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Chapter 138 Fighting a Heavenly King Stage Jewel Master Together! (1)

As for Zhou Weiqing’s party, everyone reacted instantly as well. In a flash, Lin TianAo charged in front of Zhou Weiqing, his Heavenly Jewels releasing swiftly. For Zhou Weiqing to run away in such a panic, how could the enemy be ordinary?

Crow also grabbed and pulled Ma Qun over to the other side of Zhou Weiqing, while Shangguan Fei’er flew up into the air. With her fearless nature, she would not hide so easily, instead looking towards the Blood Red Hell contingent.

However, when she saw their opponents, she drew a sharp breath. She definitely recognized Shen Little Demon, and those with her were at an even higher cultivation level. She could immediately guess who they were.

Shen Little Demon had been knocked back with a single palm from Zhan LingTian, being caught and stabilized by her companions. Her eyes narrowed as she also spotted Zhan LingTian and Shangguan Fei’er at the same time.

“It’s you two?” Shen Little Demon quickly raised her hand, stopping her companions from taking action.

That Live Hades saw Shen Little Demon getting knocked back and started momentarily, but the aura around his body grew even colder.

“Zhan LingTian, why are you together with him? You… are Shangguan Fei’er?” A surprised and bewildered look crossed Shen Little Demon’s face.

She still remembered clearly how the Heaven’s Expanse Palace had stepped in between herself and Zhou Weiqing, and the promise that she had made. However, she had not dreamed that the Heaven’s Expanse Palace would actually send two of their elites to protect Zhou Weiqing. From her perspective, that was what was happening right here.

Zhan LingTian gave a cold humph, standing up as he said: “Who we are with is none of your business. You dare to take action against me, are you trying to declare war against us Heaven’s Expanse Palace?”

Despite facing so many powerhouses, he still had his pride from being from the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, and did not have a high opinion of the Blood Red Hell, of much lower ranking amongst the Great Saint Lands.

“You are just a mere little junior, you think you can represent the Heaven’s Expanse Palace?” The Live Hades opened his mouth, walking forward slowly to the front. At the same time, he also released his Heavenly Jewels.

On his right wrist, ten black Jade Physical Jewels revolved slowly, and the very air around them seemed to freeze in place.

Black Jade Physical Jewels signified the Stamina Attribute, representing the ability to take hits and sustainability in fighting. Although its defense might not be equal to that of the Defense Yellow Jade, it was without a doubt that Heavenly Jewel Masters with Black Jade Physical Jewels were one of the most troublesome to deal with.

“Heavenly King Stage…” Zhou Weiqing drew a deep breath of cold air. It was indeed the worse case scenario that he had thought about. This old man from the Blood Red Hell was a Heavenly King Stage Jewel Master.

Even for such a proud and arrogant person like Zhan LingTian, his face changed abruptly when he saw the old man’s ten Physical Jewels, looking rather unnatural. As soon as a Heavenly Jewel Master entered the Heavenly King Stage, it was a whole different level, definitely a powerhouse that was like a nuclear deterrent amongst empires. Even in the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, there weren’t that many powerhouses above the Heavenly King Stage. Calling him little junior was definitely his right.

“May I know which senior you are from the Blood Red Hell?” Zhan LingTian steeled himself and asked, his hands held respectfully in front in greeting.

Live Hades said passively: “This old man is the Live Hades, Han Tianyou, a mere unknown junior in the Blood Red Hell .Since I’m just an unknown junior, even if I provoke you, it doesn’t count as us Blood Red Hell provoking the Heaven’s Expanse Palace right.”

Zhan LingTian’s expression was extremely ugly, but he could not do anything about it. In that moment, he did not even know how to reply to that.

At this point, Zhou Weiqing’s wily cunning showed itself once more. He stood behind Zhan LingTian, silent and looking down, acting totally as if he was like a follower of Zhan LingTian, totally pushing the proud Heaven’s Expanse Palace young talent to the forefront.

Alas, at the side, Shangguan Fei’er could not hold back. “Live Hades? I have really not heard of you before. It looks like Senior has just reached the Heavenly King Stage not long ago right. This time… you should be heading to the WanShou Ten Thousand Beast Heavens to look for a suitable Heavenly Beast to Skill Store? From your words, it seems like you look down on our Heaven’s Expanse Palace. My fourth uncle had already said that the enmity between the Fei Li Battle Team and Dan Dun Battle Team in the Heavenly Jewel Tournament be erased, and he personally made that guarantee, so that Weiqing will expel the venom from Shen Little Demon. Now… you all are planning to repay that kindness with ingratitude? Is that not provoking us Heaven’s Expanse Palace?”

Hearing Shangguan Fei’er say that, Shen Little Demon subconsciously looked at Live Hades. Indeed, with Shangguan Longyin’s guarantee, it was indeed their fault in attacking Zhou Weiqing, and the Heaven’s Expanse Palace was in the right to interfere. Perhaps it might not be to the extent of a war between the two Great Saint Lands, it was clear from the situation in front of them that the Heaven’s Expanse Palace would not let this go so easily.

Live Hades gave a humph and said coldly: “Heaven’s Expanse Palace, what a great Heaven’s Expanse Palace indeed. If not for the fact that you all were lucky enough to occupy a treasured land like the Heavenly Jewel Island, with your backgrounds and fundamentals, could you possibly become the top of the Five Great Saint Lands?”

As he said that, he raised his left hand, and everyone could see that it was missing the little finger and ring finger. “These two fingers were destroyed years ago by Shangguan Longyin. Just because he could rely on his Consolidated Equipment being better than mine, he beat me until I was heavily injured. The reason… your Heaven’s Expanse Palace so called face. This old man has been in closed door cultivation for so many years, and I finally entered the Heavenly King Stage, and I do not intend to tolerate your Heaven’s Expanse Palace any longer. Today, meeting you little juniors here, since you dare to provoke this old man… very good… very good. Well, let’s see, if this old man kills you all and all these beastmen here, who would know it is us Blood Red Hell who did it?”

This time, both Zhan LingTian and Shangguan Fei’er’s expressions changed. If a Heavenly King Stage Heavenly Jewel Master from a Great Saint Lands did not care about his own status and face, and was intent on killing them all… could they really survive?

Zhan LingTian said solemnly in a soft tone: “Fei’er, run. Return and inform the two Palace Masters, and ask them to take revenge for me.” As he said that, he twisted his wrist, and a dark gold light flashed. The twin coloured gold and black long spear which Zhou Weiqing had seen previously appeared in his palm, and with a flick of his wrist, it struck out towards the Live Hades Han Tianyou.

A powerful killing intent rose forth from Zhan LingTian, and in the midst of that killing aura, his entire body seemed to integrate with the world and atmosphere. In that moment, he ignored the face of oncoming death, channeling all his power and spirit to the maximum.

Shen Little Demon said hesitatingly to Han Tianyou: “Elder Han, that isn’t very good right? Should we just ask them to give up Zhou Weiqing?”

Han Tianyou gave a cold humph: “What’s so ‘not good’ about it? Weakening the Heaven’s Expanse Palace can only be good for us. If we let them go, it would actually cause the Heaven’s Expanse Palace to look for trouble. As long as we do this cleanly and not leave any evidence, what trouble can there be instead? You few, do not take action, encircle the area. Do not let anyone come close, and also prevent any of these little brats from escaping.”

As he said that, Han Tianyou disappeared in a flash. Even Zhan LingTian did not manage to see how he had moved, and in the next instant he had appeared in front of Zhan LingTian, striking out with a palm.

That strike was with his left palm, and the others could clearly see around his left wrist the glowing red light of Star Rubies. Although his Elemental Jewels were only a single attribute, the Fire Attribute, having cultivated to the Heavenly King Stage, this Han Tianyou’s power was far beyond Zhou Weiqing and his party.

Han Tianyou’s left hand expanded several times over in that instant, and though the fiery heat was mainly focused towards Zhan LingTian, it also enveloped all the others.

At this point, the gloomiest of the group was actually Zhou Weiqing. When Zhan LingTian had asked Shangguan Fei’er to escape, Zhou Weiqing knew that they could no longer run away. He knew Shangguan Fei’er’s character well, and she would never abandon a companion to fighting on her behalf to death and run away by herself, alone. Of course, while being gloomy, his dislike for Zhan LingTian had lessened considerably. He was truly a disciple of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace. Although that fellow’s arrogance was grating and irritating, at critical moments he truly acted like a good senior brother. To be able to step forward to face a Heavenly King Stage powerhouse opponent to allow Shangguan Fei’er to run away, that took considerable guts and spirit to be able to do so, enough to change Zhou Weiqing’s impression of him.

Just like what Zhou Weiqing had expected, as Han Tianyou struck out at Zhan LingTian, Shangguan Fei’er also took action.

Two dark-gold lights sprang forth from Shangguan Fei’er, and her two bracer-claws appeared as she struck out like lightning at Han Tianyou from the side.

Zhan LingTian shouted out loud, the glowing Light-Dark Divine Spear striking forward with a resolute firmness and terrifying aura. He totally ignored Han Tianyou’s incoming palm, instead striking out towards his throat. From his expression and demeanor, he was prepared to die together with Han Tianyou in that moment.

In such a critical moment, Zhou Weiqing made a swift decision, shouting out loud: “Together!” As he did so, he flew back a step, his eyes gleaming. In a thick reverberation of Heavenly Energy, the massive Heavenly Skill Image of the Demonic Dragon Lady rose up into the sky.

Since they could not escape, the only choice would be to pit their lives with all their might. Even if they added all their cultivation levels together, they were still far from reaching Han Tianyou, but no matter what, each of them were confident that their power levels were far beyond their cultivation level. As long as they worked together, there might still be a slightest chance. Furthermore, none of them were the type to lie back and die without a fight.

Previously, Lin TianAo had been standing beside Zhou Weiqing, awaiting his command. His main role was to protect Zhou Weiqing, and although the situation was extremely bleak, it had not caused him to panic at all. As soon as Zhou Weiqing shouted out, Lin TianAo sprang into action, charging out with his Six-Jeweled Assembly Set Shield out to smash into Han Tianyou.

Crow also took action at the same time, her immense six hundred jin body leaping up abruptly, the Gold Crow Legendary Axes along with the Consolidated Equipment Chains smashing down savagely from midair in a crossed attack.

Besides Ma Qun, although the other five of them took action one after the other, it seemed to form an amazing tacit understanding and cooperation.

Each of them had an immeasurable talent and latent potential, and under such terrible conditions and stress, it often allowed one to spark their potential to the maximum. At this point, this was such a situation. Facing a Heavenly King Stage powerhouse, their only chance was to work together.

Alas, very quickly, they witnessed the terrifying power of a Heavenly King Stage powerhouse with their own eyes and bodies.

When Han Tianyou struck out towards Zhan LingTian, he had already set the resolve to kill these few youths in front of him in the shortest possible time, before destroying the entire beastmen tribe here to hide all evidence.

Zhan LingTian’s reaction was undoubtedly the best possible in that situation. With his cultivation level, it was impossible for him to directly block Han Tianyou’s attack, and he could only use this sort of suicidal exchange method to deal with it.

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