HJC – Book 12, Chapter 101.1

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Chapter 101 Seven Stars Accompanying the Moon! (1)

A dark gold light sprang out, soaring into the skies. It was clearly the Consolidating Equipment God Protective Aura. Furthermore, two appeared at the same time!

Also at the six-Jeweled cultivation level, Little Witch just gave a muffled humph, the grey-black smoke retreating from their young lady opponent.

Only the did Zhou Weiqing finally see a pair of armoured bracers on both of the young lady’s arms.

A thick, solid bracers that extended downwards in layers, causing her arms to seem as if they were double their size. The most attention catching thing was that both her hands were also now covered with dark gold gloves, extremely large, and tipped with seven inch long gleaming gold claws. Although he was still quite from her, Zhou Weiqing couldn’t help but feel a chill down his spine as he looked at them.

Although it was two full sets of bracers and gloves, it was actually made up of only two Consolidated Equipment. Yet, to any other ordinary Heavenly Jewel Master, all of that combined was already more than the size and density of three pieces of Consolidated Equipment. Naturally, as Tian’er had explained earlier, that was because her mutated duo Physical Jewels being able to Consolidate a larger Consolidated Equipment.

Little Witch had been knocked back almost ten yards, back in human form, a surprised, almost self-doubting look on her face.

The female ZhongTian Battle Team member gave a low, raspy laugh, almost like an ear-piercing screech in the night. “It is useless, my melee attacks have a supplementary energy effect… did you really think that just because you are mostly immune to physical effects in that form, you can be immune to mine? Heh… Darkness and Evil Attributes. I never expected that even a top powerhouse from the Heavenly Demon Sect will actually join our Heavenly Jewel Tournament.”

Little Witch’s gaze froze, and she said coldly: “Mutated Duo Physical Jewels. I have only heard that amongst the young generation of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, Shangguan Xue’er is the strongest, followed by Zhan LingTian. Both of them have already reached the seven Jewel cultivation level. Although you are only at the six-Jeweled cultivation level, I can see that you are probably at the top echelons as well, second only to them. I’d like to know, who are you from the Heaven’s Expanse Palace… what is your name?”

The ear piercing laugh issued once more from the girl’s mouth: “My name isn’t important. Use your Demonic Change now, otherwise, you will not have a chance to do so.”

In truth, in terms of cultivation level, Little Witch was equal to this young lady. However, she was severely disadvantaged in terms of Consolidated Equipment.

Although Little Witch was the Heavenly Demon Sect’ Holy Girl, she actually only had a single Consolidated Equipment, which was the short blade in her hands. She could have easily Consolidated more Equipment, but would not ‘waste’ a Jewel on a non-God Tier Consolidating Equipment. Although the Heavenly Demon Sect was still considered one of the Five Great Saint Lands, their power was truly far from any of the other Four Great Saint Lands. It would perhaps not be an exaggeration to say that they might no longer deserve to be one of the Great Saint Lands any longer. Even as the Holy Girl of the Sect, she did not have more God Tier Consolidated Equipment to use, while her opponent had two… Furthermore, it was clear that the set of bracers and gloves with claws was most likely part of a set. In that instant that they had clashed previously, if not for the fact that she had sensed something was wrong and retreated quickly, perhaps Little Witch would have been injured now.

Brilliant rays of light burst forth from Little Witch’s eyes, like stars in the skies, and her lustrous black hair swirled in the air despite the lack of wind, somehow turning blue to the very roots, lengthening all the way down her back. 1

A layer of blue tattoos covered her skin. However, unlike Zhou Weiqing, her muscles did not bulge out, instead she seemed to turn sleeker, more compact, and a beautiful, brilliant blue hibiscus mutabilis flower appeared behind her, wavering in the air.

In terms of her Elemental Jewels and Attributes, besides Zhou Weiqing, Little Witch was extremely confident in herself, that she was near the pinnacle of the world. Demonic Attribute, Darkness Attribute and Life Attribute. Three Attributes, all of which were considered very rare. Although she was not a first generation self-awakened Demonic Jewel Master, her bloodline and Attribute was pure enough that she could almost be considered a Second Generation Demonic Jewel Master. All three of her Attributes were extremely powerful, and had their own uses. Furthermore, she had trained in the Demonic Manual Arts since a young age. If not for the fact that she had been waiting to gather more God Tier Consolidated Equipment, and was thus very limited in terms of her Physical Jewels Consolidated Equipment, with only a single Consolidated Equipment short blade as her weapon, she would definitely be one of the top of her entire generation.

Demonic Change State. Little Witch had activated her own Demonic Change without hesitation. Just like what her opponent had said, despite how ‘ugly’ it might have sounded, if she did not use it now, she knew that she would not have a chance against that powerful ZhongTian Battle Team female member. This young lady with her Mutated Duo Physical Jewels was definitely a severe threat to Little Witch, and more so, had sparked a strong competitive spirit within her. After all, Tian’er and Zhou Weiqing were looking on at the side, how could she possibly show any signs of weakness?

In the Demonic Change State, Little Witch was filled with a strange new sensuous attractiveness. Although she did not turn muscled or stouter like Zhou Weiqing, she turned taller, her four limbs all lengthened, a subtle demonic, inhuman beauty married to the beauty of a human, bringing a fresh new attraction to her.

A dim blue-grey coloured light swirled around her body, and as she lifted her hands, the pressure from her grew markedly, a new light within her eyes.

The female ZhongTian Battle Team member also grew more serious, the expression on her face changing. Taking a small half-step forward with her left leg, she maintained her body in a unique position, giving forth a feeling like she was a female panther which was about to pounce at any moment.

In the next instant, both girls launched their attacks almost at the same time, darting towards each other like lightning.

The blue hibiscus mutabilis flower behind Little Witch burst forth with a myriad of bright blue rays of light, enveloping the entire radius of about ten yards. Little Witch’s speed also reached a terrifying level, the short blade in her hands slashing forward, trailing a grey-blue light like a rainbow in the skies as it struck savagely at her opponent.

At the same time, the female ZhongTian Battle Team member gave a cold humph, lifting both her hands in retaliation. The gold claws of her gloves seemed to shudder in the air with a strange rhythm. At the same time, her entire body was enveloped in a layer of green light, causing her to dart about in midair, as if her body was a falling leaf. The massive amount of blue light rays totally surrounded her, but was constantly kept at bay by the green light around her, which subtly knocked them away, while she seemed to pass through the nooks and cranny where the light was not present.


With a swipe of her left claws, the gleaming gold metal claws striking hard against the shimmering blue-grey Energy Blade of Little Witch’s, actually catching it as if it were solid material. Another swipe with the right claws, and an explosion sounded out. The powerful strike of Little Witch was shattered in mid air, dissipating into pieces.

The blue hibiscus mutabilis flower continued sending tendrils of light against the young lady, as she seemed to be off balance after her attack. Alas, what happened next was totally unexpected; her body bent itself in an unimaginable angle, as if she had been cut off at the waist, and she somehow found another angle with the least amount of attacks, bouncing back up through there as her feet tapped the ground again2, her body spinning in midair right through all the attacks. At the same time, both her arms and claws spun in a corkscrew motion, along with a bright gold light, causing the blue rain of light attacks from the blue hibiscus to be blocked from the outside. In such a state, her body flew towards Little Witch.

Facing such a ferocious attack, Little Witch drew in a deep breath, the blue tattoos on her body lighting up so much so that she seemed like a huge blue light bulb. Even the short blade in her hand was glowing blue, and in the next instance, her right hand gripping the blade abruptly turned pitch black. It was not another ray of light, but rather because she had launched her own counterattack, slashing downward with it towards her encroaching foe.

Fusion Skill! Although this was the first time Zhou Weiqing had seen Little Witch use this Skill, he could instantly sense and tell that it was a Fusion Skill, with both the Life and Demonic Attributes, somehow launched with the short blade as the medium; it was definitely not any ordinary skill.

As the blade and claws clashed once more in a screech of metal, the resulting ear piercing noise forced Zhou Weiqing to subconsciously cover his ears in pain.

He could also clearly see uncountable fireworks sparking from the clash between the two. Even with the powerful blow that Little Witch had dealt out, she couldn’t help but stagger back nine steps before standing back up, leaving nine deep imprints on the ground.

*Clang**Clang* Another bout of loud explosions.

As both figures flew apart from the clash, Little Witch’s expression had clearly changed. With a twist of her left wrist, she pointed up to the skies, and the blue hibiscus mutabilis flower behind her bathed her with a pale blue light, easing her strained expression. Still, she looked pale and ashen, and it was clear that the hand in which she had been holding her short blade was now trembling.

As for the female ZhongTian Battle Team member, the result of the clash had her somersaulting in midair, retreating about six steps before steadying herself. A strange, blueish-grey colour flashed across her face, but as she circulated her own Heavenly Energy, it was soon dispersed.

From the result of this powerful clash between the two, it was clear that Little Witch was still at the disadvantage.

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  1. Damn, her Demonic Change is like Super Saiyan form!
  2. Think Matrix bullet time stuff


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