HJC – Book 15, Chapter 122.2

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Chapter 122 Oops! I beat up the Regiment Commander! (2)

Although Zhou Weiqing had indeed angered her by humiliating Shen Yi, she still held his talents and strength in high regard. With Zhou Weiqing’s cultivation level and power, it was more than sufficient for him to be a Battalion Commander or Vice Battalion Commander. The only reason she had summoned this powerful Skill of hers was actually to threaten and scare Zhou Weiqing, to allow him to surrender without continuing the fight. In that way, she did not need to actually fight with a fresh recruit, and still have him surrender.

Alas, she had never expected that under her intense aura and facing such a powerful skill, this Zhou Little Fatty would actually charge towards her instead. Was he trying to commit suicide!?

In that moment where Shen Bu started, Zhou Weiqing had chained his attacks. Indeed, to ordinary Heavenly Jewel Masters, the Tornado Strike Skill could only activate after ten yards, but Zhou Weiqing was different. He had the Time Interrupt Skill, and using that secretly, he could disrupt his own Skill at any point of his charge, allowing him to still make use of the speed and offensive increase at will.

It was indeed true that he could not use the Silver Emperor Wing Slash at this point, but Zhou Weiqing had four powerful Wind Attribute Skills!

As his body charged forward towards Shen Bu, the piercing green light around Zhou Weiqing was speckled with small silver lights. His speed, already extremely fast due to the Tornado Strike Skill, suddenly tripled in that moment, and in a flash, he was right in front of Shen Bu.

Shen Bu had not imagined that Zhou Weiqing would have yet another Skill that could raise his speed to such a degree. In that critical moment of danger to save herself, though she did not want to injure Zhou Weiqing, the battle hardened senses she had cultivated over years spent in the battlefield caused her to move the blue fireball to where Zhou Weiqing’s attack would land.

However, right at that point, Shen Bu was shocked to suddenly realise that she could no longer move, and her hands stayed absolutely still. Though it was just for that single instant, to Zhou Weiqing who was using the Silver Emperor Lightning Pierce, that instant was more than enough.

Of course, Zhou Weiqing was not going to pierce through her body with the attack, instead raising his right hand slightly to send the blue fireball flying into the air harmlessly. At the same time, his shoulder dipped down as he lunged right into Shen Bu’s shoulder, and in mid air, his legs twisted around to grip Shen Bu’s waist, and in a flip, threw her down to the ground.

A massive explosion, and Shen Bu landed hard on the floor of the stage, on her back. Although the Fetters of Wind was not able to hold her for long, Shen Bu’s cultivation level was not sufficient for her to totally resist this powerful Control Skill of Zhou Weiqing’s. By the time she had recovered control of her body, she had already been slammed down onto the ground, disrupting any possibility of unleashing any Skill she might have wanted to.

The next moment, Shen Bu felt a massive weight press down on her body. Zhou Weiqing, the rascal, had descended down from above, sitting right down on her stomach, his right hand gripping her neck. Only then did he stand up slowly, holding onto her like that as he picked her up from the ground.

Facing such a powerful Six-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master, Zhou Weiqing did not dare to be careless, especially since he could not use many of his Skills and Consolidated Equipment. Just in a direct clash without those, Zhou Weiqing knew he could not defeat her, and now that he had actually gotten the upper hand through surprise, he would not allow her to easily reverse the situation.

Originally, Shen Bu had her own Heavenly Energy protecting her, but being thrown down hard by Zhou Weiqing like that, and furthermore with her having used such a powerful Skill earlier, she was still in a daze. When Zhou Weiqing’s hand gripped her neck hard, she felt a shudder go through her entire body, and a suffocating feeling spread through her. By this time, it was too late for her to resist. Even though her cultivation level was higher than Zhou Weiqing’s, with her vulnerable neck in his powerful grasp, it would be futile to resist.

Zhou Weiqing secretly broke into cold sweat. If not for this Shen Bu severely underestimating him and being caught by surprise, perhaps just now when that blue fireball struck down at him, he would have to reveal his actual strength to get out of that situation.

“I’ve won already. Hurry up and proclaim it, otherwise she might be choked to death.”

Zhou Weiqing reminded the judge at the side of the stage, who was standing there, jaw agape. At the same time, he thought to himself. Strange… I have finally won, why isn’t there a single cheer at all? After all, I did beat the advanced ringmaster right…

Indeed, the entire Duelling Corner was dead silent, as if all the watching soldiers also had their necks gripped, causing the entire building to lapse into an eerie silence.

“You’ve won, you’ve won. Hurry up, put down our Regiment Commander!” After a short moment of shock, the Company Leader finally broke out of his reverie, charging forward with a look of panic on his face as he grabbed onto Zhou Weiqing’s arm, motioning him to put down Shen Bu.

Wha…? Regiment Commander? It was Zhou Weiqing’s turn to be shocked, and his gripped loosened. Shen Bu, her face red from lack of air, slid down and fell onto the ground, gasping for breath.

Originally, Zhou Weiqing had thought that his luck had been extremely good, as it seemed like it wouldn’t take long for him to ascend to a Battalion Commander position. However, he had never in his wildest dreams thought that the advanced ringmaster would actually be the Regiment Commander. Without question, this Shen Bu was a veteran of the Sixteenth Regiment, and fully in charge… even if he became a Battalion Commander, he would still be under her charge… that bode ill indeed…. Am I really that unlucky?!

The facts indeed proved that Zhou Weiqing was truly THAT unlucky, and apparently, his bad luck was not over yet.

All of a sudden, he felt a strong breeze behind his back, with a strong killing intent headed straight for the center of his back. Zhou Weiqing was also an experienced fighter, and though he was still in shock, his basic animal instincts were still working. In reflex, his right leg lashed out backwards, blocking his enemy’s attack. Alas, Zhou Weiqing suddenly felt his right leg kick onto something soft, and though he tried his best to draw back, it was after all his terrifyingly powerful Demonic Right Leg, and that enemy was kicked down off the stage.

Turning back to look, he saw Shen Yi. It was clear that she had seen her sister suffer and had leaped to the attack. Currently, perhaps from the kick, or from embarrassment, she was now unconscious on the ground.

“Yi Yi!” Shen Bu, who had just clambered to her feet, saw Zhou Weiqing kick her sister down the stage, and she quickly flew down and held Shen Yi in her arms. Looking back at Zhou Weiqing, her gaze looked like she wanted to tear him apart.

Zhou Weiqing spread his hands innocently, saying: “My Great Regiment Commander, I did not mean to do so! It was a reflex action… I subconsciously kicked out when she attacked me. I… didn’t know that you were the Regiment Commander, otherwise I wouldn’t have dared to fight against you! It was just luck just now…”

At this point, he could only offer some feeble explanations. Alas, even to himself, those explanations were rather useless. Still, he had confidence that everything would be all right. After all, he had not actually broken any rules, as this was all part of the Duelling Corner process. Not recognizing the Regiment Commander wasn’t a crime right? Although he had indeed caused her to lose face, but he had not actually done anything wrong…

The more he thought about it, the more vexed Zhou Weiqing was, and he glared angrily down the stage. No wonder those fellows were so quiet… this Shen Bu was actually the Regiment Commander. Well, true enough, a six-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master definitely had the power to become one. Sigh… why didn’t I think of that earlier? Hindsight…

Shen Bu took several deep breaths, forcing herself to calm down. Finally, she pointed to Zhou Weiqing and said: “Men, take him to the Regiment Headquarters. Today’s match, Zhou Little Fatty has won. I will personally award him with his new rank.”

Just like what Zhou Weiqing had thought, in front of all these soldiers, Shen Bu would never break the rules, otherwise her own dignity as a Regiment Commander would be lost.

As they exited the Duelling Corner, the sun was already low in the sky, and in the rays of the setting sun, Zhou Weiqing could clearly see Shen Bu’s angry eyes. He couldn’t help but feel nervous in his heart. How was she going to deal with them? Zhou Weiqing was not sure at all. Luckily, it was a Battalion Commander rank, she shouldn’t be able to make him an army cook or the likes right? Such a post would not have such a high rank… At such a moment, he could only pray and hope for the best. Of course, he would have to hope that her moral character was good, the best case scenario would be that she did not care about that loss of face and give him a good position. Alas, looking at her eyes, even Zhou Weiqing could not believe his hopes would come true.

Under the ‘escort’ of the ten Regiment Commander guards, Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Fei’er were brought to the Sixteenth Regiment camp site.

Within the camp, it was clearly dinner preparation time, and wisps of smoke rose out everywhere, and they could faintly smell the delicious scent of cooking food. Zhou Weiqing had not eaten for almost a day, and his appetite was instantly stoked, wondering if he could get any food soon.

“Zhou Little Fatty, your luck is not bad! The moment you entered the army, you already beat up a Regiment Commander, you truly are talented indeed.” Shangguan Fei’er moved next to Zhou Weiqing and laughed at him softly.

Zhou Weiqing said exasperatedly: “Don’t forget that you’re joined with me now. If I get into trouble, you won’t be any better.”

Hearing the words ‘joined with me now’, Shangguan Fei’er blushed and muttered: “Who’s joined with you?” However, after muttering, she did not continue teasing him.

The two were brought directly to the Sixteenth Regiment headquarters, and the ten personal guards stood at the doorway, clearly without the intention of letting them leave.

Zhou Weiqing stood right in the middle of the tent headquarters, examining the inside of the massive tent.

The headquarters tent at the Regimental level were totally crafted out of cowskin leather, with the inner keel framework made out of a strong metal alloy, soft and sturdy. It was held in place all around by one-chi long metal pegs. The entire tent was about two hundred square metres large, a considerable size indeed. Right within, there was a large seat, layered with a white animal fair, seemingly bearskin or the sort.

Shangguan Fei’er nudged him and said: “What do we do now? That Regiment Commander will definitely not have a favourable impression of you. What do you think she will do to us?”

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