HJC – Book 19, Chapter 148.2

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Chapter 148 Heavenly Emperor Returns! (2)

In the Demonic Change State, Zhou Weiqing’s control over Heavenly Energy was much stronger and finer, not just in the grasp of Heavenly Energy, but also when unleashing it, all the tiny subtle changes could be sensed with greater effect. At this point, Zhou Weiqing needed to depend on the Demonic Change State to continue the transformation of his Heavenly Energy, otherwise he might run into trouble in the further steps.

Seeing the tiger tattoos appear on Zhou Weiqing’s skin, as well as the bursting of his shirt as his muscles bulged out, the middle aged man’s eyes widened further, the surprise in them turning to sheer shock.

His mouth twitched, and Long Shiya could hear him mutter: “Truly richly endowed by nature.”

Indeed, Zhou Weiqing had already displayed three Elemental Attributes, and now with the Demonic Change State, more so a controllable one, what else could he be described with? For any powerful Heavenly Jewel Master, if they could gain such a disciple, they would undoubtedly be on cloud nine. This was truly a talent that would invoke jealousy.”

Long Shiya could not resist any further, and a pleased smirk crossed his lips.

In the Demonic Change State, Zhou Weiqing instantly felt more relaxed. Although this would greatly increase the drain of Heavenly Energy, it was also without question a great help to his control.

The silver light flashed and began to diffuse, slowly turning to a black colour, thick and deep. The Darkness Attribute, perhaps the closest or most intimate Attribute of Zhou Weiqing’s. After all, his father also had the same Attribute. In the Demonic Change State, he could clearly sense the icy cold Darkness aura, and Zhou Weiqing slowly closed his eyes. At this point, he was no longer using his eyes to see, but his heart to sense his surroundings.

Seeing the change in Zhou Weiqing, Long Shiya couldn’t help but nod in approval. This disciple of his was not only unbelievably talented, even his intelligence, perception and capability of understanding was extremely strong. Although Zhou Weiqing had only started on the transformation of the fourth Attribute, Long Shiya was already extremely satisfied. After just half a year of training, being able to do so much, it was clear that it wasn’t just talent, but insanely hard work for Zhou Weiqing to be able to reach such a standard.

Previously, when he saw Zhou Weiqing fight with Butler, Long Shiya was still a little worried. After all, Zhou Weiqing already had such powerful Stored Skills, and immersing himself in the Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Arts would mean no improvement in power in the near future, perhaps even affecting his cultivation of Heavenly Energy. Would such a young man be able to keep at it with such so many short term drawbacks? In that moment, Long Shiya had began to question it.

After all, no matter who it was, when one had such an unbelievable talent, and had clearly always improved so quickly… If he had to change to another cultivation method that did not have much clear gains, it was definitely not an easy thing to take. This was also the reason why Long Shiya had instantly asked Zhou Weiqing to show him the Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Arts as soon as he saw him, to show the fruits of his training. Long Shiya had finally found a disciple after so long, and he did not wish for his precious disciple to end up being a rotten log.

The truth had proven his worried were unfounded. Zhou Weiqing’s willpower and tenacity was far beyond most of those around the same age, and his character much more stable. He was able to keep at the Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Arts, putting in much effort in its training, also able to bring his teacher much face. The more Long Shiya looked at his disciple, the more pleased he was. Even if he was trying to best not to show emotion, it was hard for him. It was as if he had gotten a true son at an old age, as smug and pleased as one could be.

The black light in Zhou Weiqing’s hands started to shrink, changing at the same time, in a very strange way. This time, Zhou Weiqing did not seize the advantage by imitating a Skill that he had Stored, instead forming a small ball of black light.

The strange thing was that in the black ball, there was still a swirling dim green light. This was a Ball of Corrosion.

Long Shiya also had the Darkness Attribute, and with a single look he could tell that this time Zhou Weiqing was totally using his Heavenly Energy to imitate the Skill, and did not have such a Skill Stored. From this, Long Shiya was confident that Zhou Weiqing had already truly entered the threshold of the Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Arts.

Of course, this was not the end. How could a person who could enter the Demonic Change State not have the Demonic Attribute? The speed of transformation from the Darkness Attribute to the Demonic Attribute was much faster, as the black turned into grey, a thick grey forming a small whirlwind around Zhou Weiqing’s palm, whirling at astonishing speed, causing the various elemental energies in the atmosphere to be drawn in towards it and making the whirlwind grow larger.

A pleased look appeared on Zhou Weiqing’s face. This grey whirlpool was truly his greatest accomplishment thus far, and was also one of the greatest aid to his current power ever since he had started training in the Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Arts. What he was doing now was using the Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Arts to imitate the Devour Skill of the Demonic Attribute.

After all, in order for Zhou Weiqing to use his personal Devour Skill, he had to use his palm to actually touch his opponent’s body. Conversely, he was able to draw in the various Elemental Attribute Heavenly Energy directly from the atmosphere now. That was to say, this Devour Skill that he used with the Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Arts was now able to go from range.

Of course, Devouring from the atmosphere was definitely not as good as Devouring directly from a Heavenly Jewel Master or Heavenly Beast, not only was the Heavenly Energy mixed with all sorts of Attributes, it was much tougher to draw and absorb, the entire process much slower as well, and the cleansing and re absorption process later was also much delayed.

Still, this was considered a Skill that Zhou Weiqing had created by himself! This external energy whirlpool, when combined with his internal Death Acupuncture Point energy whirlpools, it would undoubtedly be a great boost to his cultivation level.

Zhou Weiqing’s Heavenly Energy was now at the nineteenth stage. He had actually successfully crafted this new Devour Whirlpool Skill a month ago. Originally, when he had started committing full on in training the Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Arts, his Heavenly Energy cultivation had slowed dramatically. Thanks to his Immortal Deity Technique, it was not as bad as Long Shiya had feared, but it was still only fully dependent on the normal draw of the energy whirlpools. At that point, he had still been quite some distance from breaking through his nineteenth death Acupuncture Point. However, after mastering this new Devour Whirlpool Skill, Zhou Weiqing had only used ten days before he had reached the Heavenly Energy requirement to break through the next stage. With the aid of the Demonic Change State and Solidified Dragon Spirit, he had actually managed to successfully break through, and was now only one stage away from his fifth Heavenly Jewel.

This was also one of the reasons why he had been more confident in facing Butler earlier today.

Upon seeing this Devour Whirlpool Skill, even Long Shiya was dumbfounded. After all, he did not have the Demonic Attribute of his own, but with his knowledge, experience and vision, how could he not see the miraculous use of this whirlpool? Envy… this teacher was almost starting to envy his own disciple… his talent was just too unbelievable. Long Shiya was now sure that if Zhou Weiqing continued training hard with his own guidance, he could definitely break through the Heavenly King Stage before the age of thirty.

The middle aged man beside Long Shiya finally couldn’t hold back any longer, and he spoke out: “Fatty Long, where did you find such a monstrous little brat. Why do I not have your luck? My moral standing is clearly much better than you!!”

“Bullshit, what moral standing? Your Father, I, is the one with the true upright moral standing. Look, even the heavens are taking care of me… aren’t you jealous now? Let me tell you, Weiqing is my disciple, don’t even think about it, I will definitely not let you have him. Do you know how hard it has been before I finally found a disciple with six Attributes?”

“Six? You mean he still has another Attribute?! What is it?” The middle aged man exclaimed, his jaw agape.

Long Shiya said airly: “Look for yourself.”

Indeed, it was being displayed right before his eyes right now. As soon as the grey whirlpool appeared in Zhou Weiqing’s hands, the sweat on his forehead had actually lessened instead. With this Devour Whirlpool Skill, his Heavenly Energy was actually recuperating at a slightly faster speed than draining. Although it was only temporary, it was still sufficient for him to use. That was the reason why Zhou Weiqing had chosen to imitate that Skill as well, as it was the only way he could possibly complete the last, and most difficult, transformation and Skill.

The grey whirlpool slowly faded from sight, but it was only the light dissipating, and the whirlpool was still somehow there in compressed form. Zhou Weiqing had used another difficult control technique of the Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Arts; one that could only be used with sufficient Heavenly Energy, which luckily had been replenished by his Devour Whirlpool.

A similar Skill, but of different Attribute. This was the control technique that Zhou Weiqing was using. A similar whirlpool, but as the grey vanished, the whirlpool had turned transparent entirely, with only the twisting of light all around proving that it still existed, and both Long Shiya and the middle aged man could sense its power.

The Time Disorder Skill. Another Skill that Zhou Weiqing had Stored previously. Attempting to imitate any Time Attribute Skill was just too difficult, as it was one of the strongest and most difficult Elemental Attributes. After training for so long, this was the only one that Zhou Weiqing had succeeded in. As such, he could only use it out right now. At the same time, he could only succeed with the advantage from the ‘similar Skill, different Attribute’ technique, greatly lowering the difficulty.

Having finally completed all six transformations, Zhou Weiqing finally let go of his breath with a tiny sigh of relief as he carefully dismissed the invisible whirlpool in his palm. Once it was gone, his body sagged down in relief and his eyes opened wide once again. The sweat which had almost disappeared suddenly poured down abruptly, drenching him at once. It was clear how much spirit and mental toll it had taken on him just to complete the six transformations, and it showed in the sheer exhausted state he was left in.

Zhou Weiqing had not seen the pleased, smug look on Long Shiya’s face, instead all he saw was the slightly furrowed brow on his face.

“Teacher, did I do anything wrongly?” Zhou Weiqing asked tentatively. He had been so confident that he had already done the best he could, and if this was still not enough, he had nothing left to give.

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