HJC – Book 13, Chapter 108.2

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Chapter 108 Solidified Dragon Spirit and ‘Hate Ground No Handle’ Set! (2)

Zhou Weiqing continued asking: “But… I am unable to sense anything about this Solidified Dragon Spirit, let alone any extra Skills from the dragon!”

The white haired old man said: “That is because your Solidified Dragon Spirit has not fully Awakened yet. The dragon race has many legacy Skills, but under the Solidified Dragon Spirit, you can at most gain three Skills. Although I do not know what exactly the Skills this dragon has gifted you, I can definitely say for sure that they must be extremely powerful ones. The more powerful the Skills imbued within the Solidified Dragon Spirit are, the later the Awakening will be. From what I can sense of this Solidified Dragon Spirit, without any special circumstances, you will have to wait til at least the ninth Jewel stage before it will truly Awaken. As such, I can conjecture that within your Solidified Dragon Spirit lies some of the more powerful Skills of dragonkind.”

Despite hearing the white haired old man’s words, Zhou Weiqing could not find it within himself to feel too excited. He already had several highly rated Skills, and although he was still glad to get the Solidified Dragon Spirit, the nine-Jeweled cultivation level was just too far off to be of any use to him any time soon.

The white haired old man continued: “Child, you cannot let anyone else know about this, or you might bring about danger or even death to yourself.” As he said that, he sighed lightly and said: “I never dreamed that in my twilight years, I would actually be able to witness the Solidified Dragon Spirit with my own eyes, I guess that is some luck in itself. I hope you can reach the nin-Jeweled stage as soon as possible, so I can hopefully see what the dragon skills are like for myself before I pass on.”

Zhou Weiqing grinned and said: “Heh, I am even more eager than Senior to reach such a cultivation level.”

The white haired old man said: “This old man’s name is Xing Tianyi. If you wish, you can call me Old Xing. Alright, let us see your designs then.”

“Okay.” Zhou Weiqing did not hesitate further, reaching into his Spatial Ring and retrieving the second, third and fourth pieces of his Legendary Set design, passing them to Xing Tianyi’s hands.

Xing Tianyi took one of the designs, and passed the other two to Wei Yang and Ye Ruichen. The three Masters ignored Zhou Weiqing then, fully absorbed in examining their respective designs.

Solidified Dragon Spirit. Currently, Zhou Weiqing was left alone, mulling about the new information he had received. At the same time, he thought back to the dragon family, thinking to himself that he had wronged the male dragon. It had indeed given him the most precious Solidified Dragon Spirit, looks like he had gotten angry for nothing.

Of course, what Zhou Weiqing did not know was that the dragon had unwillingly given it out in the last second. If not for his own tenacity and stubborness in teleporting away so swiftly, perhaps the dragon would not have given him something like this.

“The Legacy of Strength?!” At that moment, Xing Tianyi cried out softly. He had barely examined the design in his hands for a few moments before he lifted up his head once more.

Ye Ruichen and Wei Yang also lifted up their heads, the two exchanging looks with a dismayed expression, but they nodded towards Xing Tianyi.

Ye Ruichen said: “It is indeed the Legacy of Strength. But… Wasn’t it said to be lost? The Legacy of Strength Consolidating Equipment Masters have not been seen in ages. Weiqing, is this what your teacher passed to you? A total of ten in the Legendary Set… Could it be that you have them all?”

Zhou Weiqing blinked innocently: “Can I say no?”

Ye Ruichen scolded him laughingly: “What? Do you think this old man will try and steal from you? Although the Legacy of Strength design is indeed a rare treasure, it still pales slightly in comparison to the Boundless Infinitum Set.”

Wei Yang sighed and said: “It looks like my hopes of gaining a disciple will be dashed, I can’t possibly steal the only disciple from the Legacy of Strength.”

Xing Tianyi said: “The Legacy of Strength set is also known as the ‘Hate Ground No Handle’ 1 set. The meaning behind that is the one who uses this Legendary Set has such immense strength that he hates the fact there is no handle on the ground for him to hold, to pull the whole earth up. Although it is of course an exaggeration, it is without a doubt that whoever can wear the entire set of the ‘Hate Ground No Handle’ Set, he can be said to be first in physical strength in the whole world.

This was the first time that Zhou Weiqing had actually heard of the name of his legacy Legendary Set. ‘Hate Ground No Handle’. What an overbearing name indeed! Instantly, Zhou Weiqing fell in love with this description of the Legacy of Strength.

Xing Tianyi looked meaningfully at Wei Yang, saying: “It is indeed our honour to see this ‘Hate Ground No Handle’ set designs. That year, the great Master, Founder of the Legacy of Strength, single handedly designed this entire Legendary Set. Such brilliance and tenacity, I have to admit I am far from a match for him. Although, according to all our guesses, the Legacy of Strength set is behind the Boundless Infinitum Set and the God Vanquishing Heavenly Spirit Set 2, ranking third in all the Legendary Sets, but in truth, that is only an estimation. Both these sets have had the entire completed Set created and used before, but this ‘Hate Ground No Handle’ set has not. As a result, what its true power is… no one can truly say for sure.”

Wei Yang looked to Zhou Weiqing and said: “Child, do you really have the entire set designs for the ‘Hate Ground No Handle’ Legendary Set?”

It wasn’t just Wei Yang who was interested; both Xing Tianyi and Ye Ruichen’s gazes focused on Zhou Weiqing. Sensing their urgent looks, Zhou Weiqing said simply: “Yes, my Teacher has passed down the entire Legendary Set designs to me.”

Xing Tianyi took a deep breath and said: “Since your teacher has already passed down the set designs to you, that means you are now the Sect Leader of the Legacy of Strength now. Your teacher is indeed very lucky to have found a disciple with your talent, you will definitely make him proud. The three designs that you passed us, is it starting from the first piece?”

Zhou Weiqing said: “Old Xing, I have already successfully consolidated the first piece of the Legendary Set. As such, the designs I passed to the three Seniors are the second, third and fourth.”

Xing Tianyi nodded, saying: “Indeed, each and every piece of the design is a priceless treasure in its own right!” Although he did not ask Zhou Weiqing for the designs, the hopeful look in his eyes was clear.

Ye Ruichen was much more direct, saying to Zhou Weiqing in a solemn voice: “Little Fellow, how about this? We three old fellows have our own savings over these years, besides the three pieces that the Heaven’s Expanse Palace has promised you, we are willing to help you create all the other pieces as well, out of our own pockets. The only thing we need is to be able to see the entire set design. What do you think?”

As compared to Shangguan Tianyang’s previous offer, this time Zhou Weiqing was even more tempted. Naturally, that was because the three God Tier Consolidating Equipment Masters did not have any ulterior motives, and they were only offering this because of their sheer love and persistence towards Consolidating Equipment Scrolls and furthering their skills.

Looking at their gazes filled with hope, Zhou Weiqing thought for a moment before saying: “Thank you Seniors for your support. However, I’m afraid that I am unable to make a decision now. I am really tempted by the offer, but this Legendary Set Design is a legacy passed down from my Sect Founder… I have to ask my teacher before I can agree to this.”

Consolidating Equipment Masters naturally had their own way of thinking. In their eyes, a Legendary Set designs were definitely a priceless treasure, with unmatched value. Even compared to an entire set of Legendary Set Consolidating Equipment Scrolls, it was worth much more to them. The reason was simple: A simple set could only be used by, and benefit one person. However, what about a set of designs? As long as one had sufficient materials, that meant you could create countless sets of that same Legendary Set! Of course, that was an idealization or best case scenario.

In truth, this three God Tier Consolidating Equipment Masters in front of him had designed their own Legendary Sets. With the three of them working together, they had spent over thirty years working on and designing two sets of Legendary Set Equipment that they were pretty happy with. However, both sets were still only at the nine-piece level. This was also the reason why Xing Tianyi said that he respected the Founder of the Legacy of Strength so much.

Xing Tianyi nodded slightly, saying: “Child, you do not need to feel awkward about it, we totally understand. That is just a suggestion from us, and we can wait until you ask your teacher.”

Right at that moment, a knocking sound came from the door. The white clad guard who had brought Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Longyin in earlier walked in once more. This time, he had brought Lin TianAo together with him.

Seeing Zhou Weiqing there, Lin TianAo started, before releasing a relieved breath. Both of them exchanged glances, smiling faintly.

“Three Great Masters, this is this year’s champion team of the Heavenly Jewel Tournament, the Fei Li Battle Team’s leader.” The white clad guard introduced Lin TianAo, before bowing respectfully and retreating from the room.

Lin TianAo quickly stepped forward to Zhou Weiqing’s side, bowing respectfully towards the three Masters, saying: “Junior Lin TianAo greets the three Seniors.”

Earlier, when he had heard that Zhou Weiqing had asked for the God Tier Consolidating Equipment Scrolls to be given to him, and the request for custom designing them, the surprise in his heart was indescribable. He was not of noble birth, and had worked his way from the bottom step by step, struggling with all his might and hard work. He did not inherit any legacies or have any run of luck, and even his Five Assembly Shield Set was the fruits of labour of his own talent and hard work being recognized by the Heavenly Jewel Academy. Through his life, he had suffered much to finally earn what he had, and he, more than most, knew how valuable each and every Consolidating Equipment Scroll was.

When Lin TianAo found out that Zhou Weiqing had insisted that he keep this most important reward, even with his normal steady, stable character, his heart couldn’t help but beat violently. As a Heavenly Jewel Master, who had not dreamt about getting a God Tier Consolidating Equipment? He was no exception. However, very quickly, he calmed down. Not only was he Zhou Weiqing’s Follower, but in terms of the Heavenly Jewel Tournament and their results, Zhou Weiqing had played a much more important part than himself from start to finish. It could be said that without Zhou Weiqing, they could not even enter the top four, let alone be the champion.

At this moment, Ye Ruichen, who was clearly a little gloomy about not being able to see the entire ‘Hate Ground No Handle’ set design, piped out: “You are teammates with this little rascal Zhou Weiqing right? Since you require a custom made equipment, show us your power and let us know what your requirements are.”

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  2. Was this mentioned before, I seem to recall so but was unable to find anything in my notes. I am not sure if it’s because I’m remembering stuff from the future chapters or if I did translate it previously!


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      1. or just hate as there are many synonyms of hatred. Not to mention that 恨 (hèn) can even mean regret. ‘Hate the Ringless Earth’, ‘Resent the Linkless Earth’, ‘Regret the Ringless Earth’, ‘Loathe the Linkless Land’ all work.

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