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Chapter 157 Arrival of the two powerful Tribes! (2)

The two Regiments was the Wild Wolf Regiment made of Wolf Cavalry soldiers, and the second was an even stronger Unicorn Regiment. Both were powerful cavalry troops and their original intent in entering the area was to sweep the border zone of the ZhongTian enemy scouts, preparing the way for the main army to move in.

However, the Gold Crow Tribe and the Berserker Tribe had been too huge and obvious a target, especially with so many horse carts in tow. To the two Regiments, it was like a huge piece of delicious meat dangling in front of them, and how could they resist? Naturally, they charged to the attack, making full use of their speed and movement, swiftly encircling and surrounding the two tribes. The Peerless Battalion had some scouts in the area, and had quickly realised things were going badly and quickly dispatched men back to request aid. Things were indeed not going well over there.

“Big Bro Wei, do you know anything about the Unicorn Tribe Regiment?” Zhou Weiqing asked Wei Feng.

Wei Feng’s expression was grave and solemn as he said: “The Unicorn Tribe Regiment is extremely powerful. In terms of speed, they are no lesser than the Wolf Cavalry troops, but in terms of combat capabilities, they surpass the Wolf Cavalry troops. The Unicorns are similar in look to your Ghost Demon Horse, but are even larger. Each Unicorn has an inborn talent of gliding; although they are not actually able to fly, these powerful beasts are able to glide in the air for about a hundred metres, using the small wings they have behind their backs. The Unicorn Beastmen are also known as the beastmen with the greatest combat skill, stronger than the Wolfmen and extremely skilled in using long spears on horseback. The Gliding Charge of the Unicorn Cavalry Troops is so powerful that even the Heavy Cavalry of our ZhongTian armies are unable to withstand it at full charge. Furthermore, they are also skilled archers, and are much better at harassing than even the Wolf Cavalry troops. In the entire WanShou Empire, the Unicorn Cavalry troops are counted amongst the absolute elite, and they only number two Regiments. I never expected we would meet one of them so early.”

Archer Cavalry Units? Upon hearing that, Zhou Weiqing’s brow furrowed once more. That would mean that even the Peerless Battalion Air Force would not be absolutely safe.

However, he did not have any other choice but to rescue the Gold Crow Tribe and Berserker Tribes. At this point, he could only hope that the two Tribes were sufficiently powerful enough to hold their own, and only by working with them could they have a chance to repulse to two enemy Regiments and retreat to safety.

Two hundred li was nothing in the eyes of the swift cavalry, and two hours of swift galloping ensured they reached their destination.

In the distance, the sounds of fighting, metal clashing against each other, and the air of killing intent filled the atmosphere. The chaos of the battle in the distance was clear, but they could not see anything for sure.

“Peerless battalion, get ready for battle. Remember to conserve your Heavenly Energy.” Zhou Weiqing shouted out loud.

As they got closer, when Zhou Weiqing could finally see the actual battleground. No matter him, or the other Peerless Battalion soldiers, were absolutely surprised.

The fight was not on the original hillside that the Peerless Battalion had once camped one. The Gold Crow Tribe and Berserker Tribe had not even bothered to retreat to the tunnel network that the Peerless Battalion had dug, instead being fully surrounded by the two WanShou Empire Regiments in the vast open plains. However, the reason why the Peerless Battalion was so surprised was that from the outlook of the battleground situation, both sides were pretty much locked in a stalemate, and not the WanShou Empire armies having a large advantage as expected.

Shangguan Fei’er said to Zhou Weiqing: “I’ll go ahead and scout a bit first.” As she said that, she spread her wings and soared off into the sky. The battlefield was extremely messy, and it was nearly impossible for them to look clearly from their perspective and direction, and could only see that the fighting ahead was violent and fierce.

In a matter of moments, Shangguan Fei’er had returned. Zhou Weiqing was surprised to see shock on her face.

“The Gold Crow Tribe and Berserker Tribes have gathered all their horse carts together, with their old, women and children also gathered and hidden in the inner circle of the horse carts. The warriors from both tribes add up to around four thousand or so, surrounding the horse carts as they fight against the WanShou Empire attacks. However, it seems like their injuries and death aren’t high… surprisingly, it seems like the Wolf Cavalry Troops and Unicorn Cavalry Troops actually have higher casualties. The fighting capabilities of the Gold Crow Tribe and Berserker Tribe are indeed impressive.” She quickly described the situation.

For Shangguan Fei’er to actually praise them so much, one could surely imagine that the Gold Crow Tribe and Berserker Tribe had truly impressed her and left a stamp in her mind. Hearing her words, Zhou Weiqing was overjoyed.

Immediately, he seized the opportunity and called out to his Peerless Battalion brethen. “Brothers, our comrades are now being surrounded and attacked by the WanShou Empire armies. Everything else, I shall not speak, but let me just tell you that the Gold Crow Tribe and Berserker Tribe are full of countless beauties. For the sake of our beautiful female comrades, get ready your Consolidated Bows!”

Hearing Zhou Weiqing’s words, Shangguan Fei’er almost vomited out a mouthful of blood. What sort of pre-battle motivational speech was that?! However, to her surprise, upon hearing Zhou Weiqing’s words, all the Peerless Battalion soldiers howled out excitedly, their fighting spirit raised to the max.

Zhou Weiqing’s grasp on human nature was learned from Mu En, and such a motivational speech was perhaps very different and… strange, and would never have worked on any ordinary army unit. However, the Peerless Battalion was just too different. These ruffian soldiers had not felt the touch of a woman in such a long time, and perhaps even a female sow would excite them, let alone hearing about female comrades! Women, such a term was perhaps far more important to them than gold.

Hua Feng shouted: “Single Line Battle Array!”

Ordinarily, Zhou Weiqing did not participate in the training of the troops, and naturally he was not the one to directly command the battle. The First Main Company was truly the finest of the Peerless Battalion elites, not just because of their strength, with each of them at least three-Jeweled Physical Jewel Masters or higher. Spurring their warhorses, the five hundred soldiers swiftly arranged into their single-lined formation.

On the other side, the two WanShou Empire Regiments had long discovered the over five hundred cavalry troops advancing towards them. However, the WanShou Empire troops had always looked down on the ZhongTian Empire troops, and their only reaction was to send two hundred men Wolf Cavalry Companies to break off and charge towards Zhou Weiqing’s troop.

It could be said that the WanShou Empire troops that the Peerless Battalion had the most experience in fighting were exactly the Wolf Cavalry soldiers, and they were very experienced in facing them. None of them were flustered or panicked, instead feeling excitement.

“Consolidated Bows, prepare!” Hua Feng’s voice was not loud, but all the Peerless Battalion soldiers could clearly hear it.

Five hundred Consolidated Bows drew at the same time, and row after row of titanium tipped arrows glinted coldly in the sunlight.

As the enemies entered the five hundred yard range, Hua Feng finally gave the order to shoot.

Ear piercing shrill whistles resonated through the entire battlefield. The Consolidated Bows with the Overlord Bow as a base blueprint showed their power once more in the battlefield, their disquieting shrieks causing the entire battlefield to freeze momentarily.

A series of thuds as arrows met flesh, and they could clearly see a cloud of blood rise up into the air along with explosions as the explosive effect of the Consolidated Bows came into effect.

Five hundred men attacking at the same time, but there was no confusion or disorder. One arrow targeting the beastmen, one arrow targeting the war wolves. After just one round, the two hundred wolf cavalry soldiers charging at them were whittled down to a mere several dozen. These remaining were either extremely lucky or some of the more powerful soldiers or higher ranked officers amongst the wolf cavalry soldiers.

“Master Hua Feng, you take care of command here. I will be charging ahead to contact the two tribes.” Zhou Weiqing quickly told Hua Feng before spurring his Single-Horned Ghost Demon Horse, charging towards the dozen remaining wolf cavalry soldiers. Just these few remaining stragglers were not worthy of the Peerless Battalion soldiers shooting another salvo.

The shrill sounds immediately drew the attention of the two WanShou Empire Regiments, and when they saw the two Wolf Cavalry soldier Companies almost wiped out so easily, they were all absolutely shocked.

At the same time, Zhou Weiqing did not charge forward alone. Shangguan Fei’er and Lin TianAo flanked him on each side respectively, charging together simultaneously.

Meanwhile, the Company Leader of the First Main Company, Lei Zi, was in a relatively good mood now. That was because, while they were shooting their arrows, he had received a message from Zhou Weiqing. As long as his performance in today’s fight was satisfactory, then Zhou Weiqing would release him from the Darkness Seal.

Three Ghost Demon Horses, forming a tiny triangular formation as they charged forward. The remaining dozen or so Wolf Cavalry Soldiers were undoubtedly the most powerful amongst the two Companies, and though they saw their comrades fall like wheat culled before their eyes, they were not afraid. Instead, they shouted their Totemic Activation Chant “Bathulu!” as they charged towards the incoming trio.

Zhou Weiqing’s trio did not stop, and both sides seemed to pass the other without any contact. Even with Hua Feng’s vision, he was not able to catch sight of what had happened, but moments after the two sides had crossed, the dozen Wolf Cavalry soldiers and their war wolves all fell to the ground… dead.

Shangguan Fei’er was right besides Zhou Weiqing, and currently her heart was filled with surprise. She had been very close to him, and had thus been able to observe everything clearly. Just before both sides had crossed, Zhou Weiqing had said a simple line: “Let me.”

The next moment, Shangguan Fei’er had seen many tiny, inch-long Wind Blades appear out of nowhere, right in front of every single Wolf Cavalry Soldiers and their war wolf mounts. Even though there were two three-Jeweled Company Leaders on the enemy’s side, none of them were able to react in time, and their tough fur was also unable to defend against this at all.

Highly compressed Wind Blades… is this the consummate Skill that the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor taught him? Shangguan Fei’er thought to herself. Little Fatty has indeed grown much stronger… even I am not able to truly know his strength now.

The WanShou Empire Regiments reacted extremely quickly. As soon as they saw their two Wolf Cavalry soldier Companies had been slaughter so easily, they realised that the incoming cavalry soldiers were not to be dismissed easily. Several cries that Zhou Weiqing could not understand sounded out, and an entire Battalion of Unicorn Cavalry soldiers wheeled around immediately and started charging towards the trio.

Both sides were speeding towards the other at breakneck speeds, and the gap between them closed almost instantly. This was the first time Zhou Weiqing had seen the Unicorn Cavalry troops. The Unicorn Beasts could no longer be described as horses, their bodies massive and muscular, especially their shoulder areas, rippling with sleek muscles. The single horn on their heads were almost a chi long, the base as thick as an adult’s fist, the tip sharp and pointy, looking extremely deadly. From his first look, they did look rather similar to Zhou Weiqing’s single-horned Ghost Demon Horse, though they did not have the scales which it did. However, below their ribs, there were two metre-long wings.

The Unicorn Beastmen were all about 1.9 metres tall, dressed in black heavy armour, with three metre long spears in their hands.

As both sides were about to reach once more, all of a sudden amongst the Unicorn Cavalry, about a dozen or so of them accelerated in an abrupt burst. The next moment, the dozen or so Unicorn Cavalry troops leaped and actually ascended into the skies, their wings spread as they charged towards Zhou Weiqing’s trio savagely.

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