HJC – Book 19, Chapter 155.2

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Chapter 155 Heavenly Snow Mountain Mountain Lord! (2)

“Your Highness, how can I trouble you to wait here for me. I… I…” As he said that, the old Wolfman King’s eyes reddened.

The Lion Prince said passively: “Wolf King, Master already knows you are here. He does not like to wait for others. I have already reported to him regarding your issues, come with me quickly.” As he said that, he took Butler from Batulu’s hands, and instantly, a faint reddish gold light sprang from his hands to envelop Butler’s body, whose ashen face turned slightly better.

Upon hearing that the Heavenly Snow Mountain Mountain Lord would receive them, Batulu felt slightly dizzy, and he fell to his knees with a loud thud, kowtowing towards the peak of the Heavenly Snow Mountain several times before standing up once more, following the Lion Prince to the peak.

Soon, the Lion Prince brought the Wolf King directly to the inner hall of the Heavenly Snow Mountain Castle, which was where the main matters of the Heavenly Snow Mountain were processed every day. The Heavenly Snow Mountain Mountain Lord seldom appeared normally, and most of the ordinary internal matters of the Heavenly Snow Mountain was handled by the Lion Price. As such, though his cultivation level was nothing compared to most of the powerhouses in the Heavenly Snow Mountain, due to his rank and status, added on to the fact that he was the top of his generation, having reached the eight-Jeweled stage at a young age of thirty one, only a single stage of Heavenly Energy from breaking through to the Nine-Jeweled stage, he was definitely not one to be underestimated. After all, his future was bright indeed, with limitless possibilities… as the main disciple of the Heavenly Snow Mountain Mountain Lord and the possible heir to the WanShou Empire, one could imagine that as long as no unforeseen circumstances cropped up, he would definitely breakthrough to the Heavenly King Stage, and perhaps even the Heavenly Emperor Stage.

“Wolf King, please wait here for a moment, I will request for Master to receive you.”

“Thank you, Your Highness.” The Wolf King said, overwhelmed with tears of gratitude. With the Lion Prince’s Divine Healing, Butler had somewhat stabilized.

The Lion Prince disappeared for a while before returning. Looking at Batulu’s hopeful gaze, he said: “Master will be out in a while. Later, when Master asks you any questions, just tell him the truth simply and directly, do not beat around the bush or exaggerate things. He does not like those who speak too much.”

“Yes.” Batulu quickly agreed. Although the Lion Prince only spoke that few lines, it was guidance of utmost importance.

Batulu waited for nearly an hour before he suddenly felt as if the entire atmosphere around him changed in a strange way. Subconsciously, he moved his gaze where it had been resting upon his son’s face which was twisted in agony, and he realised that before he knew it, there were two more people in the hall.

Both were dressed in white, the one on the left a young lady with silvery white hair cascading down her shoulders to the back. Her brilliant purple eyes were cold, indifferent, almost apathetic… as if the entire world meant nothing to her. If one examined those eyes closely, they would feel as if those seemingly beautiful eyes did not have any light of life within them, as if they were dead inside, like a zombie.

The young lady was positioned slightly behind the one on the right, who looked to be a youth about the same age as the Lion Prince. He, too, had a head full of silver hair, but much shorter, only an inch long. His eyes were purple as well, a much deeper colour. He was also dressed in clean, snow white clothes, without any ornaments or decorations. To the Wolf King Batulu’s surprise, this youth did not seem to have any aura of power about him, with only his looks similar to the young lady behind him.

The Lion Prince was standing right there, his gaze fixed upon the white clad young lady. His eyes were slightly dazed, with a complicated look within, and for a moment, he actually forgot to speak out.

The youth furrowed his brow, glancing at the Lion Prince. There was no obvious aura or energy, but the Lion Prince seemed to be jolted awake suddenly, and he said respectfully: “Greetings, Master.”

Batulu was caught by surprise. He had never seen the paramount of the WanShou Empire, the Heavenly Snow Mountain Mountain Lord, but he had never in his wildest dreams imagined that he would look so young. Who would think that the strongest powerhouse in the world, Xue AoTian, would actually be that young.

Batulu did not dare hesitate, and with a loud thud, he knelt onto the ground with both knees, kowtowing down so hard that his head made several thumping sounds.

“Enough.” The white clad youth said passively. As he said that, he lifted his hands slightly, and Butler, who was originally lying in Batulu’s arms before he knelt down, had flown up into the air, before Batulu even had a chance to react. He did not sense any Heavenly Energy reverberations; it was as if the surrounding air was gently lifting his son away from him.

In a split second, Butler had arrived before Xue AoTian, his entire body levitating horizontally above ground, as if he could fly.

Xue AoTian swept his gaze over Butler’s face, before he gave an abrupt soft curious sound. “Eh, what a strange power.”

Hearing those words, the Lion Prince’s gaze finally snapped away from the white clad young lady, his face full of shock. For his Master to actually be surprised, what kind of strange power was that? Was it really that strong? After all, in his eyes, Xue AoTian was invincible and omnipotent!

Xue AoTian slowly lifted one hand, and Batulu could see that the hand was transparent, as if carved from a block of ice… not even looking like a human hand.

Xue AoTian placed his hand on Butler’s head, and instantly, his entire body turned a brilliant gold colour, as if he had been abruptly injected full of gold.

Batulu continued kneeling down there, his eyes fixed on the scene unblinkingly. At the same time, his heart had finally relaxed. Now that the Heavenly Snow Mountain Mountain Lord was willing to help, what couldn’t he accomplish?

However, in the next instant, that settled heart leaped to his throat once more. He actually saw the Heavenly Snow Mountain Mountain Lord, even nicknamed as the Old God in the WanShou Empire, actually furrowed his brow.

The Lion Prince at the side was even more shocked. Xue AoTian had helped heal others before, and no injury, wound or illness was a match for his boundless spiritual energy, with just a single look sufficient for him to diagnose everything easily. Yet, this time, his Master had taken such a long look, yet seemingly still unable to fully confirm what was the ailment. Such a situation, it was the first time the Lion Prince had witnessed it. Still, he dared not interrupt Xue AoTian’s judgement.

The gold light disappeared, and Xue AoTian slowly put down his hand, murmuring slightly to himself: “How strange. Such a fusion of energies, this is truly the first time I have seen it. Could it be… the Heavenly Demon Sect? Even so… hmm… let’s see then.”

As he said that, his hand extended out once more, this time pressing upon Butler’s forehead.A strange, faint gold light slowly appeared, seeming to twist the air all around. At the same time, a tall Heavenly Skill Image appeared behind Xue AoTian’s back; it was of himself.

If Zhou Weiqing were here, he would definitely be able to recognize that was the sign of a Heavenly God Tier Skill that was self created, and this was what his teacher Long Shiya was most skilled at. Of course, it was clear that this self created Heavenly God Tier Heavenly Skill was somewhat different from what Long Shiya used.

When the Skill was unleashed, Xue AoTian’’s’ entire body was enveloped in a layer of faint gold light. Silver hair, gold light, the entire image combined to frame him in a divine, saintly light that one could not directly stare at.

Xue AoTian slowly moved his hand back, and a gold speck of light was left glowing in the middle of Butler’s forehead. The next moment, bright gold light flashed from Xue AoTian’s eyes, shooting directly into Butler’s eyes.

The next moment, Butler started to tremble violently, as if in extreme pain.

Batulu, anxious for his son, couldn’t help but stand up at that. The Lion Prince glanced at him and said: “Wolf King, hold still. Master has his own ways.”

Only then did Batulu realise that his actions could be read as mistrust for Xue TianAo. Even if Xue TianAo wanted to kill Butler, what could he do? Resisting would only bring ultimate disaster to the entire Wolfman Tribe. He quickly knelt down, trembling with fear and deference.

“Here it is.” Xue AoTian muttered to himself. All of a sudden, the gold speck of light in Butler’s forehead glowed brightly, shooting forth a ray of light into the air, forming a circular image resembling a panel.

Batulu’s eyes widened in shock. Such a miraculous sight, he had never experienced before.

The eyes of the entire room, even the listless eyes of the beautiful young lady beside Xue AoTian, were suddenly drawn to the circular image that had appeared.

The image was hazy at first, but it slowly turned clear… showing a tall muscular youth who was naked from waist up, his upper body rippling with nearly perfect muscles.

Behind the youth, there was a hazy looking, purple Heavenly Skill Image, and he was in the midst of leaping up in midair, his right foot smashing down like a battle axe. Without doubt, this youth was an image from Butler’s memory, and it was from his perspective that was being showed to the rest of the room. The Heavenly Snow Mountain Mountain Lord Xue AoTian had created a Spirit Attribute Skill with his own considerable power to show the image of what had happened previously.

“Ahhh!” An involuntary cry of shock rang out from the beautiful young lady’s mouth, and her body started shivering uncontrollably.

Xue AoTian started slightly, his brow furrowed, but he said gently: “Tian’er, what’’s wrong?”

Indeed, that silver haired young lady was Tian’er, who had snuck off from Zhou Weiqing previously. Naturally, the image that was shown was Zhou Weiqing, in the midst of using the Dark Demon God Lightning to strike Butler.

Seeing Zhou Weiqing appear suddenly in the image, how could Tian’er not be shocked. Subconsciously, she brought her hand to her mouth, but tears streamed down her cheeks uncontrollably.

It’s him, it’s him! My love! He… why is he in the north… how could this be…

The image on the round light screen was indeed the exact scene when Zhou Weiqing had knocked Butler back.

Xue AoTian’s brow was furrowed, but he ignored his daughter. The image changed slowly, and under his control, the image resumed back to the previous scene before playing out once more.

Without knowing when, the Lion Prince’s hands had balled into fists. With his inteligence, how could he not see that the youth in the image had a unique connection to Tian’er.

He was the fiance that Tian’er had mentioned previously. Xue AoTian only had a single child, and he had gained this daughter at a rather old age, and he truly loved her very much. However, according to the rules of the Heavenly Snow Mountain, females were not allowed to inherit the position of the Heavenly Snow Mountain Mountain Lord. As such, with the condition that the Lion Prince would swear to give up the position of future King of the WanShou Empire, leaving the future King to be chosen from the Tigermen Tribe instead, Xue AoTian had betrothed Tian’er to him. This was an absolute secret in the WanShou Empire, and only the few of them knew about it.

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