HJC – Book 19, Chapter 150.3

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Chapter 150 Rage! (3)

Those were after all powerful longbows, and both sides were less than fifty yards apart. At such a distance, even a lower ranked Heavenly Jewel Master might not be able to dodge such arrows, let alone ordinary soldiers. Furthermore, there wasn’t much space in the entire camp for them to dodge. If the Peerless Battalion soldiers fired, it would undoubtedly be a slaughter. Instantly, the Sixteenth Regiment soldiers froze in place, not daring to move a muscle. It was clear that the previous salvo of arrows was a warning, and if they dared move past that row of arrows, those ruffians of the Peerless Battalion would not hesitate to actually fire.

Zhou Weiqing could clearly sense which direction Shen Bu was attempting to wheel around and charge from. His right hand was still holding on to the Heavy Cavalry Battalion Commander, while his left hand struck out towards Shen Bu, a brilliant green light emitting from his palm. Once again, he did not use his Stored Skills, making use of the Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Arts to mimic a Skill again.

In the flash of green light, Shen Bu found that she was suddenly unable to move. It was the Fetters of Wind, the Control Skill of the Wind Attribute! The Fetters of Wind had been unleashed using his Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Arts.

Ever since he had seen his teacher use that Skill months ago, Zhou Weiqing had spent a lot of time over the past six months in mimicking that Skill. At this point, he was already able to continuously unleash it, given sufficient Heavenly Energy, without any cooldown at all. This was the true essence and power of the Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Arts!

The Fetters of Wind was after all a Seven Star rated Skill, and its drain on Heavenly Energy was not inconsiderable. However, do not forget that Zhou Weiqing was currently not fully using his own personal Heavenly Energy, as he was still in the midst of Devouring that Heavy Cavalry Battalion Commander’s Heavenly Energy. It could be said that he was completely using his opponent’s Heavenly Energy, converting it into his own Wind Attribute Heavenly Energy to power a continuous series of Fetters of Wind to restrict Shen Bu.

When she was first hit by one Fetters of Wind, Shen Bu did not make much of it. After all, she had fought with Zhou Weiqing before and knew that he had such a Skill. The Heavenly Energy gap between the two of them was still pretty considerable, and she was confident that if she used all her strength to break free, she could only be restricted for a second.

However, she soon realised that something was very wrong, as Zhou Weiqing’s second Fetters of Wind soon fell on her almost instantly as she broke free of the first, as if almost before she had even broken free. Once again, her body froze in place, unable to move.

At that point, Zhou Weiqing was already very close to Shen Bu, and a disdainful smirk crossed his lips as he said passively: “Regiment Commander Shen Bu, you were no match for me previously, and the result will be no different now. Do you really think that my previous win over you was just luck?”

As he was speaking, Zhou Weiqing had already used his fifth Fetters of Wind. With an abrupt strike out of his left palm, he dis-compassionately released a Lightning Explosive Palm.

Another huge explosion, and Shen Bu’s body was sent flying back by his blow. With Shen Bu’s cultivation level, such a blow was not sufficient to actually injure her seriously, but having her entire body numbed was definitely not a good feeling. Furthermore, she had been sent flying so easily in front of so many people.

At this point, her rage had already reached a boiling point, and by now she had already dismissed all her previous qualms and misgivings. As soon as she landed on the ground, she charged forward once more, all of her Consolidated Equipment releasing out at once, the Flame Blade in her hands glowing brilliantly. In that moment, she looked as if she was ready to pit her life against Zhou Weiqing.

However, without warning, a huge man intercepted her, looking like a mountain range towering over her.

A massive, heavy shield blocked her Flame Blade with a loud slamming sound, insurmountable natural chasm.

*PENG* Shen Bu felt as if she had struck an immovable rock, the sheer shock wave from the backlash causing her to stagger back a few steps before she regained her balance.

At last, she could see that man clearly. A tall, muscular man dressed in simple army uniform. His features were simple and plain, looking to be about thirty years of age, and his tough, stout face was clearly lined in the bright sun. Standing there, his aura was strong and stable, almost unfathomable like a deep chasm or a tall mountain, that seemed to even surpass Zhou Weiqing’s. Six Heavenly Jewels spun around his wrists, and that massive shield was held at an angle in front of his body. The sheer size of the shield could fully cover even that huge body of his. On the shield, the obvious six sockets inlying it almost shocked Shen Bu as the visage entered her eyes.

“Get lost!” Shen Bu howled in rage as she charged forward abruptly again, the Flame Blade in her hands striking out in a flurry of angry blows.

Without question, the person blocking her was Lin TianAo. As soon as Zhou Weiqing took action, how could he be any slower, and he had rushed forward immediately, just in time to block Shen Bu’s crazed attack.

Lin TianAo’s Six-Jewel Assembly Set Shield was not something that Shen Bu could easily break. Previously, when they were facing the Heavenly King Stage powerhouse Han Tianyou, Lin TianAo was still able to block him for a short time, and that was more than enough to speak for his capabilities. Lin TianAo’s offensive capabilities were indeed severely lacking, but in terms of defense, he was far beyond any Heavenly Jewel Master of the same level, even those powerhouses from the Great Saint Lands. After all, his personal Ultimate Defense Attributes was highly complemented by the six-Jewel Assembly Set Shield.

Lin TianAo’s shield only moved in extremely small movements, and his steps did not seem fast at all. However, every time he moved at all, he seemed to be able to easily block Shen Bu’s movement, not any direct block, but in an angle that she was unable to use her strength in.

Blocking out. A high level positioning technique that Lin TianAo had trained in with years of battle experience behind his belt, extremely powerful no matter against humans or Heavenly Beasts. He had trained and cultivated for so many years, the majority of which had been studying, analysing and researching on how to best improve his defense in any possible way. Not just through taking blows, but also movement, blocking out techniques, and his own personal defenses. It could be said that all of that was already ingrained into his muscle memory, and using it in varied combat situations was as easy as breathing for him. Shen Bu was attacking with all her might, but in front of Lin TianAo, she felt as if all her strength was useless in front of him, being unable to actually use any of her power properly. Lin TianAo did not even retaliate, just using his shield to constantly block all her movement and attacks, and she felt as if she were stuck in a muck, not able to reach Zhou Weiqing despite her best efforts. Lin TianAo was like a castle wall, no matter how hard she tried to batter him down, he stood tall and strong.”

“Stop!” All of a sudden, Zhou Weiqing shouted out loud.

Lin TianAo’s six-Jeweled Assembly Shield Set suddenly changed, a brilliant yellow light shooting forth, and a powerful shock wave shoved Shen Bu back. Clearly, he had been holding back in the fight again Shen Bu.

Shen Bu panted hard as she turned to look at Zhou Weiqing, who had currently thrown the Heavy Cavalry Battalion Commander to the ground and had his foot on him. On the side of the Sixteenth Regiment, they all had angry looks on their faces upon seeing that. However, on the side of the Peerless Battalion, more and more of the soldiers were coming out of their tents. To their shock, all of the Peerless Battalion soldiers were dressed in the same full mail, with fine longbows drawn and arrows pointed at them.

Looking at the Peerless Battalion soldiers whose eyes were filled with killing intent, as well as the chilling light from the rows of arrows, none of the Sixteenth Regiment soldiers dared make a move. Unless they could somehow call for reinforcements, they knew they would be of no match at all.

Zhou Weiqing glared coldly at Shen Bu and said: “Regiment Commander Shen Bu, I’ll give you one last chance. Hand over those two who critically injured my brother here, and all of you cut off a finger. Otherwise, all of you can forget about leaving.”

After attacking for so long, Shen Bu had already vented much of her anger, and she was steadily growing calmer. This was the first time she had seen Lin TianAo, but his sheer power had definitely giving her a deep impression. She could sense that even if her Senior Brother Shen Ji was here, even he might not be able to break this man’s defenses.

Furthermore, the Peerless Battalion soldiers were all arrayed in neat formations, their bows drawn and their killing intent clear. If they all released their arrows at the same time, casualties would definitely number in the hundreds. “Zhou Weiqing, you dare to fire on your allies? Aren’t you afraid of being charged in military court?” Shen Bu threatened in an angry cry.

Zhou Weiqing gave a disdainful humph. “Don’t talk to me about military court. Hmph. I’m afraid the first one to be court martialed will be you. Let me ask you, whose camp is this? This is our Peerless Battalion’s camp. It is your Sixteenth Regiment soldiers who have come here to cause trouble, and we are just defending ourselves legitimately. As for death? Do you think only your men dying is considered as death? My brother dying here is not considered? Furthermore, who is the one who started it all? Who left all the rubbish here? My words will not change, I will give you a minute to decide, and if you think I am joking, don’t blame me for being vicious.” As he spoke, he began to exert more pressure on his leg, and the Heavy Cavalry Battalion Commander grunted in pain, his armour already changing shape from the sheer pressure.

“You…” Shen Bu was so angry that her entire body was trembling. However, she was at a total loss about what to do. If she were to give in now, how would she command the Sixteenth Regiment in the future? It would be tantamount to the entire Sixteenth Regiment bowing down to a mere Ruffian Battalion, and they would never be able to hold their heads up high any longer. Yet, if she did not give in, if this continued progressing onwards, let alone being on the upper hand, it was likely she would not have any good ending. That Zhou Weiqing had the Heaven’s Expanse Palace background, even the northern army command might not be able to actually deal with them.

At this point, Shen Bu was starting to regret her actions, regret that she did not listen to her Senior Brother’s words. Shen Ji had warned her long ago not to provoke Zhou Weiqing. After all, they were from the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, and such a background was not something they could take on. Alas, the two sisters Shen Bu and Shen Yi just could not suppress the anger within them.

Who knew, things would reach such a stage, and it was almost impossible for them to back down in a good way now.

All of a sudden, a loud, drunken sounding voice rang out. “What are all of you doing? It’s so early in the morning, and you all are already making so much noise?”

Hearing that voice, Zhou Weiqing’s killing intent lessened slightly, the anger in his face subsiding as he turned around.

The one who spoke, and just arrived, was his teacher, the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor Long Shiya. Furthermore, right beside him was another teacher of his… Mu En.

Mu En glanced towards Zhou Weiqing, a sly look on his face. The two of them had walked in linked shoulder to shoulder, swaying side to side as they did so. The two looked totally like a pair of old drunks who had too much to drink the night before. From appearance, Mu En looked even older than Long Shiya.

“Teacher.” Zhou Weiqing bowed slightly to the pair.

Long Shiya gave him a hard look, saying exasperatedly: “Early in the morning and you’re disrupting our beauty sleep, how irritating. However, Weiqing, you really do have a good master! No wonder you turned out into such a sly little brat.” As he said that, he clapped Mu En on the shoulder. From the look of it, the two of them seemed like old friends who had not seen each other for years.

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  1. This b*tch deserves to be beaten to death. I had forgotten how she even had been warned by her superior to not provoke Zhou Weiqing, which makes her deserve death even more.

  2. D: Poor Shen Bu.

    I hope someone else show up and stop this all. I do not like that Fatty is making problems for the sisters. They where doing just fine before he came and made a mess of everything.

    Then again. I suppose my version of the event is not much better. “I will give you a 3rd option. Become my personal slave and as long as my brother survives I will let this go.” Naturally the sisters never split apart so you get 2 for 1. 😀

    I wonder if teacher will save the man and clear things up that way. :3 I am fine with the sisters not becoming a part of the harem, but I at least do not want him to ruin them. ):

    1. Not sure why you feel bad for Shen Bu, she 100% brought this shit on herself by making trouble despite seeing several times how Zhou Weiqing handles shit as well as experiencing first hand his absurd strength.

      1. I doubt there would have been much of a problem if Zhou simply started out by winning a fight with her. But he rather humiliated her in front of everyone being a dick about it from what I remember. I suppose I may have to go back and read it again.

        Then he basically did the same to her sister?

        Then he stole stuff from their soldiers.

        It seems clear the 2 sisters really worked hard to get where they have gotten them self. Worked hard to gain respect as female warriors. Zhou basically stepped on that.
        Did the older sister not say that the younger wanted to kill herself due to the humiliation? Now that I find foolish of her, but it shows how bad the event was for them.
        I agree if it was just this latest event she would be fully to blame. But this is due to the seeds that Zhou spread.

        Not to mention that he is basically planning to run off with these people. Is that not basically deserting?

        Just like Zhou would have done in the bow empire these 2 sisters work hard for their homeland.

        Think if suddenly a woman came and made a fool of him after he made a name for himself in the army. This girl just shows up and humiliates him in front of his units.

        Then she steals his soldiers gear. Blocks his possibility to get the stuff back due to having connections to a larger empire that has a tight ball-grip on your nation.

        Then takes a bunch of his resources, humiliates him some more. For so to just leave with the highly trained troops that he would believe to help protect his Bow Empire.
        I agree she should have known better then to make more trouble. But things got out of hand mainly due to Zhou’s order of beating up people coming to their camp.

        Normally there would have been a peaceful result to it all. But a bunch of people came back with broken arms shit. :/

        And normally the trash would be dumped somewhere else. If you where given a space, but it needed cleaning. Would you trow it to the people around you? And if you did… would you expect them not to get mad.
        Zhou did this knowing full and well he was making trouble. If not he would not have made the “beat them up” rule.

          1. I would say you are simply bias toward Fatty for he is the man. The main character. Even fatty understood he took things too far.

            HE knew that this would happen when he told them to trow the trash back.

            As I said, the reason I see it this way is that I treat Fatty as just another character in this case. If I looked at him as my side and as the main character I may also see it as you do.

            However I doubt even from Fatty’s viewpoint he has no blame in this.
            He is smart and he knows how he has manipulated things to end up this way.

          2. >.> I can only say that you need to be more open to different viewpoints. For people disagree on everything in this world. And the only way we get forward is to talk about it. We are looking at the same case her from different sides, so surely we have to see a lot of the same things. We only focus on things differently I would think.
            I agree with them sending him there for he did not want to marry her, it was a really stupid thing to do. I think I even said so. It was wrong of them. I was also mad at her at that point.

            However that do not change that Fatty went way out of line. Surely you must see that his stealing is not ok, just for him being the main character? Even if you do not hurt the people you steal from badly.
            Even less so as he is a part of the army. Where rules simply have to be more strict.

            I am also sure you can understand why the group Fatty is with is looked down on, when you think about what they have done to get there?

            It is not like I am asking you to see fatty as the bad guy. But I do not see how you can not see the driving forces that has made her hate him as she do.

            Take her role yea? You are a commander. Your men come back naked with their gear stolen by the dude they where escorting.
            Then when you go to get the stuff back then you are robbed again.

            Keep in mind that these things are expensive as it is. And just explaining to your higher ups that you had your stuff stolen by fellow soldiers would be a really hard blow.

            What fatty did goes against the way one act in an army to the degree they wanted to go get rid of Fatty. Where his girlfriends status came in.
            I also agree that she was in the wrong in this event. Again I even said so. So when you say “I don’t really understand how you haven’t been paying attention to what Shen Bu and her people have been doing” I am at a loss.

            Keep in line with your men having stuff stolen. Now they have been beaten so their arms and legs are broken. They are no longer able to train. How would YOU not be angry if you where the commander for that group? When it was made clear that your group did not start the fighting but rather went to get answers why there was trash all over their camp.

            This from what I understand is when she took action. And this is where she should not have, but rather said to her men to not make trouble. Maybe even lightly punish the men who got beaten up.
            However, who should deal with problems like that? By beating up your fellow soldiers? That is Fatty. If instead he had told his men to come to him if trouble grew then he could have fixed things with nobody getting hurt.

            I am mad at fatty, for unlike her. Who did from what I can tell, not send the first group of people to Fatty’s camp but rather answered to her men being hurt. HE is too smart not to know what would happen. HE knew there would be a fight. HE is just mad that things went past what he predicted and someone in his group almost died.

            SHE only see him as a criminal who should not even be there. As a strong thief seeing as he has kept stealing for her.

            Look at how things turned out. Can you not see the possibility that Fatty wanted a fight to happen, so he could take their side and gain even more status among his group that way.
            It seems like a great chance for him to me. His men trust him, but they would probably wonder how he would act in a situation where they may have done something bad.
            This way he could show them that he would keep taking their side.
            I agree he is to some degree nice for not hurting anyone too badly. But if I beat you to take something from you. Sure its nice of me not to kill you for it… but I still stole your stuff and beat you. xD

            You say Fatty did nothing. So I point out things that he did that is wrong. Then you get mad for I am not looking at what they did. Yet I am simply saying, that despite what they did Fatty is still being rather mean. And unlike them he is fully able to manipulate the situation.
            I will point out again how important it is to be open to looking at things from different viewpoints. If we do not do that, then we do not learn new things. And we close the gate on ourselves leaving us stuck with all the flaws in our thinking we have.

            This is basically how science work too, yes? You have an idea, then you and others look over the idea. And when flaws are found, one needs to look into them.

            When you say that Fatty did nothing wrong, I look over what happened. What they did and what he did. Looking at them both as just another character… Or maybe it is looking at them both as THE main character.

      1. i work on the three strikes and you are out… and this is the third time she has attacked him and caused trouble. it clearly displays she dose not respect her commanders or the Heaven’s Expanse Palace who have told her not to act. can’t comprehend the difference between herself and Fatty or the peerless battalion and her people. can’t foresee and predict, nor accept the ramifications of her actions. so kill her or at the very least remove her from any position capable of making non-independent action and controlling others

        1. It is the 3rd time she has attacked him?

          HE stole from her soldiers. Where is that ok? How can you expect her as an commander to not to act when such a thing happens?
          If somone did such a thing in the real world. They would be seen as traitors. For they basicly attack their own side.
          The reason they came to attack Fatty when the whole Heaven’s Expanse Palace got exposed. What was that? It was that Fatty had gone WAY over line. He had done way over 3 stikes already.

          Yes she have done stupid things. But if Fatty was not such an abnormal scoundrel. Then her actions would not be wrong at all would they?
          Apart from this one event, she has not done anything out of line. Well I suppose sending him to the scoundrel camp in the first place, for not marrying. >.>

          It is made rather clear is it not. Scoundrel. Thers a reason why he is one. Its for he is doing things that are not ok to do. Things normal people would stand up against.

          I say again that the 2 sisters clearly did just fine before he came around to mess things up. They would not get to their rank by just doing stupid stuff.

          As I tried to say, I can see the situation being the other way around. With Fatty being the one who worked himself up. Just think if he did not unlock his jewels. Basicly he would have had to work himslef up. He would work hard to do an effort for his nation.
          Then a **** comes around and mess things up for him. Humilating him. Taking his units gear.

          I suppose he may find a cleaver way to trick his way back. However she is a normal person. Who do things like normal people would. She would not get the stuff back be scoundreling. Basicly what most people in their situation would do…

          Apart form this one event where she should know better. But people do make mistakes… and again, if Fatty was not such a scoundrel, then it would not have become a lagre mistake at all, but rather would probably work itself out on its own.

          1. This is totally messed up. Looking back at ALL their encounters fatty has just been retaliating. Idk how when they come to his camp you somehow twist the blame onto him. The trash was intentionally left in their camp because the other regiments feels so superior and are kinda shit people.

          2. He stole their soldiers gear and made them walk basically naked back… And when they came to get the stolen things back… with force true but still stolen things back. Fatty dragged things into a fight, and stole even more.

            In this event… yes they came to their camp… but from what I can see, it was Fatty’s side that started fighting.

            They may be different groups but they are still a team. And Fatty is working very much against that.

            I am not twisting the blame on him. I am simply looking at him as just another character instead of the main character.

            I did the mistake in borderlands 2, thinking I was the good guy. For I was the main character. But by looking things over later, it turns out being the main character do not make everything you do ok.

          3. Oh and looking back Fatty has just been retaliating? REALY???? like when he first attacked the people who took him to the camp, so he would gain status?

            You think he was in the right there too? You think it was wrong of her to bring her men to get the things Fatty STOLE back again?

            When she got the powerhouse group to attack for Fatty kept stepping over all the lines, you really think THEY where in the wrong? Fatty and his group should have been executed for making trouble for the army. IF something like that happen in the real world that would be done.

            Think a commander gets sent to his unit. Then the commander orders his unit to beat up the people who took him there and steal their gear…
            They have already stepped WAY over line.

            And sure they feel superior… To rapists, thief’s and murderers. >.> I must say, I feel superior to rapists and murderers myself thank you.

            They are looked down and treated like shit for a reason… and that is that they are shit people. >_> They are the type of people we send to prison.

          4. Look, I can see arguing with you will just make me really angry as I do not agree at all with your viewpoints, it makes me disgusted and so I won’t engage past this. All I can say is I don’t really understand how you haven’t been paying attention to what Shen Bu and her people have been doing and just what Fatty has. Think back to why he was sent to the scum battalion in the first place. He refused to marry someone because he did not love her, totally reasonable. In addition he was nice to not injure her when they were fighting in the first place.

    2. I agree with the others, your view on matters is a bit f***ed up, I can see that you’re trying (and failing) to defend her for valid ‘seeming’ reasons but they’re too inaccurate and biased towards her without thinking of her actions. I’m not saying this just ‘because I’m biased towards mc’s point of view’ but because your reasons are lacking.

      For example: You mentioned being mad because of how she sent him to the Ruffians, that’s true and she was in the wrong so I’m glad you see that at least. However even during the dueling they reacted quite bad and went against the rules challenging him the way they did and then getting mad about the way he won. You mention they’re in the wrong for stealing, and you ‘would’ be right except for the fact that the army isn’t providing them proper equipment nor paying them and they don’t exactly have much choice in the matter. They are treated as expendable assets and not given any aid of any sort and are left to die, them stealing is justified at this point as the rest of the army is just as bad as the Ruffians for this treatment.

      Furthermore you said that they are basically ‘deserting’ because he’s taking them away to help his empire, but they’ve already been abandoned by the army and they could care less. The only reason they keep them alive instead of wiping them out is so they can act as scouts, their names aren’t even in the army rosters anymore so you’re incorrect, hell even a few chapters ago it mentioned the army wouldn’t care about the ruffians and sending them to mc at his request. I could go on but overall Shen Bu is a royal bitch that doesn’t learn her lessons nor does she act like a Regiment Commander who should know professionalism and how to not let emotions get the best of her. How she got to that position with this poor of a psyche is beyond me. Frankly she dug her own grave so whatever happens to her is justified and well-deserved, I’m not saying mc is 100% in the right either but she keeps making wrong decisions when it comes to mc and even after strictly being warned by her commanding officer to leave them be she disobeyed orders to do this shit and even looked for trouble. Btw he didn’t give orders to beat up anyone that came to their camp, just ones that came looking for trouble. I’m gonna head off to continue my binge reading rather than continue a point by point on why exactly your reasons don’t make much sense but you get the general idea. Not sure why you’re so gung-ho about defending her worthless ass lol but to each their own…

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