he looked at the Lion King Gu Site. He was in no rush at all, and he could now afford to sit and wait for a while.

The Divine Guardian Angel Skill had indeed come into effect, and this powerful Skill had an ‘Absolute’ effect as well. If Zhou Weiqing tried to use his Dragon Silencing Seal on Gu Site now, it would be totally wasted. However, though the Divine Guardian Angel Skill was indeed powerful, but just like the Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation, it had its own set of limitations. In this case, the flaw was simple – when the user was within the Divine Guardian Angel Shield, he would not be able to move about, or unleash another Skill. This was the reason why Gu Site’s spinning body was unable to move, and could previously only circulate his Heavenly Energy into the gold whirlwind of light to protect himself.

As a result, Zhou Weiqing could now wait calmly at the side. No matter how fast the Lion King could unleash his next Skill, it could not be faster than the Dragon Silencing Seal that Zhou Weiqing now had prepared to go at anytime. As for Clashing of Heavenly Skill Images, it had to be activated within a certain time limit of the Heavenly Skill Image being summoned; once it was fully coalesced, that was no longer possible.

Due to that fact, normally a Clash of Heavenly Skill Images was done by a later Skill used to neutralized an earlier one. That was to say, Zhou Weiqing could have used his Heavenly Skill Image to neutralise the Divine Guardian Angel, but not the reverse.

As such, Gu Site was now stuck using a powerful defensive Skill for nothing, as well as wasting his Heavenly Energy in the whirlwind of light, and was unable to do anything about Zhou Weiqing’s Dragon Silencing Seal.

Calm, unhurried and confident. Those words could be used to describe Zhou Weiqing at this point. Who could have imagined that a mere Upper Level Zun Stage Heavenly Jewel Master could push a Heavenly Emperor Stage powerhouse to such a degree, even one so restricted like Gu Site had been!

Abruptly, two bouts of purple-red light shot out from Zhou Weiqing’s eyes, before it flickered off once more. All of a sudden, the Divine Guardian Angel Skill around Gu Site vanished without warning.

It was the Clash of Heavenly Skill Images! However, just as Gu Site was overjoyed, thinking that Zhou Weiqing had not been able to resist in using his Dragon Silencing Seal to neutralise his Divine Guardian Angel Skill… the next instant, a purple-red vortex appeared over his head. His Skills were suddenly all restricted!

What … what the **** is going on?! Once again, Zhou Weiqing’s actions were unreadable to the Lion King Gu Site. the Dragon Silencing Seal had clearly been used to Clash with his own Divine Guardian Angel Skill, yet… yet… how could it still come into effect?

Let alone Gu Site, even the Tiger King Xue Aoying who had a bird’s eye view of everything going on was utterly confused. Of all the powerhouses present, only Long Shiya who was familiar with all of Zhou Weiqing’s Skill could fully understand what was going on. Even Xue AoTian could only vaguely guess what had happened.

Xue AoTian’s judgement was that Zhou Weiqing had somehow activated yet another hidden Heavenly Skill Image Skill, using that to neutralise the Divine Guardian Angel Skill before activating the Dragon Silencing Seal in the same instant.

His judgement was indeed accurate. Zhou Weiqing had actually used the Demonic Dragon God Seal, also from the Demonic Dragon Lady, to neutralise the Divine Guardian Angel Skill. As the Heavenly Skill Image was also of the Demonic Dragon Lady, he was able to superimpose and disguise it perfectly. In truth, if he had attempted to actually use this Skill, it would be Zhou Weiqing himself asking for death. After all, not only was Gu Site far stronger than him, he also had the Spirit Attribute. The Demonic Dragon God Seal would not only have been useless, it would have probably been returned to damage himself. However, just like with the Time Reversal Skill, using it to neutralise the Divine Guardian Angel Skill was a whole different matter. Once again, another perfect timing and a worthwhile trade of a useless Skill to neutralise the Divine Guardian Angel Skill.

Zhou Weiqing might not have much, but he definitely had tons of Skills. In fact, the powerful Heavenly Skill Image Skills he had were no lesser than most Heavenly King or Heavenly Emperor stage powerhouses. Six Attributes! He could pretty much go Skill Storing at will. In fact, even now, after reaching the fifth and sixth Jeweled stage, he still have many ‘empty slots’ that he had not Stored Skills yet.

The Absolute effect of the Dragon Silencing Seal had come into effect! That meant that within the next minute, the Lion King Gu Site was no longer able to summon his Consolidated Equipment or use his Stored Skills. Even if the former was already restricted, but the latter was a major blow indeed. So what if he was using Heavenly Energy of the eight-Jeweled stage? Facing a six-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master with Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation, five God Tier Consolidated Equipment of a Legendary Set… what could he do? Furthermore, Zhou Weiqing still had the Dragon-Tiger Transformation!

With a hearty laugh, Zhou Weiqing’s entire body pounced towards Gu Site like a bolt of lightning, the twin Hammers in his hands swirling eagerly. This time, he was not trying to last as long as he could, but was actually attempting to defeat the eight-Jeweled Lion King Gu Site!

Seeing Zhou Weiqing leap at him, Gu Site suddenly understood. This fight, even if were his son with his full power, facing this six-Jeweled little brat, he might not even win.

With no Stored Skills to use, restricted at the eight-Jeweled Heavenly Energy… am I really going to lose?

Gu Site’s eyes suddenly turned calm and serene. Facing the pouncing Zhou Weiqing, his face turned expressionless, only lifting his right hand slowly towards to incoming youth.

Ten yards. Zhou Weiqing was barely ten yards from Gu Site. With his charging speed, that was closed in barely a blink of an eye.

Gu Site’s raised right hand had his palm outwards facing Zhou Weiqing, as if attempting to stall Zhou Weiqing’s attack. Yet, everyone around could see that he might block one attack, or even two, but without any Skills or Consolidated Equipment and with his Heavenly Energy restricted, how long could he last against that terrifying strength of Zhou Weiqing?

A relieved and satisfied expression flickered across Long Shiya’s face, while a hidden flicker of happiness flashed in Xue AoTian’s eyes before it disappeared, hidden away. The Tiger King Xue Aoying also had a gleeful look on his face as he chuckled at the Lion King’s misfortune. However, in an instant, an abrupt change erupted.

Just as Zhou Weiqing was about to strike Gu Site, he suddenly saw the Lion King’s palm light up with a crimson red glow.

In that moment, the Seal restricting Gu Site burst apart, and he resumed his Heavenly Emperor stage cultivation level.

Smashing apart the Seal, releasing an attack. The entire process happened in a split second. Just as the expressions of the other three powerhouses froze, a resonant lion’s roar rang out as a huge gout of crimson flame swallowed Zhou Weiqing entirely.

The flame connected right back to Gu Site’s palm, and the fire spouting out formed the image of a giant lion in midair. As the huge crimson lion formed, the temperature of the entire icy cavern rose abruptly. Besides a single leg that was outside the flames, Zhou Weiqing’s entire body was engulfed in the flames.

“NOOOOO!!!!” Long Shiya howled in crazed rage. He no longer cared that it was a competition, and with a flicker of his arm, a terrifying Heavenly Energy smashed into Gu Yingbing, sending him flying. Another palm strike lashed out at Gu Yingbing while at the same time, his entire body pounced towards the Lion King Gu Site.

Xue AoTian was already by his side in a flash. Naturally, he would not allow his disciple to be killed like that, and he quickly blocked the enraged blow which would have finished Gu Yingbing off. However, he did not attempt to block Long Shiya from pouncing on Gu Site.

A terrifying aura burst out from Long Shiya’s body, his entire ‘Hate Sky no Handle’ Legendary Set appearing all at once. The Silver octagon plum blossom Hammer still glowing with the dark gold light of being summoned, smashing down hard on Gu Site in a frenzy.

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    1. His name is WeiQing, not ZhouWei. Zhou is his surname. We Chinese have the surnames in front to first acknowledge our ancestors, whom without we will never exist. 🙂

  1. Well, our MC should be fine thanks to his immunity / high resistance to fire, but can Gu Site in his current state take even a single hit from the enraged Long Shiya in his legendary set? The Lion moron might die before the smoke even has a chance to clear and reveal a slightly tanned MC…

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      1. If this happened, leaving him a core-less, helpless, pathetic wretch… it would be Site’s own fault, and merely the consequences of the attack itself. But, for the dishonor of the attempted assasination, he deserves to be banished from the empire if not killed outright by either Long Shiya or ZW.

        And, he ended up screwing his son over. Because, it was still not *absolutely* clear to me that ZW could have kept Site’s abilities sealed and maintained the upper-hand until the clock slowly ran out on Yingbing’s fight.

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        If the moronic Lion King heard this, then the consequence part of the equation in his head would change from “upsetting Long Shiya” to “upsetting Long Shiya + 2 Saint Lands” (not to mention upsetting Xue AoTian and likely losing his support). Even Gu Site’s limited brain prowess should see that being the obvious culprit behind ZW’s demise is no different from having himself and his empire commit suicide.

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