HJC – Book 22, Chapter 179.3

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Chapter 179 Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation! (3)

Xue AoTian had once estimated that if both he and Long Shiya were on the battlefield, facing enemies of a certain strength, then after a certain amount of time, just from overall killing power and sustained fighting capabilities, he may not even be equal to Long Shiya.

This was already extremely high praise, and perhaps no other person in the world deserved such praise. Still, from that alone, one could imagine how powerful Long Shiya’s Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation was.

Yet, when Zhou Weiqing released his own new Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation, Xue AoTian suddenly saw a whole new world in front of him.

As compared to Long Shiya’s Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation, Zhou Weiqing’s one was still a unified whole, but before completion it was in two different portions.

That’s right – two different portions; made out of an assembly of two triangles. Yet, the end result was that there was a smaller portion that was similar to the old Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation, having the same effect though perhaps to a smaller scale. However, there was now the addition of the outer six acute angles.

What did these six acute angles entail? Xue AoTian did not currently know, but somehow he knew that Zhou Weiqing’s Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation might even surpass Long Shiya’s one in the future! Furthermore, as he suddenly remembered in startlement. Zhou Weiqing’s six Attributes were not of the normal elements, but including the two Saint Attributes of Time and Demonic!

This strange new formation of his was perhaps forced due to these two Saint Attributes… Instantly, Xue AoTian realised the key to the matter. This child is truly a genius, no one can deny that fact… not just his talent, but his sheer intelligence in being able to create his own Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation! Even if he had Long Shiya’s tutelege, to be able to balance two Saint Attributes amongst his own six Attributes, that was a feat of the ages!

Although the Lion King Gu Site and Tiger King Xue Aoying were shaken by the sight, knowing how special this Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation of Zhou Weiqing’s was, their feelings were definitely not as strong as Xue AoTian.

Gu Site suddenly decided not to continue storing energy for his attack. He had the abrupt feeling that he should never have let Zhou Weiqing successfully form that Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation. He realised his mistake now; as though the formation looked more magnificent than Long Shiya’s one, from the fact that Zhou Weiqing’s actions which weren’t too smooth, it was clear that he had just created this formation not too long ago, and would not be like Long Shiya who could successfully set it up despite any interruptions.

Gu Site’s judgement was indeed correct, but unfortunately for him it was just too late. In fact, what Zhou Weiqing had created was no longer called the Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation; after he had successfully created the formation, Long Shiya had named it the Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation. The reason why he had changed the name was because it had some different profound mysteries behind it, and the Lion King Gu Site was about to experience it for himself.

Lifting his right hand, the right arm of Gu Site which had warped into his original lion form made a swipe in the air towards him. Instantly, a solid looking gold claw shot out, flying towards Zhou Weiqing.

From the Heavenly Skill Image that appeared, it was a powerful Skill with at least an eleven-star rating, perhaps even a Heavenly God Tier Skill.

However, as Long Shiya once told Zhou Weiqing, a true Heavenly God Tier Skill could only be truly and properly used by a Heavenly God Tier powerhouse. Anyone without sufficient cultivation level could still use it, but there would be a large difference in effectiveness and power.

Seeing the massive gold claw speed towards him, Zhou Weiqing remained calm and unflurried in midair. He did not attempt to dodge it; facing a Skill of such a level, he knew dodging was pointless, as most Skills would be able to track or follow their target.

Zhou Weiqing took a deep breath, and of his six Icy jade Physical Jewels, five lit up. In the next moment, five sets of dark gold lights sprang forth around him, five layers of shields appearing just as the brilliant gold claw struck at him.

*Pupupupupuu* A stunning sight happened next, and the Lion King Gu Site’s power gave Zhou Weiqing a shock as well.

The five Consolidating Equipment God Protective Aura shields just vanished one after the other, smashed aside by the gold claw. These auras that were so ‘invulnerable’ in Zhou Weiqing’s mind, under the offense of the gold claw, seemed just like mere paper to be torn aside.

However, they were not totally useless. After the gold claw had smashed through all five of the Consolidating Equipment God Protective Auras, its light had clearly dimmed significantly. The ‘crying-face’ hammer in Zhou Weiqing’s right hand lashed out, smashing right into the gold claw. With a massive explosion, Zhou Weiqing was sent flying back in the air, while the gold claw vanished totally.

In just the single blow, Zhou Weiqing’s heart gripped tightly. Do not think that just because the Lion King Gu Site seemed so weak in front of the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor Long Shiya meant that he could be easily dismissed. He was still after all a Heavenly Emperor stage powerhouse! It was only that Long Shiya was just that more powerful. Even restricted to an eight-Jeweled cultivation level, Gu Site was still that terrifying. The power of the single claw Skill was already so strong, and without the five layers of Consolidating Equipment God Protective Auras, if Zhou Weiqing had tried to take the blow head on, he would definitely have failed.

What Zhou Weiqing didn’t know was that the Lion King Gu Site’s surprise was even greater than his own. Despite what Zhou Weiqing thought, that gold claw strike Gu Site had unleashed was no ordinary attack, certainly not a casual strike like it had seemed. It was after all a Skill which had summoned out a Heavenly Skill Image, and more so, he had actually spent some time storing power before unleashing it. One could just imagine how powerful it was. In truth, Gu Site had been trying to end things as quickly as possible, and had thus used one of his strongest Skills at the start to at least gain an advantage. However, he had not expected that Zhou Weiqing would be able to deal with his attacks so easily. More importantly, this merely six-Jeweled little brat, he had actually summoned five God Tier Consolidated Equipment! Furthermore, they seemed to be part of a Legendary Set, only one less than his own son! How could Gu Site not be shocked by that? Legendary Sets and God Tier Equipment had nothing to do with talent, but it had a huge connection with one’s wealth and connections.

His right foot striking down on the ground, Gu Site also launched himself into the air. The Heavenly Emperor level of control allowed him to use his Heavenly Energy to fly into the air easily, almost imitating a flying skill of sorts. Both hands extended in claws, he once again struck out and two similar gold claws, smaller but faster, rushed towards Zhou Weiqing.

Currently, Zhou Weiqing had shown his fifth Legendary Set piece. Besides the previous Legendary Hammers, the Yin Yang Giant Spirit Palm (2 gauntlets), and the Heart Mirror, the fifth was actually a layered war kilt that protected him from waist down. Altogether, the Heart Mirror connected the four protective equipment to form an entire breastplate to bracer and gauntlets, joining down to the war kilt to complete the entire costume.

With the addition of this piece of God Tier Consolidated Equipment, Zhou Weiqing’s body could be said to be finally fully protected. This was the effect of a Legendary Set, as the area covered was far beyond ordinary four pieces of God Tier Consolidated Equipment. The war kilt was giving forth a glow that seemed to have a spiral spin to it. Besides the usual protective capabilities that equipment had, its main effect was similar to all the other pieces of the Set, to greatly boost their user’s strength.

The ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Legendary Set had very few imbued Skills. According to Duan Tianlang’s estimation, perhaps only once the Legendary Set was fully complete would the true imbued set Skills be activated.

However, that was not to say that the ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Legendary Set was not strong. On the contrary, its strength was all in the word ‘extreme’. Indeed, it was only focusing on the basics, but to the ultimate extreme!

Each and every piece of the Legendary Set would increase the user’s strength one-fold, and this was stacked multiplicatively.

That was to say, when Zhou Weiqing was wielding only the Legendary Hammers, his strength was double of his original. With the two pieces that made the Yin Yang Giant Spirit Palm, it was not three or even four times… but after stacking twice it was a massive eight times his original strength! If Zhou Weiqing managed to complete all ten pieces of his Legendary Set, that would mean just in terms of strength alone, it would be five hundred and twelve times his original strength! What kind of terrifying number was that?! Do not forget that not only was Zhou Weiqing a Strength type Heavenly Jewel Master, his own body had been evolved several times from his bloodlines, and he also had the boost from the Dragon-Tiger Transformation. One could imagine once he really finished the ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Legendary Set, his strength would reach a state that was unparalleled in history, and possibly in future. This would be the true meaning of the saying ‘In the face of pure strength, all tricks are useless’.

As Zhou Weiqing slowly gained piece after piece of the ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Legendary Set, his strength would grow further and further. At the beginning, it was not obvious at all, but by now, the terrifying power was starting to reveal itself.

The fifth piece of the Legendary Set was naturally created by Duan Tianlang, his first piece of the ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Set. Previously, Long Shiya had personally flew back to the Peerless Battalion camp to get it for him, before flying back to the Fire Spirit Mountain where Zhou Weiqing had quickly succeeded in Consolidated it.

With this fifth piece of the Legendary Set, Zhou Weiqing’s strength was now thirty two times of his original strength. In addition to the Dragon-Tiger Transformation, his strength was truly something to be reckoned with.

At first, Zhou Weiqing did not have a real understanding of the power and effectiveness of the ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Set, and he had never fully flourished its strength. His previous use of it was rather limited to the trickery of the Legendary Hammers and the boost to his Skills. However, do not forget who his Master was… the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor… whose own Legendary Set was the ‘little brother’ set with a similar boost, the ‘Hate Sky no Handle’ Legendary Set!

In fact, the boost of the ‘Hate Sky no Handle’ Legendary Set was exactly the same as the ‘Hate Ground no Handle’. Of course, with only nine pieces, the total boost would only amount to a maximum of two hundred and fifty six times! That was to say, the difference of a mere one piece in a Legendary Set was actually the difference between Heaven and Earth! Under Long Shiya’s careful tutelage, Zhou Weiqing finally understood the true power of his Legendary Set and how to carefully control and use it.

Facing the Lion King’s charge at him, Zhou Weiqing remained unafraid. Swinging the two Legendary Hammers before him, he burst forth with a massive wave of Heavenly Energy. Two balls of thick grey mist gathered around each Hammer respectively, with the ‘crying-face’ Hammer in his right hand blocking out at the Lion King’s attack, while the ‘laughing-face’ Hammer in his left hand smashing towards the Lion King’s head.

The Lion King was clearly using the Divine Attribute Heavenly Energy, while Zhou Weiqing was using the Demonic Attribute Heavenly Energy. The clash of two directly opposite and opposing Saint Attributes, equal in level, but the victor would go to the stronger.

Zhou Weiqing’s cultivation level was only six-Jeweled, and naturally he could not compare to the Lion King, even restricted to eight-Jewels as he was. However, with the Dragon-Tiger Transformation, his Heavenly Energy was far beyond any ordinary six-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master, let alone with the terrifying strength from his Legendary Set.

A thick dark gold light sprang forth around Zhou Weiqing’s Legendary Set Equipment, gushing towards his right arm. If one observed closely, the dark gold light was like waves of power rippling towards his right arm, causing it to grow several times larger.

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