HJC – Book 15, Chapter 124.1

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Chapter 124 Ruffian Battalion, Battalion Commander! (1)

Riding upon a huge horse, dressed in full armour, Zhou Weiqing had a peaceful look on his face as they galloped along. He even took out a dry biscuit from his Spatial Ring and started eating, but when he tried to give one to Shangguan Fei’er, she rejected it huffily. However, it wasn’t because she was still angry at him earlier, but because Shangguan Fei’er felt he was being too soft. These guards were treating him like that, mockingly, and he was still able to endure it. That was not something she liked.

These personal guards of Shen Bu were all hand picked from the regiment, truly the elite of them all. Although they weren’t all Heavenly Jewel Masters, they were mostly Physical Jewel Masters, just that their cultivation levels weren’t too high. If this was the Heavenly Bow Empire, they would absolutely be high ranking officers.

Twenty two fine horses galloping along, and it still took more than two hours before the camp entered their sight.

Doing a quick calculation inwardly, Zhou Weiqing estimated that they had traveled at least three hundred li. If this army camp in front of them was indeed the Ruffian Battalion, they were truly isolated.

However, the Ruffian Battalion was at least not situated on the open plains; after all not far north from here would already be the exact border of the ZhongTian and WanShou Empire. The surrounding were all rolling hills and peaks, not exactly the tallest ones, but enough to make the terrain rather complicated.

Zhou Weiqing could clearly see that the entire camp of the Ruffian Battalion was mostly along one of the hills, thus being very visible even from a far distance. The tents were messy and haphazardly placed, mostly dirty, tattered and torn, and there wasn’t even a single army flag in sight. Although the little hill was still relatively full of grass and vegetation, no matter how one looked at it, the camp made the entire place look bleak and chilly, almost desolate.

“HALT!” Just as they were closing in on the camp, about five hundred metres from it, a sudden shout broke the still silence. The next instant, about a dozen men jumped out from beyond some rocks, blocking the party’s road.

Are these really soldiers?! On first sight of them, Zhou Weiqing started. None of these soldiers were properly dressed, or even clean, with their army uniforms in shambles, some not even complete. In fact, most of their uniforms were tattered and torn in places, and the few that were uglily patched up were actually considered the best of the lot. As for leather armour, chainmail or ringmail, none of them even had the slightest hint of protective gear. In fact, the only proper equipment between the dozen were the three weapons that three of them had, all long spears. As for the rest, they only had some wooden poles.

However, in comparison to their terrible equipment, they all looked strong and ferocious indeed, aged between twenty five to thirty five, all tall large and stout. Due to their tattered clothing, their bronzed tough muscles were on display, and coupled with the harsh and intractable looks on their faces, it would be more accurate to describe them as brigands than soldiers, or even violent bandits.

The leader of the guards lashed out with his whip in mid air, a loud cracking sound breaking the silence. “What halt?! You scoundrels and ruffians, look at yourselves, you look like beggars! Having been sent to this place, you still haven’t learned to be more honest? We are the personal guards of the Sixteenth Regiment Regiment Commander Shen Bu, and we are here to escort your new Battalion Commander to you. Here, this is Battalion Commander Zhou. Hurry up and greet him.”

Seated upon his tall, magnificent steed, this leader of the guards looked down upon the Ruffian Battalion soldiers with a lofty, superior feeling. All of the personal guards were dressed in fine armour, with critical areas lined with titanium alloy, well geared with long sabres, longbows and various weaponry. Even their steeds were protected with in critical positions with leather armour. They could be said to be truly armed to the teeth, and it showed in stark contrast to these Ruffian Battalion soldiers, one heaven, one earth.

Zhou Weiqing did not make any sound, silently watching the Ruffian Battalion soldiers to see what they would do.

The leader of the dozen or so Ruffian Battalion soldiers gave a loud shout, and before long, head after head popped out of nowhere. In a matter of moments, almost a hundred men had appeared, equally terribly equipped, but also with the ferocious well built look that they all shared, with a hint of a bloodthirsty aura. However, just the look of them struck fear in the hearts of the twenty guards. After all, to be sent here, these ruffian soldiers were not good or kind hearted people!

“Coming to our Ruffian Battalion to show off? That’s a mistake! What bullshit Battalion Commander, bring him back to where you found him. We are a bunch of short lived people who have long since been abandoned, we don’t need anyone to lead us. I’ll give you all a minute, if you do not get lost, I don’t mind letting you all have an ‘accident’.”

The one who spoke was a huge, muscled man whose skin was baked almost black by the sun. He stood high atop the hill, his top bare. Under the heavy rays of the sun, his terrifying muscles gleamed, almost drawing attention from the massive spiked club in his right hand, almost eight chi in length. His eyes had a hint of bloodshot in them, glittering with a ferocious cruelty like that of a wolf.

Although they only numbered twenty, these personal guards were skilled and well geared. If they were to face any hundred ordinary soldiers without proper gear, they would have been charged forth scornfully and without fear to teach them a lesson. However, they did not know exactly why, but these hundred or so men in front of them had a blood tinged aura that gave them pause, stopping them from any arrogant actions.

The leader of the personal guard said solemnly: “Escorting your new Battalion Commander here is under the order of the entire northern command, and we are just following orders. We have already escorted him here, and what you all do is none of our business anymore. We will take our leave now.” After saying that, he turned his horse around, about to lead his men away. Facing these Ruffian Battalion soldiers who clearly had nothing left to lose, he did not want to stay a second longer.

“I’m afraid that leaving like that is not going to be possible.” Right at that moment, a lazy voice rang out, drawing attention from everyone.

The one who had just spoke was naturally Zhou Weiqing, mounted high on his horse and dressed in his Battalion Commander armour.

“Is there anything, Battalion Commander Zhou? I’m afraid it is already too late, you should just stay here honestly.” The leader of the personal guard thought that Zhou Weiqing was afraid, and he said with a look of disdain on his face. Naturally, without any orders, he would not bring Zhou Weiqing back.

Zhou Weiqing blinked and said: “Afraid? What do I have to be afraid of? What I meant was… you all are a nice greeting present that I have brought to my fellow Battalion comrades and brothers! If you just leave like that, that would not be good at all! Look at all the nice, gleaming gear that you all are wearing, and look at what my brothers are wearing? Heh… whatever you can leave behind, just leave it behind now.”

As he said that, he launched himself right from the back of his horse, flying towards the leader of the personal guard.

In shock, the leader cried out: “Battalion Commander Zhou, what are you doing?!”

Zhou Weiqing grinned widely, revealing a row of gleaming white teeth. “When you return to camp, remember to tell Regiment Commander Shen Bu… Your Father, I, have never been a good person… I am originally also a ruffian!” As he said that, his hand struck down on the leader of the guards.

For this man to become the leader of Shen Bu’s personal guards, he naturally had his own power and talents. Instantly, a thick Heavenly Energy burst forth from him, and he actually released out Four Heavenly Jewels. He too was a Heavenly Jewel Master!

Alas, the one who attacked him was Zhou Weiqing, who was pretty much invincible amongst those of equal level. Zhou Weiqing did not even look at what his Attributes were, and in a green flash, the Fetters of Wind had already landed upon him, restricting his movements.

Although this leader of the personal guard was also at the Four Jeweled cultivation level, he had to face the same problem as most other Heavenly Jewel Masters did. Consolidating Equipment, Skill Storing… that was of immense difficulty. Although he had actually already Stored Skills and Consolidated Equipment, how could he possible compare with Zhou Weiqing? Facing the highly rated Fetters of Wind, he did not even have time to react, and Zhou Weiqing’s palm had already slapped down savagely on his face. With Zhou Weiqing’s strength, he was sent flying off the horse, knocked unconscious by the single blow.

“Hmph, Your Father, I, have been aching to teach you a lesson since the beginning. If not for the fact I needed to bring all your equipment over, do you think I’d have tolerated you for so long?! Tcheh!” Zhou Weiqing spat down scornfully.

Such an abrupt turn of events caused all the guards to stare in shock. They had never expected that Zhou Weiqing would actually dare to take action against them.

“Zhou Little Fatty, aren’t you afraid of being court martialled?”

“Court martial your head! Your Father, I, have already been sent here, who gives a damn about the army law! Fei’er, what are you waiting for, take action!”

As he said that, Zhou Weiqing leaped up, like a bolt of lightning. Even if he only used his Wind Attribute Skills, these guards were totally no match for him. The speed of the Silver Emperor Lightning Pierce, and the sheer destructive might of the Silver Emperor Wing Slash was too much for these ordinary guards. Add to that Shangguan Fei’er, who was like a literal ghost slicing through the battlefield, it was moments before all twenty guards were down on the ground.

Luckily, the two of them were not bloodthirsty, and they only knocked the guards unconscious, and not killing them. Of course, some injuries sustained was inevitable.

Dusting his hands against each other, as if he had done something insignificant, Zhou Weiqing landed back down on the ground.

The surrounding was dead silent. From the time that they had taken action, the Ruffian Battalion soldiers had not moved at all, standing there watching them coldly, without a hint of wanting to join in.

Looking at the ferocious, blood tinged soldiers, Zhou Weiqing nodded his head in satisfaction, saying: “Not bad at all, looks like I have come to the right place.” As he said that, he reached into his clothes and pulled out the plaque that he had received in the morning.

“Everyone, look clearly, this is my Battalion Commander Plaque. I have been sent by the northern command. From today onwards, I am the Battalion Commander of the Unique Battalion One, your commander. My name is Zhou Little Fatty, and you can address me as you wish. Well, what are you all waiting for?! These twenty two horses are ours from now on. En… their armour, clothes, helmet, weapons, don’t waste anything. Hurry up. Oh wait, although we are the Ruffian Battalion, we still need to give the Sixteenth Regiment a bit of face. Leave them with their underpants…”

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  1. I think he feels like he came home, lol. Like he said, he was already a ruffian.
    My favorite thing about this mc is that he doesn’t stand much on pride. Yes, he has quoted it before. But if it gets in the way of his plan, he will completely throw it away until it becomes needed again. If he wasn’t built like a wall now, I could totally see him dressing up as a woman to sneak around 😛

  2. Now that is just bullshit*ttery right there. Dafuq kind of army would allow this? They should be beheaded for treason for attacking fellow soldiers. And don’t gimme that sh*t about those guards getting what they deserved for showing off. There’s a reason why the soldiers of the Ruffian Battalion are there, they should know how to act their place. We’re the flaunting guards right in what they did? No. Should ZW and the soldiers of the Ruffian Battalion be charged with treason? Yes. Definitely yes. Specially considering they are on the front lines and they’re pretty much expendable. I mean, this an ARMY ffs. ZW has been in an army unit before. His FATHER was a d*mned general. His GIRLFRIEND was a commander. He’s supposedly a “natural leader”, how the f*ck does he even get the notion that attacking other soldiers is a good idea? Oh what’s that? Oh yeah! The ones he attacked with ALREADY HAVE RECORDED CRIMES. Well, I hope he gets booted out of the army, but knowing CN novels, we won’t get that much luck. He’s supposed to be smart, quick-witted, cunning even. Way to keep a *low profile* Weiqing. First you disgrace a woman, practically just because she’s a woman. Second, you cause chaos when you’re already under attention. TJSS, I love you. Very much. But you F*cked up on this one. I’ve already been irked by Weiqing’s inconsistencies the past few chapters. This just popped my balloon. This is practically nothing but petty revenge. For something he started btw.

    1. …For something he started? Alright, lets leave that comment aside but, he is in jail. He is establishing his dominance. Also, he was in the army, yes. This is not the army. At least not this battalion. Court marshaled? What the hell would the point of that be? Getting sent to that battalion IS getting court marshaled. That is were they send you to die while still wringing out the last bit of usefulness out of you.
      Back to that comment, how did he start any of this? He fought normally and even held back. The people he fought are petty and tried to take control of him.

    2. With all the background info given on the ruffian battalion, it’s obvious they have authority issues. A good leader must make the led believe they share the same goal

      They only way to rule them is to be one of them. Assume he’s an undercover cop who has to infiltrate the mob, there is a high enough chance he will be involved in a situation that will get a cop killed rather than blow his cover. Don’t tell me you do not understand that although dispensable the Ruffian Battalion is of utmost use as canon fodder and early warning system for invasions.

      He has to make them believe he belongs and one of the easiest ways to gain trust of the battalion by showing he holds the stomach full of disdain for the main troops. The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

    3. *Dafuq kind of army would allow this?*

      You’re the one saying bullshit here, It happened often during history and wars in reality.

      The reason is really simple, it’s because a regiment of ruffians and scoundrels can be used for any kind of mission and because even if they died it would not be a great loss for the country and they could be sacrified easily.

      Also, the countries used these kinds of regiments because they did not cost much and it was easier and cheaper to recruit ruffians used to fighting and killing, than training good soldiers. Also they do not need to provide their equipment because these ruffian-soldiers would just go and rob it from ennemies and looting ennemies villages…

      Also they would only very rarely be charged of treason or other crimes because they had high-chance of dying in battle, and who would go to seize these mens responsibles for treason ? The other regiments wouldn’t sacrifice soldiers just to get a few traitors because they would be protected by their companions of the scoundrel-regiment. They would need to sacrifice at least a hundred men just to get a few traitors, definitively not worth it…

    4. You are just spouting off. Looking down, what are you talking about. Life and death is life and death weather in the army or civilian. Their sentence to the front line with no equipment is a death sentence. If your civilian friend tried to kill you because of something you did wrong, would you not become their enemy. While you may try to kill them because it is your fault, you would be a idiot to not try and protect you life. If we are comrades, then there should be some fairness.
      It is so easy for those on top to talk bullshit. When they were looking down at a superior officer earlier because of their backing, where was the indignation. Good move Zhou fatty, win point with new battalion, teach a lesson while sending several messages.

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